Report: Mike Brown wanted Ryan Mallett, not Andy Dalton


Bengals owner Mike Brown has been the recipient of considerable praise lately, given the success of his team, the impact of rookies A.J. Green and Andy Dalton, and the fleecing of the Raiders for a first-round pick and at least a second-round pick for quarterback Carson Palmer.

But the Bengals almost didn’t get Dalton in round two.  And not because another team was close to leap-frogging them.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Brown wanted Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett instead of Dalton.  Schefter says that offensive coordinator Jay Gruden was “instrumental” in selling Brown on Dalton.

It’s no surprise that Brown wanted Mallett.  Like the Bengals have done so many other times, they were drawn to first-round prospects who plummeted for reasons unrelated to their on-field abilities.

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  1. Damn, I wish Brown had gotten his way on this one. I would prefer to see Dalton a 49er rather then Kap and he would have been if the Bungals hadn’t snagged him.

  2. The Patriots take a 3rd round flyer on him because they know he’s got 1st round talent. But they also have Brady, they’re not banking on him being their franchise QB, and as such they can afford to take the risk. The Bengals would have been risking a 2nd round pick but also that he would become the franchise QB. I think it would have been a considerable higher level of risk for the Bengals because of what they needed to get from him….immediately. With the Pats he can settle in and learn from Brady and Belichick maybe develop into a franchise QB with no great big rush.

  3. Brown liked Mallets arm. Most scouts did. They weren’t going to reach for a qb in the first round, so Dalton/Mallet was a good debate to have in round 2 at the time.

  4. Pats take a lot of heat for trading down, but with extra picks they can draft a 1rst rnd talent like Mallet, sit him, and give him time to grow up. Even if he doesn’t, they’ll trade him for a higher pick down the road.

  5. Trying to find negative Bengal stories to write must be getting more difficult…this was a real snoozer.

  6. The Bengals have done just as good drafting players as any team the last 2 to 3 years and I honestly believe this is because Marvin is the one pulling the trigger on draft choices and not Brown. I think Marvin would make a great gm he isn’t a bad coach either.

  7. Can’t blame Brown for his interest in Mallett. He’s a big guy with a strong arm. But so far I’m glad Gruden talked him into drafting Dalton. Dalton plays like he’s been in the league for 2-3 years already!

  8. This really isn’t a surprise. I’m really stunned there isn’t more talk about last year’s contract extension Marvin Lewis signed with the Bengals. If you remember, he kept inferring that it wasn’t about the money and he loved Cincinnati and he wanted to stay here. It seems we didn’t get a lot more in terms of scouting and facilities, but you have to think Marvin got Mike Brown to give up a LOT more control over personnel. Those in Cincy that say Lewis needs to go are INSANE. Lewis has done an unbelievable job in handling Mike Brown. He should write a book on how to handle your boss. He came in to the Bengals years ago when they were miserable and made them relevant. He talked Mike into getting into the present. Most of you aren’t old enough to remember when the Bengals used to make players get their own towels. Marvin had him completely remodel the workout facility when PBS was only two years old. Marvin got Mike to give on a lot in those early years and we got competitive. Last year, Marvin was willing to walk away unless Mike agreed on something and it never really came out in the media what that was. I think it was total control over personnel. No more “redeemer”, no more let’s take a waiver on this guy and see if we can’t turn him around. Tank, TO, Chris Henry, Adam Jones (who has turned his life around), Frostee Rucker, Rey Maualuga (to a certain extent), Cedric Benson. These were all Mike Brown calls. Notice after Marvin’s new contract that the waste cases are gone. This is not coincidental. To me, he already is the coach of the year.

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