After seven weeks, Jets still a mystery


We are checking in on every team during their bye week.

We’ve written about the BucsBears and Raiders this week. Now up: The under-the-radar Jets.

Soft on the ground

In theory, the Jets are a tough football team. In reality, they get pushed around on the ground.  Jets opponents have out-rushed New York by 241 yards. Only three offenses have a lower yards-per-carry average. Only four teams have given up more rushing touchdowns on defense.

Offensive line changes and an early injury to Nick Mangold were huge factors on offense. New York got the ground game going with Shonn Greene in wins over the Dolphins and Chargers. Still, this offense could really use a dynamic running back. Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson add up to average.

Sanchez’s step back

The Jets passing attack is basic. The team used more three receiver sets early in the year to showcase their new wide receivers, but all it did was make fans miss Jerricho Cotchery and Braylon Edwards.

Mark Sanchez isn’t throwing the ball down the field or going through his progressions.

In many ways, Sanchez is no different than when he was a rookie. You don’t know what you are going to get week-to-week. He can look great for short stretches, but rarely for long. He throws well up the seam, but not to the outside.

Secondary leads the way

In a pass-happy league, the Jets have the rare defense that can slow down great quarterbacks.  This is the one part of the team the Jets can rely on.

Darrelle Revis should be a Defensive MVP candidate. Second year pro Kyle Wilson is showing signs of life. The safety group is solid.  No coach does a better job confusing top-shelf quarterbacks than Rex Ryan.

Ryan has a veteran group that understands how to execute his complex scheme.

Big division stretch

Getting a playoff game at home was Rex Ryan’s big goal this year. That’s what makes their slow start to the year so frustrating. The team is 4-0 at home, but already have three conference losses on the road.

The win over the Chargers was massive, and sets up bigger games in the AFC East over the next four weeks after the bye. The Jets travel to Buffalo, host New England, visit Denver, and host Buffalo.

The Jets need to split with Buffalo and beat New England for any hope in the division.  Lose two of the three division games, and the Jets may not get another chance to win a road playoff game this year.

49 responses to “After seven weeks, Jets still a mystery

  1. what is NO mystery is that Rex Ryan is a “player wanna be”. he shoots his mouth off like he is inside the lines.

    what is NO mystery is that he does it week in and week out. the antics, the jackets, the wig, the feet, its like non stop.

    have some dignity pal.

  2. Sanchez is the #1 rated QB in the league for stylish magazine appearances, yet it looks like he will be snubbed for the Pro Bowl again this year. Short of going to Rio and putting his hair up in a ponytail, I’m not sure what else this guy can do to improve.

  3. I’ll take a mystery over a disaster anytime……………….signed A Minnesota Viking diehard (tranaslated means a glutton for punishment!)

  4. If it wasn’t for Revis, the Jets would not have beat Dallas or San Diego. The other two wins were against Jacksonville and Miami which are both horrid. Revis deserves all the credit at this point.

  5. I’m really starting to wonder about Mark Sanchez. He hasn’t developed much. He seems to range from ok to pretty good, and hasn’t improved his career mid-50% completion percentage much.

  6. Sanchez has best TD to INT ratio of his career. Yards per game are up. Passer Rating is up. He just needs to get a better completion percentage but it is same as always.

    The only thing that has regressed is running game.

  7. All you Sanchez haters are missing the boat on a few things:
    Sure his pct is lower than you like but his td to int ratio is still 2-1 this year.
    He’s a tough kid who runs for big 1st downs and td’s.
    He has 4 playoff wins on the road in his first 2 seasons. Peyton manning doesn’t have as many in his entire career.
    Big Ben is the only other QB in history with as many playoff wins in his first 2 seasons. Brady hardly got into a game his first 2 yrs.
    He’s 25 yrs old and has 3 new recievers this year.
    He never passes the buck and always takes the heat after a loss.
    He’ll have a ring before he’s 30.

  8. The Jets are OK, and Ryan is a great defensive coach. However the front office did Sanchez no favors in letting Jerricho leave. Plaxico is probably a fair trade for Braylon now, but it’s taken a while for him to blossom. Great receivers make great QB’s. Great QB’s lead their teams to the playoffs.

  9. This is a clueless commentary when it comes to Sanchez. He’s much better this season than he was as a rookie and he has had a crappy offensive line effort and revolving WR corps in the process. Saying that his running game has been subpar is redundant because that’s on the offensive line also.

    It’s easy for people to look like they’re regressing when the numbers stay the same as the rest of the offense regresses around them. It’s just silly to suggest that that’s happening when the numbers are better as the rest of the offense regresses.

    Bottom line is Sanchez QB Rating, which is based on completion percentage, yards per attempt, TD pct and Int pct, was 63.0 as a rookie, it was 75.3 last year, it’s 83.0 right now.

    Suggesting that Sanchez has not improved while his QB Rating has moved up each season is just silly. Suggesting that when he’s had games where Haloti Ngata lined up over a UDFA at center who was making his second career start and then subsequently being cut after Mangold came back is the height of absurdity.

  10. Let me remove the mystery; its simple really: SHOTTY MUST GO!!! SCHOTTY MUST GO!!! SCHOTTY MUST GO!!!

  11. Sanchez is on pace for more TD’s, less INT’s, and a higher completion % then he’s has in his career thus far. Sure, the completion % still isn’t impressive, but the point is, its only been going up each year. How exactly is that a “step back”?

  12. Forgetting to mention his increasing QB rating as well in my earlier post…

    Again, its one thing if you don’t like him, its a complete other to say he’s taken a “step back”…

  13. @lionpride10:

    As Lion fan you should be more concerned with what your own collapsing team is doing instead of what the Jets are doing because I guarantee you the Lions will finish with a worse record that the Jets.

  14. This should not be a surprise. This is the same team that has barely made the playoffs each of the past 2 seasons.

  15. The Jets are overrated no matter how many articles the press writes up to inflate this marginal team. The mystery is why?

  16. I would say that Sanchez taking a step back disregards that he suffered from miserable protection the first few weeks of the season, and that the team relied on him heavily to make plays in the absence of a running game. Despite that, he’s been very good. I see a lot more justifiable mistakes and a lot less “WTF” mistakes.

    Underestimating the importance of losing Nick Mangold and Robert Turner early in the season is unfair to Sanchez. The Jets were starting a freaking practice squad center and Wayne Hunter was a turnstile. He has looked better since he’s got comfortable in the pocket.

    Beyond that, the offensive coordinator sucks. The playcalling constantly puts Sanchez in bad positions. Shonn Greene is not a starting caliber back. The team has a long way to go.

  17. For all of the Rex Ryan haters and Jets haters…..just be glad you aren’t a Vikings or a Cardinals fan. I’d take Rex and Mark over what we’ve got any day.

  18. Unquestionably, the New Jersey Green Beans have taken a step back this season. They’re not even as good as two years ago. Wrecks’ window of opportunity to lasso Woody a passel of PSLs is swinging shut, like Burger King at closing time.

  19. The real mystery is where all of Rex Ryan’s championship rings are?

    Did you look behind the couch?

  20. @ dlk47823 says

    Brady hardly got into a game his first 2 yrs.


    Brady won the Super Bowl in his 2nd year in the league. So much for that theory.

  21. Same overhyped team that made it to 2 consecutive AFCC games. ironic huh? …You’re only a Jet hater because they’re better than your team; otherwise you’d have no reason to hate them because they wouldn’t matter to you.

  22. The Jets have been and continue to be a mediocre team.

    Injuries are no excuse – every team has them. A smart coach and GM will have no name guys able to step in and play roles adequately even when star players are lost.

    Early on, Rex’s bombastic guarantees that his players were going to win the Super Bowl boosted confidence and resulted in a few additional wins.

    But after two years of hearing the same guarantee, they don’t have quite the same confidence in their coach they once did – and that’s beginning to show.

  23. By the numbers, Sanchez has improved. QB rating, completion rate, TD rate, all better.

  24. Sanchez has NOT regressed! He’s on track for 27 touchdowns and 13 interceptions this year. GOD, HE’S SO HORRIBLE. His completion percentage was his biggest flaw last year, and if you take away the Baltimore game (in which he had no chance to do anything) he’s a 60% passer. In ’09 people said he was a bust. In ’10 people said the Jets were winning in spite of him. Now he’s just a “middle of the pack QB.” What will he be next year? A “decent” QB? I don’t know about you 3G, but that to me is signs of GROWTH.

    Of all of his young QB peers, the only one who’s growing better than him is Stafford. And on top of that, he’s doing this with a much worse running game than in previous years, a moron OC, 2 brand new WR’s, and an offensive line that had imploded around him. Don’t post something if it’s a load of BS, 3G!

  25. Everyone knows that the Jets aren’t as talented as they were last year, as Tanny got bit in the ass by a lower than expected post-lockout salary cap. To remain at the level they were last year, Sanchize had to make the leap. He’s improved, but he’s still not a top 20 QB, and that’s why the Jets offense is brutal.

  26. If the Jets make the playoffs for the third year in a row, will the Sanchez haters leave their head up their a$$ or take it out of their a$$? That’s the mystery i wonder about.

  27. Uh…does anyone actually WATCH Mark Sanchez play?? Or do you just check his statline and post? I don’t think its a good idea for fans to jump right in and play professional football…but there are plenty of jobbers posting on this topic that could run the Jets passing offense. It is the safest, most simplistic offense you could possibly run. It is quite literally the offense a nice high school coach would run if he didn’t want to embarass any of his players. When Mark Sanchez DOES throw, he takes 2 steps and BAM….ball out. 2 yards down the field on a crossing pattern or some other lame ass timing route. They structure the offense specifically to hide his flaws…safe quick passes to boost the comp. % and because Schotty would rather gamble with YAC from the WR’s than Sanchez trying to throw downfield. And of course, get the ball out quick so the defense can’t sack the young man, since he has 0 pocket presence against swarming defenses. The literally sacks himself and curls up into a ball when he plays the Ravens. I don’t need a stat-line to tell me the book on Mark Sanchez…I have a working set of eyes. He was clearly over-drafted in 2009. The guy is not a franchise QB. What he’s mastered thus far in his career is riding his defense to unwarranted glory…and somehow throwing interceptions in a system catered to help him not to.

  28. @sd1024

    You may have a working set of eyes (and even that I question) but you unfortunately cannot say the same thing about your brain.

    Schottenheimers system is one of the most complex in the NFL. You and Schotty have the same problem: there is nothing going on between the ears. Of course he’d rather go for YAC than the big play. Firstly, the Jets WR’s are mostly possession receivers, and secondly, the Jets gameplan is based on the offense eating up the clock with short gains to keep our defense rested. Sanchez has never been the most accurate QB, either and his comp. % suffers throwing downfield, JUST LIKE EVERY JETS QB SINCE BS HAS BECOME OC. That includes Chad Pennington, one of the most accurate passers of all time (noodle arm or not) and Brett Favre, who is a gunslinger with no problems with downfield plays. The crossing patterns are the NYJ offensive bread and butter because Sanchez excels with them and so does Santonio Holmes, and everybody, including your favorite teams DC, knows this. With the RB’s underachieving, this has let other defenses sit on those routes, so that’s not where the stats are coming.

    BS’s system is actually far too complicated, and his playcalling is on the level of a 7 year old playing Madden, except the 7 year old understands that he should take advantage of his teams strengths, and not force players to do things they’re not good at simply because the other team “won’t expect it.” Well DUH Schotty, nobody expects LDT to get the direct snap and attempt a pass to Sanchez because that’s absolutely moronic. Please, refrain from posting if you’re going to litter the boards with this type of trite garbage.

  29. Wow, some actual football analysis and insight. Usually Jets posts are 100% hatred. The formula for this team is to have the defense play 3rd and long. That is where they excel. The offense cannot “3 and out” all the time. In order to beat the Patriots, the defense will have to score. If that happened last time, then I think it would have been different.

  30. I think Sanchez has the potential to be a 10th to 15th ranked QB in the NFL….what I think question at times is his intelligence.
    The first couple weeks I watched this kid scramble without peeking back, stare down receivers, and various other bonehead moves. As the season progresses, he is cleaning it up slowly.
    While Sanchez does some dumb ISH at times, other times he makes a play that requires TALENT.
    He has gotten slightly better.
    And a word to the wise for all you haters, as shown by the Jets the last two seasons…its not the best team that excels at the end of the year and boots teams out the playoffs…ITS THE TEAM THAT PLAYING THE BEST FOOTBALL.
    Now dislike because this post is pure truth.

  31. The fact that the best insult you have for the Jets and Rex is that he has a foot fetish…ooooo, wow. Good one guys, I mean that hasn’t been played into the ground in more ways than one.

    And to the idiot who says the Jets will end up 7-9….stop smoking the crack.

    Go Jets!

  32. Not all, but the majority of Jet haters don’t realize how ignorant the are when they post. For some reason they still think they can come up with some brainiac foot insult. Or maybe they can mispell words like “wrecks” and whatever they write after it will sound funny? The truth is if you’re consistantly posting hates on anothers turf you are the pathetic looser. Always was and always will be! And the deeper you dig your hole, the harder it is to agree with you. Find a team you like and get a life for Gods sake!!!

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