Suh says Lions have corrected their mistakes

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After starting the season red hot, the Lions are now on a two-game losing streak, and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh says they know what they’ve done wrong and what they need to do right.

“There’s never acceptance [of the Lions’ 5-2 record] but we can put ourselves in a better position,” Suh told the Detroit News. “We’ve learned from the last two losses and we’ve corrected our mistakes.”

One area where the Lions need to get better is on run defense: In their loss to the Falcons they gave up 122 yards to Michael Turner, and in their loss to the 49ers they gave up 141 yards to Frank Gore. Many of the biggest runs the Lions allowed in those two games were up the middle, when both the Falcons and 49ers took advantage of Suh’s tendency to overpursue in the running game.

So Suh should know if those mistakes have been corrected. The rest of us will get a look on Sunday against the Broncos — with the Lions benefitting from playing a team whose leading rusher, Willis McGahee, is out with a broken hand.

27 responses to “Suh says Lions have corrected their mistakes

  1. I’m sure Suh conducted an evaluation to make certain that his QB was back on track before speaking with the press.

  2. You don’t correct mistakes in football. They’re done, history – there’s nothing you can do about them now. What you do is make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. And whether they do that or not is yet to be determined. Over confidence comes out in subtle ways sometimes.

  3. Does the Wide-9 defense work for anyone except San Francisco? Where did this defense originate and was Detroit running it last year?

  4. The only mistake the Lions have made was playing two teams that were better than they were. The Lions have been overrated based on an easy early schedule. They’re playing another bad team tomorrow so it will probably look like they “fixed their mistakes.” When they have to start playing the Packers and the Saints, then we’ll see how good they really are.

  5. Tebow will be the Broncos leading rusher after Sunday’s game … he will be on the run all day …

  6. >Where did this defense originate

    Not sure, but I think Reid was impressed with it after the Titans used it against the Eagles. Unfortunately for the Eagles they’ve implemented it without having the right personnel to execute it well.

  7. Bears, Bucs and Cowboys aren’t bad teams. What sport are you watching? cuz it isn’t football if you think the lions have played an easy schedule.

  8. Suh will sack Tebow numerous times. Each time Suh will do the “Tebow Pose” mocking him and his faith. It’s sad that someone with that much talent is getting the rep of a classless troublemaker.

  9. Suh, the Lion’s publicist, should focus on his play & quit jumping at every interview opportunity ….. Some Lion’s coach (anyone) needs to sit Suh down & explain individual focus to him ….. He needs to play instead of talking about playing ….. He’s only having a so-so year compared to 2010 ……

  10. crimhollingsworth says: Oct 29, 2011 6:19 PM

    That Lions coach lets his players talk too much.
    woodyg says: Oct 29, 2011 8:28 PM
    He needs to play instead of talking about playing ….. He’s only having a so-so year compared to 2010 ……

    Tell me you people aren’t that stupid?
    So is Suh suppose to just not talk anymore? When hes asked a question, is he suppose to turn away and not answer? C’mon people. Think before you type. It’s not like Suh is going around trying to get in front of every camera. They have these jobs called journalists, they ask questions to the players. The players, usually, respond with an answer to said question.

    As for Suh having a so-so year. Really? 3 sacks for a DT that gets double and triple teamed? Really? Is Ngata having a so-so year with 3 sacks? What about Wilfork with his .5 sack?

  11. iggles20 says:
    Oct 29, 2011 6:56 PM
    Does the Wide-9 defense work for anyone except San Francisco? Where did this defense originate and was Detroit running it last year?
    The only difference between the Niners Wide-9 and the Lions is about 90 seconds left in that game. Delmas makes that stop at the goal line and you’re not wondering if the Wide-9 works or not. I suspect if Lions and Niners play ten times it’s 5-5. So, let’s allow the season to play out before we determine who’s got it figure out and who doesn’t.

  12. Gunther Cunningham is one of the originators of the wide nine. I thought evvryboby on here was a no it all …were all couch coaches with the lions. And suh is obligated to talk to the press. The same peeps would call him out for not talking with the press. His production is down ……the same peeps are calling for matt Stafford’s head on a stick….food for thought matt stafford is younger than Cam newton you same peeps anointed him the lions savior I guess we build up or chosen ones then tear them down…poor taste lions fans

  13. Suh doesn’t pose after sacking someone.

    Suh doesn’t jump at interview opportunities. It’s quite the opposite, journalists jump at the opportunity to interview him, where ever he may be.

    3 sacks and 23 tackles in 7 games ranks among the tops in the NFL for defensive tackles. Last season he started off strong because teams didn’t feel the need to double team him on every play. This season, the teams that have played the Lions have wisened up.

    You people that call Suh over-rated, or a dirty player, know absolutely nothing about football. Ask a coach or a former player turned analyst if they think Suh is either one of those. You’ll find the answer is no.

  14. Patriot42 says: Oct 29, 2011 9:58 PM

    People that are fans of those teams that the Lions beat are just mad because Suh kicked butte
    Have you even watched a Lions game this year because Suh has been invisible,3 sacks in 7 games is far from kicking butt.

  15. Be careful not to read too many woodyg comments, they actually cause your IQ to drop.
    Saying the Lions won due to soft schedule is lame. Yet the Niners are for real? In the softest division on the NFL.

  16. >So is Suh suppose to just not talk anymore?

    There are dozens of interviews with numerous players and coaches every week. Suh frequently finds a way to become controversial. He’s becoming the Rex Ryan of linemen.

  17. so the lions played 2 teams that were better than them the last couple of weeks? I don’t think so, if you watched the games they were really close. Both were one possession and Detroit hasn’t played well their last 2 games either. But give the other teams credit, its not like they blew us out or anything. Both of those games could have easily gone one way or the other.

  18. I guess tht means Shu is going to start getting some tackles now and a few QB sacks. He should look in the mirror if he wants to do some criticisn and see he ain’t playing like he did last year. Do we smeel flash in the pan?

  19. SUH is being controversial by saying that the lions feel they corrected mistakes…..rob Ryan says stuff to just get a rise out of people. SUH gets enough crap by playing hard between the whistles and is tough. His numbers our down from last year because he is targeted by the other team just like teams do with CJ ….”Suh/CJ won’t beat us we will make other players beat us” that is the mentality teams take when the go up against top talent. Greatness will be measured by how Suh reacts to these tactics. CJ still gets his 100 yards and when defenses keep him out of the endzone the consider that a small victory.

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