Stafford says he’s starting today in Denver

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As the Lions try to stop a two-game slide in the Mile High city, they’ll have the services of quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Stafford tells Ed Werder of ESPN that the third-year player will indeed start on Sunday, despite a sprained ankle.

Stafford suffered the injury late in last Sunday’s loss to the Falcons.  We were told after the game that Stafford fully intended to play with the bum ankle.

Whether the ankle holds up will be something to watch.  As will be the question of whether Stafford will be able to find other options in the passing game with Champ Bailey and a safety trying to take away Calvin Johnson.

15 responses to “Stafford says he’s starting today in Denver

  1. This is the game of the week for me. My Bucs are off and I am a Gator fan and a Tebow watcher.
    Glad to see Stafford on the field . I hope they both make it a good game!

  2. Good!!! Get out there and get back on track Stafford.

    I’m sure there’ll be people on here saying the Lions suck and etc, etc, etc. That’s ok. Young team with ups and downs. Now it’s time to rebound.

    People always look at the negatives. Most don’t realize that at this point, 20 games in. he’s on pace for better years than any elite QB at this stage of their career. And he’s younger.

  3. Go get’m Matt.
    Running game is poor which makes it EASY to double cover down field.
    Offensive game planning has been VERY stale

    Lions Offensive Solution for all the above?
    1) Come out with some quick release stuff… quick slant, etc with those big TE’s… Peyton Manning style.
    2) Brings up the safeties, gets linebackers off the line.
    3) Creates room up front for 3 and short conversions.
    4) Produce one-one down field and Megatron can’t be covered one-one.

    Stay patient D line – make TT throw. Suh/Fairley/Williams penetrate, Vanden Bosch/Avril stay home for the Tebow roll out. Blitz early. Blitz early. Blitz early.

  4. WHAT? Who knew?

    I mean he practiced during the week and ESPN reported him a good sign to start this week, so who would have thought the #1 QB on the team who practiced would start.

    I for one am shocked.

  5. First thing I did in September when I moved to Denver from Michigan was get tickets to this game. Tim Tebow is NOT a good quarterback. This isn’t a test for the Lions. Thanksgiving is a test for the Lions. This is a cake walk. That terrible O-Line denver rocks and that TERRIBLE (despite Champ) defense is going to get rocked. Stafford will play two quarters and not have to go back in since they’ll be up 35-0. Hate the Donkeys

  6. Tebow is like that kid we all played with (those of us that actually played the game) who is the coach’s son who sucks but the coach insists upon having in the lineup as a starter. That’s what he looked like last week, a bad HS QB who was in way over his head.

  7. stafford is going to get hammered! lions are way over rated, just like tebomb ! should be a good low scoring game, just worry about the hand shake at thee end!! lmao

  8. jc1958cool says:Oct 30, 2011 12:04 PM

    stafford is going to get hammered! lions are way over rated, just like tebomb ! should be a good low scoring game, just worry about the hand shake at thee end!! lmao

    if you thing lions 36 denver 0 is low then you better start praying, i guarentee tebow is praying that suh thinks tebow is the 2nd coming of god . i can hear tebow now -OH GOD HELP ME lol



  9. The Lions have a good chance of pulling this one out ….. Unfortunately, they’ll go back to admiring themselves in the mirror again & set themselves up for a downfall later in the final 8 games …. Just like their fans, they have delusions of greatness that just doesn’t exist at this point …..

    I’m not a Tebow fan at all but here’s hoping he puts a whooping on the over rated Lions …. A 5-3 record is still too good for the Lions ……

  10. The Lions are a paper tiger that is ripe for being exposed. A strong start against suspect teams and soon the bottom will fall out. They will finish with 8
    or 9 wins meaning wild card at best.
    Suh, while trying hard to establish himself as the leagues dirtiest player, lets running backs slip by unmolested.
    Denver and Tebow expose the lines for three loses in a row. 28-17 with two Tebow rushing TD’s!

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