Packers offense better after Super Bowl win

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We’re trying to look in-depth at every team during their bye week.

The Bears, Jets, Bucs, and Raiders got the treatment earlier this week. Now up: The Packers.

Better than the champs

The Packers offense is better than it was during their Super Bowl season. To put it more precisely: The Packers’ 2010 playoff offense has carried over into the 2011 regular season.

Pete Doughtery of the Green Bay Press-Gazette asked the question of the Packers season this week. Do Green Bay’s defense issues matter when the offense is this ridiculous?  The answer so far is no.

Rodgers easily the MVP 

It’s early, but Aaron Rodgers has been the best player in the league.  He’s throwing for 9.9 yards-per-attempt. That would tie Kurt Warner for the highest number since the 1950’s.  Rodgers’ accuracy, decision-making, and play-making under duress has been epic.

Yes, the schedule set up well for Green Bay early. Few teams faced an easier early slate. But Rodgers is having a historical season.

More weapons

Jermichael Finley is healthy and catching touchdowns. It says a lot about this offense that Rodgers doesn’t need Finley to be a huge factor each week.  Jordy Nelson consolidated his playoff success; he’s on pace for 1,000 yards. Randall Cobb isn’t a consistent threat, but he brings a new dimension to the offense.  Greg Jennings and James Jones are who they have always been.

This is simply a better group than a year ago. Only the Saints have scored more points.  Almost all the receivers are in their prime and know Mike McCarthy’s system well. Donald Driver’s decline barely matters; he’s the fourth or fifth wideout.

Line has held up

There were concerns in the preseason about the offensive line, but it has held up fairly well despite tackle Chad Clifton’s injury. Marshall Newhouse played well on the left side until facing the Vikings. The interior is strong. There may not be a better guard-center combo in the league than Scott Wells and Josh Sitton. Bryan Bulaga has continued to develop at right tackle.

More of the same from run game

This is not a great running team, but they aren’t as bad as the numbers indicate. The Packers rank 26th in yards–per-carry at 3.8. They were 25th last year.  But the two key runners are better than that.

James Starks is at 4.5 yards-per-carry and Ryan Grant is at 4.0. Grant isn’t quite his old self and Starks could be more consistent, but it’s not a terrible group. Starks impressively closed out the win over Minnesota.

Defense takes step back

Green Bay’s defense gives up a lot of yards, but they rank tenth in points allowed. Points matter, not yards.  The Packers are a good red zone defense team. They could stand to get better play from some of their young core cuys.

Clay Matthews has been good so far, but not to his 2010 level.  The same is true for B.J. Raji. Tramon Williams hasn’t been 100%. Get that trio playing at a higher level, and the Packers defense could surge late in the year like in 2010. So far they have been ordinary.

Schedule gets much tougher

The Packers have benefited from one of the easiest schedules in the league. It gets tougher with road dates against the Chargers, Chiefs, Lions, and Giants.  The Packers only face one team the rest of the way that currently has a losing record.

An undefeated season is very unlikely, but something around 14-2 sounds about right. That would result in the No. 1 seed in the NFC, a great spot from which to try to win another championship.

79 responses to “Packers offense better after Super Bowl win

  1. Packer fans have every right to gloat about their team so far. However that doesn’t make it any less annoying when they do.

  2. >Clay Matthews has been good so far, but not as great as last year.

    Not as good as his first three games last year before he got doubled and tripled. Nobody may be able to top that short stretch. But better overall than he was playing during the final six game run. Much better against the run and is at the top of the league for QB hurries+hits+sacks.

  3. Great weather, and Domed playing surfaces will do that for a passing game, lets see them run 5 wide with an inconsitent running game in December. Remeber, both outdoor playoff games last season wern’t the track meet type of games were seeing now out of this offense. I’m sorry but I am still not sold on this team, they may be the best of a mediocre class of top teams, but that doesn’t mean somebody doesn’t truely emerge in the coming weeks. The offense, atleast the passing game, hasn’t missed a beat, but the things that got them to the big show in the first place ( Running Game, Defense) have been huge dissapointments.

  4. The Pack is what eveyone else wants to be ….. The ‘other 31’ have a looooong ways to go to be even remotely close to this team ….. The unfortunate part of this for the ‘other 31’ is that the Pack still have yet to reach their playoff peak ….. That comes the final quarter of the season …… Believe me, this is the ‘new 60s’ ……

  5. vikesandravens78 says:
    Oct 29, 2011 8:05 PM
    Packer fans have every right to gloat about their team so far. However that doesn’t make it any less annoying when they do.

    Pride cometh before the fall…

    (I’m speaking to the fans by the way, not the players)

  6. Even though the Packers haven’t played their best football to this point, they are undefeated. If they improve at all they just might be unbeatable.

  7. “Wake me up when they beat someone good.”

    I guess we will really find out what they are made of if they can beat a team like the Saints…..

  8. > This team is very beatable.

    Just get me to the playoffs, Bunky. Got a pretty good leg up at 2-0 in division and 6-0 in conference.

  9. I can’t believe it. They didn’t even practice together in the offseason!!! I just don’t get it.

  10. biggiep says:
    Oct 29, 2011 8:04 PM
    Headline should read “Packers opponents worse after Super Bowl win.”

    Wake me up when they beat someone good.

    Jealous twits like you just make it that much better being a Packer fan.

    If there’s one thing certain, your team isn’t undefeated.

  11. Here’s the thing about the strength of sched…

    Who am I kidding! Super bowl champs, 7-0, 13 wins in a row, I’ll just enjoy laughing at the other teams until there’s a reason not to…

    Hate away!

  12. You know you’re the best when people create arguments on why it’s possible you could lose a game. Hello– it’s the NFL, of course they’re beatable. I’m sure it will happen.


  13. >San Francisco is better

    San Francisco will have more of a cakewalk into a division title, if that’s what you mean.

    Your QB is now playing in a scheme that allows him to not hurt his team and actually to help a little so far. I doubt if that’s going to be good enough to win it all.

  14. I think we should give them the trophy now and just go home and get ready for the draft. Okay now lets get real you think Rogers gets hurt and they will dominate? One injury away just ask Indy and N.E.

  15. Winning all of your games hurts your strength of schedule. I guess taking out three of last year’s playoff teams (two on the road) doesn’t mean much. I guess playing the lions twice is a problem?

  16. All true so far, but there’s a reason they don’t hand out the trophies in October. Historically 8 of 45 (17.7%) Superbowl victories have been repeat victories and no team has ever won 3 in a row. That’s counting times when there was no parity and certain teams were completely dominiant. The Packers have a better chance at repeating than some other teams have had since they have all their players on the field and are better than they were for most of last year, but the season is young and anything can happen.

  17. justwaittilnextyear says:
    Oct 29, 2011 9:10 PM
    I think we should give them the trophy now and just go home and get ready for the draft. Okay now lets get real you think Rogers gets hurt and they will dominate? One injury away just ask Indy and N.E.

    So if your trying to say that a team that doesn’t have an elite QB is better equipped to win a SB because if he is injured his loss won’t be as difficult to overcome, then you need to look at the SB winners list. 8 out of the last 10 Super Bowls were won by a team with a QB who is listed as an elite QB. Your conjecture is feckless, baseless and borderline moronic.

  18. The Packers are my team and I expect a few losses here and there. I don’t think the defense is as good as last year and I don’t see any one player likely to step up and make a difference this year either. A first round bye would be good, because I think they’ll need the help. I could deal with 12-4 just as long one of the losses isn’t to Minnesota. Because of their fans…not the team…I would like the Packers to hold the Vikings heads under water until you don’t see any bubbles. Kick their asses at Lambeau and all is good in the world. Their fans deserve it.

  19. whats interesting is that all Detroit did was knock out Aaron Rodgers, and they ended up winning 7-6.

    the formula isnt really hard at all, which is what intrigues me about that team. Unfortunately, they dont really have their running game down, and Stafford cant pass regular routes consistently, he has to eventually hit the big play to Megatron late in the game.

    If you have the attitude, and can run enough to control the clock, make field goals and keep Rodgers in the pocket, they can be beat…and they were beat.

    “you pretty much go upside their head and any quarterback is beatable.”
    -Deacon Jones

  20. The Packers are the NFL’s best team anybody doubting that is foolish. Aaron Rodgers has been incredible and he’s playing like the best quarterback in the NFL right now which pains me to say as a loyal Patriots and Brady fan.

    It’s only October though Packers nation. It’s a long season lots can happen. You Packers fans can attest to that in October of 2010 I doubt anybody had the Packers winning the big one.

    Trust me though the rest of the NFL has hope. The NFL’s best team doesn’t always win the Super Bowl. That’s why this game is great any given Sunday rings true in the playoffs more than ever.

  21. Of the 16 teams in the NFC there are eight with winning records including the Pack and the Packers have beaten three of them so far.

    It’s not Green Bay’s fault the other teams suck…

  22. Ted Thompson should be the leading authority in player development… He watched many players develop while he was sitting on the Oilers bench!!

    All good things come to an end.

  23. Hey all you haters…..heres a stat for you……..13 wins in a row!

    Keep making excuses why they keep winning but just don’t get sick cuz the clinic is closed tomorrow!


  24. All NFL teams are awesome at football…that’s why every team is “beatable” and that’s why “any given Sunday” is a thing.

    But no team has been as good for consecutive weeks as the Packers, and very few teams have even been close. Strength of schedule? Toss it. This is the NFL. There are no bad teams and no guaranteed victories. For Rodgers to play like he has, for what 20 straight games, is really something special. They won’t go 16-0 and nobody should be surprised by that, but we ARE seeing an amazing team playing lights-out and what could be the start of a dynasty.

    And I’m not a Packers fan. I’m a damn Ravens fan. Remember what I said about any given Sunday? Well, that applies to Mondays too 🙂

  25. biggiep says:
    Oct 29, 2011 8:04 PM
    Headline should read “Packers opponents worse after Super Bowl win.”

    Wake me up when they beat someone good.

    Wow what a relief The Packers don’t have to worry about New Orleans Chicago or Atlanta in the Playoffs because obviously the NFL’s Nostradumbass bigjep says they aren’t anybody good. MORON

    Already the injury bug has hit an all pro safety, Collins, gone maybe for good another Burnett only 1 good hand Shields concussion Starting Line backers Zombo injured missed most of the season One of our DE Neal out so far Starting LT Clifton out for awhile. Yea pretty scary the depth on this team Thanks TT

    BTW favreisthebest4 why don’t you cheer for the team BrINT is on you jerk. Why don’t you go down to Kiln kiss your Bromance on what he sent a picture of to Jen Get matching good luck hams and jump into the swamp.

  26. .

    Regarding the Packers schedule :

    The league issues it and you play it. It’s non negotiable and you’re only allowed to play those teams listed.

    However, Packer fans should not be hoisting the Lombardi in October . There’s still a lot of injuries, bad weather, and bad calls left in the season.


  27. >All good things come to an end.

    Yes. But perhaps you can talk him out of retirement just one more time. He loves Minnesota, you know.

  28. People love to use the phrase “any given sunday” until they start talking about Strength of Schedule, then it becomes a reason to doubt a team’s talent. What have the Packers done this season? They’ve torn through the schedule that the NFL gave them. They don’t get to choose who they play, but unlike EVERY other team this year, they haven’t stumbled.

  29. > Peckers aka HGH sponsored team

    HGH is Satan’s spew. So y’all’s just lucky the Pack didn’t eat y’all’s brains & innards while y’all was a’gettin whupped.

    Ignorant crackers shouldn’t practice science. So stop.

  30. Seriously, they are either that good, or the rest of the league is that bad.

    The answer lies somewhere in the middle. It may just simply be THEIR year.

    Unless…Aaron Rodgers gets hurt attempting to run, which is always a possibility. He’s from Chico reppin the 5-3-0 so, he will run and take hits, no doubt. S.F. will play them as hard as possible.

  31. favreisthebest4 says:

    Ted Thompson should be the leading authority in player development…
    Definitely one of the best damn GMs the Pack has ever had…

    Definitely one of the best in today’s NFL.

  32. “San Francisco is better, the Niners defense will punish Rodgers come January.”

    Yes, Alex smith will prove that the 9ers are better than the undefeated Super Bowl champions. Whoa! I think I just saw a pig fly by my window!

  33. Saints > Peckers aka HGH sponsored team

    Gris gris + crawdads + the PCP that’s in your water > HGH

  34. “jvibottomline says:
    Oct 29, 2011 8:39 PM
    San Francisco is better, the Niners defense will punish Rodgers come January”

    I have a hard time believing that the Niner’s D will be able to figure out what 11 other teams haven’t been able to figure out – How to Stop Aaron Rodgers….. Hate to break it to you, but the Niner’s aren’t going to be able to.

    The only way to beat the Pack is to outscore them in a shootout. Not saying it cant happen (Saints, Patriots come to mind), but Alex Smith is not going to out score Rodgers.

    Rodgers > Alex Smith (and it isn’t even close).

    Plus, Rodgers probably still has a chip on his shoulder because the 49ers passed on him in the draft…. He’d want to embarass Smith and his team in the playoffs.

  35. @snarkzilla

    Excuse me please speak English, I have no idea what you were trying to say. Saints were still in the game with a fluke turnover and 2 bad red zone calls. Packers are beatable! Saints will prove that in the playoffs, $100 says you’re not even from Wisconsin.

  36. stairwayto7 says:
    Oct 29, 2011 10:48 PM
    Pack will lose in playoffs at Lambeau field and all the disgusting unemployed, fat old geeaer cheeseheads will be crying!

    Oh poor cry baby! Does mommy need to come and wipe your butt. Still can’t get over your Stoolers get steamrolled by the 13 time Champs.
    Grow up.

  37. The Packers only face 1 team down the stretch with a losing record is a misstatement.
    There is a good chance that
    Minnesota KC Oakland Tampa Chicago and NY Giants all finish with losing records. Chicago will probably finish around 8-8.
    That leaves San diego and Detriot. This team easily gets 12-13 wins and homefield advantage.
    I hope the 40whiners come on up to Lambeau in January. Packs going beat down like they did in the 90s. If there is one team that Rodgers will go off on it will be San Francisco, the team that passed on him.

  38. biggiep says:
    Oct 29, 2011 8:04 PM
    Headline should read “Packers opponents worse after Super Bowl win.”

    Wake me up when they beat someone good.

    They beat 3 playoff teams from last year, and while that may be last year, this isn’t college football, you can only play who is schedueled FOR you.

  39. This is the crappy thing about my Lions huge improvement this year- they don’t have a chance in hell of winning the NFCN!

  40. koolbreeze7 says:

    SAINTS could beat them in a rematch….Im convinced!!!!

    convinced huh? Is that after the Pack wrecked the Saints for three quarters and had to take their foot off the gas just to let the Saints catch up? Please! The Pack led that game by double digits most of the time and the only reason it wasnt embarassing was because they played prevent defense in the 4th quarter and let Sneesy and the Saints come back. Don’t get cute.

  41. tatum064 says: Oct 29, 2011 9:39 PM

    “you pretty much go upside their head and any quarterback is beatable.”
    -Deacon Jones


    Interesting take on beating Rodgers….

    But unless I am mistaken it is 2011 and not 1964 (Jone’s best year as a pro). Quarterbacks have little to fear when it comes to defensive players going “upside their head” in this era of the game. If someone tried to take Deacon’s advice literally today they would be suspended and relieved of a large amount of money.

  42. The Pack is going undefeated in the regular season. They might lose in the playoffs, but they’ll be 16-0 before they do.

  43. For all of those people that say the Packers haven’t played anybody clearly doesn’t follow the Packers….They beat the Saints, the Falcons in Atlanta, and the Bears in Soldier Field.

    The Packers defense has been struggling though, i’m hoping that the Packers do what they usually do and get incredibly hot at the end of the year. Our defense needs to get a little better, but if our offense can keep up the pace, we should have no problem contending for another super bowl.

  44. “geeaer cheeseheads”

    Aww.. you are so cute trying to use big words. I think the word you are looking for is Gruyère. Now, go sit in the corner and let the adults talk.

  45. stairwayto7 says:
    Oct 29, 2011 10:48 PM
    Pack will lose in playoffs at Lambeau field and all the disgusting unemployed, fat old geeaer cheeseheads will be crying!

    Stairwell, are you still all butt hurt about 2/6/11? It’s been 9 months…put your big girl panties on and quit your crying!

  46. kayotiicdat says:Oct 29, 2011 10:33 PM
    “Saints > Peckers aka HGH sponsored team”

    considering we’re one of those “finesse” teams in the NFL, I don’t see where you or the rest of the haters are getting at with the whole “Packers use HGH!” thing.

    I mean, most of our linebackers are 230’ish while teams like Pittsburgh have 260+pound linebackers that can return interceptions a 100 yards like it’s nothing… just sayin’.

  47. Some analysts have speculated that the abbreviated off-season hurt passing defenses more then any other units in football. It takes a lot of time and practice to gel as a secondary. Playing a solid zone for instance requires arguably more coordination then say learning routes or blocking schemes.

    Which is probably why a lot of quarterbacks were putting up pretty obscene numbers at the first of the year. Several QBs were on pace after the first few weeks to break all sorts of records. Even Joe Flacco was putting up big numbers in the beginning of the year. Those numbers have evened off a bit as Defenses are coming together and playing better football.

    Which means that a pass heavy team like the Packers with so many weapons in the passing game have had what at times has looked like an unbeatable offense in the beginning of the year.

    That certainly isn’t an indictment against the Packers, they’re definitely the class of the NFL right now. However this trend might explain both the weaker defensive play the Packers have experienced as well as their gaudy passing numbers. I would expect both of those to even out as the season progresses. Which is really what the Packers need to do if they want to repeat this year. The last thing you want to do is be a one dimensional team with no running game and a weak defense in the playoffs. That’s generally a recipe for an upset.

  48. I admire and respect Aaron Rogers and his accomplishments, especially after watching him sit there for the longest time waiting to be drafted. My feeling was that “opponents were going to pay” for sure for letting him sit there in embarrassment as long as he did. However facing the Minnesota Vikings secondary does not mean you’re better-no matter any way you slice it, Aaron Rogers today is a “great” quarterback. to put it another way, if Aaron Rogers for some reason was available he could easily command three number 1 picks and it would be a steal for whoever got him………signed a Viking diehard!

  49. >Saints were still in the game with a fluke turnover and 2 bad red zone calls

    Yes, well. Congrats on that at least.

  50. j972 says: Oct 29, 2011 9:42 PM
    Imagine how good the Packers would be if they still had Favre.

    Yeah, I can imagine. The Packers would be mired in second or third place because he thought he had to do it all by himself. I can also imagine him wanting to get off the field in Chicago in the NFC Championship because he was too cold. I can also imagine him forcing a pass or two into double-coverage and coming away with a (clutch game) losing performance. Regular season with nothing on the line?….top 10 QB of all time (yawn.) Post season or must-win games?…..close but no cigar.

  51. >$100 says you’re not even from Wisconsin.

    $100? Over the internet, against an alias on your screen? Yessir, that takes some real courage.

  52. So the defense has taken a step back but no big deal since the offense is flawless. Go Pack Go! 19-0!

  53. Again you guys are an epic fail. you forgot to do this for almost all the teams in last weeks bye week. i will list them one more time: 49ers, Eagles, Bills, Bengals, Patriots… How are you guys going to rectify this?

  54. You have got to be kidding me, Aaron rodgers is better than brett favre in every possible way, with the possible exception of arm strength. Rodgers is more accurate, doesn’t force passes, has a higher football IQ, and is even more charimatic, stop living in the past and look at what we have now.

  55. j972 says: Oct 29, 2011 9:42 PM
    Imagine how good the Packers would be if they still had Favre.
    Ya, no kidding! And if your imagination’s not working so good you can go back and watch tape of the 1999 through the 2007 seasons. During that time Favre was something like 1-8 in the playoffs, with 19 interceptions in those games. He was also the first (and only) GB QB to lose a playoff game in Lambeau field.
    So, imagine what it would be like if we still had Favre! Or, just ask the Jets, or Vikings, they’ll know!

  56. biggiep says:
    Oct 29, 2011 8:04 PM
    Headline should read “Packers opponents worse after Super Bowl win.”

    Wake me up when they beat someone good.

    If you wake up when they beat someone good and I wake up when they lose, I bet I sleep way longer than you buddy.

  57. >San Francisco is better

    SF is playing at a high level right now, but wait ’till someone stacks the line and blitzes the edges. Their QB will resort to his old ways of uncertainty, confusion and interceptions.

  58. The Packers kicker Mason Crosby also deserves a shout out.
    He is a hell of a lot better than last year and is either tying or breaking team records.

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