Suh asks for meeting with league office

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is going to the principal’s office.  But he’s not being instructed to meet with the powers-that-be on Park Avenue.  Instead, Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Suh has requested the meeting.

Per Glazer, Suh wants clarification as to why he gets flagged and fined.

The goal isn’t necessarily to obtain permission for Suh to keep doing what he’s doing.  Instead, Suh apparently wants to figure out where the line is, so that he can stay on the right side of it.  Or maybe so that he’ll know exactly when he’s dancing on it.

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  1. Don’t keep driving after you hit the wall, dude. Playing aggressive is great, WWE moves on the field, not so much. It’s not that hard. Sometimes it’s insanely hard to figure out why a guy got fined or flagged. Most of the time with Suh, it isn’t. Take something off your swing, dude. That’s all.

  2. Suh: Explain what draws a fine Rog
    Commish: Well hitting Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers too hard is a $500,000 fine.
    If my socks don’t match and you hit the left leg of Matt Ryan with your right hand that’s $75,000.
    If Tim Tebow gets a finger laid upon his great golden body then you’ll be forced to pay with your life.

    Other than that Endomukang, I just flip a coin. If it lands on heads then I throw a fine at you. The dollar amount deals with how warm it was in the city you played in that day. That clear everything up for you kiddo?

  3. I thought Suh had a college degree? Apparently he can’t read (the rules) and he wants Goodell to read them to him. I think his coach, Schwartz is not doing him any good when it comes to understanding the rules. Schwartz encourages Suh to play dirty, Suh thinks he’s doing it right according to his coach and can’t figure it out. There’s a reason why NFL players have nominated Suh as the dirtiest player but the boy just “don’t get it”.

  4. haha now he wants to try to cheap shot Goodell. Suh is so overrated it’s comical. He should try playing the run sometime. I guess sacks are sexier though.

  5. this guy is dumber than I thought.

    when we all go to work, we all have to play by the rules of the places we work. why does Suh think he’s so special that he soesn’t have to?

    dude is so far up his own a** that he doesn’t understand that the rules apply to him, disagreeable as they may be. I don’t like the fact that I have to be at work everyday at 5 a.m., but I still do it.

    Suh can’t go around facemasking, bashing QB’s well after the play, and all-around playing like a dirty guy. Save your trip to the league office, I just told you what they’ll say

  6. Suh…coming from a Lions fan for over 40 years..we love your style, we love your hustle, we love your drive. We don’t like your putting your hands on an opponents facemask. We don’t like you picking up a QB and slamming him to the ground. We don’t like your nailing a QB after he has goten rid of the ball. I know that it is simple for me to say, but the rules are pretty clear. You can play rough, hard, and direct but just do it within the rules.

  7. He wants clarification as to why he gets flagged and fined? Maybe because he’s the dirtiest player in the league by a country mile… Unless he can show a statute in the rule book that says it’s permissible to twist a player’s head off after the guy is down, his position is indefensible.

  8. Dude, just shut up and play your game the way you play it. This seems like such a farce to me. As if Suh really needs “clarification” of the rules. This is just a lame stunt by a polarizing player to curry favor with the fans, “Poor me, the league is picking on me…blah, blah, blah.” Suh would be so much more likable if he kept his mouth shut.

  9. There’s a reason why NFL players have nominated Suh as the dirtiest player but the boy just “don’t get it”.


    I would pay money to hear you call Suh a boy to his face.

    Anyway, he won’t get clarification from Goodell because that would defeat the purpose of the rules – they are arbitrary as possible so the league doesn’t have to defend their application. If there were a clear line, it would look a lot worse when refs make the terrible calls they do.

  10. Why is it that most average guys sitting on the couch with a cold PBR can see a flag coming but the guys who make a living playing the game have no clue?

  11. The QB ragdoll throwdowns are a bit much.
    But being flagged/fined for shoving Jay Cutler (out of pocket runner) was strange and inconsistent.
    Example of the new Goodell NFL.

  12. The league suits are trying to sanitize the public perception of the NFL. Suh is a big nasty beast that plays the game instinctively with aggression and violence. In other words, he’s a natural football player. The suits don’t like that because they can’t have the “image” of too much violence. Because of this, it puts him at odds with the league suits. All this image polishing is taking away some of the true essence of the game itself. It’s really beginning to become distasteful to me when I continually see clean hits get flagged, not because they were illegal or dirty, but rather simply because they were too violent. I saw a safety make a beautiful, perfectly legal, tackle on a guy last week and they flagged him. He led with his shoulder and it was text book perfect. They flagged him because the hit was too big and too violent. I almost threw up when they flagged him for that. Suh is just playing the game the way it should be played. The suits are trying to neuter a bull.

  13. It absolutely amazes me how many people have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to Suh being a dirty player.

    It’s like a game of national telephone gone completely bad. Everyone knows what they heard and made no effort to see it with their own eyes before commenting.

    I am simply amazed how dumb the NFL fan base can be.

    I am also amazed how many “wussies” there are out there watching the NFL. I’m not some crazy tough guy or anything, but y’all crack me up sometimes.

    Suh is a great athlete. Very talented player. A good man. He’s not the monster you heard about one day on TV.

  14. Its so funny how some of you just let the media guide what you think about a player. Suh is not a dirty player…yes he has drawn flags for some -what over aggresive play. But I think most of real football fans appreciate a guy who plays like him. Why is he dirty??, cause he goes after the QB like a monster…Because Roddy White says so. Gimme a break..Maybe he wants clarification as to why some QB’s get calls, and some dont. Ever think that maybe he has been collecting clips from around the league on how the Refs cant seem to call games the same around the league…or maybe he is just frustrated that there seems to be a sort of Jordan Rules being applied to certain players and wants to talk about it with the League instead whining and bitching to the media and putting garbage on Twitter.

  15. Once again ….. Suh is talking instead of focusing on the next game & opponent …… He’s starting to emulate ‘Fat Albert’ more & more ….. His coaches have to cringe anytime a microphone is shoved in Suh’s face ….

    Suh …. Your team is at a critical point in the season where things could go south even further …… Quit thinking about yourself & focus on the team …… I have a feeling this will all end badly (eventually) for the hapless Lions ….. Too bad.

  16. Face it people, the only reason Suh is a dirty player is because he doesn’t play for whatever team you call your favorite. It’s that simple.

  17. SMH…reading some of these comments, looks like the sissification of the NFL is what these commenters want.

  18. @tecmobowl34

    when we all go to work, we all have to play by the rules of the places we work. why does Suh think he’s so special that he soesn’t have to?
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Suh is an arrogant bully who thinks he’s above the rules… obviously. One day soon someone big, mean and without an ounce of ethics, of which this league has no shortage, will “get even” with Suh no matter the fine, penalty or outcome. You hate to see anyone get hurt, ANYONE, but Suh seems to be begging for someone to challenge him, and in this league you need not beg too long before you get your wish.

  19. Throughout the league there are defensive players questioning the rules and the fines. Instead of spouting off on Twitter, Suh is going in to meet with the league office face-to-face.

    I happen to like that he’s doing a what a professional does, going to meet with the source, rather than just mouthing off to the media.

    Also – a small technical detail for all the people saying he’s going to meet with Goodell – that’s not what the story says he’s doing. We don’t know who will be in that meeting. Could be the one of the execs in charge of officiating. You guys who said Suh needs to read the rules need to learn how to read a news story.

  20. thejuddstir says:

    I thought Suh had a college degree? Apparently he can’t read (the rules) and he wants Goodell to read them to him.
    The rules? The rules say it’s legal for a runner to straight-arm a defender in the facemask. That hasn’t stopped Goodell from fining it. The rules say it’s legal for a defender to lead with his shoulder. That hasn’t stopped Goodell from fining it. Perhaps Suh wants Goodell to read him the rules to see discover whether the Commissioner is actually aware of them.

  21. There is absolutely way too much inconsistency with these hits/fines. But Suh is usually so blatantly obvious (like doing a leap frog while gripping someones facemask.) Just a publicity stunt by Suh.

  22. Suh just needs to grow up. When people think of him, they don’t necessarily think great player anymore, they think “punk”. Suh needs to intimidate and overpower players during plays, not in between plays. Slowly and sneakily walking up to a Colt McCoy after a play during a preseason game and hitting him or walking up to Matt Ryan when the medical team is surrounding him and saying dirty things is not cool. Those are just two instances and in only a season and a half, this guy a long of them.

  23. Wow some of you people defending Suh are blind. Since when does bodyslamming an helmetless QB to the ground well after the play is over count as ‘playing the game the way it is supposed to be played’?

  24. Can’t believe all you armchair wussies: you’d take Suh on your team in a heartbeat.

    Besides, please show me *one* hit/penalty by Suh that Jared Allen hasn’t done himself.

    Suh, Allen, the whole lot are PAID to be mean and nasty. They’ve been trained/coached to do exactly what they’re doing right now…

    How many of you complaining about Suh are the first to complain about how QB’s are protected????

    Please, grow some freaking onions…this is football. If you don’t like it don’t watch.

  25. Funny to read all these comments bashing Suh. Everyone was on his jock his senior year at Neb and his rookie year, but now somehow he’s the NFL’s biggest Dirtbag and Dirty Player.

    It’s funny how people flip flop so much. And BTW he isnt a dirty player, he’s just plays the game how it USED to be Played and that’s All Out on every play.

  26. Suh pushes Cutler to ground while Cutler is a runner. Official wrongly throws flag for “forearm shiver”. Replays clearly show only a push with hands. Not only did penalty stand, Suh was fined 15k for the tackle.

    Suh grabs Patriots running back by the long hair and pulls him to the ground. A legal move. Suh was penalized for a horse collar tackle…….

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