Randy Moss remains possibly available, for the right situation


With no one interested, at least for now and possibly for ever, in future Hall of Fame receiver Terrell Owens, another future Hall of Famer with precisely the same number of regular-season touchdown receptions could draw serious interest — and possibly could emerge from a retirement no one believed would stick.

Out of sight and thus for many out of mind, Randy Moss could still decide to play, if the planets — and the blue moon — line up just right.  Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network, via CBSSports.com, recently reiterated the prevailing thought since the start of the season:  Moss would return to the right team for the right price.

As we understand it, he’d likely rejoin the Patriots in a heartbeat, but the Patriots have shown zero interest in a reunion.  The Saints would be a possibility, but the price probably would be higher.  At one point, the Eagles would have been an attraction; that 2-4 record could be an impediment now.  Even the Bears, given the presence of strong-armed quarterback Jay Cutler, would have a chance — but the Bears apparently seem to be intent on trying to win without a stable of highly-skilled wideouts.

Per LaCanfora, Moss is generating periodic interest, and he’s listening with “one ear.”  And that’s fitting, given that he apparently finished the 2010 season in Tennessee by playing half-assed.

The real question is whether and to what extent he has anything in the tank.  Written off after two mediocre seasons in Oakland, Moss wowed the NFL world in 2007 with one of the great single seasons of all time.

39 responses to “Randy Moss remains possibly available, for the right situation

  1. Another big mouth diva who causes trouble.

    This idiot should own every receiving record in the book, but he’s way too into himself.

  2. I’d be willing to bet this guy can still ball. Rumor has it he rededicated himself to getting in shape last offseason. It’s never been a question of if he can play, it’s always been a question of if he wants to. If he goes back to New England they would be scary. They really don’t have much of a vertical threat and Ochocinco is done son.

  3. Didn’t he already say that he would only come back if the Patriots wanted him?

    So really, by “the right situation” he means “if New England calls, homie.”

  4. “Per LaCanfora, Moss is generating periodic interest, and he’s listening with “one ear.” And that’s fitting, given that he apparently finished the 2010 season in Tennessee by playing half-assed.”

    got em

  5. Highly talented, totally self-absorbed prima donna with a Messiah complex who fell in love with the sound of his own name, locker room cancer, available for the right price and the right team…

    I can’t imagine why he isn’t playing right now…

  6. mjs2012 says:
    Oct 28, 2011 7:39 AM
    Green Bay should sign him. Rodgers needs more options.

    While it would be quite funny to sign him out of spite just to tick Favre off.

    The Packers would probably have to go to large lengths to make sure that he would be able to eat food that he would be willing to feed his dog. That wouldn’t be worth it.

  7. In the hopes of being able to unload millions of dollars of unsellable merchandise from the 2010 season, its being reported that behind the scenes a consortium of MN sports retailers and the vikequeens are working out a jointly funded deal to bring Moss and Favre back and promote it as a “The last Chance Show Your Moon and Unit Tour.”

  8. Chad Johnson is doing squat, and New England’s offense is still doing just fine. Scoring very nicely.

    They have no need for Moss.

    He’s not playing for a team going nowhere behind a QB that can’t throw. Andwhile he’s got plenty of cash, his ego won’t lethim play for chump change.

    Name a contending team with a winning record and a solid QB that needs one decent wideout to go over the top,and has the money to pay the man, and you MIGHT have your answer.

  9. The Saints? The only team that already has more weapons is the Packers. I cannot see that being a fit at all.

  10. Lions make sense to complement Megatron, if he is willing to be number two, work for vet min, and be ok with a growing QB, other wise I say we may see him in Texas.

  11. If you watched him play last season, then you know the answer to that “real question”.

  12. Sounds fitting for Randy ‘I only give 100% on 50% of the offensive plays’ Moss…

    He should hook up with T.O. and take a long vacation until about the end of January since nobody will need them anyway…

  13. The weakest Raider WR of all time. Perfect example of not everybody being strong enough to carry the weight of that Silver & Black shield.Only the strong can wear that Silver & Black and prosper. It takes a Real Raider to do it.

  14. Why did he have to be such a jerk in his return to MN. He he just gave a minimal effort the guy would have had at least 9 td’s. Instead he bad mouths the team after loosing to NE in a game he didn’t even make an effort to try for a sure td & he tells a cook he makes dog food. Classic behavior for the late 90’s player. T.O. same thing. Way to throw your career’s away.

  15. The only “good” teams that could use WR help are the Bears, Redskins, Titans, and 49ers. Scratch off the Skins and Titans and that leaves the Bears and 49ers. And i doubt either is interested. More like a injury makes Moss’s phone ring.

    The team no one talks about that could be interested is the Chargers. 4-2 but struggling, with Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd and Antonio Gates continuing to fight injuries. I could see that more than a return to the Pats.

  16. I’m going to laugh hard at all the folks saying NE would never take him back when the pick him up down the home stretch.

    That’s a perfect example of a Belichick move. Get everybody going left and then quickly shuffle the other direction and make them reassess everything they had planned for.

  17. The only plausible scenario is that the Patriots cut Ochocinco and bring back Moss as a mid season fill in. But even that’s a stretch at this point. I think Belichick has had enough with the diva WRs.

  18. Right team for right price. Tranlation: Any team at any price! Please!

    The question I’d love to know is whether these idiot divas (you know who you are) ever say to themselves, “I blew it by being so self absorbed.” My bet is that they never do until real life hits them in the mouth.

  19. I love how the experts mock the bears recieving core but thier answer to upgrade is to sign and overpay 2 way past thier prime guys who care only about themselves. nothing wrong with what the bears have as long as a certain coach does not keep asking them to act like they are the greatest show on turf guys. newsflash mike the bears play on grass and do not have the line to protect Cutler to run those plays. call the plays that work for these guys and stop trying to live in the past!

  20. If the Chiefs continue to win and lose a receiver like Bowe or Breaston to injury, Pioli will bring him back to KC. I don’t think Matt Cassel would complain.

  21. LOL Saints aren’t going to sign Moss. At this point there’s nothing he could do for them better than Devery Henderson. Plus he’s a jerk. Saints don’t sign guys like that (with the apparent exception of Olin Kreutz)

  22. How about paying Moss by the hour?!?!?!?!? Possibly a commission if he decides he wants to really play that day?

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