Munchak: Johnson’s usage will “depend on the flow of the game”

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Chris Johnson is paid more than any running back in football except Adrian Peterson.

You’d think that would guarantee Johnson feature back status on his own team, but you’d also think Johnson would be averaging more than 2.8 yards-per-carry, which is dead last among eligible runners this year.

Javon Ringer was on the field more than Johnson Sunday against the Colts. Ringer was out there when the game was on the line. He was more effective than Johnson in every respect.  So is Johnson still The Man?

Coach Mike Munchak wouldn’t make any promises.  He said “every game will be different” and the usage between Ringer and Johnson “depends on the flow of the game.”

Ringer was careful to say he knows he’s role.

“CJ is our guy and I’m the backup. That’s just the way it is. There’s no controversy. There’s nothing between us. I know my role,” Ringer said via the Tennessean.

Johnson admitted it was tough to watch key moments from the sideline; he had one carry in the fourth quarter.  If Johnson couldn’t get going against the Colts, we wonder when it will happen. The Titans are 4-3 and need to win games.  That probably means a committee approach is here to stay.

Johnson got his money; Ringer may get Johnson’s playing time.

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  1. Where does it rank as one of the worst contracts ever?

    Off the top of my head, Javon Walker. DeAngelo Williams was awful, too. There’s more I’m forgetting.

  2. Kudos to Ringer for being a company man, and saying all the right things. That’s very commendable. With all the guys complaing in the league right now about any number of things (I’m looking at you Brandon Jacobs) it’s nice to see a guy not cause waves, especially when the team is winning.

  3. I posted here numerous times screaming as loud as I could for the Titans not to cave in and show C.J. the money.

    When will these GM’s learn?

    C.J. is just flat out stealing a check each week. He Shaun Alexandered the Titans and I saw it coming a mile away. Cut Mr. Ghetto as soon as you can

  4. Ringer has been this way since his days at MSU. He’s not blazing fast or bruising but productive, hard working, plays with heart, and do whatever his team needs. CJ needs to learn from his team mate before he ruins big pay days for runningbacks in the NFL.

  5. As many have said…

    He ruined the living crap out of my fantasy team…..but, try having your second round pick be Peyton Hillis on top of Johnson in the first round…you will be in fantasy hell like me.

  6. “Where does it rank as one of the worst contracts ever?”

    Don’t forget about the biggest contract hesit ever… just across the sidelines — Peyton Manning.

  7. dont write him off… he can still go for 1000 yards in last 8 games!
    – A desperate fantasy owner

  8. “We’ve already had our Vietnam. Now you’re gonna have yours.”
    -Col. Trautman, Rambo III

    “We’ve already had our Albert Haynesworth. Now you’re gonna have yours.”
    -Redskins nation, 2011

  9. How many times have we seen this?
    I can’t remember the last time a player held out for significant time, got his contract and then came in and performed up to it. Seriously… since when?

    Every GM/owner should make a list of these hold out happy players and wave it in front of anyone trying to pull the same move. How is the team held hostage every time, only to cave to pressure from the media and the fans? Ridiculous.

  10. Move him to slot WR and have some fun.

    He’s still an athlete and having Ringer, Hall, and CJ on the field at the same time would create matchup problems.

  11. the flow of the game huh…..give him that huge contract for that huh….depending on the flow of the game…. see Carolina RBs…..jus sayin….Johnson better do something quick because here comes the Bengals front 7…..ouch

  12. I was forced to watch that stinker of a game. What shocked me most is how hard the announcers for the game we trying repeatedly to claim that it wasnt chris johnson’s fault at all. It was the O-line, or a new offense or the playcalling or anything else, but Johnson. They even went so far as to say Johnson’s numbers and Ringer’s numbers were pretty much the same for the game, so that proved their point about it not being Johnson’s fault.
    At one point they said the problem was that Johnson wasn’t getting enough touches. 15 wasn’t enough, he needed 20-25. I remember thinking “are these guys his agents or what?”
    How is 14 carries 60 yds and 14 carries 34 yds the same? I’ll let you guess which one was Chris Johnsons stat line.

  13. So quick to criticize, but Ringer had done nothing this year either other than some garbage time yards in the 4th quarter. CJ has always been dependent on his offensive line to at least make some sort of crease for him to run through, but there’s NOTHING.

    Anyone who watched the game yesterday (and I know everyone outside of Titans and Colts fans wouldn’t watch that mess) saw Solomon Wilcots breaking it down.. CJ’s running style this year isn’t any different than it was his first 3 years. He’s always been a patient runner who stops and cuts after receiving the carry and then hits the hole. However, that doesn’t work when Eugene Amano, Leroy Harris, and Jake Scott are watching the defenders they’re supposed to be blocking gang tackling CJ a half second after the ball is snapped. He’s been able to make the first guy miss plenty of times.. but when there’s a 2nd and 3rd guy there to wrap him up, it doesn’t mean a thing.

    But in an era where people care more about watching their fantasy football scores than the actual game, I can’t say I’m surprised CJ is getting painted as that guy who took the money and quit. Call me biased or whatever, but if Ringer is really going to start splitting time throughout the entire game, I’m telling you right now that Ringer won’t be getting 3 YPC either. It’s not possible to run behind that joke of an offensive line.

  14. iknowitallandmore:

    Alexander was already old when he got his big contract, then brain dead Timmy NoSkill let Hutch walk, other O-line guys retired, and Timmy Noskill hadn’t satisfactorliy addressed the O-line leaving some BAD players to trot out on the field.
    I was a huge critic of SA’s fall down to avoid being hit, dance behind the line THEN fall down runing style. BUT, he played with broken bones and other injuries after his big payday. The O-line went in the crapper and he was too old to do it on his own. His production sucked, giving him the big contract was stupid, but SA didn’t screw the Hawks the way CJwon’tplay is screwing the Titans.

  15. You can fuss about the O-Line all you want but I see holes.. Ringer seems to see these holes.. For a sub par back up running back I think his numbers are better than our top RB..

    The run game is whats killing the Titans from really being a play off team.. All other parts seem to be working well.. #8 is looking pretty good..

  16. thetwilightsown-
    “How many times have we seen this?
    I can’t remember the last time a player held out for significant time, got his contract and then came in and performed up to it. Seriously… since when?”

    Darrelle Revis held out for a contract last year and last I checked he is pretty good.

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