McNabb says he should still be the starter in Minnesota

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It’s unknown whether former Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb is attempting to sell any of his teammates on the notion that he should be the starting quarterback, in the hopes that perhaps enough players will clamor for McNabb that he’ll be reinstalled at the top of the depth chart.  But it is known that McNabb is willing to publicly declare that he should be the starter.

Because he already has.

NFL Network special correspondent Andrea Kremer asks McNabb in an interview that will air Sunday morning whether he should still be the starter in Minnesota.  “Absolutely,” McNabb says.  “Absolutely.”

He thinks he isn’t the starter because the quarterback gets both the credit for a team’s success and the blame for its failures.  “Well, I mean, everyone focuses on my position,” McNabb told Kremer.  “We should be sitting here, I’ll be honest, at about what, 4-3, 5-2, or whatever?  We had games that we should have won, but we just didn’t. Now is it the quarterback position?”

What he’s overlooking is the fact that he wasn’t benched due to his play or because he’s the scapegoat for a 1-5 start punctuated by a blowout loss at Soldier Field that ran the team’s road record against the Bears to 1-10 since 2001.  Chrisian Ponder is playing and McNabb isn’t because the Vikings realize that the playoffs are a pipe dream, and because the Vikings need to know what Ponder can do.  Especially if that 1-5 (now 1-6) becomes 1-10 and worse, giving the Vikings a crack at Andrew Luck.

McNabb also flatly denied a report, originating last weekend on the same network, that he was benched because he showed up late for meetings and practices.

“Never,” McNabb said.  “But from just people from the outside listening, they’ll say, ‘Oh, you know, sources said that he’s not putting in that time to be a top tier quarterback.’  Well, just come to Minnesota.  Pack up your big jacket and your headwear, and come watch me.”

They can watch him practice.  For the foreseeable future — and possibly the rest of the year — they won’t be able to watch him play.

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  1. I think it’s not a matter of who gives us a better chance to win – McNabb or Ponder? I think it’s the Vikings realizing that this season is a lost cause and seeing what they have in Ponder. You have to start the rebuilding process sometime.

  2. I went to McDonalds last night and ordered the McNabb and the cashier threw the food at my feet

  3. McNabb’s opinion is not based on a statistical analysis of his performance over the past few years. It is based on a childish tantrum because he had his overrated butt kissed for too long. Retire McNabb. You do not win the position in the media– try the practice and game fields.

  4. McNabb says he should still be the starter in Minnesota
    And Brett Favre says he should still be the starter in GreenBay

  5. Of course he’s gonna say that, the minute he concedes his job….. HE WILL GET RELEASED!!!! Donavan knows that!

  6. Good one, Mantorras!! Did it come with a choice of toys, such as a “Ponder your future” magic mirror or soap on a rope for washed up athletes?

  7. From chunky soup to chunky dupe.

    Just ride the pine, collect the cash and ride gracefully off into the sunset when it’s time. Your after athletic career will be grateful for it.

  8. Yep, blame others on your team for these losses-maybe now they will give you a hand when you are lying on the ground after being sacked.

  9. Nope, never Donovans fault. Not in Minnesota or Washington or Philly….always someone else. Mr Mcnabb. Thats your problem right there. You’re delusional. You win as a team and lose as a team so yes it is your fault too. Maybe the whole team concept has passed you by which is why you find yourself in this predicament time and time again.

  10. Because he’s “classy”. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure he is.

    Once again, he throws teammates under the bus and points fingers.

    Like he did in Philly.

    Like he did in DC.

    Now a 3rd fan base knows the truth about the real McNabb.

    Get ready for Wilma and Masta P Smith to come out firing. It’s on unless you buy his silence with a “financial apology”.

    Because that’s what all the “classy” ones do, right?

  11. After years of hearing about McNabb, I still don’t understand him. Is he a fiery competitor or a lazy guy with talent that is just happy to be in the NFL? I just don’t get him.

  12. THREE teams have pulled him from the starting line up in a short period of time. Even trading him away. Obviously there is a problem and he’s delusional.

    1.having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions:

    2.maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts

  13. Of course, Eagles fans were bashed for years by the national media for criticizing McNabb. I remember Trey Wingo lecturing us after McNabb was traded to the Redskins: “Careful what you wish for, Eagles fans!” Well, Trey, it looks like we knew what we were talking about, while you (and the rest of the idiots in the national media) didn’t. The die hard fans watch every play of every game year after year, and listen to all of the press conferences and read all of the quotes in the paper, while guys like Wingo sit in a studio watching 8 games at one time. Eagles fans knew the real McNabb long before everyone else did, and it looks like we have finally been vindicated.

  14. McNabb is, with only four or five thousand exceptions, the greatest QB in NFL history.

    Why is he so great? I think it’s all that Chunky soup his momma makes for him.

  15. McNabb does this with every team he’s played for. CRY like a brat when he doesn’t get HIS WAY. Weak. That’s why nobody in the sport respects you as a competitor.

  16. McNabb’s time in the NFL is over…..and the EAGLES knew it….The Deadskins now know it..and the VIKINGS also…..Never take left overs from the EAGLES… Kevin Kolb sucks Also….. Thank God Kolb is not the EAGLES starting quarterback…..And as an EAGLES fan McNabb will always have a spot in my heart…… E – A – G -L – E – S

  17. “What he’s overlooking is the fact that he wasn’t benched due to his play.”


    What? He was partially benched for his horrible play. You know, the bounce passes 10 feet short of the receiver and missing wide open receivers do badly the ball landed in the stands.

    It baffles me how anyone can say he wasn’t benched because of his play. He generated 39 passing yards in an entire game!!! So yes, of he had a little accuracy the Vikings would be 4-3 or 5-2.

  18. I clearly remember how outraged vikes fans were on this blog in the off season when everyone laughed at the vikes for this signing. Sometimes you gotta lay off the cool aid for a few minutes guys.

  19. McNabb used to be great but if he can’t play well with AP in the backfield it’s time to move on.

  20. I dont think he got a true shot at the job and the viked play calling sucks Mc Nabb on avg only was allowed to throw 12-16 passes, boy wonder had over 30 give mc nabb 30 something is bound to happen

  21. ““Absolutely,” McNabb says. “Absolutely.””

    Now we know the words McNabb will be mumbling to himself as they wheel him off to the QB nuthouse.

  22. >McNabb says he should still be the starter in Minnesota,

    Kevin Kolb is on fire in Arizona,

    and analysts keep telling us that Andy Reid is a QB development genius.

  23. List of people who need to stop making the same, dumb headlines week after week: Dovan McNabb, (you arent a quality qb, you’re not fooling anyone. get over it.) Rob Ryan, Rex Ryan, David Stern. I threw Stern in there because I find his statements and actions repulsive.

  24. I can’t blame him for being delusional, people have coddled him and made excuses for him his whole career. The most accurate football analysis of the last 25 years was Limbaugh comment about McNabb. In a way McNabb owes him a debt of gratitude, because the media has doubled down on its misguided praise of Donovan McNabb. Good thing Tebow has thick skin, people are over criticizing him to make up for those they were afraid to criticize.

  25. McNabb is as disingenuous in his comments as he has been in his level of effort on the field.

  26. McNabb, ” I should still be the starter in Minnesota “. Yea right ! , and Barack Obama should still be president.

  27. McNabb has a career passer rating of 85 and a 2:1 TD to INT ratio despite his turf cutter strategy. His passer rating this year is 83 his TD to INT ratio is 2:1. His average rushing yards per game since 2008 is 10. This year it’s 10.

    What you saw is what you’ve got but why you decided you wanted it is puzzling.

  28. Well it looks like trouble in paradise, except it’s not paradise. Donovon is probably right. They had leads that were lost. He had them in position to win all those games. Somehow, they lost. Could it be that the defense allowed the foes to score? That’s how it usually works.

    This was a political demotion that won’t last. Ponder never made it through a complete college season, so why here? He will be out after a couple games, due to injury or ineffective play. I might be wrong, but that’s what my tealeaves say.

  29. icewalker946 says:Oct 29, 2011 10:19 AM

    I wonder where Perveyharvin is? I haven’t seen him on here for awhile

    I heard……He sold his season tickets and is now cheering for the Gophers today against Boy Scout Troup #32 this week & Little Sisters of the Poor next week…………Get use to it Minny Fans….You deserve it..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Why do they keep this poison around?

    Would you want your rookie QB to be ‘mentored’ by this jackass?

  31. Anyone could see that Ponder played better in defeat last week vs GB than McNabb had played all year. It’s good to see that two other cities had a chance to learn what we knew in Philly years ago when the national media was telling us we didn’t know what we were talking about. We Philly fans may not always be pleasant , but we always pay attention.

  32. Typical McNabb. Limbaugh was right, he’s over rated and always was. He was a good QB, but he was never great. Bernie Kosar, Testaverde, Bledsoe, but he was never Aikman, Brady or the like. Now he’s just a pain in the rear…

  33. qdog112 says: Oct 29, 2011 10:47 AM

    Well it looks like trouble in paradise, except it’s not paradise. Donovon is probably right. They had leads that were lost. He had them in position to win all those games. Somehow, they lost. Could it be that the defense allowed the foes to score? That’s how it usually works.
    I don’t care if he had a perfect QB rating, o incompletions, 4 TDs and o ints and his defense choked away every game on the last drive. No leader (or truly good person for that matter) would EVER backhand his teammates the way McNabb has made a career out of doing from day 1. He cares more about looking like he has good stats/has played well than being a QB and LEADER and real man. He loves pity parties like a 14 year old girl does.

  34. ponder should have been put in 1 game before the bears game. season was already over then. it was wrong to bring mcnabb in in the first place. another bad vikings move of desperation.

  35. You guys loved him right up to the time he was traded. Like all former Eagles players, that is when he became a bum in most of your eyes.

  36. The Vikings should continue to bench to McNabb, but they should also bring in T.O. just to F with him.

  37. As a long time Philly fan, here’s what I think:
    It’s just not in him anymore. He wants it to be. He might even think it is. But it’s just not. He just doesn’t have the burning desire to go out there and do whatever it takes anymore. And that’s the’s INSIDE him. It’s not that he shows up late or doesn’t work hard. He’s just done mentally. And yes, some of physical skills (e.g. mobility) have declined somewhat. This, combined with his weaknesses of inaccuracy at times and streakiness and lack of touch just make him a poor QB. It’s sad. As much as he infuriates me with his demeanor and passive-agressive comments, I still root for the guy. But it looks to be over Donovan. Thanks for the great years and memories in Philly.

  38. actually howley, most eagles fans had soured on mcnabb long before the trade. and ask anyone around here about brian dawkins or brian westbrook or any of the eagle players who came to work every day and despite their pro bowl status just kept their heads down and put the team first… we still love them.

    and mantorras- you should have ordered the super mcnabb…. even though its delivered somewhere around your ankles, the first three quarters isn’t all bad, but when you get to the last quarter of the sandwich, you have to slow down so much to get it down, you become nauseous before the sandwich ends, and you lose your lunch (allegedly). nonetheless, you and your rotund eating companion emerge proud that you were only three bites short of super mcnabb victory….

  39. howley1 says:
    Oct 29, 2011 11:27 AM
    You guys loved him right up to the time he was traded. Like all former Eagles players, that is when he became a bum in most of your eyes.

    Ridiculous. That’s no the M.O. of Eagles fans at all. Many of us wanted him gone started in 2008. He really started declining then, and the passive-agressive comments, excuses (etc) got worse as he did. As I said above, it’s kind of sad.

  40. >McNabb is the most overrated QB of all-time

    That’s a bit hyperbolic. But with Gruden and his ilk doing “analysis” what do you expect?

  41. Not sure what was a worse decision. Trading anything more than a 10 piece chicken nuggets for McNabb or trading two number 1 picks for Carson Palmer. Both these guys were washed up three years ago

  42. Well, what did folks expect him to say, “I stink and I should have been benched” (which is true, but no professional QB is going to come out and say this)? He was asked a question and he answered it; it’s not like he just came out of the blue and criticized the benching without being asked. Shoot, he probably thinks that he should still be starting in Washington.

  43. Contrary to what someone said, he’s actually very underrated. I’ve never seen such a successful qb get ripped so often. But as for this, he needs to realize he’s not starting because the season is over.

  44. Ahh good to see Donnie Mac hasn’t changed a bit since he left Philly. Nothing is ever his fault. He’s always the poor little scapegoat. Good for you Donnie. Stick to your guns. Just as long as I don’t have to listen to it anymore.

  45. Don’t cut him, just deactivate him for the season.

    If you let this baby have his way, he’ll go sign onto the Patriot as the kickoff tee holder guy and then, when they win the Super Bowl, he’ll act like it was 100% him. And that would be infuriating for the fans of three cities.

    Some people make mistakes in they lives, and the Vikings made a big one last summer.

    Who will be the next victim of classless McFraud in 2012? Who will he steal money from next?

    Kansas City?

    You make the call! Which fan base will be the next to delude themselves into thinking this guy is anything more than a sullen has-been with an over-sized sense of entitlement?

  46. When I read stories like this about McNabb I’m reminded of the Beatles/George Harrison song “I Me Mine.”

  47. “Very underrated”?! You are a complete moron! He has stunk out loud the last 3 seasons. And nobody was a bigger Mcnabb fan than me. His career is over he doesn’t have it anymore. And he did get a bad rap at times in Philly (some of it he brought on himself). But he isn’t now and was never underrated.

  48. sterilizecromartie says:
    Oct 29, 2011 10:08 AM
    I think it’s not a matter of who gives us a better chance to win – McNabb or Ponder? I think it’s the Vikings realizing that this season is a lost cause and seeing what they have in Ponder. You have to start the rebuilding process sometime.


    Thanks for repeating exactly what the article already says.

  49. When the kid is developing AND gives you a better chance to win it really isn’t much of a decision.

    Good news: You will be the starter on field goals and extra points for the rest of the season!

  50. The “man” WITHOUT a Ring, sure knows how to Sing. Unfortunately his song has as much credibility as his game. NONE!

  51. What a delusional dbag. Mcnabb is the product of liberal media members feeling they owe some black clown a free pass.who or what could possibly be making him think he still has any skills what so ever? I hope the other vikings players avoid him completely. If you think your job is to mentor and help “the kid”, then just leave you waste of human organs. Keep your fat sausage fingers and worthless advice away from the real vikings qb.

  52. @moochzilla …

    Why do I always think those “classy” McNabb rants are directed at me? 😀 What did he do here that was so unclassy? Of course, he wants to play, and the losses aren’t exclusively his fault. But even if he were being a total jerk right now, it wouldn’t change the fact that he’s handled other situations with a lot of class just like I said.

    I’m a little surprised he didn’t perform better than he has, but they all run out of gas at some point. It’s Ponder’s time. The Vikes are right to give him the opportunity.

  53. i will bet ponder is ok with DMC, whats the guy gonna say? he is a pro that is past his prime and he cannot just change his mind set like countless players before. i met him a couple times after S.U games in the local joints and he was a really good kid. i never will understand why the level of venom he raises. never got into trouble or any other nonsence. who cares? its just game. DMC, you are ok with me dude!

  54. McNabb’s talent and level of play notwithstanding, the Vikings are going nowhere this year and they may as well go nowhere with Christian Ponder, and find out whether he’s the guy to lead them in the future. Using McNabb’s philosophy, Doug Pederson should have started all of McNabb’s rookie year, no matter how bad the Eagles record, not giving the Eagles a chance to evaluate whether McNabb could play effectively in the NFL.

  55. Doesn’t this idiot realize that all of those wild throws are on film? Does he think he can make the film go away by talking himself up?

  56. icewalker946 says:
    Oct 29, 2011 10:19 AM
    I wonder where Perveyharvin is? I haven’t seen him on here for awhile.
    Rumor has it he bet all his fighting (we all knew he used to be a cage fighter) money that he could convince Brett Favre (we all know those two are tight like chicken and watermellon) to come back and win the SuperBowl this year. Even he realizes that even Brett Favre in his old broken down shell of his former self is too good for the Vikings now. He has given up on humanity and has finally come to the understanding that his dearly beloved Vikings will never win him a championship.

  57. It’s not fair that the quarterback gets most of the blame when a team performs poorly. It also isn’t fair to the team when the same quarterback continues to throw chipmunk-killing ground-burners that receivers couldn’t catch if they were laying flat on their stomachs.

  58. For the guy who made the comment about the media hyping reids qb making skills, your right the media is wrong. Reid is really great at getting average qbs to look like superstars. Andy has picked up 3 high 2nd round picks for 3 not so good qbs that all looked very good when they played here.

    When Donavan was an eagle I always supported his on field play, but his attitude and ability to make losses everyone else fault is really awful. I remember after the Dallas playoff loss he blamed it on desean and the rest of the eagles young guys when clearly the problem was 5. He is just a flat out uppity dick.

    At this point I will be happy to see this douche fade away but I get the bad feeling he will be vicks backup next season

  59. Sign of a good team QB … blamed the rest of the team. You figured he would learn from Garrad exact same comments and just recently JaMarcus.

  60. Two thoughts here… One being that the Vikings average 175 passing yards per game. That is good for 29th best in the NFL. That 175 yards per game also includes a rookie’s first start at QB where he passed for 45 yards more than the average McNabb was putting up. So even though he may want to be the starter, he simply doesn’t take the reins of an offense the way that he should. Hence the benching. My second thought this is a passive-aggressive way to get cut. Anyone who has followed McNabb knows this is how he operates. Publicly he will say and do things the right way 99% of the time. Truth is though he just wants to be cut so he can sign with another team. The problem though is no NFL team is going to sign him to be a starter. I mean if he can’t beat out a rookie, then no other NFL team is going to give him a job to start. He either needs to accept his role as a team player/back up QB or he needs to retire and save what little grace he has left.

  61. Weird comments really. As the article points out, the main reason McNabb was benched is because the Vikings were 1-5 and wanted a look at the young guy.

    Granted, Frazier did say it was because Ponder gives them a better chance to win. But let’s be clear, if the Vikes defense plays better this season, and the Vikes were sitting at 4-2, and McNabb played how he played and Ponder practiced how he practiced, then McNabb doesn’t get benched. Plain and simple.

    You can win a superbowl with Trent Dilfer. But you ain’t gonna play the old dude if your team is out of the playoff picture and there is a 1st rounder on the team.

  62. This is barely worth the comment.

    I don’t think the Vikings should pay this guy to go home early. Things weren’t his fault entirely, but he was entirely awful for his part. Ponder came started against the best team the Vikings had seen all season long and already had thrown for more first downs than McNabb seemingly all season long about midway through the second quarter.

    I see why Frazier made a point of saying it was Ponder *for the rest of the season*, now. At this point, making this clown squirm on the bench would be more amusing than outright releasing him, unless he’s keeping young talent off the roster.

  63. I’ll say that as a Vikings fan, I was not only excited to see them get Ponder in the draft, but have a young QB too. Then we get McNabb, and I’m thinking “Ok… why?” He comes out and puts 20+ up in the first half of the first 3 games, and pisses it away. Not completing to receivers, throwing grounders, etc. He doesn’t move out of the pocket if he’s gonna get sacked like he’s afraid to run and pull a hammy. Unless GB comes back from the bye and pisses a few games away, The Lions go back to sucking, the Bears fall under .500 with Cutler’s temper tantrums on the sidelines, and the Vikes at least 7 more games, the playoffs are nowhere in sight for this season.

  64. On paper you make a great point Theytukrjobs. In reality McNabb won’t take chances with ball. He will only throw the ball to a WR if he is wide open. Which negates a lot of downfield chances. He simply has lost the edge of being the starting QB. The McNabb that broke his ankle and still threw four touchdown passes against the Cardinals is LONG GONE! And the only time a player regains an edge is in the movies. Unfortunately for him, his time as a starter in this league is over.

  65. >the Vikings average 175 passing yards per game

    True, not very good. McNabb’s yards per attempt stat isn’t great. But if you want more passing yards then throwing the ball 60 times less than your opponents so far this year won’t get you there.

  66. By the way, that 175 yards/game is about 40 yards more than Vince Young’s career per game average. So you could have done worse.

  67. McNabb has a better passer rating than Phil Rivers and Matt Ryan. He has a better completion percentage than Jay Cutler, Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco.

    Is McNabb a top 10, franchise saving quarterback? No. But judging from the statistics, he’s not completely washed up the way most people seem to believe.

  68. Maybe he’s not completely washed up, but switch McNabb with Brady, and watch the Pats go 8 – 8.

  69. Now I would have benched just for his sheer lack of effort on or caring about what happened on the field. I have never seen a payer with such a “Eh, whatever” attitude in his play.

    Ponder – well, he’s rough and has a lot to learn but you can tell he is putting in real effort. Given what he has to work with in regards to experience and a completely demoralized team, he’s not doing too badly.

    Had McNabb stayed the starter, the record would be the same but the team morale would have been significantly lower. In the sub-basement. With Ponder, the players can see that the suckage will not be permanent and they might even win a game or two before the season ends.

    Maybe McNabb should call the Colts. . . .

  70. “Maybe McNabb should call the Colts. . . .”

    Now there’s a thought! But with McNabb’s luck, Peyton Manning would make a miraculous recovery and be ready to play next week and McNabb would be back on the bench and crying again.

  71. Kenny, I said he’s underrated career-wise. So I’m not a moron. That’s a fact. The only QBs more successful over the last 12 years are Brady, Brees, and Manning. Yet he’s treated like Babe Laufenberg. And I hate to break it to most, he had less talent around him than Manning and Brees. But the Vikings season is over and he should just keep quiet.

  72. I’ll never understand why players like McNabb, Farve, and Tiki Barber are compelled to blow their own horns to the media, as if they know better than coaches how to run their teams. Barber is really baffling, with an identical twin who quietly continues to add to a Hall of Fame career without a word.

  73. When the same “rumors” follow you from team to team, people will start to believe them. All you have to do is read the papers from Philly or DC when he was in those 2 places.

  74. McNabb has a better passing rating because he takes the dump offs and safe passes. McNabb also has an amazing “4” touchdown passes on the year. FOUR! Sure he has a higher passing rating than some more well known QB’s. He also has less touchdown passes than quarterbacks such as Curtis Painter (5 td passes in what 3 starts?), Alex Smith (8 td passes doubles McNabb’s output), Andy Dalton & Cam Newton (two rookie QB’s with 7 & 8 td passes respectively), and T-jackson with 6 td passes. Not exactly the cream of the QB crop in the NFL.

    But let’s take it one step further. McNabb is tied for 29th in the league in TD passes with people such as Chad Henne (missed half of the games played so far) and Blaine Gabbert. McNabb ranks 32nd in the league in yards per game. He also ranks 27th in total passing yards and 25th in yards per attempt.

    Next, for the guy who stated that McNabb has had 60 pass attempts less than his opponents, let me remind you of two things. Number 1, the Vikings have Adrian Peterson and as a result, rank 3rd in the league in rushing. Number 2, revisit point # 1. McNabb is not their best player. AP is! Without Peterson, the McNabb’s stats would be much worse.

    To finalize my stance on this, let’s revisit the Passing rating statistic that someone brought up earlier. McNabb ranks a respectable 18th for all “qualified” players (i.e. having a certain number of passing attempts). But let’s look at who is above him: Alex Smith, Jason Cambpell, Andy Dalton, and Curtis Painter. So if conclusion, if the McNabb fans want to point out statistics, make sure you include the full spectrum instead of picking and choosing which stats justify your stance.

  75. I’m glad he strongly refuted the idea that he was benched for missing meetings. Anyone that has watched knows it was his play on the field during that game that caused his benching not any external issues.

  76. eagles512 says:Oct 29, 2011 12:02 PM

    Contrary to what someone said, he’s actually very underrated. I’ve never seen such a successful qb get ripped so often. But as for this, he needs to realize he’s not starting because the season is over.
    Ray Charles

  77. McPuke needs to learn there is NO “I” in team, but it doesn’t help when you as a QB go 1 for like 23 on 3rd down conversions and then expect your defense to stop somebody when you have left them on the field for 45 mins out of the game…grow up and retire already. You were never that good to begin with McPuke

  78. The sad thing is, he’s going to dupe another team next year into starting him. “Oh, it was their fault! It was their fault!”

    I’m glad his stay in DC was short.

  79. Ponder needs to sit down. His stats are terrible & has one of the worst quarterback ratings! McNabb, by far, has much better numberswin’t. Offensive line is not doing their job by protecting the QB. Training camp is over. We are not in the pre-season anymore. It’s disappointing to go to regular season games when the Vikes are holding tryouts for Ponder. And he SUCKS! I’ve seen enough. How can this be our future? Why are people saying he is doing well with below average stats. There’s a lot more regular season games left, bring back McNabb or bring on Webb. Stop praising Ponder for having a D- grade. O-line, receiving & secondary are the problems. It’s a joke and it’s insulting to AP & Allen whom are having an amazing season. Ponder is not the answer, he’s done nothing but prove he has one of the worst stats & ratings on NFL. I bought a ticket & I made a committment. I expect the Vikes to over what has happened & start having a winning attitude. No more tryouts, I didn’t buy tickets for that! Have a seat on the bench Ponder & let McNabb or Webb show you how to play real football. Skol Vikings! Skol McNabb! Skol Webb!

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