Packers-Steelers rematch looking more realistic

Each Monday, Florio posts his “1-on-1 presented by Nissan” with Rodney Harrison video.

Except for the Mondays that he forgets. And then I post it because it’s pretty good stuff.

(I may or may not only be saying that because Rodney says Florio isn’t his favorite PFT writer.)

The guys talk Ravens, Tebow and whether there will be a Packers-Steelers rematch in the Super Bowl.

20 responses to “Packers-Steelers rematch looking more realistic

  1. It’d be worth the price of admission to see what Tebow could do on a decent team with a coach that actually wanted him to succeed.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know most either love or hate him.

    I’d just like to see what one of the best QBs in collegiate football could do as a pro to prove whether or not he could really do it.

    It’s doubtful he’ll ever do much with the Broncos in their current state.

  2. History has it way of working thing out. As much as I would to see the packers win another championship, the best team in the NFL slemdomly wins. If that were the case the patriots would win every year

  3. As a Packer fan and GB resident – I doubt GB makes the SB again. Odds say they won’t. Which is sucks – I’d love to see Aaron win back to back but let’s be real – it isn’t going to happen – most likely.

  4. Packers-Steelers rematch looking more realistic

    to quote billy the kid from young guns…”there’s many a slip twixt the cup and a lip”

    calm down, we’re not even halfway through the season ladies.

  5. The Packers are the reigning Super Bowl champs, still undefeated, and look better than they did this time last season. So it’s reasonable to consider them clear frontrunners in the NFC. But with one game or less separating half the teams in the AFC–and the Steelers still a half game behind the Ravens–you’re getting ahead of yourselves.

    Taking nothing away from the Ravens exceptional play opening day, I still believe part of our problem was going into that game supremely overconfident. Sure hope the Steelers are ignoring this hype. We still have half a season to go. It’s anybody’s game.

  6. Um…what? Steelers have the BEST AFC record right now at 6-2. Patriots and Ravens are 5-2.

  7. Green Bay still needs to iron out the defensive side of the ball. I have faith in the personnel and Dom Capers to make this happen. They won’t get back to the SB unless they can dial up pressure on the QB and limit the big pass plays.

    The 1-2 punch of Grant/Starks is netting just under 100 yards a game, which is actually a lot for the Packers!

  8. The NFL is too unpredictable, and any team that makes the play-offs has a fair chance at winning it all, as was the case last year with the 6th seeded Packers.

    Predicting a Steelers-Packers Super Bowl midway through the season is as easy as predicting a Phillies-Yankees World Series.

  9. This is a case of what if?
    Same result then.
    I see packers making it back, but pitt is injured, old, and will face tougher teams in playoffs. Just stating facts. Im a fan of neither

  10. @steelerfannomatterwhat …

    Oh, for pity’s sake, I keep forgetting the stupid bye weeks. But half the teams in the AFC have either 2 or 3 losses, and we’ve lost to the Ravens head-to-head. My bigger point, though, was that we should follow Han Solo’s advice to Luke Skywalker: Don’t get c*cky!

  11. christopher525 says:
    Oct 31, 2011 4:28 PM
    Kind of hard to have the same 2 teams in the Super Bowl when Pittsburgh won’t even make the playoffs.

    what r u a ravens fan?browns fan?or someone who has no clue about the game of football.wont even make the playoffs?you are kidding right?best afc record and chances are the Ravens wont beat the steelers 2 times this year not with that offense.if the ravens d dont play a spectacular game there season is over.the steelers are winning games minus players due to injuries.old slow?lol anyone who continues to say that dont watch the games.Ben is at the top of his game right now..they have all 3 fazes of the game going.shut down the best QB in the AFC and what everyone thought was the best team goin into the the steelers not make the playoffs?lol..WOW

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