Whitehurst likely to get the call again for Seahawks


It looks like Charlie Whitehurst bandwagon has been recovered from the bottom of Lake Erie.

Pete Carroll said on KIRO Friday that his starting quarterback will be a gametime decision, but he made it sound pretty clear that Charlie Whitehurst will get the call.  They are preparing Whitehurst to start.

Carroll noted that Whitehurst has never been able to start two games in a row, and that he’s getting prepared to start. Whitehurst has received most of the reps in practice this week.

Whitehurst will try to recapture the feeling that he had during his last home start, which came in Week 17 last year against the Rams to help Seattle win the NFC West.

It looks like running back Marshawn Lynch will be able to return to the lineup for Seattle.

16 responses to “Whitehurst likely to get the call again for Seahawks

  1. It’s amazing how Twitter has become the standard ( for some) of fact rather than researching the original interview/feed. The only reason Whitehurst ‘ has never been able to start two games in a row’ is because Carroll hasn’t allowed him to do so. The sound bite makes it seem that Whitehurst was physically unable to take the field in succeeding weeks. Imagine how Aikman, Elway, or Peyton’s careers would have been affected if they were not allowed to learn from their mistakes for an entire season.

  2. Between Jackson & Whitehurst, Seattle is quietly building momentum in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. That game last week was arguably the worst sporting event ever held.

  3. I’m a Hawk fan and I agree with wallacejay ; I doubt we stand a dog’s chance in hell of landing Luck , but that Cleveland game was in fact the worst sporting event , at least in recent memory .

  4. If the Seahawks truly want to position themselves for top draft picks in 2012, they should measure their season by the improvement in their young players, and not by wins. There are already (3) teams with zero wins at the midpoint of the season, and a few others with (1) win. Seattle should consider 2011 a rebuilding year, and not a ‘winning’ season. It doesn’t matter how many games Whitehurst wins, but it does matter how much he improves over the course of the season.

  5. Pete is saving T-Jack’s sore body for an easier defense for re-entry. SeaChickens inexperienced O-line is overmatched by the Bengals pass rush. On Monday Whitehurst is going to wish he was the backup instead of the starter.

  6. Have they given up on the Seahawks this year in Seattle?
    As a Bengals fan, let me say that I would have much rather seen Carson Palmer go to Seattle and reunite with Carroll.

  7. Fromthisseat.com as a seahawks fan, no we haven’t/don’t or ever will give up on our hawks. To you I say I’m ecstatic we didn’t make a move for palmer we are rebuilding and an older qb would not have helped we have one of the youngest teams in the nfl and drafting a young qb next year is the plan, real football people and real hawks fans know carrol is doing a great job and I for one am excited about our future! Giving up the bounty for palmer would have set us back a few years!

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