Redskins claim Tashard Choice on waivers


Tashard Choice will get a chance to get a measure of revenge on the Cowboys this season.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Choice was claimed off waivers by their divisional rivals in Washington. With Tim Hightower out for the season and the Roy Helu/Ryan Torain combo struggling against the Bills, there’s certainly an opportunity for carries in the Redskins backfield.

The Cowboys waived/injured Choice to make room on the roster after rookie linebacker Bruce Carter was activated from the PUP list. Choice has been dealing with nagging hamstring and shoulder injuries, but clearly the Redskins don’t think the problems will keep him from helping him this season.

Choice’s production dropped sharply for the Cowboys the last two seasons. After averaging over five yards a carry in his first two years with Dallas, Choice averaged 3.7 and 2.7 yards per carry in 2010 and 2011 which made him expendable after DeMarco Murray’s breakout game two weeks ago. Still, there’s no better spot for a running back to get a chance than with Mike Shanahan, especially in a year without a clear frontrunner for the tailback job.

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  1. I predict he will sit out for 3 games. Then he will be named the started following a 100 yd game by Helu. Then he will rush for 250 yds and 3 TDs in two games before being benched for Tiki Barber.

  2. I’d hardly say Helu “struggled” against the Bills, given he wasn’t given a single chance to run the ball by ‘lil Shanny (unconscionably stupid).

    I’m not against this move. Couldn’t hurt to have more depth and Torain is frankly not very good.

  3. Will they take martellus bennett too? Hes another guy that had lots of potential that has been a huge dissapointment.

  4. Say what you will about John Beck’s undazzling performances, but at least he seems to have put his 2007 lose-the-ball orgy behind him. However handing off to Choice opens up entirely new possibilities for fumble madness.

  5. Running back isn’t the problem, it’s the interior of the o-line that is problem. It’s been a problem for years. Until they sort it out there wont be a running game.

    I don’t know much about Tashard Choice, unless he is really good at pass protection we should have signed someone who was healthy. It’s hard to believe someone carrying with niggling injuries is going last long trying to run through a line that seems intent of protecting the rights of defenders to roam free.

  6. @weneedlinemen42

    The one thing choice was/is good at is pass protection .. its the fumbiling and the injuries that are the problem.

  7. hope he stays long enough for the patriots to play him. I know Patrick Chung wants some revenge for that cheap shot he gave him.

  8. lennycoolbreeze says: Oct 31, 2011 6:18 PM

    The Redskins signed him for two reasons.

    1. Running back depth.
    2. To get all the info they can about the Cowboys playbook/signal calls.

    good move I think….Hail!

    Trust me, as a Cowboys fan, all you need to know about the Cowboys run game is that there is not one. unless you play the Rams.

    Is he going to tell them out O-Line sucks? Gah!! Don’t let the secret out!

  9. Cowboy intel?I would say just ask the eagles. He’ll be able to run as well as the other two RB’s the skins have the roster .You know with that stellar o- line and wonderful play calling of little shanny.

  10. There really isn’t any info to be garnered from a player unless he was cut after the gameplan was installed and you claim him that week. The change all the important signals and such week to week.

    I’ve watched Choice since he entered the league, and I just hated him. IDK why but he never did it for me, even that game a couple years ago against Pittsburgh was nice, but nothing to get worked up about. He always seems to fumble at the worst possible time. Hopefully a fresh start in the zone scheme can help him out, because by all accounts he seems like a good guy. That whole Vick autograph non-sense was a little dumb though.

  11. Terrell Davis, because of you Shanahan thinks whomever he touches will turn into a 1,000 yard rusher.

    It was always Davis and people are starting to get the idea that it was all Elway.

    With that said, let’s give Shanahan one more draft to “Make it happen” in Washington (not that he hasn’t blown enough drafts)

  12. They signed a running back and thats’s supposed to make a difference how? You have no offensive line, no quarterback, and few/none impact WR’s. Yeah, an imjury prone RB should be the solution to all of these problems…….good grief.

  13. I would just give the Redskins Martellus Bennett. Complete disappointment as a Cowboy fan.

    And Dallas has a running game. They just need to stick with it. You didn’t notice how well DeMarco did vs Eagles because the rest of the team sucked. Except Ware that is.

  14. I’ve been a huge supporter of Shanny and believe he’ll this ship turned around in the five years he told Snyder he needed. But I don’t understand adding Choice unless it for an edge up on the Cowboys. With the Left part of the O-line gone, RB, WR and TE out you can’t expect much more from them offensively. Which only kills your DEF to be on the field all night long. Long term this could be good if the Skins could acquire Luck or similar long term QB in next years draft. I for one will have a hard time with this week to week but losing could be good for this franchise with a stable head coach. Even tho we have the worst owner in the NFL.

  15. If Choice can throw the ball, give him a shot at QB….We are awful and I can barely breath with this bag over my head.

    I’m up here with no power…It is great not to hear all of us Skins fans being laughed at!

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