Ravens big comeback is big relief in Baltimore

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So how are we going to view Baltimore’s 30-27 win over the Cardinals on Sunday?

Was the 24-6 halftime deficit a sign that this offense is deeply flawed?  Or did the second half comeback show this team can get it done when necessary?

This was a game the Ravens absolutely couldn’t afford to lose, so we’ll take the positive approach.

We wanted to see Joe Flacco take a game over, and that’s essentially what he did in the second half.  He missed too many throws early, but the Ravens turned the game around when they got into shotgun and started throwing short passes.

Anquan Boldin finished with 145 yards on seven catches. He drew two pass interference penalties that directly set up touchdowns. Arizona’s cornerbacks couldn’t come up with a way to stop him.  The Cardinals slowed down Ray Rice (63 yards rushing), but it didn’t matter.

When the Ravens needed a play late, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron stayed aggressive. Joe Flacco found Torrey Smith for 36 yards to set up the game-winning field goal.

It’s not like the Ravens were lucky to win. They had 405 yards to only 207 for the Cardinals.  Arizona is 1-6 because they find ways to lose each week.

The Ravens defense didn’t let the team lose. Kevin Kolb was harassed all day, fumbling two times and getting sacked six more times.  Two possible turnovers were called back by penalty.

Kolb’s total lack of pocket presence has to worry the Cardinals, who have now lost 11 straight on the road. Arizona had plenty of chances to win but so often Kolb ran backwards and didn’t know where the pressure was coming from.

The Cardinals only scored 3 points in the second half and their point total was deceptive. Two of their touchdowns came directly off turnovers.  Another one came off a punt return. Of course, it’s tough to score on this Ravens defense.

Baltimore hasn’t looked great the last two weeks, but they are still 5-2.  The defense is still the league’s best.  So how will we view their struggle to beat a bad team like Arizona in the end?

It all depends on what the Ravens do next week in Pittsburgh.

27 responses to “Ravens big comeback is big relief in Baltimore

  1. Before you hate on Flacco for having no TDs and 1 INT…the 3 Rice TDs were set up by Flacco throwing the ball into the endzone and if not for the PIs maybe he has those as TDs. And the INT hit Torrey Smith right in both his hands, popped in the air and was picked off.

  2. That game was clear evidence of Cam Cameron holding back the offense. When they hurried up and put the ball in Joe’s hands, the offense walked all over the field. It’s time to get rid of Cam.

    I could not believe some of the passing calls he made while Ray Rice was running the ball all over the place. Especially after everyone in Baltimore spent the whole week talking about how absurd it was that Rice only had 8 carries vs. Jacksonville.

  3. Good teams find a way to win, it wasn’t pretty but we made it happen, look at what happened to the saints, good teams have bad games sometimes

  4. People can say Joe Flacco is terrible, but it is clear that Cam is holding the 4th year QB back. You can see why Joe had such an issue with Zorn being let go. If Harbaugh wants to hold onto his job, he will have to support his QB this off season and make a change at Offensive Cord.

  5. Joe Flacco under center and Joe Flacco in the gun is like night and day.

    He’s elite out of the gun and looks lost under the center.

    I’m going to write a strongly worded letter to Ozzie Newsome letting him know this.

  6. Cam Cameron is unfairly criticized more than any offensive coordinator in the NFL. I swear Ravens fans watch games in a vacuum and don’t look around the league at all. Teams struggle from time to time. The Ravens have scored 28-or-more points five times already this season (yes, most of the points were defensive against the Jets). Today the Ravens had THIRTY first downs, 30 points, and more than 400 yards and it’s still Cam Cameron’s fault. What about being credited for making good halftime adjustments today? Drew Brees and Philip Rivers both went to the Pro Bowl under Cameron (heck, Gus Fretotte did too) as the Chargers had some of the most productive offenses in NFL history. Flacco has become a very good quarterback as well. Think about how many coaches can’t develop one quarterback and Cam Cameron’s this huge problem? I just don’t get it. Fact is, the Ravens offensive line is average at best, it’s playing two very young tight ends, a rookie wideout, and has been without Grubbs and Lee Evans.

  7. I always get a kick out of the folks who say Flacco is to blame for the offensive woes. The o-line is awful! When they put him in the shotgun in the second half, then you saw what he did. Bolden saved them today

  8. after the first half i was ready to give up on Flacco, but after that second half my faith in him has been somewhat restored. If he can play the rest of the season like he played the second half then we’ll go far. good game!

  9. Their resiliency in the face of adversity was a good sign. Joe is a tempo quarterback and they need to run a no huddle all the time so he can get into rhythm.

  10. Character game for the Ravens. They’ll be better off because of this win. Great resiliency in the second half. Next Sunday night, can’t wait!

  11. For the guy defending cam, his qbs had their greatest improvement when he left. This was one of the first times his second half adjustments worked. He is arrogant stubborn and is uniformly disliked on the lockerroom. Especially by Joe and the WRs. They think his gameplans are a joke. He finally relented and put Joe in the gun where he most comfortable. He finally had the team play uptempo which is big for Joe as he is a rhythm passer. With all the talent we have on offense there is no reason for this offense isn’t top 10 in the NFL. The reason they aren’t can be laid at the feet of cam Cameron. It is about damned time cam exploited joes strengths instead of trying to have him do things he doesn’t do well.

    Best rivalry on football heats up again for a primetime adventure in yinstown. I expect nothing less than a great game. We thrashed the squealers on game 1. I would be happy as hell to win by a point. To deb and all my squealer compadres, I’d wish you luck but I can’t, so let me just say I hope it is a well played game where no one gets hurt, the zebras let them play and don’t decide the game, and no one gets hurt. See ya in a week

  12. Where is all the talent on offense? Flacco, Rice, Boldin, and a solid blocking fullback. You act like this offense is scoring 14 points a game on a weekly basis. Should Cameron get no credit for Rice’s production. I suppose he’s just the luckiest guy in the world that he should get to work with LaDainian and Ray Rice. The funniest thing is that Ronnie Brown (yeah, Ronnie freakin Brown) led the league in total yards from scrimmage in Miami before he blew out his ACL. Criticize Cameron if you want but it’s awfully hard to argue that those backs, albeit very talented, haven’t benefited from his system.

  13. When I saw the score at the half I got all tingly inside, but heckuva nice comeback Purple n’ Black. Congrats too I think it was mentioned this was the biggest comeback in team history.

  14. By making those halftime adjustments, ironically, Can’t Cameron looks like an idiot for not doing what Joe does best sooner in games.

    Some perspective on the “influence” Cameron has had on Brees’ career.

    His 4 years with Cameron averages to this: 20 touchdowns, 13 int’s, 6.8 yards per attempt, 208 yards per game, 3032 yards per year, 62% comp. pct., 84.6 passer rating.

    Ravens fans know those yearly numbers sound eerily similar to Flacco’s through 3 1/2 years. Drew Brees never SNIFFED 4,000 passing yards under Cameron. IN 4 YEARS IN HIS SYSTEM! Brees is a completely different qb under Sean Payton.

    And until Cameron goes, I doubt he’ll change his stubborn ways, which means more inconsistency through the year.

  15. The team has been succeeding in spite of Cam, it’s obvious. Hurry the offense up and take Cam out of the equation, and they move the ball almost at will. His playcalling is unimaginative and his adjustments are non-existent. He sucks.

  16. @supashug – yeh but we do get credit for having 5 wins and having 3 of them be against teams in the hunt for the playoffs with the steelers, jets, and texans being the teams. we have played down to the level of the competition when we travel. That is a real problem. But I can guarantee you that we will not take the Steelers lightly and these games are typically decided by less than a TD. The thrashing we gave them in week one was an aberation. But it was a win, just like this one counts in the win column.

    Best rivalry in football. Next Sunday night. Be there or be square. Looking forward to it Deb!!!!

  17. If the Ravens are smart we might be in for a wholly new style of Ravens-Steelers game next Sunday. Instead of ground and pound it’ll be a no-huddle five-wide chess match between Flacco and Roethlisberger.

    Then we’ll have seen everything, as they say.

  18. I was @ the game and here are two observations …. The cardinals didnt slow down Rice. The Ravens had to score quickly so they took to the air prior to that Ray was killing them. No 2 Ken Whisenhunt or whoever is the Cardinals offensive coordinator really sucks, predictable play calling easy for Krugger, Suggs to tee off on Kolb. And i did say two observations but let me make it three.. The Cardinals really didnt do much on offensive two short scores off of turnovers and a punt return.

  19. The only good thing about the way we won is that this means EVERYONE will be on the steelers this week. I dont think this week or last has anything to do with next. If the pittsburgh game was played 2 weeks ago everyone would be picking the ravens. Teams go through things like this. The ravens should be just as motivated coming in as the steelers, the week 1 win didn’t settle anything. I love these games and the best part is it usually happens 3 times a year. Hopefully we win the 3rd game this time.

  20. Its hard to figure out Flacco, he is jekyll and hyde.They would have lost yesterday if they were playing a better team.

  21. Brees didn’t have to throw for 4,000 yards when LaDainian was running up and down the field.

    Brees had 51 TD passes and 22 TDs his last two years in San Diego. He had his second best QB rating in his career in San Diego in 2004. He threw for 3,576 yards in 2005, while LT was rushing for 1,474.

    Brees’s yards per attempt in his last two years in San Diego was 7.48. His yards per attempt his first two years in New Orleans was 6.9.

    Brees on Cameron: “He was huge. Cam was huge in my career. I was with him for four years. He was the offensive coordinator while I was in San Diego for those last four years.I feel like he was always very honest with me. He always did things to try to get the best out of me. There was a time or two where we would butt heads, but I think that was all part of the process of him trying to mold me into the type of quarterback he knew I could be, the type of person he knew I could be, leader and I appreciate him for that. I love the man. I think he’s a great coach and obviously I had a lot of great years with him.”

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