League office clarifies Suh meeting


Earlier today, Jay Glazer of FOX reported that Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh requested a meeting with the league office to obtain clarification regarding the things he does that draw flags and/or fines.

The league has clarified the situation, via email.

“Commissioner Goodell and his staff have had many meetings with players, both individually and in groups,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.  “This particular meeting (on Tuesday during the Lions’ bye week) has been in the works for several weeks and grew out of Commissioner Goodell’s respect for Ndamukong Suh and Ndamukong’s desire to gain a deeper understanding of NFL rules and policies.

“Ndamukong reached out more than a month ago to the Commissioner, who offered him the opportunity to meet with the football operations football people that are responsible for enforcing the rules. Tuesday’s meeting will include Ray Anderson, Merton Hanks, Carl Johnson and former Competition Committee co-chair and current NFL Football Operations consultant Jeff Fisher.  The Commissioner also invited Ndamukong to bring a Lions coach to the meeting.  Ndamukong has spoken previously to both independent appeals officers for on-field discipline, Art Shell and Ted Cottrell.”

The clarification doesn’t make Glazer’s report wrong.  (And I’m not simply saying that so that Glazer won’t threaten to choke me out.)  It simply adds more details, and it shows that it’s nothing that popped up in the immediate past.

8 responses to “League office clarifies Suh meeting

  1. But Suh is dirty. Why would a dirty player want to understand the rules better? Maybe cause Suh is one hell of a man and a beast among players. You do you Suh!!

    Go Lions!!

  2. The Commissioner wants to see Suh because he has only one tackle against Denver.

    I will take Suh having one tackle, he takes up two players on every play, you can’t ask for much more then that. By the if pushing a quarterback down in open field or reaching for a guy and getting his dreads is a bad thing then I hope he keeps it up , both were legal plays

  3. If the rest of the defense keeps getting 8 sacks or whatever it was and 2 touchdowns, Suh can sit out for all I care. Teams focus so hard on double and tripling him that the rest of the line gets to do their thing.

  4. Talk about Suh’s tackles/sacks all you want. All I know is in Suh’s first 8 games as a pro, the Lions defense went from the worst in the league to well above average. And it’s still way above average. Hardly a coincidence since he hasn’t missed a game as a pro.

  5. Suh is such a dirty player isn’t he? Setting up a meeting to better understand how the NFL officiates games. Wow, that sounds so dirty. It’s amazing that there aren’t more Suh trash-talkers on this post, but they’re everywhere else.

    Screw off you jealous Suh-haters. He’s the be(a)st.

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