McGahee fined $7,500 for breaking hand on Smith’s facemask


Broncos running back Willis McGahee may have had the costliest stiff arm in NFL history on Sunday.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that McGahee got a $7,500 fine for grabbing the facemask of Miami’s Sean Smith on Sunday. And that’s not even the worst thing that happened to McGahee on the play.

McGahee also broke the fourth metacarpal in his right hand on the play when it got stuck in Smith’s facemask, requiring surgery that will force him to miss a game or two. And the 15-yard facemasking penalty McGahee got on the play wiped out an 11-yard run.

At least McGahee wasn’t the most heavily fined player in that game: Dolphins defensive back Yeremiah Bell got a $15,000 fine for a hit on Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

30 responses to “McGahee fined $7,500 for breaking hand on Smith’s facemask

  1. if he got fined for breaking his hand while getting tackled, does that mean Brady will be fined every time he complains about a sack?

  2. I am really starting to hate the NFL – STOP the fine for football plays. a facemask is a penalty. there is a rule against it. There is absolutely no need to penalize players for facemask penalties. It is ridiculous. The NFL and Goodell in particular, are drunk on power. The NFL wants illegal hits to the head taken out of the game. Ok, fine players. But for a facemask? really? What is the point? What next? Fines for holding penalties? illegal motion? Goodell is trying to legislate every single facet of the game and it is out of control. Can someone ask the NFL what is the reason for the fines for facemask penalties? Player safety? give me a break.

  3. Does anyone think it’s totally insane that the commissioner fined a running back $7,500 for an overly aggressive stiff arm? Ridiculous. Goodell is ruining the game.

  4. I’ve never understood why an offensive player has been able to stiffarm in the facemask anyway…NEVER. I don’t really care about this fine though. Who’s going to stop Rodger???

  5. lmao, i laughed at the title….way to make the commissioner look bad………oh wait, he already does.

  6. Pretty soon tackling will be a fine. We have penalties and flags for things like this. Fining people on top of it is just obnoxious

  7. i don’t know why people get so crazy over the fines. It’s my understanding that most of the money goes to charity.

    McGahee is an obnoxious prick. I certainly don’t feel sorry for him. If you grab someones facemask so hard that your hand gets stuck, maybe you deserve the fine.

  8. The stiff arm should never be removed, but when your hand is stuck in the opponents facemask, I think your pushing it a little.

  9. All these unjustified fines are part of a league wide conspiracy designed to soften the hitting up throughout the league so the limp wristed MN Lavender Larries can become more competitive.

    This bit of ludicrous sarcasm it targeted at all the purple turd heads that keep posting idiotic comments that their is a conspiracy between the the NFLPA and the Packers to protect CMIII from HGH testing.

  10. Its going to get worse, the talent level is going down and down with each new team that’s added to the league, won’t be long before a top college team will be able to beat a team like Miami, wait, they could today, dare say LSU and Bama could win against Miami today, it is all about money, so what is new, this country is all about greed. Bill

  11. jpmelon says:

    i don’t know why people get so crazy over the fines. It’s my understanding that most of the money goes to charity.

    Charity is an act of generosity that comes from the heart. It’s not something you force people to do at gunpoint. Infractions are supposed to be penalized on the field–and this one was. No matter how you feel about McGahee, fines should be reserved for extreme behavior, such as getting into a fistfight, deliberately launching your helmet into a player’s knee, or knocking down an official. Is Goodell going to start fining for every hold and false start, too? He’s turning the NFL into a military prep school.

  12. What ever happened to a phone call saying, “Hey… I know you made a mistake, but you can’t do that. Don’t let it happen again”? That’s what happens when most people make a mistake at their jobs… jobs that are probably more important than some guy playing football.

    I guarantee McGahee will be more tentative with that move in the future whether he is fined or not. He already paid the price.

  13. Aside from the overexuberance the NFL
    is showing, re. fines, this year…

    this headline tries too hard to be cute:

    The guy was absolutely NOT fined
    “for” breaking his hand.

  14. fines like these will not stop the players from playing how they want to. they make too much money and will only continue to make more in the future.

  15. If the player did not willfully intend to injure somebody, flag it and move on without a fine. Fines should be reserved for headhunter type plays, cheap shots and garbage that occurs well after the whistle. There is no reason for the fine unless a player grabs the facemask and tries to sling him to the ground with it–that isn’t the case here so I think the fine is as bogus as Goodell’s belief that he is helping the game.

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