As Cowboys prep for Eagles, Dez plays the role of Vick


Sunday night, the Cowboys will have to try to solve Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, who despite being on the wrong side of 30 remains one of the most elusive players in the league.  The Cowboys have prepared for Vick in part by enlisting receiver Dez Bryant to play the role of Vick in practice.

Linebacker Sean Lee told NFL Network praised Bryant, who like Vick is left-handed.

“He did a great job,” Lee said.  “He has that unbelievable athleticism very similar to Michael Vick.  The surprising thing about Dez though, he also has a great arm; he can throw the ball 60 yards.  So he was running around giving us a great look and that’s something we’re going to use on Sunday.”

We’re going to use Bryant as a guest on NBC SportsTalk tonight (VERSUS, 6:00 p.m. ET), and we’ll ask him whether we may see him use that big arm at some point during a game.  If there’s anything else you want us to ask Dez, feel free to make some suggestions in the comments.