Bernard Berrian is available

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Deposed Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian is free to sign with any team he chooses after clearing waivers Thursday.

An article about Berrian’s time in Minnesota by Tom Pelissero of may not help Berrian get another job. The lack of production was a problem for him, but his seeming indifference to his struggles may have been a bigger issue.

“He wasn’t trying to improve his game, wasn’t trying to improve the team and wasn’t even bothering to pretend otherwise anymore,” Pelissero writes.

One former teammate said he’d bet that Berrian didn’t know many of his teammates names. He had a reputation for caring more about celebrity and fashion than football.

At 31 years old, we still suspect Berrian will get another chance. We’d bet on him getting another crack this year before Randy Moss or Terrell Owens did.

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  1. So he’s terrible and doesn’t care but Rosenthal thinks he’s more likely to get a job than TO or Randy? Guys who have ~4x as many career TD’s as him? Whoever picks up Berrian over those two is a complete idiot. The other two are problems but at least they were All Pro talented at some point – Berrian never was…

  2. Another cat that we tried to sign back in the day, who didn’t have the heart to be a Raider. I’m glad he didn’t too, the organization would have took the blame for his failures too.

    Free Agents are for the birds..gotta mold players through the draft.

  3. If you can’t hang on as a receiver for both the Bears….and now Vikings… who both really need receivers, you probably should start thinking about a career move.

  4. Bernard Berrian. I can’t believe I was happy about this signing 3 years back. And more amazed he led league with over 20yds/rec in 2008. But since then hes just ran go after go route without any moves along the way. With himAnd he has no idea how to catch a jump ball or to use his body for position on a downfield throw. Every catch he made was a quick slant or willie mays style over the head (which will work). But when corners learned to get aggressive with him of line of scrimmage, it was over. And lastly I will never forget how amazingly thin and unmuscular his calfs were. Looked like my 12 year old nieces. But still he never caused any real drama that we minnesotans heard about, so I wish him a less dissapointing experience on his next team.

  5. The list of unwanted but talented receivers goes on. Man was he bad in Minnesota. When he and Randy Moss lined up together last year, i mean i have never seen such a lack of effort from 2 receivers on there routes than those 2.

    Any chance his old team the Bears take him back, they need help…?

  6. “One former teammate said he’d bet that Berrian didn’t know many of his teammates names. He had a reputation for caring more about celebrity and fashion than football.”

    Sounds like he is suffering from Tiki syndrome.

  7. “We’d bet on him getting another crack this year before Randy Moss or Terrell Owens did.”

    Before Moss, of course, he’s retired. But who’d take him over Owens if the price tag is similar?

  8. You know, for all the crap Jerry Angelo gets, he has made some pretty wise moves over the years. Getting rid of Berrian is just one of the many. The most questionable choices seem to come from Lovie Smith and his weird connection with the Rams.

  9. He was unprofessional. I remember when we cut Bobby Wade “Bobby who?” and B Twice wore Wade’s jersey in response to it. Seriously? If I work at McD’s and someone gets fired I’m not going to wear a shirt to protest it so why would it be any different at winter park when your being paid to handle “””YOUR””” business and take care of your job.

    When we benched T-jack for Favre “A REAL QB” Berry-less acted like we cut his mom from the team.

    He took roster decisions personal and that is something that will destroy your game and take you out of focus.

    What really pisses me off is that he could turn it on when he wanted too i.e. the 09 championship game where he looked like he wanted it. Of course Ray Edwards did the same when we played Dallas the week before. Because is was contract year, except for Ray hehehehe….

    This team waited far too long to make these roster changes. I was never in the locker room but I could see how snide he could be as Bernard Berry-less would roll his eyes in an interview saying all the right things while his body tells you something else.

    He has no business in the NFL. He doesn’t leave his personal luggage at the the door…




    You guys have no idea what your talking about. Do you know how hard it is to play 16 games plus preseason plus OTA’s w/o breaking nails or a sweat.

    You expected far too much from me. I checked out after my 99yd TD pass from Frerotte…

  11. I think the bigger story here is the vikequeens have the 3rd highest payroll in the league and have a 1-6 record. Its a clear indicator that their poor management decisions of signing players of promising talent but sketchy character (36 vikes arrested since 2000) all in the hopes of quickly housing their 1st Lombardi has consistently backfired.

  12. Cutting Berrian is addition by subtraction. The Vikings activated a young WR off their practice squad, and if he gets a shot, he’ll be more produtive than Berrian.

    Berrian was originally signed for one reason: speed. He could stretch the field. But he faded into oblivion after Favre showed and made Sidney Rice a one-year wonder.

    My guess is Berrian is finished playing football. That’s what happens when you act like you don’t want to play in the first place.

  13. I’ll always remember Berrian as the guy who was wide open 8 yards in front of Favre in the NFC championship game, and instead of throwing it to him for a makeable field goal, Favre threw it across his body into coverage in the middle of the field and had it intercepted. Super Bowl dreams dead.

  14. Didn’t care or try on the field, didn’t care or try off the field. About the only thing he cared about was non-football stuff, like his twitter war with a disabled vet, threatened legal action against deadspin, and a pending lawsuit over his Mpls condo. Now he has plenty of time for that crap.

  15. One former teammate said he’d bet that Berrian didn’t know many of his teammates names. He had a reputation for caring more about celebrity and fashion than football.
    This is entirely true, he spends more time on twitter talking to celebrities than putting forth work. Go to his personal webpage, looks like he pulled a page from Mark Sanchez’ GQ photoshoot. The guy has no business in football. Look them both up.

  16. Berrian you are a jerk. Now how are we supposed to get the number 1 pick? I love having Ponder, think how many draft picks we could score on a trade for #1 pick. Vikes could actually build a young talented team. I haven’t seen that since the 80’s.

  17. At least with T.O. you know your going to get 110% on the field. His 110% now is probably closer to 80% during his prime, but still alot better then the 0% you get with Berrian

  18. isnt this the same guy that was bitching about getting the ball earlier thiss year?

    Lets see his “celebrity personality” take his ass to mcdonalds to flip patties

  19. I don’t care what any of you fools say- I LOVE my Bernard and even though he had a rough couple of seasons he still deserves a chance. If we could only pair him up with David Carr for some old Fresno State ’02 magic….. 🙂 No haters need respond. Just showin my love.

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