At least Brandon Jacobs has his “fast-ass car”

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The Giants just completed a comeback win at home to get to 5-2, two games up in the NFC East.

Running back Brandon Jacobs thus decided to throw another turd in the punch bowl.

“I’ve got nothing positive to say,” Jacobs said after the win via “The most positive thing: I got family at home and I got a fast-ass car being delivered on Tuesday. That’s it.”

Jacobs had five touches in the game, which totaled ten yards.  Most of that playing time came when Ahmad Bradshaw battled an injured foot.

Jacobs seemed to realize that talking wasn’t going to help his cause.

“Cause I can’t say nothing,” Jacobs said. “I always say something for everyone else’s dislike.”

One thing we can all agree on: Fast-ass cars are sweet.

67 responses to “At least Brandon Jacobs has his “fast-ass car”

  1. He needs to worry about next Sunday’s game & beat the Pats, this other stuff is all him.

  2. Stop running like a “fat ass” twinkle toes rb and you might get a shot. You are not Bradshaw. You got no moves or agility or speed. Be the power back you are supposed to be. It’s like watching a 7 foot center shoot 3’s and miss dunks.

  3. One thing we can also agree on is, I’ve seen Eli Manning throw jacobs a wide open swing pass maybe 415 times and I think jacobs has maybe caught it twice. Even as a Giants fan, he needs to shut the eff up already, his acting is boring. Scott and ware are better out of the backfield than him right now.

  4. Nothing positive to say? Your team is 5-2, playing decent ball, and in control of the NFC East… how is that for positive? Oh…. right, you don’t care about the team.

  5. Is it possible for the Giants to re-possess the car before Jacobs receives it?

    When any New York Giant says they “Can’t say nothing,” don’t believe it.

    Jacobs’ car won’t be able to be put in drive, only neutral and reverse.

  6. This guy is a complete idiot. His mouth is writing checks his play can’t cash. I watched that game, and his running was terrible and he can’t catch a pass.

    If I’m Tom Coughlin, I bench him and let his free agent value take a nose dive.


  7. That’s a real team player there. They should cut him. He’s obviously not in their plans for this year or beyond and he sound like poison in the locker room.

  8. Shut your face and quit your whining Brandon. You’re getting PAID. Your team won and is in 1st place.

    Cant stand these type of “Yeah, but what about me?” players. Their is no ‘I’ in team, but there is in PAID.

  9. gimme some of that fast-ass food. that i paid for with my fast-ass money from my Gaint-ass paycheck.

  10. You fumbled your first carry and then dropped a screen pass that was right in your hands with nobody within ten yards of you. How can you wonder that you barely touched the ball? Stop talking, start playing.

  11. Just because you’re a monster for the 7 games a year that you’re not hurt doesn’t make you a feature back. Look what happened to derek ward once he had a shwag o-line blocking for him. Shut your mouth and accept your role you big, dumb oaf. Can’t wait till this d-bag is gone next year, and we can have a cohesive backfield without the crying. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  12. Unfortunately the league is filled with buffoons like Brandon Jacobs who wouldnt be qualified for a Burger King job in the real world. Know wad Im sayin yo lol.

  13. He was so awful yesterday. I hope he get’s in his “fast-ass car” on Tuesday and get’s the hell out of town. He looks nothing like an NFL player. Too bad that it’s past the trade deadline. Maybe the Giants could have gotten an extra kicking tee for him.

  14. Way to save your money for a rainy day Jacobs. This is the last year you’re going to have a pay day in pro football. Next year, your “fast ass” car is going to take you to work at Wal Mart where you will greet people, because that’s all you’re qualified to do. And then the “fast ass” repo man is going to take your fast ass car back.

  15. this guy needs to do all giants fans a favor and pull a plaxico and shoot himself in the leg. he gets that fast ass car on tuesday and by wednesday he’ll be listed on turd watch for being arrested

  16. This guy is going to go the road of Ron Dayne or Lendel White with his running style. Tentatively hit the hole, get stuffed, with no speed to turn corners. Only difference is, his mouth will just speed up his departure from the league. Hope that fast car has good resale value. Does he even know the percentage of broke former NFL players…cuz its very high.

  17. Who would actually consider signing this guy after witnessing all of these childlike temper tantrums he has been throwing for years in New York? Nobody, I would think.

    Once he’s out of the league, he’ll buy 10 more “fast ass cars” and go completely bankrupt. Then he’ll go crying to the league for financial assistance.

  18. We all know there is no “I” in team. But Jacobs also notices there is a “Me” in team. C’mon Tom, You gotta see the writing on the wall by now. That, “He’s a competitor, and he wants to do well talk” is all garbage. If he’s not the feature back then he will be a problem. Time to cut him loose. Him and Tiki can start their own automobile franchise or fast-food joint. Call it Fast Ass Cars or Fast Ass Burgers.

  19. I’m so sick of Jacobs. The Giants should just cut their losses and get rid of him before he starts doing any damage. He was terrible yesterday running the ball and dropping passes. They should make him inactive the rest of the year and let De’rel Scott get some playing time. Their running game is awful and they need a spark. De’rel was a beast in the pre-season so why not give him a shot? The last pre-season beast the Giants had is having a pretty nice year so far and if Nicks misses any time he will just get more time on the field. Time for Brandon to go. All talk and no game!

  20. Giants fans are like stupid little kids with a memory span of 1 week! I can’t believe Brandon got booed yesterday. Yes, he had a bad game. But why is he treated with so much hatred?? He’s played great for the Giants before; just last year was averaging over 5 YPC for us! A few comments and a bad game here and there should not mean we want to crucify him! Who scored a long receiving TD against the Eagles? Who was our lead back our Super Bowl year? Have some g-d respect! Plus if you understand anything about football, our run blocking has been horrible! If Snee makes the pro bowl this year, it’s a huge upset, since he is NOT playing well. Baas is a serious downgrade from O’Hara in his prime. David Diehl is laughably bad. Beatty is playing OK and McKenzie is stepping up his game after an awful start to the season. Giants need to invest a little more in the O-line for Bradshaw, Jacobs, or ANY Giants back to consistently produce. God I hate the Giants fanbase.. all of you suck!

  21. Seriously… Cut him… Mjzaky shut up… You obviously don’t follow the Giants and have no idea what you’re talking about. Jacobs is washed up and we have 2 better RBs on the roster than him. He is not worth the headache at this point… or the money

  22. the sad part is that he won’t take responsibility for his horrendous play. he’ll blame the media or the fans instead. if you can’t produce shut the hell up and maybe no one will notice that you’re a running back with line backer size who can’t run his way out of a wet paper bag

  23. two things:
    Gilbride is a pass happy coordinator who usuallu doesn’t run enough for 2 backs.

    Remember that Bradshaw wouldn’t even be here if Jacobs didn’t rework his contract.

  24. Cue the Tracy Chapman…

    “You got a fast car
    I want a ticked to anywhere
    Maybe we make a deal
    Maybe together we can get somewhere
    Anyplace is better
    Starting from zero go nothing to lose
    Maybe we’ll make something
    But me myself I got nothing to prove”

  25. Mjzaky,

    Our Super Bowl year was years ago. OJ Anderson was the Super Bowl MVP does that mean he can come back and play? That is an idiotic statement. Jacobs had that long TD against the Eagles, you know what they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut! Jacobs is done! I defended him last year and really though that he could just shut his mouth and help this year and he hasn’t. You are correct that the o-line isn’t helping any but the 0-line didn’t fumble the handoff yesterday or drop a screen pass. Jacobs needs to shut his trap and sit on the bench.

  26. DUDE!…I want a fast ass car. Hey Giants I’ll get you 10 yards if you buy me a fast ass car.

  27. I would probably return that car considering you won’t be able to afford it soon…

  28. What a classy guy. He’ll be broke in less than 5 years and wishing he hadn’t blown his money.

  29. Jacobs has a family at home. He knows that because he stopped by there a couple of weeks ago to see if his new car had arrived yet.

  30. schmitty2 — agreed but atleast osi had a grip.. he has a sack in each game and is a def a top 5 if not top 3 pass rusher (and all 3 are on NYG lmao) he def deserves to get paid but not as a top 5 DE just a PASSRUSHER bec lord knows osi cant stop the run he does get a few licks but thats what we got jpp and tuck for to stop run

  31. @mjzaky- apparently u didnt c the article last week where he said he doesnt want to play for Ny anymore bec he feels hes better than 10 touchs a game, than comes in the game fumbles and misses a catch with years of daylight ahead of him..thats why he got boo’d welcome 2 NY

  32. I agree with phantom stranger just cut this guy already he’s been a problem since we won the SB in 07 !!

  33. Cmon peeps Jacobs still has Game, like Baseball, Basketball, and Boxing, if you are sitting to long you get rusty, when you get no confidence boost or motivation from your coaching staff it makes you lose confidence, and builds low self esteem issues. He trying to build himself up. The Giants forget that the game plan was a one two punch! POWER AND SPEED! tire team out with one and put the other in, get them used to finesse then put in brute strength, or vise versa! They will pay if they let him go to DALLAS, PHILLY, OR EVEN WASHINGTON, teams that will utilize his strengths while showing him he is needed. He will eat them alive on another nfc rival team!

  34. You misplaced the hyphen. What he actually said was that he drives a “fast ass-car”.

  35. Truthfully I love the way Jacobs and Bradshaw worship each other as friends who happen to play the same position. When Jacobs was hurt he was continually excited for Bradshaw on the sidelines. I’m a little worried that if we lose Jacobs, we’ll lose a little bit of Bradshaw’s motivation as well.

    Get Jacobs some touches, get him involved a little bit more, and let’s not have another Tiki/Strahan type bad-mouthing this team with a legitimate shot at winning the NFC East.

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