Tony Sparano says Dolphins gave “a heck of an effort” in defeat


Dolphins coach Tony Sparano looked dejected as he addressed the media today following his team’s 20-17 loss to the Giants, but he emphasized the positive.

Although the Dolphins fell apart in the game’s closing minutes, Sparano praised his team for jumping out to an early lead and holding that lead into the fourth quarter.

“The effort they put out on the football field was a heck of an effort,” Sparano said. “That easily could have been a win yesterday and it was a loss. So we’ve got to figure out a way to get ourselves over the hump in those kinds of games. I’ve said that before.”

The 0-7 Dolphins have had a bunch of games that could have been a win but turned into a loss. Last weekend they dominated the Broncos for 55 minutes only to lose in overtime, and they also mostly outplayed the Browns this season before falling 17-16. Even the Dolphins’ most lopsided defeat, a 24-6 loss to the Jets, was a game that they controlled for most of the first half. The Dolphins, whose point differential this season is minus-59, have been much more competitive than the league’s other winless team, the Colts, who have a point differential this season of minus-131.

So what does Sparano have to say about the latest close loss?

“They played their heart out,” Sparano said. “It wasn’t good enough. We lost the game. We’re not any better than we were a week ago. But there was a lot of improvement made in a lot of areas against a good football team. Give credit to the Giants. They’re a good football team. You see some plays being made, you see some plays maybe on our end not being made, coulda, shoulda wouldas.”

Sparano is right that his players are still giving an effort and haven’t quit. But in the NFL, just giving effort isn’t good enough.

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  1. There’s only so many games like this that we can escape with a loss. The goal is Andrew Luck. Nothing else. The Colts are going to be very tough to beat. Need to fall apart worse than we’re falling apart.

  2. Sparano and Parcells destroyed the Fins on the field and Ross continues to destroy the image and integrity of a once proud and respected franchise.

    Sparano is NOT head coach material, hell, I dont think he is even a good aassistant coach. He got his position by knowing the right people at the right time. Parcells got his positions much the same way except he parlayed the overrated hype bestowed upon him to multiple opportunities.

  3. The problem is there is not enough talent on this team. Clearly the blame for this mess falls on Parcells & Ireland.

  4. Childress should be hired to replace Dungy on Sunday Night. My guess is that a certain person would suddenly quit his position out of extreme fear.

  5. Rachel Phelps: [Charlie and Rachel are having a meeting about the team] Any ideas?

    Charlie Donovan: On how we can get worse?

    Rachel Phelps: Mmmmm…

    Charlie Donovan: How about a series of fines for good play? Maybe a $30,000 bonus to the guy voted Least Valuable Player.

    Rachel Phelps: Maybe the problem is… we’re coddling these guys too much. Yeah!

  6. He’s right, I was thinking the same thing myself after the game. Good showing against a better team like NYG. They are hanging in there because of the effort, in the end they can’t keep up for the full 60 because the talent is lacking.

  7. I’d like to know when the effort is going to stop. The Colts are headed full blast for the 0-16 season. The Fins need to keep pace which should make the Washington game a real purse swinging affair.

  8. Sparano points on the the map where “rock bottom” is, to his inept players. While screaming profanities at them.

  9. “We’re not any better than we were a week ago. But there was a lot of improvement made in a lot of areas against a good football team.”

    Yet another small quote that encapsulates this man. You aren’t any better but improved in a lot of areas? He simply can’t hack it as an NFL head coach, no matter how likable he is.

  10. Its ashame this team is so bad, from top to bottom.

    Makes me appreciate my Eagles, well run organization, stability at all levels and a diehard fan base. Something not every NFL team has the luxery of.

  11. This Dolphin team is void of talent, pure and simple. The team obviously plays hard for the coach. I hope Sparano ends up coaching the line somehwere in the league. If Parcells find you viable then their must be a spot for you somewhere.

  12. Seemed like 0-16 was impossible, and then Matt Millen got a front office job. And now, only a few years removed from the NFL’s first ever 0-16, and we might triple that this year. Thanks Miami and Indy. No one could be happier than Detroit fans. Although, if I remember correctly, the Dolphins were one lucky Greg Camarillo touch down away from 0-16 in 07′, and here we are only 4 years later, and they are trying to, err, “run the table” again, lol..

    But, it looks like Miami will get a victory against the Skins, leaving only Indy to run the table, lol

  13. I just love some of the back-handed and fake sympathy in…Its as pathetic as the jerks who right it. Im not a Dolpins fan but I can relate to the pain…just keep going both fins and fans…dont give up on your team. Thats what makes you a TRUE fan…un-like some of the “fair weather fans” I see in here.
    Hell…its easy to run your mouth when you team is up and all is great. The biggest mouths in here are no where to be found when things get tough.
    You know who you are!

  14. good coaches would never say something like that. a loss is a loss, margin of victory in the nfl means nothing, only W/L.

  15. That Sporano really thought. “Guys, you really put in a lot of effort to have people thinking that we could actually win this, but not blow our Suck for Luck campaign. Good job guys”.

  16. I really like Sparano and feel bad for him that everyone including himself knows how this is going to end. I even respect the guy. He may not be the right coach for this team, but you can’t slam his character or tenacity.

    I only wish (and dare) all sports writers and columnists to put the spotlight on Ireland or the “holy grail” of coaches Bill Parcells for JUST ONE WEEK the way they put it on Sparano.

    How about GM Watch week after week.

    How about “Hall of Fame Coach” watch after what he did to Miami week after week.

    Tony doesn’t deserve to take the whole brunt of this. Even if he will anyways.

  17. Did anyone with a half a brain really believe the Dolphins were going to win the NYG game? The Dolphinss quit long ago, knowing Sparano would be gone after this season. We hear lots of bravado coming from inside the Dolphin locker room, so what. They stink, your 0-7 Sparano, you are what your record says you are. The Giants played a very poor game untill crunch time, which is that time in a game the Dolphins dont know anything about,,,winning in the 4th qt. Read Miami Heralds article today about how bad the Dolphins really are. The Dolphins played tough till the end, yadda, yadda, yadda.

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