Marcell Dareus explodes after move to nose tackle


The Bills had four sacks in six games coming into Sunday’s contest against the Redskins. They sacked John Beck nine times alone.

It was a defensive performance that has Bills fans rightfully dreaming about an AFC East title. The key change may have been the move of Marcell Dareus from defensive end to nose tackle.

The No. 3 overall pick had 2.5 sacks and two more tackles for loss. He chased Beck to the sideline on one fourth down play.

“You can’t find a big guy that runs like that,” linebacker Nick Barnett said via the Buffalo News.

We’ve watched Dareus closely in Bills games this year. He’s been solid for a rookie up until now, but this was the breakout game everyone wanted to see.

“He played unbelievable,” teammate Chris Kelsay said. “He made the plays that needed to be made. He’s a force to be reckoned with.”

The Bills defense has been searching for answers all year. They won’t get to face a shaky line like Washington every week, but perhaps moving Dareus to nose tackle could make a huge difference.

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  1. I’m glad to see the Bills doing well.. it’s been a long time since Jim Kelly days.

  2. I saw a swarm from defense for the 1st time in a number of years…I know the inept Washington offense played a big part…but the return of Mckee & Kelsay and the resignation of Williams & Merrieman may not be a coincidence!

  3. i agree with @tillman40.. can someone tell me why in the world he was a DE anyways.. i mean lookin at the pic the guys a clear NT or DL

  4. As good as Von Miller has been for Denver, I still feel that they made a mistake passing on Dareus.

    Bills already had their NT in Kyle Williams. Moving Dareus there now made good sense.

  5. fighting through the pain and adversity, against all odds and in spite of all the critics, GR writes a positive story about the Bills. albeit there is an attached asterisk noting they won’t face a crappy team every week. nice touch.

  6. this is where he should be playing. he is a force and cannot be blocked one on one by a center. loved seeing him at nose and arthur moats back outside

  7. Where are they going to play Kyle Williams? At UT? Or are they going to use “2 NT” defense?

  8. Mentioning the name “Washington” ……
    anyone remember the emergence of one “Teddy Washington” at nose tackle? In his prime, the best to have ever played that position.

  9. DUH. The 3-4 defense is known for ruining guys’ careers, nainly nose tackles. Dareus will be pretty good if they keep him in that spot and don’t try to make him what he isn’t (a D-End).

  10. This game went on to show how good of depth the Bills have. The true gem yesterday was Arthur Moats, the guy just has an unbeliveable motor and is an upgrade over Merriman for sure. Getting McGee back has been huge for this team, it allows Florence to be able to match up with the bigger receivers or slot guys, and not always the #2 guy where he sometimes struggles (See: Mario Mannigham, Hakeem Nicks). Seeing Morrison fly around on Sunday just has gotten my blood pumping for Sunday, this D is getting healthy and should start to gel. Sorry Rex, but I billeve it will the Buffalo D that is the best at the Ralph this coming Sunday. Lets see how far Sanchize has truely progressed. (See: 5 picks against Bills D in 2009)

  11. Dareus is a solid player who will continue to get better!! A force inside the trenches for sure!!!

  12. He didn’t get better or smarter overnight. He was just better than the Redskins OL that was on him that day. He’s gonna have a much rougher day once he faces off with mangold.

  13. Uh, Nick Barnett? Remember that guy you played with last year? BJ Raji? He was pretty good too.

    I’d say you’ve played with a disproportionate number of big guys who can move like that, come to think of that.

  14. Considering the ‘Skins have lost their left tackle, left guard, and center, how impressive is it now?

  15. Oh if only Darius can get a pinky nail on Sanchez… you will hear my squeals of glee from Ellicottville to Rochester. Just get a hand in his face, Sanchez will deliver the ball on the money to your DBs.

  16. Forget NT v. C. Sanchez is a pathetic QB. The Bills will do the jets a favor if they knock him out of the game.

  17. Keep Dareus as a NT, and when Kyle Williams comes back, more him to DE. Williams plays just as well at DE than he does as the NT. Keep Dareus there, and allow him to keep blowing up that interior line so the ends get 1 on 1 coverage and the Linebackers have free reign to walk on through to the QB.

  18. That’s why we loved him at Bama! What a force! I’m so glad he is doing well. Go Bills!

  19. This week the Bilz get back Donald Jones, and perhaps Aaron Williams More for the Jets to worry about. I’ve seen the Jets play 3-4 times this year, and they are just alright. Definitely not as good as last year. They knocked over a couple of tomato cans and Jets fans are talking SB. They won’t be able to keep up with the Bilz scoring. Cromartie and Revis don’t matter. If you don’t throw near them they’re useless. Buffs attack is quick hit, 3 step and gone. Sanchez will get clobbered and don’t forget, the Bilz dbs take the ball away a lot. The most, in fact.

  20. @david7590- i think you have said the same all season.
    oh it was just the chiefs they are horrible.
    oh it was the raiders they cant do anything.
    oh it was the patriots it is just one game.
    oh wow you beat the eagles who hasnt.
    oh you beat the redskins they are all injured.

    a few more wins and i suspect it will be, “oh wow you made the playoffs big deal”

    ps. The melee in the afc west and awefulness of the afc south makes 9-7 a playoff birth.

  21. Hey tmkelley1 — Do your research, smart-ass.

    “Considering the ‘Skins have lost their left tackle, left guard, and center, how impressive is it now?”

    The Bills were missing five starters too: Roscoe Parrish, Donald Jones, Shawne Merriman, Demetreus Bell (LT), and Kyle Williams. Their second string LT was out too.

  22. I love Kyle Williams as a nose tackle when he’s healthy, but he clearly has a different skill set than Marcel Dareus has. Obviously, Dareus has the talent to be a huge difference maker as a defensive lineman. One of the words used to describe Dareus leading up to the draft was “versatility.” He could play nose tackle. He could play a 4-3 defensive tackle. He could play a 3-4 defensive end. I happen to think he can be just as good as a defensive end as he is a nose tackle.

    I think part of the reason he hasn’t had quite the impact at DE to this point as he did at NT in the Washington game has a lot to do with who Buffalo was playing. Up until the Washington game, Buffalo has played teams with generally very strong ground games, with the notable exception of the Patriots. The Patriots instead have Tom Brady who is notoriously difficult to sack. In Washington, Buffalo faced a relatively inexperienced QB behind a relatively poor offensive line. They were more vulnerable to the sack than any previous Bills opponent this season, and it was more to the Bills’ advantage to make sure they got to Beck early and often.

    I’m not convinced that Kyle Williams is going to come back and be effective the rest of this season, given the nature of his problem. However, when he does come back, the Bills will have a problem, albeit a nice problem to have. Kyle Williams may or may not be effective as a 3-4 defensive end. I think he probably can be because he is a player wherever he lines up. We know Dareus can do both. Given that they are both very effective nose tackles, (Williams has been called one of the best in the NFL by at least a few pundits) but are still very different players with different strengths, why not scheme to have them switch up a lot? Why not even have them move after the QB’s cadence has started? Because they are different players, offensive lines have to account for them in different ways. It will make it very hard on offensive lines to have to keep adjusting, depending on who lines up where. That might just be the way to maximize the talents of both Dareus and Williams.

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