Pats cut Leigh Bodden


The Leigh Bodden era in New England abruptly has ended.

A league source with knowledge of the situation advises PFT that the Patriots have released Bodden, an eight-year veteran.

Bodden was in the second season of a four-year, $22 million contract.  Per the source, the player and the team decided that the relationship wasn’t working out as planned, and that it was time to move on.  He appeared in five games with one start this season.

Bodden has a base salary of $3.9 million in 2011.  Since the trade deadline has passed, he’ll be subject to waivers.  If claimed, his new team would absorb the balance, which is $2.064 million.  (He’ll be paid by the Patriots for Week Eight, even though he has been cut.)  If he’s not claimed, Bodden will be entitled to receive the balance of his salary via the termination pay provision of the CBA.

Coincidentally, PFT posted news of the release on Twitter just as coach Bill Belichick was conducting a press conference.  Asked about the report, he reportedly said that the team doesn’t have an announcement to make at this time.  But Belichick also said he’ll “skip” a question about how Bodden has been playing.

In other words, “Bon voyage, Bodden.”

48 responses to “Pats cut Leigh Bodden

  1. Come to Pittsburgh Leigh, we need the CB help.

    What happened to this guy (I’m genuinely asking because I don’t ever watch the Pats). He was a stud in Cleveland and Detroit… but NE’s pass D is terrible.

  2. Interesting… I’ve always thought that Bodden wasn’t a bad player, and played well against bigger receivers…

    I wonder why he can’t stick with any one team?

  3. Strange to cut a guy on a Friday.

    Maybe one of the four PUP’s is ready: Deaderick, Brace, Faulk or Cannon.

    No, not Frank Cannon, the tough and overweight private eye with a taste for fine food and wine.

    I’m talking about Marcus Cannon, the rookie offensive lineman who just won a battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

    Go get ’em Marcus!

  4. Bill Bilicheat. He doesn’t care one bit about his players. That has been more than evident in the past.

  5. Watch out airport parking lot attendants, Leigh is on the move and I doubt he’s in a good mood. Then again he still gets paid so maybe he won’t take it out on them when they ask him to move his car out of the illegal zone again.

  6. The Texans can always use defensive backs. I don’t know about $2 million, though. Maybe if he clears waivers the Texans will give him a look.

    Kareem Jackson actually seems to be improving as an NFL player, but I’m sure Bodden could help Houston’s defense.

  7. Bodden has been lousy–he’s been hurt and he missed practice yesterday…

    Hard to figure why 2 days before Pitt…The secondary has been awful…

  8. .

    Let’s hope Brady’s first pass on Sunday isn’t incomplete. It could usher in the Brian Hoyer era.


  9. There’s no way they’ll do it, given their philosophy of developing their own players over years to play in LeBeau’s system, but the Steelers should cut McFadden (who is now their 5th CB at times) and snatch up Bodden.

  10. I dont get it, I really dont. Dowling cant stay healthy, and Bodden has actually been better than McCorty when he is on the field.

    Arrington leads the league in INT’s but he is a #3 at best. Its not like they have better options.

  11. Vikes need an upgrade! Hell, they need a CB period. Patriots castoffs are better than any of their starters!

  12. While the majority of Bill’s decisons were good, he is human (despite how he appears) and does make some bad decisons. Remember going for it on 4th and long v. the Colts, when a punt probably wins the game? And then there’s Richard Seymor, probably the worst move Bill has made.

  13. I’d like to see him come to Buffalo, but not at his current salary. I mean give him a shot, because I see McGee getting shipped after this season unless he plays at an extremley high level without getting hurt, so some veteran depth wouldn’t hurt. From what I’ve seen of him play, he has the same style as Florence, and plays better against #1 and #2 receivers. McGee-Florence-McKelvin-Williams-Bodden doesn’t sound all that bad of a DB corp.

  14. Anyone suggesting that he is the Pats best corner doesn’t watch the games. While McCourty hasn’t played well, Arrington has been the best corner and McCourty has more talent than either of them. Dowling may be getting healthy and will be the third corner.

  15. Bodden got $10 guaranteed for 1/2 season of inadequate play. Oh that Belichick, what a meanie.

  16. “has a base salary of $3.9 million”

    I’ve been on this Earth for 26 years. How a black man that makes more money than me has not died by my hands has to be my most nostalgic feat.

  17. Hey, when you’re Scrooge McDuck wealthy in your secondary like the Patriots are you can afford to jettison 2 veteran safeties and one of your top corners in 1 season. What’s the worst that could happen… averaging an allowed 300+ passing yards a game???

  18. I don’t get this move. Bodden wasn’t all world or anything, but Dowling is an injury risk, the safeties (where Dowling can also play) are so so (save Chung), McCourty is playing badly, Arrington has been good…

    but Bodden has been the second best corner on the team this year.

    Bill must be really confident in the Ras-I Dowling. Otherwise, this is nuts.

  19. C’mon Belichek worshippers, either he screwed up when they signed him to a decent money long term deal or he’s screwing up now by getting rid of the guy.
    Can’t have him right both ways.

  20. BB isn’t screwing around anymore. He will do whatever it takes to try and straighten out his defense. Get it done or your head will roll. Lots of formerly unscathed heads have rolled out of Foxboro this year.

  21. Leigh Bodden was a stud in Detroit? He STUNK in Detroit! He got torched on a regular basis. Trading Shaun Rogers for him was one of Millen and Marinelli’s dumbest moves. At least Rogers could make a play or two when he had enough oxygen.

  22. There is competition every day of practice in the Pats system. No job is safe for past performance or pay scale or years of experience. Unless you are wearing #85, if you do not prove to the coaches that your ready, you are not getting on the field.

  23. norseyapper says: Oct 28, 2011 1:46 PM

    C’mon Belichek worshippers, either he screwed up when they signed him to a decent money long term deal or he’s screwing up now by getting rid of the guy.
    Can’t have him right both ways.
    Not in this case. LB signed a prove it deal before 09 played very well. They gave him a nice contract after he tested FA and he promptly hurt his shoulder and was done for 10. In 11, they changed the scheme and wanted their CBs to press more and they wanted Bodden @ “star” (slot). Rumor has it he wasn’t thrilled with that. I am sad (I liked him) and puzzled over this (most of us Pats fans would have bet that either the Ocho or Spikes would have landed on BB’s s*** list long before Bodden), but if BB would cut a guy DURING THE SEASON who had decent sized role I think he had a darned good reason. Plus Bodden doesn’t play ST.
    Now to say we Pats fans don’t think BB has made personnel mistakes is silly. Adalius Thomas was a HUGE one.

  24. Of the 154 passes completed against the Pats this year, 12 were completed against Bodden. Of the 10 touchdown passes completed against the Pats this year, 1 was against Bodden…He was the top corner but was playing behind other guys who were beat on every other play. I think that’s why he was ready to leave…I bet the Steelers are changing their game plans, even this late in the week. HA from Brooklyn..

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