Luck would prefer to play . . . in Morgantown


Well, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck has finally expressed his preferred location to the next level.

He wants those country roads to take him to his parents’ home.

Asked by ESPN’s Steve Young whether Luck has a place in mind where he’d like to play in the NFL, Luck said, “Whatever team relocates to Morgantown, West Virginia, where my parents live.”

You hear that Vikings?  When that lease expires at the Metrodome, we’ve got a 65,000-seat, open-air stadium and a brand-new license to sell beer.

Though that will never happen, the remark makes me wonder whether proximity to Morgantown will be a factor.  If so, the Redskins could be the ideal location for Luck.

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  1. Guy needs to not speak, no one wants to see another Kobe, eli & elway dictating were he wants to play!!!

  2. “If so, the Redskins could be the ideal location for Luck.”


    so he can get killed by the Dallas, NY and Philly pass rush?

  3. I have to ask: for Luck to make that comment, does it not beg the question why he went to Stanford and not West Virginia?

    I know the type of offense is an issue and Stanford is a world-class university, but both sides couldn’t make that work?

  4. Gee, so this is how it works. Hype a kid who meets the All American QB image, then let him play whereever he wants so he can have a chance to fulfill the fantasy of those in the sports media.

  5. Seriously? You think the proximity to Morgantown is a factor? How close is STANFORD TO MORGANTOWN? This is just a quarterback showing his political skills and maturity in answering a tough question. Afterall, the ‘Skins have John Beck. Why would they need to add another quarterback in the first round next year?

  6. Phuck Luck and you for censoring people in this website who don’t curse or break any laws (punk)

  7. If proximity to home were so important to him, then why didn’t he go to WVU instead of Stanford?

  8. Just had to say, Im watching Meril Hoge talk about touhness on tv right now. He’s pretty much the most annoying idiot I’ve ever heard speak…….

    also is it just me or is this moron trying to talk jive?

  9. soo you’re saying Indy? We’re only 400 miles through the hills and you can still sleep with your sister here.

  10. It’s not free agency Luck! Be thankful you are getting drafted so high and play for whoever picks you. These guys have such a sense of entitlement.

  11. It’s about 4 hours from Landover to Morgantown, and about 90 minutes from Pittsburgh to Morgantown.

  12. Nice point but there are a few other NFL teams that sit just as close or a just bit bit further. Those teams being the Colts, Browns and Steelers.
    I don’t see the Skins at all. They will probably keep Beck and pick-up a different vet than Grossman or draft lower for one.

    If he is truley wants to take a hop-skip-and jump back home then I would order these teams according to need vs. location.

    1.Browns (If he would play for them)
    2.Colts (Peyton or no Peyton, this would be ideal for both sides)
    3.Steelers ( I would really be surprised if Big Ben retires a Steeler.

  13. Luck will take whatever uniform is given to him and be thankful for it… or he doesn’t deserve to wear any of them.

  14. I’ll bet that as soon as the big bucks are waved; Mom and Dad would be most happy to relocate to any town that Andrew is offered a contract. Just sayin…………………..

  15. We may have to give up a ton, but when was the last time we had a franchise Qb…..I’ll wait… The lack of QB is the only thing holding us back HTTR

  16. The more Luck opens his mouth the bigger the target gets on his back. Also, setting himself up for a BIG letdown

    This man has proven nothing in the pro’s. Those hungry 300 lbs plus NFL linemen will make him an example out of him.

  17. He would be welcomed with open arms.been a skins dan for 14 years and the best qb we have had is ummmm….hmmm….mark brunell and his 58 yard passing games?

  18. His father was hired as the AD after Andrew was already enrolled at Stanford.

    At the time Rich Rodriguez was still the coach and he didn’t quite fit the spread option.

    Also, it looked like Rodriguez had a good chance at landing Terrelle Pryor.

    Of course, that was before he bugged out for the Michigan job.

  19. 1. Luck is going to be shocked when he finds out that the NFL created a draft in 1936 to allow for players to enter the league, taking away their ability to choose wherever they go, like in baseball up until much more recently.

    2. Don’t say he should have gone to West Virginia instead of Stanford. That’s like saying he had a room booked at the Ritz-Carlton for his vacation but he decided to stay at the Holiday Inn instead because it’s closer to the airport so he won’t have to wait as long to unpack or get back on the train.

  20. I thought it was a great answer. He didn’t say “X team because they’re close to my parents home”. He made a joke people, lighten up. With all the suck for luck crap he has the ability to show some humor, a sure sign of intelligence.

  21. Also, I would have thought that he grew up an Oilers fan since his father played there.

    Now whether that means he cheers for the Texans or the Titans, I don’t know.

    He didn’t grow up in Morgantown. He grew up in Houston and also in Europe where his dad was the GM of both the Frankfurt Galaxy and the Rhein Fire before being named president of NFL Europe

    Even though his father and Archie Manning are good friends (played together with Oilers), I really doubt that he tries to dictate where he goes.

  22. 1.His father (Oliver Luck) only became the athletic director at WVU 2 years ago, well after Luck had commited to Harbaugh and Stanford. Thats why he didnt attend college there. That and he probably didnt like the idea of banging chicks w/ less teeth than fingers…..anyway

    2.He was kidding around, he gave a politically correct answer, lighten up.

    What Id like to see is the Rams lose out and be stuck with the #1 pick, that’ll be interesting to see what they do/ or who offers what to move up to #1.

  23. Only a few commenters seem to have actually seen this interview. He was laughing his ass off when he said it. People need to stop forming these snap judgements about him being “entitled” and taking these opinionated reports as gospel

  24. Geographically, Pittsburgh would be the best location for him if he wanted to play for an NFL team close to Morgantown.

    But, then again, I don’t think he has reached the “rape quota” necessary to play QB for Pittsburgh.

  25. rexismybff says:
    Oct 30, 2011 12:47 PM
    Bad idea. He could never live up to the legend of Pat White.

    -That’s actually hilarious of you to say, considering that Luck is playing about 10,000 times better than White ever did.

  26. Cleveland? Are you daft? They already have their franchise QB. They just don’t have any playmakers to prove it. They better take the top receiver first and then an offensive line.

    Why can’t the kid just do like Elway and Eli? They went where they wanted to go. This is not anything new.

  27. The Steelers are looking for a way out of the Roethlisberger situation but he’s too good to let go without a clear replacement in mind that could be as good or better.

    I bet if Luck held out for them the way Elway did for the Broncos that they’d find a way to move Roethlisberger plus stuff to get him.

    Two rings is important but you know the Rooneys hate having a guy with Roethlisberger’s morally compromised position as the face of the franchise.

  28. I cant believe that none has said anything about baltimore. Everyone says steelers or redskins but really the steelers and ravens are the two closest teams to morgantown. It takes about the same amount of time to either. On a diff note since everyone is talkin about morgantown how bout that wvu move to the big 12. I believe wvu will b very competitive in the big 12.
    Lets go Mountaineers!!

  29. The funny thing is….Morgantown would support a NFL team better then some NFL cities do right now.Got family there and have been to a few games and its crazy

  30. IMHO he dodged pretty well a bullet with his answer. He’s not stacking up the odds or possibly alienating any fan bases by saying where he wants to play or not.

    Also, anyone who thinks that he may be a bust, well, at least he’s not going to be given JaWalrus Russell type money. My Raiders scouting department thought he was a QB but ended up being a franchise Nose Tackle (no way in hell you would be able to move his from wherever he goes to sleep after his Purple Drank…).

  31. Anyone asking why Luck chose Stanford over WVU has apparently forgotten that college is about more than playing football. From an academic perspective, Stanford is an exceptional opportunity.

    As for his Morgantown response … he probably grew up a Steelers fan. But I don’t think we’ll be trading a two-time Super Bowl champion who isn’t yet 30–plus picks–for an untried rookie. It would be nice to pick up Luck as our QB of the future, but if the #1 team were willing to deal, he’d probably cost too much. The Steelers build through the draft and can’t afford to give up a bucketful of picks for one player, no matter how promising.

  32. I really doubt that he is a Steelers fan. Besides visiting his parents, he has probably not spent a lot of time in Morgantown.

    There is a better chance of him being a Browns fan since his father went to high school in Cleveland.

  33. Does anyone realize that he doesn’t get to choose what NFL team he plays for? He’s treated just like any other player coming out of college, he’s put in the draft. Why is this a story then? Anyone?

  34. ndnut, it is a story because several QBs in the past (Eli Manning, John Elway and Jeff George) have refused to go to the team that had the first pick.

  35. Luck’s parents live in Morgantown NOW, but when he went to Stanford they still lived in Houston. Regardless, it sounds like he just wants to be close to his parents, not that he was saying Pitt/Washington/etc.

    Anyhow, listen closely NFL owners, here’s the simple solution: relocate the Jaguars to Morgantown. 60k fans guaranteed each week and a franchise QB to boot. Seems like a decent deal to me.

  36. Sorry, folks, I understood that to mean Luck grew up in Morgantown–that’s why I thought he was a Steelers fan. Then again, I’m a Fla. girl but grew up in a Bama family and have been a diehard Steelers fan for 34 years. Geography doesn’t carry as much weight as it once did.

  37. I believe he is going either to the Vikings or the Jags. I heard that he was looking at real estate in the LA Hills area! 🙂

  38. If Luck wants to choose which team he plays for, then he shouldn’t declare for the draft. Instead, just become a walk on to the team he wants to play for.

    Sure, he’ll take a HUGE blow to his bank account, but at least he won’t have to play for a team that’s willing to tank on purpose to draft ONE guy.

  39. A professional team in Morgantown? Imagine the furniture they’d burn tailgating, could provide an industry for supply!

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