Clark Hunt: Pioli and Haley have “excellent relationship”


The cries for Todd Haley’s job have quieted down. The rumors about Haley being ousted and his shaky relationship with G.M. Scott Pioli have gone away, at least for now.

“Making a head coaching change is not something we’re contemplating,” Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt told Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.

That’s what a three-game winning streak can do.

Hunt disputed the widespread reports of discord between Pioli and Haley.

“They have an excellent relationship. I understand there’s been a lot of focus on that subject. But in the time I’ve been around them, they work very well together. They have a shared vision for the kind of football team they’re trying to build,” Hunt said.

Hunt cited the Steelers as a model of stability that he aspires to. He likes the notion that they rarely change head coaches.

It’s hard to imagine Haley having a Bill Cowher-type run in Kansas City, but winning is the ultimate leverage. Haley’s contract runs out after 2012. That means the Chiefs will likely want to address the situation after this season one way or another.

“I don’t think it serves a purpose for me to publicly discuss anybody’s contract situation,” Hunt said. “I do think Todd has done a very good job since he’s been the head coach of the Chiefs. We were obviously delighted to make the playoffs last year, and he has the team playing well again. Those types of things tend to take care of themselves at the right time.”

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  1. I could care less if Haley stays or goes, I’m not there daily to see how he truly runs the team. I do believe though “the reports” that kept surfacing were nothing more than pure speculation and never any truth behind them. Everyone knows that Pioli comes from the “keep EVERYTHING” in house mentality and when you do that the media has to guess/make stuff up to have something to talk about. They truly had no clue. It’s one of the reasons Jason Whitlock left the KCStar. He no longer had an inside track to the Chiefs with Peterson gone, he was completely locked out.

  2. The crackhead will be gone this off season, after the Chiefs play some decent teams and go into a tailspin.

  3. I think Clark is blowing smoke. Haley has adopted the Belichek attitude in regards to how he dresses on game day. Now if he could adopt some wins against good teams he might have something. Haley is an overrated WR coach, nothing more.

  4. How on earth would Clark know anything about his team? He is only in KC during gamedays. The rest of the time he is in Texas or that tropic island.

  5. I really hope Haley stays. He has made dumb decisions, but I don’t want a robot coaching our team like Jim Caldwell…Haley puts ALOT of heart into this team, ill take that anyday.

  6. hunt is probably the worst owner in football, he’s never around the team and has no clue about whats going on with his team… he hears news about the team just like us. he is also terrible at signing free agents

  7. Hey Joetoronto….wait to you see the tailspin the Faiders take the rest of the year. Your prediction of how the Chiefs were going to get wipped last weekend was right on. By the way, how does that “greatest trade in NFL history” feel right now?

  8. Hunt doesn’t sign free agents, the GM does that. Hunt purposely stays away and lets the people he hired to do a job do it. He dad was the same way and frankly should be used in every business model. If you don’t like the way they are doing the job you replace them. He isn’t Jerry Jones, he isn’t the GM in addition to owning the team. Isn’t there some student debt some of you guys should be out protesting having to pay back?

  9. I think Haley and Pioli have a love/hate relationship. In order words, they love to hate each other.

  10. I think Haley is doing a good job, with what he’s got. He did make some questionable calls and got a lot of criticism for the way he ran this year’s training camp. I believe his method of training camp cost them the first 2 games, but it now looks like the team IS in the best shape of any team. It shows in the 4th quarter.

    Pioli on the other hand, needs to figure a few things out. One of them is that he’s NOT Bill Belichek.

    Pioli had an AWFUL draft in 2009. He drafted “toys” in round 2 last year, when the Chiefs need to build the core up. He signs bargain basement free agents that are mostly backups on their teams. If anyone needs to get their act together, it’s Pioli.

  11. .

    I thought a few years ago that the Kansas City roster was the worst in the NFL. It’s improved, but they’re still a work in progress.

    I don’t know much about Coach Haley, however Pioli seems to be headed in the right direction. Clearly, the Chiefs have had some key injuries that have hampered their progress.


  12. Hunts daddy held on to king Carl too long so he wasn’t the model owner. I believe Jerry jones has won more super bowls than the hunt family.

  13. Those of u bashing the hunt family are so far off base its not even funny. Clark hired Scott to run the team and he in turn hired Todd. The previous posting had it right this is a very hands off ownership group like the those in Pittsburgh and new England. It served them well and has worked here to. True we don’t have the rings like they do but who knows what the future holds. Anyway I don’t belive anyone except those 3 men really knows what is going on at 1 arrowheac drive.

  14. Typical KC media tactics. The alleged rift between Haley and Pioli was invented by them and not one of them has ever produced any credible evidence to support it. Until they do, I’m not buyin’ it.

    Pioli, Haley and Hunt are building a team that will compete and contend for years. The media just needs to shut up and stay out of their way.

  15. Fact: Haley took over an AWFUL team (2-14).
    Fact: In 2 years he won the division.

    how anyone can say he’s an awful coach is laughable and extremely uneducated.

    I hope there isn’t a problem between Pioli/Haley, and that Haley gets his extension in the offseason, but if one has to go…I’m fine sending Pioli on his way.

  16. The KC media fabricated the Pioli/Haley feud story and I have confirmed through a recent coach in the organization that the story was a hoax.

    The culprits reporting the bogus story were Nick Wright and Danny Parkins of 610 radio (both in their early 20’s), Kevin Kietzman (caught outright lying) and Soren Petro both from 810 radio and Randy Covitz of the KC Star.

    It appears the motivation for the stories were bruised egos because they weren’t allowed frequent interviews with Pioli or Haley and they personally considered Haley arrogant by the manner in which he answered some of their silly questions, as they were often referring to him as (“the smartest man in the room”). The fans in KC knew he probably was.

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