Chargers turnovers, penalties doom first half

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It may not be pretty, but we have a compelling Monday Night Football game.

The Chiefs lead 13-3 at halftime after 30 minutes of missed opportunities and mistakes by the Chargers.

It looked like the score was tied at ten late in the first half, but a questionable Antonio Gates offensive pass interference penalty wiped out a score. The Chargers then went backwards because of a sack and penalties, and wound up missing a field goal.

The Chargers turned the ball over three times — on two Philip Rivers picks and a Ryan Mathews fumble. (Which was probably not a fumble, but the officials didn’t overturn the play on review.) The Chiefs offense was inconsistent, but Matt Cassel mostly played well and hit on a 39-yard touchdown to rookie Jonathan Baldwin.

The next 30 minutes are going to be huge for the shape of the AFC West race this year. If the Chiefs hold on, Kansas City is suddenly in very good shape in a three-team division race.

43 responses to “Chargers turnovers, penalties doom first half

  1. I have never seen so many 2nd-21 and 3rd-23 in my life. I think the officials are trying to get more Tv time than the players. What could have been a fun game has become a stopage to pick up the yellow stuff and looking into the hood for what you have to guess what they will call. I truly feel sorry for the fans of these two teams. Goodnight and goodluck.

  2. Mediocrity Bowl. Against a good team the Chiefs would be down by two TDs. But they aren’t playing against a good team, at least so far.

  3. Rivers has got to be masking an injury. His accuracy has been way off all season. He is not playing close to the level he has for the past 3 or 4 years.

  4. The NFL needs to meet with game officials and get on the same page as to what is a penalty and what isn’t. Supposedly instant replay was going to be the answer to everything………not! Rule changes were going to make it easier……not! I’m getting very tired of all the poorly officiated games, this weekend and tonight I’ve seen enough bad calls to drive a person crazy. Fans had less to argue about when there wasn’t any instant replay, the Calvin Johnson rule, the Brady rule, the Tuck rule, the defenseless wr rule, can’t hit the QB below the waist or above the shoulders, defensive backs can’t breathe on a wr without getting a penalty, players can’t wear pads more than once a week in practice, microphones in helmets, skirts on QB’s, etc. etc. etc………the NFL has become entertainment instead of football.

  5. Quite possibly the worst/tightest officiated game I have ever seen. Don’t really care who wins, but the TOs and commercial breaks are absolutely driving people away from this game.

    I can’t stand Gruden, and I hate it worse when I agree with him. But he is right when he says the stripes are really over-officiating this one.

  6. Rivers doesn’t look right. Also, he’s starting to trend away from fiery and passionate and toward whiny.

    Okay, John Gruden just said people need to stop talking about Tim Tebow and the 2-5 Bronocs. Haha…funny…

  7. Can’t watch it, but sounds like the officials are having their usual intrusive, sucky calling, shouldn’t ever be allowed to wear the uniform again, game.

    You think a multi-billion dollar business wouldn’t trust it most important asset, the games themselves, to a bunch of incompetent part time fools. But….you would think wrong.

    Ohhhh that’s right….the fans keep shelling out the dough so they feel no need to fix an obviously broken situation.

  8. 40 years ago headcoaches like hank stram, bud grant, chuck noll, tom landry all lobbied for fulltime officials who spent their time during the week at nfl teams practices, in meetings, etc. to perfect their responsibilities as officials. the nfl is a multi-billion dollar business and you would think it would be a drop in the bucket for them to pay for fulltime officials. Teams practice and scrimmage on Wed-Thurs-Fri and Saturdays, these officials could be attending these practices and honing their skills. I was a high school and junior college football official for 25 yrs and our officiating crew was required to meet once per week to review previous games tapes, review rules, etc……..and we didn’t get paid for it. We did it because we wanted to always be one of the best rated officiating crews in the state.

  9. thejuddstir says:

    The NFL needs to meet with game officials and get on the same page as to what is a penalty and what isn’t. … the NFL has become entertainment instead of football.
    Roger Goodell isn’t a football guy with a football mindset; he’s a corporate guy with a corporate mindset. He doesn’t care whether officials call a good game. He only cares that Congress doesn’t hold hearings on concussions and football players don’t file suit about post-career head trauma. And yes, it’s all about entertainment. Most football “fans” don’t know squat about the game beyond the stats it takes to win in their fantasy league. And more people these days are buying the football experience than the game itself. But as long as they’re paying, Rog isn’t worried about getting the calls right.

  10. The chargers held Tamba Hali pretty much all night and it wasnt called enough. There were a lot of penalties but honestly the holding should have been called more

  11. 3 observations:

    #1. That offensive PI against Antonio Gates in the 2nd quarter was complete BS. I hate when the refs try to make it about them, and not the game. That was a terrible call that could have gone either way, but should have been a non-call. That call took away a TD and changed the complection of the game. Unless it is blatantly obvious, you don’t make a huge momentous call like that. That was a blatant mistake by that referee. He should be fined/suspended. What are the chances of at team being called for 2 OFFENSIVE PI’s in the same season, let alone, same game, let alone same half, let alone SAME QUARTER! Makes you wonder about the zebras.

    #2. That was the luckiest win I’ve ever seen in my life. San Diego lost it more than Kansas City won the game.

    #3. That left Cornerback for the Chargers, #38, (Marcus Gilchrist) is easily the worst DB in the league. He can’t cover. He can’t tackle in space. He can’t take good angles. He’s just not NFL roster-worthy. He alone was responsible for at least 50 of K.C.’s YAC.

  12. The Refs missed 2 calls. That’s it. Too bad one was Gates touchdown… and it truly was a touchdown

    Chargers found sooooooo MANY ways to lose this game, and so they did.

    Chiefs took advantage. I’m happy for Cassel and Co. Amazing performance by Flowers. Just too bad Todd Haley is on the same team they are.

  13. eaglesandravens says:Oct 31, 2011 10:42 PM
    “This is a little irrelevant, but who else thinks those new pre-game speeches by espn is better than hank williams’ song?”

    I love it, The Barry Sanders one had me pumped up and I hate the lions & bears.

    Obama being the reason that super conservative Hank Williams got fired may be the best thing to ever happen to MNF’s presentation…
    now if only jon gruden quit slurpin’ on every player on the field during games.

  14. You said it! Multi billion dollar industry and everyone thinks its played straight up. Players juice, act and flop, refs make bad calls or no calls, coaches are paid handsomely to do what they’re told. Blatantly obvious.

  15. If you complain about the Eagles holding, you just look like a crybaby Cowboys fan…

    At least the Chiefs can overcome bad calls…

    Another team that holds a lot and gets away with it…

    Yes, you guessed it…the New York Giants

  16. “Rivers has got to be masking an injury. His accuracy has been way off all season. He is not playing close to the level he has for the past 3 or 4 years.”

    Or could it be Rivers is slightly overrated? What has the dude won? Seriously, plays in the AFC West yet the past couple years they’ve struggled to be in 1st. Are you kidding me? Rivers has been Chokemaster Flex for a long time.

  17. Men the Chargers really really suck balls, Rivers sucks, V Jax cant get open or Rivers cant find him, Ryan Matthews is always nicked up.. These mofo’s are tanking my fantasy season @ the mid-point and not to mention Andre J is injured what the hell.

  18. River’s your fumble screwed me in FF. I was up by 2 points and all you have to was take a knee and kick a FG, but instead you fumble the ball and Jackie Battle gets the 2 points in OT that he needed to Tie me!!!!!!!!!

    I’d rather lose the damn game then tie but thank you Rivers for that horrible display you put on during MNF

  19. Did someone say Rivers must be harboring an injury?

    Its called “Type III Rectal Cranial Inversion”, very serious medial issue, that he has suffered since he was a young lad.

  20. Who do you work for, Rosenthal, ESPN? You guys should all get together and blow the Chargers and Phil Rivers in a huge orgy, because that’s what you’ve been doing all night.

    The Chiefs have gotten very little credit for playing a solid, not spectacular, game, especially on defense. How many times did the Chargers get in the red zone and come away with a field goal or less? How many times have we heard Gruden & Co. bitch about the Gates’ push-off penalty (he absolutely shoved McGraw to make the play) when the Chiefs got completely hosed on the McCluster fumble call? All game, the announcers talked about how the Chargers just weren’t playing well instead of how Brandon Flowers and Derrick Johnson were playing All-Pro games while backups like Jon McGraw & Travis Daniels were shutting down Antonio Gates.

    What people need to pay attention to is, even without Jamaal Charles & Eric Berry, the Chiefs are finding ways to win with 4 straight victories and a lead of the AFC West heading into games against Miami & Denver, while San Diego gets Green Bay. Todd Haley’s team isn’t perfect, but they’re improving and they’re finishing games.

    Give the Chiefs some damn credit for once.

  21. Phillip Rivers must be suffering from a snake bite. The fumble with 20 seconds remaining in regulation seems to sum up his season so far.

    YO\ou can criticize Todd Haley for a lot of things and many people have, but his team has kept playing for him and now they are 4-3.


  22. this game made me look like a fool, because i was recording this game on VCR and when matt cassel threw that interception and after they got points off of it (3 points) i stopped the tape right after the chiefs drive stalled because san diego was getting momentum, this is was a totally unacceptable game, i am not happy about it!

  23. Worst officiated game ever, both ways.

    But besides that, a game that never should have gotten tied up. The Chiefs HAVE to fix this play calling fiasco, and quit sitting on 7-10 point leads. Should have been a 21-24 point win. The chuggers are in serious trouble as a team. Not faider bad, but bad enough to lose this division again.

    Heres to being in first place again. Who’d a thunk it?

  24. iamabadkid—the only thing that makes you look like a fool is that you have a VCR,

    move out of West Virginia and join this side of the culture shift…

  25. spytdi says:
    Nov 1, 2011 12:52 AM
    You said it! Multi billion dollar industry and everyone thinks its played straight up. Players juice, act and flop, refs make bad calls or no calls, coaches are paid handsomely to do what they’re told. Blatantly obvious.

    I’m thinkin’ Goodell has been watching too much WWF and has Vince McMahon on the NFL payroll.

  26. polegojim says:

    The Refs missed 2 calls. That’s it. Too bad one was Gates touchdown… and it truly was a touchdown

    What are you thinking, my friend? I’m not saying the refs changed the outcome of the game because the Chargers shot themselves in the foot so many times I can’t believe they walked off the field. And as others have mentioned, the sloppy officiating went both ways. But defensive backs might as well just stand there and let receivers catch the ball unhindered rather than losing another 15 yards by having a textbook tackle flagged. A five-year-old could have seen that wasn’t a head shot on a defenseless receiver. It’s time Goodell started fining officials for gross incompetence.

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