Even Fred Jackson’s wife was hesitant to draft Fred Jackson

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Fred Jackson has long been one of the most underrated players in the NFL, even struggling to gain respect on his own team.

Maybe it’s because he played in the Arena League and NFL Europe before making it big. Maybe it’s because he went to Coe College. Or perhaps it’s because he plays in Buffalo and his name is Fred Jackson.  (Ding, ding, ding).

Jackson shouldn’t be overlooked again after this season.  The Buffalo News made the case for Jackson as an MVP candidate on Tuesday. Throw out Aaron Rodgers (who is easily the pick so far) and Jackson could be No. 2 on the list.

Only Matt Forte has more yards from scrimmage, by 17 yards.  Jackson is a back that can do everything — block, catch passes, break big plays, and break tackles.

No other running back is within 150 yards of Jackson and Forte.  It’s early, but Jackson’s pace isn’t far off Chris Johnson’s record setting 2009 season.

Going into the year, we weren’t sure that Jackson would start for the Bills.  He struggled to get respect even inside his own house. His wife didn’t select him until the fifth round of her fantasy football draft.  She chose Michael Turner over him.

“[I told her] I’m not going to continue to sit here if you’re skipping over me in these rounds. If you don’t take me, I’m going to call your brother and tell him to pick me up,” Jackson said.

She drafted him. Like all of Jackson’s fantasy owners, she’s doing very well this year.

39 responses to “Even Fred Jackson’s wife was hesitant to draft Fred Jackson

  1. Since the article is related to fantasy…I am very happy about drafting Jackson…he has been a stud!

    Stories like this are great; he deserves all of the superlatives he is getting.

  2. Even as a Patriots fan it’s hard not to be happy for this guy. He deserves every bit of the recognition he is getting.

  3. assuming she’s in a league with a bunch of people who are friends and/or family of both her and her husband; it’s pretty funny that noone drafted him.

  4. I took him 68th overall not expecting big things. Been rock solid this year.

    Almost as good as taking J Graham at 133

  5. FJ has done great this year, but since he’s a RB its gonna take a couple more years of consistency for me to anoint this guy. Not taking away from him, but its the nature of the position

  6. And which records did Chris Johnson break in his “record breaking 2009 season” ???

    Most gold teeth? Longest dreads?

    Last I checked Dickerson still holds the single season rushing record.

  7. He was a beast even when I was watching him play for the Sioux City Bandits only thing that made our indoor team relevant. Glad to see he is finally getting his dues.

  8. mccoy isn’t close to being as valuable as forte..doesn’t forte account for approximately 48% of the bears offense?

    anyway, glad to see jackson getting some press, i’ve been a fan since that mnf game last season (or was it 2 seasons ago) against the patriots.

  9. @asublimeday

    If 10 Tds is better then 3 Tds then McCoy is producing more then Forte. Hope that helps you out.

  10. What this article fails to mention is that his wife made is clear to everyone in her league is that no one was allowed to draft Fred Jackson except for her. So nowing she had Fred in her back pocket (typical wife) she waited until the fifth round to take him. Michael Turner and Fred Jackson in her league as the starting RB’s not bad.

    Incredibly shrewd move by her.

  11. @kd75, Chris Johnson set the all time record for yards from scrimmage in 2009, a feat which is arguably a bigger deal than the rushing yards record still held by Dickerson.

  12. @asublimeday

    If 10 Tds is better then 3 Tds then McCoy is producing more then Forte. Hope that helps you out.

    Garbage TDs that don’t lead to wins don’t help me out at all.

  13. Freddy Jackson is a class act . When that broncos corner took apart our wideout Nelson I believe on a diving hit , Freddy was first one over there barking andstickn up for teammate, next two plays he ripped off a 12 yes and 20 yard run , the announcer remarked that u don’t want an angry Fred Jackson . MVP….?

  14. Fantasy values notwithstanding, Fred Jackson has been a pros pro for several years now. You need a yard, he gets it. Need a blitz pickup, he does it. Catch a pass? Consistently. He leans forward, doesn’t avoid contact and he has a ton of big play long runs/passes too. He is the best Bills running back since Thurman.

    Now just pay the man and keep him!

  15. And which records did Chris Johnson break in his “record breaking 2009 season” ???

    Most gold teeth? Longest dreads?

    Last I checked Dickerson still holds the single season rushing record.


    Chris Johnson, 1st player to ever have over 2500 yards from scrimmage in a single season in 2009. That’s the record they’re talking about

  16. Chris Johnson didn’t set any records in 2009 or any other year… unless claiming he’ll rush for 2500 yards is a record setting boast.

  17. @hendeeze

    No offense bro, but you clearly have no idea who Fred Jackson is… not only has he been splitting carries prior to this year…

    In 2009, Jackson ran for 1062 yards (with 2 TDs), caught 46 passes for 371 yards (and 2 more TDs), and also completed a 27-yard touchdown pass.

    Jackson also had 1014 kickoff return yards making him the first player in NFL history to compile 1000 rushing AND 1000 kickoff return yards. His 2,516 combined yards in 2009 are the fourth highest total in NFL history. The jersey he wore in the last game of the season in 2009 is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    I’m not saying he should be “annointed” anything… but don’t act as if he’s just shown up to the dance.

  18. kd75 says:
    Nov 1, 2011 5:17 PM
    And which records did Chris Johnson break in his “record breaking 2009 season” ???

    Most gold teeth? Longest dreads?

    Last I checked Dickerson still holds the single season rushing record.
    yards from scrimmage Einstein.

  19. I thought this story was gonna be about how hard he had to woo her. But it’s about fantasy. I’m cracking up. Good for Freddy. But why didn’t he just draft himself?

  20. I took Forte early but man did I get lucky when I drafted him in the 8th round. He was on my bench the first week and that’s it. I probably have as many wins as I do cause of Jackson

  21. Why?????

    CJ Spiller is only the most blatant bust ever!!!!!!

    Thus, Fred “Action” Jackson will be better!!!!!

  22. Every year some RB will come out of nowhere chris johnson 2years ago, jamal charles, & arian foster last year & fred jackson this year, who i love by the way, since i went to coe college, but there has been 1 back over the last 5 years who consistently makes the pro bowl and consistentley is 1st team all pro! All Day Adrian Peterson!! So quit this BS talk of who is the best RB in the game. If you people watch football you should all know Peterson is hands down the BEST RB in the game!! He has been seeing 8 & 9 man fronts since his 2nd game as a pro & still NO ONE can slow this man down!!

  23. People talking MVP for Fred Jackson are crazy. At least for me, running backs are a dime a dozen, there are a ton of players just like Jackson in the CFL and NCAA just waiting for a oppurtunity to produce. Now there are NFL running backs that are a tier above the adverage and they are the AP’s and the Adrian Fosters of the league just to name a few. That’s my viewpoint of NFL running backs.

    Midway point MVP is of course Aaron Rogers but Megatron is a close number two.

  24. I will preface this with I am a huge Bills fan. With that being said, and most experts agreeing, Fred Jackson is the real deal. He is the best pass blocking, blitz pick up back in the game right now. On top of that he runs with the purpose of AP, and has great hands. This isn’t some one hit wonder. He has 1,074 yards total in 7 games. On pace for 2,200 rushing/receiving. Lets not act like Arian Foster and Chris Johnson are in that elite caliber level with AP. They have only had one great year….Much like Freddy. I expect 3 more solid years from Freddy after this one.

  25. Funny how every thinks Fred suddenly became good this season. He has been one of the best backs in the league for the past 3 (including this year) seasons. In 2009 he was splitting time with lynch but still put out great numbers for all purpose yards. In 2010 for some reason Gailey was against giving Fred the ball (and time was split with Spiller almost 50/50) until the end of the season. In both the last two years Fred has been very efficient when he has been in, splitting time and coaching decisions last year are the only thing that has kept him under the radar until now. He is and always has been a great runner/receiver/returner and blocker, being that he is so complete in every aspect of the RB position, in my opinion he is the best RB in the league right now- I know those of you who only look at yardage will disagree.

    It’s to bad it took Buffalo until Fred is 30 to realize his value. 30 is getting to the older side for RB’s, however, I have been around him a few times and know how good he takes care of himself- his body is probably still in as good of condition as other RB’s in the NFL that are 25-26 yrs old, so I’m thinking his age won’t hurt him to much on his next contract. I am a Jackson fan which has turned me into a Bills fan, so I’m crossing my fingers he gets the contract he deserves, finally! Go Freddie, Go Bills!!!

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