Several punters get their tires kicked on Thursday

Getty Images

The bulk of the on-site workouts for free-agent players occur on Tuesday of each week.  This week, for example, 53 men worked out for teams on the same day Terrell Owens worked out for none.

But workouts can happen on other days of the week; on Thursday, four punters worked out for four different teams.

Per a league source, the Ravens looked at Glenn Pakulak, the Cowboys eyeballed Chris Jones, the Saints brought in Jeremy Kapinos, and the Chargers checked out Ben Graham.

The only other team to engage in workouts on Thursday was the Raiders, who brought in running back Stafon Johnson, running back Lonyae Miller, and defensive back Brian Williams.  Oakland’s interest in running backs could be a sign that the Raiders are concerned that Darren McFadden won’t be able to play next Sunday, after the Raiders emerge from their bye.