“Horsing around” with Flacco leaves Harbaugh with cut under eye


Ravens P.R. guru Kevin Byrne has a blog on the team’s official website.  The latest entry contains an interesting revelation regarding a recent encounter between coach John Harbaugh and quarterback Joe Flacco.

Byrne initially writes that Harbaugh and Flacco got into “a little bit of a wrestling match” this week.  Byrne later explains that it was a “little horsing around” that resulted in Harbaugh getting a cut under his eye.  Harbaugh was holding a pen in his hand and reached out to Flacco, who knocked the arm away, causing the pen to hit Harbaugh in the cheek.

Harbaugh calls it a “badge of courage,” while Flacco says the coach is “old and slow.”

If the blog were maintained by anyone other than a specialist in spin, I’d think nothing of it.  But Byrne’s effort to make light of the situation (he says at one point that “the quarterback and head coach [are] going after each other”) makes me at least wonder whether there’s more to it.

There probably isn’t.  OK, there most likely isn’t.  But if offensive coordinator Cam Cameron emerges with any visible cuts, scrapes, or scars, it’ll be time to assume that Flacco is dealing with his frustrations by dealing out ass whuppings.

31 responses to ““Horsing around” with Flacco leaves Harbaugh with cut under eye

  1. Flacco is an overrated douche bag. Oh and he looks like Bert from Sesame Street with that unibrow.

  2. Flacco is just another Raven QB who benefits from being on a team that perennially have good to very good defenses ….. Most teams whose QB has a rating of 76.2 are looking to upgrade ….. Eventually, the Ravens will realize that ‘winning it all’ will never happen with Flacco & he’ll become a BU somewhere else ( a la Boller) ……

  3. harbaugh is a total idiot and this proves it. wrestling aroound with your quarterback in the middle of the season???

  4. @woodyg-He’s got a career 87% qb rating and a career 60% completion percentage and those numbers are being brought down by this season that’s not even over yet he had a 93% qb rating last year and all of his numbers have steadily improved every year since his rookie season he got to 40 wins faster then any qb starting from day one including peyton manning. you wanna say he benefitted from good defenses? They blew how many leads last year Joe flacco and the offense had the lead at some point in every single game last year if we would’ve had the 2000 defense we would’ve been undefeated last year. alot of teams would kill to have him as their qb right now. let’s let the season play out cuz his numbers will be higher maybe not higher then last year but If we didn’t have a lockout Shortened offseason cam Cameron would not still be here and I fully hope he’s gone after this year which he probably will be that being said. I understand that Joe deserves blame for the offenses struggles this year but cams uncreative play designs and play calling, his 5 minute 2 minute offense, his inability to make adjustments to help the offense certainly don’t do Joe or ray rice or q any favors

  5. Nice picture choice…..but I didn’t see much smiling and handshaking last Monday night!! Haha. This story sounds like a cover up. Flacco probably bitched out and scratched him in a tissy.

  6. Lets just be glad that Harbaugh wasn’t “Horsing around” with Ray Lewis… Let’s just say that cut would have been more like a stab, and his face would have been more like his back…

  7. I call B.S. on this one. Harbaugh is many things but I don’t see him horsing around at all let alone after that defeat on MNF.

    To me it seems more likley that he was pointing in Flacco’s face and got it shoved right back at him.

  8. Flacco: I want a new contract.

    Harbaugh: I’ll think about it.

    Flacco: *punch*

    Flacco: You better think about THAT.

  9. woodyg says:
    Oct 29, 2011 7:54 AM
    Flacco is just another Raven QB who benefits from being on a team that perennially have good to very good defenses ….


    We could say the same about Trent Dilfer and as an analyst on TV, they treat him like some NFL genius.

  10. I think if there were more to it, Flacco wouldn’t have called Harbaugh “old and slow.” He would have said “no comment.”

    That being said, Ozzie should call up Brett Favre

  11. Flacco and Harbaugh? Nah. But if you told me Flacco was going for Cameron and Harbaugh stepped between them … that I could believe. And I wouldn’t blame Flacco one bit.

  12. Ravens becomeing unglued in front of our eyes! Coach and QB fighting, Suggs calling out offense saying he does nto know game plan, Ray Lewis just stabbed 2 more young men….these are the days of the ravens lives!!

  13. So Flacco was calling Harbaugh “old and slow?”

    That’s funny, because that’s those two adjectives were what came to my mind when asked about Flacco’s performance. Same old, tired, slow routine… almost every Sunday. With an occasional “surprise” which usually comes against a horrible opponent.

    I honestly think the Ravens would have a better shot at a Super Bowl with Brett Favre or Tim Tebow.

  14. So let us get this straight.

    Either Harbaugh is lying and there WAS a tussle that lead to Flacco smacking him.

    OR Harbaugh is such an undisciplined coach, who takes failure so lightly, that a few days after an abysmal perfomance that brought shame to the entire franchise and fan base, he was “horsing around” with one of the key culprits of said performance.

    I’m not sure which scenario is worse. Either he’s a liar, or he’s not Head Coach material.

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