Report: Stephen Ross has reached out to Bill Cowher’s agent

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Tony Sparano is still the head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

That didn’t stop owner Stephen Ross from meeting with Jim Harbaugh about the job before Harbaugh signed on with the 49ers and it isn’t stopping him from trying to talk to another possible replacement. Albert Breer of the NFL Network is reporting that Ross has reached out to Bill Cowher’s agent about Cowher’s interest in taking over the reins of the team. Earlier this week, Mike Freeman of reported that Ross had spoken with intermediaries about Cowher and Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported that Cowher has “planted seeds” that he’d be interested in the Miami  job.

Breer’s report comes with a caveat. Cowher has reportedly told his agent and others that he will not speak to a team without a head coaching vacancy. That can be remedied fairly quickly, of course, and this week’s news that Sparano’s house in Miami is up for sale is a sign that he could be an empty nester in more ways than one.

While Cowher wouldn’t take over the Dolphins job in the middle of the season, firing Sparano would give the team to get a head start of discussions with Cowher about their job. That would give them a jump on other teams that might be making coaching changes in the offseason with an eye toward bringing Cowher into their organization. With Cowher believed to be interested in a situation that offers him a chance to win immediately, the Dolphins might not benefit from being first in the hunt but it probably wouldn’t hurt their chances all that much.

Expect to hear much more about Cowher to the Dolphins in the weeks to come, even if Brandon Marshall’s guarantee comes to fruition in the Meadowlands.

66 responses to “Report: Stephen Ross has reached out to Bill Cowher’s agent

  1. I honestly don’t get it. How can you you go 1-15 with Cam Cameron, then 11-5 with Tony Sparano the very next year and then have this house of cards completely fall apart?

  2. Will Ross ddrop the ball this time as an owner the way Brandon “THE SAMMIE SMITH OF WIDE RECEIVERS” does as a player! Tony “I DON’T HAVE ANY ANSWERS” SPARANO put together this group of POWDER PUFF PANZIES! Now we need somebody to unload it and win!

  3. This guy (Ross) is a giant idiot. This is the 2nd time he’s done this. I really hope they don’t get Luck, just to stick it to this A-hole. That’s not the way you run a professional franchise dude.

  4. Doesn’t that violate the spirit of the Rooney Rule? Why are questions about the Rooney rule censored here? It’s part of the NFL and relates very much to this article.

  5. Calling Stephen Ross the worst owner in the NFL is hyperbole. Everyone knows that’s Dan Snyder.

    But man, oh man, Ross is catching up quickly.

  6. Jeff fisher is the better choice for a coach….Cmon Man….Sprano tried his best in miami,but leaving ireland in charge was stupid.oh and no thanks to parcells for leaving us in this situation.He didnt dont crap for miami.

  7. An Open Letter to Stephen Ross:
    Mr. Ross, you no doubt are a smart man and have made a lot of money in your lifetime. You probably donate more money each year than I make. I commend your success. However, money doesn’t buy class, and you seem to not learn from your mistakes. I am a lifetime Dolphin fan and this organization used to be run by men of integrity, men that knew how to look other men in the eye and do the right thing. Win or loose, Miami Dolphins meant class. It’s time to put your big boy pants on and do the right thing. Hire Cower, or Gruden, or Fisher, or anybody else you want, but do it after you relieve Coach Sparano of his duties. What you are doing is dating the hot girl while you’re still married. If she commits, then you’ll get a divorce. That’s messed up.

  8. yes and I heard a report Cowher met with Jeff Lurie in NY last week at a steakhouse, so until I see Cowher throw his hat into the ring, this is all just reporter boredom.

  9. This story should make mention of the fact that neither this “report” nor the CBS report from earlier this week have been confirmed. In fact, both reports are contradicted by Miami area papers/reporters. Frankly I am much more inclined to believe the papers and reporters who cover this team on a regular basis than NFL generalist reporters when it comes to this type of story.
    Regardless, everyone should step back and ask why an exceptionally savvy business man like Stephen Ross would not have learned his lesson with Harbaugh-gate. Put simply, Ross did not get to be a billionaire by making a stupid mistake like this twice. I for one am certain that he has not done so here, especially after the heat he took for that blunder last year.
    To me, these reports are most likely attributable to one of three factors (or a combo thereof):
    1. Cowher’s agent trying to stir up some pre-hiring season hype about his client;
    2. desperate reporters looking for breaking news; and
    3. a lack of understanding about who is a representative of the Miami Dolphins.
    For example – Dan Marino, who works on set with Cowher, is not a representative of Stephen Ross. So it is not news if he asks Cowher if he would be interested in the job.
    Everyone needs to relax on the speculation until Sparano is fired or resigns.

  10. This is the owner of the team that honored the quarterback from the opposing team last weekend. People who work for him presented him this idea and he said, “run with it.”

    Who in their right mind is expecting this kook to do the right thing?

  11. Maybe 10 years ago I’d have felt sorry for Tony Sparano. But in these days of “at will employment” the fact is you can be fired for anything they want to fire you for because you signed an agreement when you took the job in the first place. So forget protocol.

    Used to be they’d fire someone and say “we’re going in another direction.” Now, and it just happened to a friend at a major corporation, they said…”Joe, you’re an at will employee. And you are terminated. Security here will escort you to your office where you have 15 minutes to pack. We need your company credit card, your parking pass and your I.D.”

    Cowher is odds on to be coaching in 2012. He became eligible for the Hall voting and while does 5 years do a lot to separate what people felt and what they feel now. He looks like an underachieving coach to some since Tomlin went to 2 SBS in his first four years while Bill took 15 to get that many.

    He’s ready and we’re ready for Bill. Miami will give him the keys, the car and the gas and Andrew Luck will give him the QB he didn’t have in Pitt til get got Big Ben.

  12. what a dirt bag this owner is. i dont know why any coach, let alone the chin who will get all kinds of offers, would want to coach the guys team.
    flirting with 2 coaches while there is a guy with the job? what a dou**e

  13. I couldn’t envision Cowher coming to Miami unless he’s given the GM spot as well, which
    of course would be a HUGE bonus. With that being said there could be hope for the Dolphins, next year.

  14. Another owner thinks an overrated coach is going to turn his garbage team around. Cowher or any of the other retreads cant help the Dolphins until they get some more talent on that team.

    Can any objective Dolphins fan really blame Sparano? I dont think he is a great coach but given what he has to work with, what were you expecting?

  15. Hasn’t Ross made this mistake earlier this year? I realize Sparano may not be the next Bill Walsh but the man should be afforded a certain degree of respect and courtesy.

    Apologizing to Sparano and offering him a two year extension as a consolation prize only to disrespect him again makes no sense. Ross admitted he made a mistake with the courting of Harbaugh while he still had a gainfully employed coach. Now he’s doing it again?

    I’ll say it again, Wayne Huezinga represented that franchise with class. This has to be killing him.

  16. Why hire Cowher? Is Stephen Ross looking forward to losing Conference Championship games? If Miami gets Andrew Luck, they’d be better off taking a coach that can develop a qb.

  17. I understand they’re going to interview Lebron for the job to get the Rooney Rule out of the way.

  18. Ross apparently didn’t learn anything from the Harbaugh fiasco. His backdoor shenanigans are going to cost him the chance to hire a good coach. Money and a good situation might have been able to convince someone to ignore his behavior, but this isn’t exactly the Patriots or Steelers a potential coach is stepping into.

  19. Doesnt feel right. I think the only advantage is that Cowher would have a defense similar to the one he had run, and could possibly lure some personnel people. Doesnt it seem better for Jeff Fisher to take that job…Cowher is a glam guy, but that doesnt often work.

    This echoes Jimmy Johnson all over again. Maybe a halfway decent defense. Cowher is probably praying they have a chance at Andrew Luck. Now that could seal the deal. Cowher didnt do anything in Blitzburgh until Ben Rothlisberger got there…then the issue would be he having GM responsibilities as well…that worked only in Seattle, and again, they had a QB.

    the real issue is the QB problem in Miami AND the owner.

  20. Cowher is not an ideal hire for the Dolphins. With today’s offenses dominating, recruiting an offensive guru is the better option. The Dolphins are also in need of a General Manager, personnel guy. One who can identify talent and execute getting players with athletic skills. Building with the draft is one thing. Getting players in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and releasing them within 2 years is unacceptable. Moreover releasing players that excel on other teams can not continue. That shows a lack of skills in identifying NFL talent. Examples: Why dump Anthony Armstrong, now a WR with the Washington Redskins. Why release Channing Chowder and then have the defense fall apart…….This regime has to be the most non professional group in NFL history.

  21. @packattack – no, its actually not hard to believe the Fins beat the Pack last year. Lots of teams beat the Pack. They had a losing record on the road. If cutler had stayed upright or Kemeautu had not forgotten to block on his own goal line, either the Bears or Steelers would have beat them as well.

    Enjoy your trophy, but don’t act like your team was more than it was – lucky.

  22. >Enjoy your trophy, but don’t act like your team was more than it was – lucky.

    Lucky at times, unlucky at others. But the last six wins were earned by a team down 16 players.

  23. I’m just shocked that not a single Steelers fan has posted a comment about how Cower would be “stabbing them in the back” if he coached again.

    And, yes, I have seen that type of comment on this very site before. In fact, the only reason I even clicked on this article was to see if there was.

  24. IF true, this is disgraceful…again. This organization has lost any semblance of class it might have had left. There are many coaches that could replace Sparano, but first, he should actually not still be the head coach.

    mksnpcola’s comment sums up my sentiments as well.

    I agree that there could be other reasons for the potential rumor (as xenojt mentioned) and if that is the case, then Ross needs to come out and publicly set the record straight. The players, fans and Sparano deserve better.

  25. Ross is pathetic. Doing this when he still has a head coach? On top of the Harbaugh mess last off-season? (Um. Glad he’s here in SF.)

    Totally classless. He deserves all the L’s he gets.

  26. Don’t do it, Bill. The Steelers went through some lean years in the 80s and Marino was a popular star at Pittsburgh. But the Rooneys would never have thrown a Pitt Day celebration when the Dolphins came to town. Some lines you don’t cross. It’s disrespectful to your team and your fans. My heart aches for Dolphins fans, but Ross doesn’t get it. Mara and Tisch do. If you want to come back, hold out for the Giants. Don’t get involved in this mess.

  27. Not really sure why he’d have any interest in a franchise with one of the crappiest fanbases going.. They barely sell out games, it’s not a true football town, and their ownership issues scared Parcells off.

    Yet he passes on the Bills, with a loyal fan base (to say the least) and same kind of energy he had coaching in Pittsburgh…

    Well, at least he recommended Chan Gailey to Ralph:) Seems to be working out so far..

  28. Ross is the worst owner in all of sports! He needs to fire Ireland, then Sporano. After you rid yourself of Parcells’ trash then hire a gm or coach. Please don’t hire a coach & let him be gm also, that never works. I’d look at hiring the director of scouting from proven winners like Green Bay, Pittsburgh or Baltimore. Those teams are successful because they draft well. Head coaches that won a Super Bowl have never gone to another team & been successful. There must be something about that stat. Of coarse Ross will try to hire that former Super Bowl winner because he’s being advised by geniuses like Carl Peterson & Eric Mangini.

  29. “Head coaches that won a Super Bowl have never gone to another team & been successful. There must be something about that stat”

    Negative. Shula left the Colts won there, then went to Miami and won. that concept hasnt been successful of late, but there is a historical precedence. I would also add this fact

    Dungy-defenisve back ground paired with Manning won SB
    Belichick-defensive background paired with Brady
    won SB
    Cowher-defensive background paired with Rothlisberger won SB

    Cowher would re-apply this in a probable redeux with Andrew Luck.

    Problem. Owner Stephon Ross. Would he give too much power, and a coach being the GM works, because Seattle did it with Holmgren, and got to and shouldve won that SB v. Pittsburgh (horrible officiating).

  30. Cowher is overrated, who cares. What’s the difference between him and Chucky? One’s offensive, one’s defensive, but both have 1 SB and 1 SB loss. Pay chucky less and get him.

  31. I have no problem with our Owner trying to make a big splash with his next hiring.

    As a suffering fan who struggles with embracing the Suck for Luck campaign (even you enthusiastic grim-folk feel bad losing, don’t deny it) I admire his efforts to find the best available guy, but for the love of all that is right in the world, FIRE SPARANO ALREADY.

    I used to love the guy, am well over him, but absolutely hate how he’s being treated. Put anybody in for the interim.

    The job is hard enough to fill knowing the division and rivalries, but STOP making what would be a great job in South Beach look unattractive. It’s just getting to be embarrassing.

  32. Uh, Tatum? There is no “historical precedence.” Shula coached the Colts and took them to a Super Bowl, but he lost. He won two Super Bowls with Miami.

    Anyway, I guess that article I read a day or two ago about Cowher only wanting to go where he can win is out the window, eh? Or are the Dolphins suddenly not going to suck when he rides into town?

  33. No big name is going to the Dolphins. They are terrible even if Luck declares for the draft and the are LUCKY enough to draft him.

    Brady is going to be around for another 10 years, the Jets will be average and the Bills are improving.

    Dolphins = career killer!

  34. Settle down people, he’s not coming to Miami for the same reason Parcells left: Our owner is mentally disabled when it comes to running an NFL franchise. Sure, he’ll come for an interview to drive up his asking price , but he’s looking for a stable franchise, not a 3-ring circus. Same goes for Andrew Luck. Our only hope is if Ross sells the team.

  35. “Negative. Shula left the Colts won there, then went to Miami and won. that concept hasnt been successful of late, but there is a historical precedence. I would also add this fact”


    Correction: Shula didn’t win the SB with the Colts. He was the head coach who lost to Namath and the Jets in SBIII.

    To date, no HC has ever won a Super Bowl with two different franchises.

  36. gruden is going to indi, which will have the 1st pick and draft luck. indi’s strength of schedule is weaker right now, giving them the tie-breaker.

  37. Todd Haley’s Temper says:
    Oct 28, 2011 6:26 PM
    I honestly don’t get it. How can you you go 1-15 with Cam Cameron, then 11-5 with Tony Sparano the very next year and then have this house of cards completely fall apart?

    A: Chad Pennington

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