Montario Hardesty expected to miss time with torn calf muscle


The thin Browns backfield will be even thinner over the next few weeks.

Browns running back Montario Hardesty tore a calf muscle against the 49ers on Sunday, and will miss “some time” according to his coach Pat Shurmur.

Cleveland has already been without Peyton Hillis for a few weeks. While Hillis didn’t practice last week, he did travel to San Francisco in an effort to face the 49ers. Perhaps Hillis can return this week against the Texans.

Chris Ogbonnaya carried the load for the Browns on Sunday.  Cleveland is ranked 29th in rushing and 30th in yards-per-carry.

The Browns fired Eric Mangini and brought in Shurmur in large part because they wanted more offense, but the Browns attack has actually grown worse this season.

16 responses to “Montario Hardesty expected to miss time with torn calf muscle

  1. Another week, another starting RB down.
    49ers Dline are making the Athletic trainers of opposing teams earn their keep!

  2. We’ll see yet again how easily replaceable running backs are when Ogbonnaya runs for over 100 yards (presuming Hillis and Hardesty are out next week).

  3. Yet again another victim to the niners D. This reminds me of the way the packers were laying out QBs last year.

  4. Damn that’s sad another running back facing the 49ers that got hurt. Not one of those guys hoping for injuries but damn the 49er defense hits hard.

  5. As a Texans fan I liked Ogbonnaya, but in our crowded backfield he wasn’t going to get his chance here. I’m glad he has an opportunity, just hope he doesn’t run wild next Sunday ( And I have no reason to believe his will vs the 3rd ranked Defense, and after holding MJD to 60 yds Sunday)

  6. The games have been very hard to watch. Everyone wants to blame McCoy, but with a broken OL, no running backs and no WRs it would be amazing to see any improvement in QB play.

  7. He hurt his calf muscle so I’m guessing it wasn’t because of a hard hit. Good for the San Fran Ferries.

  8. Before all of the 49ers fans think their D is “killing running backs”. This guy is hurt all the time, I am honestly shocked he survived the week before running 30 plus times against the seahawks.
    The injury has nothing to do with your defense, and everything to do with this guys ligamints being made of dental floss.

  9. Still scratching my head at the firing of Mangini. Dump Brian Daboll…fine, but the whole coaching staff??? Last year, the Browns were in pretty much every game with inferior talent. Fire the coach, switch defensive schemes as you are finally getting players that can play the 3-4, hire a coach that has never been a head coach at any level AND let him take the Offensive Coordinator duties, don’t provide your young quarterback with ANY weapons, and expect success??? It is becoming harder and harder to remain a Browns fan!!!
    The ONLY thing that is keeping many of us holding on is the fact that our defense is playing pretty solid…and we have 2 first rounders next year which COULD bring us a couple of offensive weapons for whoever plays quarterback next year…but I don’t care who it is under center…MoMass, Cribbs, Robo, and Company would make Joe Montana, Steve Young, Dan Marino, John Elway, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, etc… look bad!

  10. @cledawg

    While it is starting to become a trend that starting RBs are getting hurt vs the SF D I’d say this shouldn’t be compared to the hit that took LeGarrette Blount out during the win vs TB.

  11. This is not new with Hardesty. Just like Best with the Lions and Wells with the Cardinals, Hardesty was known to be made of glass. It may be fine looking glass when all of the pieces are just right but, HE IS STILL GLASS!

    You had a beast in Hillis last year. Sign the man, make him happy and give him the damn ball.

    Get Colt some NFL-quality WR’s and some protection. I don’t care how good of a QB you are, you can not win games eating turf.

    Finally, Holmgren needs to hire a Offense Coordinator, and work with Shurmur on using him. Shurmur really stinks at this, so far.

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