Jaguars call Texans a dirty team, warn, “We play them again”


After Sunday’s loss to the Texans, multiple Jaguars players complained that they had been on the receiving end of cheap shots — and warned the Texans they’d better be ready the next time these teams play.

“I still don’t like them, and I have no respect for them at all,” Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton told the Houston Chronicle. “It was just the dirty stuff they were doing. I don’t want to get into specifics; I just don’t like them. . . . I’m not going to get into names or anything like that, but we play them again.”

This isn’t the first time an opposing defensive line has said the Texans play dirty: After last week’s win over the Titans, the Texans were accused of taking shots at the knees of members of the Titans’ defensive line. But after this game, Jaguars defensive end Jeremy Mincey said what bothered him went way beyond just cut blocks.

“They’re some nasty guys,” Mincey said. “I was on the ground, and some guy stepped on my head. They’re very dirty.”

If the Texans are gaining a reputation for being a dirty team while heading toward the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, somehow I don’t think fans in Houston will mind.

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  1. I don’t know that team one of worst offenses in recent history needs to be throwing down the gauntlet.

  2. In other news, Jaguars executives are asking the NFL Commissioners Office to investigate allegations that football is a contact sport played by quote-unquote “men”. Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver said, “Rumors are being spread that their players are going to try to tackle our players. Our players have sensitive backsides and feelings. Their cups of tea will surely spill if they are tackled. Commissioner Goodell is going to hear about this.”

  3. “We play them again… so we’ll lose a second time and then complain some more about how dirty they are.”

  4. “being a dirty team while heading toward the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, somehow I don’t think fans in Houston will mind.”

    — nah, we don’t mind

  5. Holy cow! I’m getting awfully tired of what seems to be the pussification of the NFL! Who whines to the media about dirty players? Aren’t you supposed to just etch it in memory and seek retribution on the field? First it was a few Falcons players complaining about the Lions and now this…getting pretty ridiculous.

  6. The Texans have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. They come off the ball hard, they cut block, and they smash your mouth.

    This Terrance Knighton guy is the same cat who was complaining about the Texans being “arrogant” last week.

    I love all this “we play them again” BS. Please. What are you going to do, shank Eric Winston in the pile? When you say stuff like “we play them again,” you invite the officials to watch you closely.

    Andre Johnson will be back for the next game, chumps. The score should have been 35-0 yesterday, and it probably will be next time.

  7. Goodell is getting his wish. Players are now beginning to complain publicly about the “dirty” and “rough” play that happens on the field. Coaches are beginning to have disagreements on the field when they are supposed to be shaking hands.

    What’s next? Will the cheerleaders from each team compete in a mud-wrestling death match?

  8. I’m so sick of this tired accusation. Is it an NFL rule that one team must accuse another of being dirty every friggin week?

  9. I like the Texans team. Class organization. The only thing that is really dirty about them is their fan base. They a a bunch of fat, sweaty, bad wagoners. You can’t miss them, they all wear an Andre Johnson jersey that is 5 times to small for their fat-bodies. Saying that, GO TEXANS!!

  10. Andre’s Johnson:

    You call that line “one of the best offensive lines in the NFL”?

    The Raiders ate that line up for lunch, it was crazy.

  11. @Andre’s Johnson

    “The score should have been 35-0 yesterday”

    How do you figure that? Put the crack pipe down. Truth be told, the score should have been MUCH closer than 24-14.

    The Texans are really not as good a Houston fans make them out to be. It takes a down year by every other team in the AFC South for the Texans to compete for the playoffs.

    That is the truth!

  12. A Shanahan protege being accused of coaching dirty o-line play?? Say it aint so!!!!

    Got to wonder how many knee replacements are due to Shanny and Kubiak’s “cut blocking” schemes over the years. Hope they get a nice fat referral fee from the orthopedic surgeons.

    People who happily cause serious injury in order to win a little kids’ game – DISGUSTING.

  13. That picture is dirty idc what anyone says you don’t choke a guy laying on his back. I played O-line for 6 years in school and you do whatever it takes to get them to the ground but once they are there you are done. You either just fall on top of them or go hit someone else. You don’t choke them out or keep hitting them. That’s a punk move

  14. With any level of offensive production (more than 97 yards passing) Jags win that game. Defense was dominant against a really good offense at home. Keep telling yourself how good you are, be proud of your first playoff birth and 9-7 division championship and make sure you wear your battle red when you get smoked in the first round by a real playoff team. Unless you choke again before you get there.

  15. As anyone who has watched the NFL or knows anything about it should know the Offensive line is always the dirtiest players on the field. ALWAYS. And good to great offensive lines that kick defensive lines butts get accusations like this regularly. The question becomes whats the definition of dirty. Dirty is purposeful attacks to the groin, head, knee or ankle. I watched some of this game, and some Texan players had there hands around the Jaguars throats, literally. But funny enough, that was on the defensive side. I think the Jaguars got man handled, and didn’t like it. Thinking it was a straight up battle among lineman that the Jaguars would win. Well they have had far less physical offensive lines this year. And have lost those battles every time. (Dont say last week against Baltimore counts. That O line was missing 2 key starters).

  16. People who happily cause serious injury in order to win a little kids’ game – DISGUSTING.

    really rexismybff?!?
    its nothing close to a little kids game, but with a comment like that it obvious you were in the band. or maybe a male cheerleader.

  17. As much as I like the Texans, they are just not very good. The division the play in right now is HORRIBLE. Back-dooring your way into the playoffs by default is nothing to pat your self on the back for. Kubiak still needs to go, and by getting to the playoffs just because all three other teams in your division are in rebuild mode is just going to set you back 10 more years. Kubiak will be back next year and the mediocre play will continue.

  18. guess they should change their name to the jagwhiners they got beat up physcally just like the titans did, for the last ten seasons ive watched those two teams play dirty dirty football, jeff fishers titans were the dirtiest team in football for years and no one cried about it, jags cant say they let one get away or they got screwed by a bad call so they go to the their dirty card, thats so weak you got beat shut your mouth and go home with your 2-6 record!!!! well see you again in jacksonville and thump you even harder next time!!!!

  19. Not all texans fans are obnoxious, a lot of us, myself included realize that we have done NOTHING in our history, yes the division sucks but if you remember the cardinals a few years back played in a crap division and made it to the super bowl. Someone has to win the division and if its not clear who the best team in the AFC south is, if not you arent paying attention

  20. Well that picture of Cushing choking out Gabbert, and his blatant late hit to Gabberts ribs after Gabbert slid feet first to end the play seem to back up the “dirty” label for at least Cushing at least.

    Regardless, talk is cheap. If you feel the Texans are “dirty” take it up with them when you play them again. Don’t whine in the media.

  21. The shot on Gabbert by Brian (I can no longer juice) Cushing was as cheap as they come.

    I expect a 20K fine. Gabbert had already given himself up before the hit by Cushing. And his hands hit Gabberts head (look at the pic).

    If it was Tom Brady, Cushing would have been ejected from the game.

    Sorry Texans, that was a dirty hit.

    You might win the division at 9-7 or 8-8, but you aren’t playing long at all in the postseason. Enjoy it while you can. You can barely beat a doormat offensive team.

    On a positive note, one game closer to getting rid of Del Rio. Yay!

  22. This team has sucked for so long and NOW they’re winning ! They MUST be playing dirty. That’s the only thing that can explain it. Er, wait a minute…we’re talking about the Lions, right ?

  23. @andersonspider

    “they got beat up physcally just like the titans did”

    What game were you watching? They absolutely were not beaten up physically! You and I both know that if the Jaguars had even a semblance of an offense, this game would have been completely different. Further, the Jaguars were coming off of a short week, on the road, after playing a much more physical game against the Ravens the previous Monday night.

    Here is the bottom line. It was a good win for the Texans. It was, however, another win against a team with less than three wins, which the majority of Houston’s wins have come against (two of their five wins are against 0-8 Miami, and 0-8 Indy).

    Don’t take it out of context. The Texans are 5-3, in the weakest division in the NFL, and still not a lock for the playoffs.

    That is the truth!

  24. Man, listen to all these excuses as to why the Jaguars lost. Fact is you weren’t favored to win the game and rightly got manhandled. Suck it up and move on.

    Also funny to hear that the Texans D had nothing to do with the Jaguars offensive problems. Sure Gabbert is a rookie and doesn’t look that good right now, but when you only cross the 50 yard line 3 times in a game, two of which came from turnovers, it might have something to do with the defense you’re going up against.

    Stay classy Blackoutville.

  25. Hey Pot Roast:

    [points at scoreboard.]

    Whining doesn’t add points to the score. Shut up.

    The Jags have wasted their last 2 first round picks on Alualu and Gabbert, also cutting a player in David Garrard–that has consistently beaten the Texans. As a Texans fan, I celebrated the day the Jags cut him. Del Rio needs to step back and coach LB’s somewhere. Pot Roast just needs to lose lbs.

  26. All you dummies crying about how the Texans beat bad teams–they can only possibly beat whomever lines up in front of them. Losses to the Saints, Raiders & Ravens were close losses to good teams.

    Look at the Jags’ offensive numbers. Start with your own team’s problems before you worry about the next team that is going to destroy the jags.

  27. @ jvillenole

    One of the Texans other wins was against the team with the best record in the AFC Pittsburg.

    They manhandled the Steelers that day knocking 3 defensive players out of that game and should have won that game 31-10 (if not for stupid penalties).

    Keep dreaming if you think the Texans are only winning 8 or 9 games…more like 10 or 11.

    Houston is hungry for a playoff game and Reliant will be no easy place to play come January.

  28. Cushing is on the edge of out of control from all the roids and other PEDs. It’s not surprising that Cushing and his teammates were being accused of being dirty. These guys were fighting EACH OTHER in a game last year.

  29. @jvillenole-

    Shut up.

    stop hatin.
    as pork fat said, “we play them again”.
    You will get your chance for vindication on why your LA Jaguires should have beat the Texans, and didn’t again.

    bunch of mamma’s boys in Jacksonville inside and outside the organization.

  30. The Niners in the 80’s used to be accused all the time of leg-whipping. The Broncos when they were winning were accused of cut-blocking all the time.

    Nobody ever said a thing when the Texans were the laughing stock of the league for the past 10 years. Now they’re actually good and the complaints come out. If there’s no penalty and the rules are specific, then quit crying and do something about it.

  31. As a Texans season ticket holder for 8 years I look for small improvements, probably because they have my money.

    Yesterday, the Texans beat a bad team. The week before, the Texans beat a bad team, pretty soundly. Both of these Texans opponents had just finished beating the Ravens. But yesterday, the Texans beat a bad team they were supposed to beat.

    Hint: In the last 8 years, the Texans winning the games they are supposed to win usually DOES NOT happen… a nice improvement.

    The fact that the Texans are almost good (I still don’t trust Kubiak’s conservative play calling) in a division that is really weak for the first time in 10 years is well…. maybe karma?

  32. zoxitic says:
    Oct 31, 2011 10:43 AM
    Cushing is on the juice again. Test him.


    They do test him and for the past 2 and a half seasons he has been negative (that’s right the positive test came in the preseason of his rookie year). Cushing is smaller, faster, and better then he has ever been. As far as the snapshot with this story, you can take a snapshot of just about any QB shack and make it worse then it really was, you think if he was laying on top of him choking him he would have stayed in the game? What a joke!

    Hey when the Texans where bad for 9 years they where “soft”, even earlier this year they where “soft”. Now they are “dirty”? For one the cut blocking the offense does is legal, they do it week after week with any problems from the league. No flags or fines because of the cut blocking.

    The season is half way over so I’m not going to say how great the Texans are, or going to be. They are much better this year and the D has gone from 30th ranked at the end of last year to 3rd ranked after 8 games this year. That is great no matter what teams you are playing! And I’m enjoying it.

  33. for all you clueless jags fans.. heads up..


    get that in your thick heads and remember it..

    he tested positive for increased levels of HCG, which is neither a steroid, performance enhancing drug, nor a masking agent.. get your facts straight. until then you sound dumb and uninformed..

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