Kubiak says cut blocks “just part of what we do”


Texans coach Gary Kubiak has heard about the Jaguars’ defensive line complaining about cheap shots in Sunday’s game, and he has a response.

Get over it.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Kubiak said cut blocks are and will continue to be part of the Texans’ offensive line’s approach.

It’s just part of what we do,” Kubiak said. “We think to be good at running the football, you’ve got to do the little things in the run game, especially on the back side that create space for your players. It’s just something that we think is important to being successful.”

The NFL’s rule against illegal chop blocks is often misunderstood, even by NFL linemen. Cut blocks are legal. It’s even legal for an offensive lineman on a running play to engage a defensive lineman and then have a second offensive lineman come in and hit the defensive lineman low. It only becomes illegal if the two offensive players engaged in the high-low blocks weren’t lined up next to each other on the offensive line. So it’s legal with a center and a guard, but illegal with a center and a tackle.

Kubiak spent many years as an assistant in Denver when the Broncos’ offensive line was always accused of taking cheap shots, and he brought the same style of blocking with him to Houston — and that style of blocking is legal. If defensive linemen don’t like it, they should be lobbying the NFL to change the rules. As long as it’s legal, it’s going to be part of the Texans’ offense.

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  1. The rule needs changed, and you don’t even have it right.

    Chop blocks are ILLEGAL on passing plays. They are illegal on run plays if the person doing the chopping is 2 spots away from the person engaged i.e. a tackle can’t chop a player the center is engaged with.

    All of this emphasis on protecting skill players from injury and you let linemen chop the knees of defensive players?

    The rule needs to be changed to make it illegal to chop ANY defensive player who is engaged in a block.

    I don’t have a problem with cut blocks since the defender isn’t engaged and can avoid them.

  2. Something needs to be done about cut blocks. The NFL has made all kinds of ridiculous accommodations to protect QBs and defenseless receivers, meanwhile defenders are getting their knees taken out on nearly every play. The Falcons are the worst.

  3. I don’t believe in “Madden curses” and what not, but Suh may be onto something with that “karma” talk…

    I mean, the texans have been one of the more talented teams for the last couple of years and they haven’t even been to the playoffs cause they lost a couple of games they should have won …(jags hail marry/tebow’s comeback)

    idk, cut blocking = noob tubing on fps games.

  4. Nothing makes me laugh more than defenses complaining about cut blocking. It’s often the same defenses that complain about fines for killing defenseless receivers and going helmet to helmet with QBs.

    If the defenses can dish it, they should be able to take it.

  5. It is not abour cut blocks. It is about the “cheap” punch to the gut to Clint Sessions by Duane Brown on the sidleline. It was about a Texans player stepping on Knighton’s head when he was down.

    Either way, Texans will get theirs. What comes around goes around.

  6. Such a confusing rule. As crazy as it sounds, I don’t think the people making these rules realize how fast the game really is. When a ref sees a defensive lineman engaged with an offensive linemen and he is ‘chop blocked’, the ref either has to throw a flag or let it go. He doesn’t have time to think back and remember if the two blocking linemen were lined up next to each other, he has to look out for any other infractions. What an unrealistic expectation placed on the refs. The NFL is making life harder for their own.

  7. What about when Duane Brown punched a player in the stomach? Is that just a part of what you do too? What a turd.

    They’re going to win the AFC South by default this year, so the good news for the Colts, Jaguars, and Titans is that Kubiak will keep his job.

  8. Ummm, but when has a cut block ruined somebodys career? Somebody want to site some sources? More offensive lineman get leg injuries than defvensive lineman. So, maybe instead of pecking away at a keyboard all day, some of you should actually get out and play some real football. It is present at all levels from Pee-wee all the way up to the pros. Most of you, I hope, are thinking of crack back blocks, which have ruined careers, not cut blocks.

  9. im a jags fan and even i thought it was pretty weak how we were complaining about the blocks. if our passing offense was even half decent we’d be a very competitive team, but gatta give credit to the texans they played a good game.

  10. i’m tired of reading ppl complaining that one of our O-linemen stepped on a guy’s head. you talk like you know 100% that it was on purpose, i say show the tape. The Texans aren’t dirty, they played within the rules & they play extremely hard & aggresive. in the words of Kubs, “Get over it”…get better as a football team & quit getting beat.

  11. In my opinion, Shanny and Kubiak have always hid behind the rulebook while preaching the really illegal and damaging blocks. But, it’s always been very controversial.

    The only time they really had success was blocking for Terrell Davis – and honestly, he was so good, he could have run behind any type of blocking. I think it’s time that Kubiak and Shanahan stopped purposefully injuring players and sending them in for knee surgeries. Football teams can run the ball at least as well by using straight ahead blocking schemes, trap blocking, and even are able to run well out of spread blocking schemes.

  12. The Jaguars werent complaining about the chop blocks, they were complaining about the cheap shots.

    Take a look at the video of Duane Brown on the sidelines against Clint Session.

    Also, Juice Cushing is a cheap shot artist on multiple plays.

  13. WORD joetoronto, that hit was text book.
    I think the article meant Center Guard is illegal but Center Tackle is legal.

  14. Kubiak is saying it’s the refs jobs to enforce the rules. This is the correct answer. The NFL is not the MLB where there are tons of unwritten rules. The Texans are playing within the scope of the NFL rules. If they weren’t the refs would be throwing flags all over the field. That’s not happening.

    If any team has a problem with it, talk to the refs and tell your team to bring it up with the competition committee that meets every year. Otherwise, the Jax players who made these comments are just made that their team sucks.

  15. The Packers and McCarthy tried to implement this zone-blocking scheme, cut-block crap when he first got there. Horrible. That’s why they drafted all those track star o-linemen to run it, and they were all garbage. Quit trying to be Denver of the late 90’s – it ain’t gonna work.

    They’ve never publicly admitted it was a failure, but now they’re back to drafting the big guys and running the west coast in a spread style. Thankfully, because the ZBS sucks.

  16. you lost last sunday, nothing is going to change from now until Nov. 27th other than we’ll have Dre back & possibly Manning as well & that equals another loss for your sorry Jags!!

  17. I’m sure Kubiak would change his tune if some 350 lineman dove at his knees several times a day without warning.

  18. LOL at Steroid Needle Cushion whining to the ref after Gabbert called him out on the sideline.

    “He said a bad word, sir! Waaaaaa!”.

  19. Does it really hurt all that much to get your head stepped on while wearing a football helmet? With respect to my own safety, I worry most about times that I am not wearing a football helmet (like on calendar days that don’t fall on Halloween).

  20. If all the whiners think the Texans are the only teams that block like this then they don’t really watch that much football. The Texans admit they do it because it is legal! I bet you can not watch a full game of any two teams play and not find cut blocks.

  21. So even with all their cut blocking, Foster could only manage 3.4 ypc against the Jags run D? I guess Kubiak might need to go back to the drawing board to find out some more cheap ways to get ahead as a HC.

    Hopefully the Texans go into the playoffs and even win a game. I’d love for him to be their HC for the next 5 years.

  22. LOL, make cut blocks illegal and every RB in the league is going to be useless in pass protection because cut blocking is how they handle a DE with a full head of steam.

  23. “That and lose 9 consecutive years in a row…”


    Much worse than losing 9 consecutive years not in a row

  24. Texans are JOKE. Their fans are a joke. You would think that they have won the last five Championships in a row.

    Look, you stupid fools…you have three of your five wins against teams with a combined record of…wait for it…2-22.

    Wake up. MORONS!

  25. @boiler72

    Yep, RunDMC sucked last year, same with Arain Foster. And Clinton Portis was so bad that the Skins traded Champ Bailey for him. Yea, the ZBS really sucks so bad that it can’t even make guys like Mike Anderson, Tatum Bell, Olandis Gary and Cedric Griffen look better than they are… Oh wait…

  26. boiler72 says:
    Nov 1, 2011 1:53 PM
    The Packers and McCarthy tried to implement this zone-blocking scheme, cut-block crap when he first got there. Horrible. That’s why they drafted all those track star o-linemen to run it, and they were all garbage. Quit trying to be Denver of the late 90′s – it ain’t gonna work.

    They’ve never publicly admitted it was a failure, but now they’re back to drafting the big guys and running the west coast in a spread style. Thankfully, because the ZBS sucks.

    The ZBS looked unstoppable in 1998 when the Broncos O-line cut Gilbert Brown & Co. on every play until he could barely stand. By the end of that Super Bowl, Terrell Davis was doing whatever the hell he wanted.

    It sucked to watch as a Packers fan, but it’s silly to say that scheme can’t work. Arian Foster is doing pretty well in it right now.

  27. jvillenole says:
    Nov 1, 2011 1:40 PM
    “It is not abour cut blocks. It is about the “cheap” punch to the gut to Clint Sessions by Duane Brown on the sidleline. It was about a Texans player stepping on Knighton’s head when he was down.”

    “Either way, Texans will get theirs. What comes around goes around.”

    First of all, the video shows clearly that Duane Brown was being held from behind as he tried to get up, the motion you saw that looked like a “punch” was him pulling his arm free from the guy behind him. Which is why you see no reaction from Session, If Brown had actualy punched him, dont you think Session would have reacted? Ha, the Houston radio hosts were laughing about this today, commenting on how at first glance it looks like a punch, but obviously wasnt.

    And by “what comes around goes around” I assume you are reffering to another beatdown which you will recieve at the hands of the Texans next game.

  28. Thank you ‘RabidBillsFan’ for educating the many mistaken fans who post here.

    Cut Blocks have always been and will always be part of the game. Deal with it.

  29. Jaguars and their fans are playing the victim card. Pointing the blame for their bad team on others. Instead of where the blame belongs: the jag players and coaches. Here’s an idea jaguars: man up. Take responsibility and try to do something about it.

  30. PFT keeps leaving out an important part of that rule! The play ALSO has to be going AWAY from the person being cut. If it is going toward that player, then it is legal.

    Here’s the official rule, which a league source has forwarded to PFT: “On a running play, A1, an offensive lineman, chops a defensive player after the defensive player has been engaged by A2 (high or low), and the initial alignment of A2 is more than one position away from A1. The rule applies only when the block occurs at a time when the flow of the play is clearly away from A1.

  31. Cut blocks are part of the game. They were very integral to a 150 pound hich school lineman such as myself. And instead of making them illegal, make the other “defenseless” receiever crap, and other crap like that, legal. Getting hit over the middle is part of the game too.

  32. this has nothing to do with the rule changes to protect defenseless players like recievers. Those rule are to protect the brain, neck, spine and head. having 225-260 lbs men running at incredible speeds with acrylic helmets and shoulder pads and crushing a player in a exposed postion is not the same as the bigs in the trenches. it say sound cruel but these guys are fighting in a phone booth and taking them to ground by cutting their legs is not like lighting them up with the crown of your helmet to the head or ribs.

    Now diving at a players legs while being held up by your teammate is not the same as a cut. A cut happens at the snap a when the defensive player is in a low position to start with his knees already bent. Do I doubt that it is painful, no. but I am sure it does not feel good getting pancaked by these dlineman either

  33. Also jvillenole, one more thing,
    “He kicked me in my helmet”…
    Do you realize how retarded this sounds? BTW, there is ZERO evidence of this nor did he name the player. That is sort of odd, don’t you think?
    No Players were named in any of this, just players crying and the fans following suit. Joined at the hip you are.

    Back to the Helmet thing though…
    Baseball players get hit by a baseball after the ball is struck on a line at about 100+ miles an hour and the only protection they have for the family jewels is a cup!! A cup!

    Your guy allegedly got kicked in the helmet that had him so outraged he can’t remember the player.
    The Wussification of the game is alive and well in JAX!!!

  34. superschrec says: Nov 1, 2011 3:33 PM

    The Steelers and Steeler Nation were saying this a few weeks back, I recall

    Exactly. Oh, and ironically it was after their heads were handed to them by the Ravens.

  35. First of all JAG FANS yall lost. Second of all stop blaming the Texans for injuries and if you’re going to come with facts. Show me where every game a defensive lineman gets hurt at the hands of the Texans O-Line. Sorry but you cant.

    Bottom line is you lost with us missing out best receiver, our best defensive lineman/linebacker, our best safety and our best back up linebacker.

    You dont find it weird that the Disney Sports Channel hasn’t been blasting the infamous “Stepping on the Helmet”!!!

    Come on Jags Fans I could expect this from the Sorry Titans Fans but not you guys.

    And to All the look who we beat 3 teams with two wins between them all i have to say is we play our schedule. We beat Pittsburgh and we have been playing without two of our Pro-Bowlers and Without Foster for half the year and now without a better than average safety !!!


  36. This is one rule that I think should be changed, I hate watching linemen running out at defensive backs and diving at their legs, I hate watching running backs/fullbacks as lead blockers, going at the legs of anyone on the defense…

    The rules should mirror high school football. the only players allowed to cut/chop block are the O-Line – Tackle to Tackle. They are only allowed to cut/chop defensive players that line up in the Tackle to Tackle space, and only if they are a yard or less from the line of scrimmage… so blitzting LB’s DB’s could only be chopped/cut if they were showing the blitz and within the OT – OT space.

    No more RB’s diving at defensive lineman, blitzing LB/DB’s … theyd have to learn to block straight up… and no more WR’s diving at defensive backs legs, they’d also have to learn to manup and block.

  37. I’m sure there is hypocrisy in how the rules are being written (and interpreted), but there is a reason why head shots are illegal and cut blocks are legal.

    Head shots are linked to brain damage and many life threatening conditions that develop later in life. (ALS for example) Cut blocks simply don’t cause brain damage.

    Have you ever stopped and thought, “Why are men in elite condition – tons of money, good food, great conditioning, and all of the other markers for increased longevity – dying in excess of 10-20 years earlier than their counterparts?”

  38. It’s hilarious reading the excuses the J’ville fans are spouting for their whiney players. “He stepped on his head!” “He punched him!” Criminey, if Lombardi was alive today he’d drag his crusty old self down to Jackassville and give these babies a good old fashioned butt chewing: “You talked about how you hate the Texans BEFORE the game, you went down there and got beat, then you ran home and WHINED to a reporter?! Give me 50!” And these kind of players are the guys you Jags fans are sticking up for? No wonder you’re gonna lose your team. At least Houston can have another decade of mediocre PRO football. What’s J’ville gonna have? Annual celebrations of the Tebow years?

  39. Jacunn2000… didn’t your mommy ever tell you that if you can’t say anything intelligent, don’t say anything at all? Your poor attempt at humor adds nothing to this topic. Want to try again, or did you burn up all your brain cells coming up with such a witty comment?

    Right or wrong, the blocking scheme used by the Texans is LEGAL…therefore, they aren’t cheap shot artists/dirty players/etc. Go whine about it to the League Office, not in the media (because it makes you look like sore losers and punks).

  40. I know I’m just a peon long removed from high school glory days, but my coach told me to shed the block and make the tackle. He didn’t coach any technique involving having my head on the ground where it could be stepped on. And if I was double teamed in any way, he expected someone else that wasn’t double teamed to make the tackle. But he was just a football coach, coaching football.

    Now, WTF are some of you talking about????? Did you mean to sign onto the coed flag football post?

  41. whatwouldlombardido says:

    No wonder you’re gonna lose your team. At least Houston can have another decade of mediocre PRO football. What’s J’ville gonna have?

    You do realize that you lost your team, right?

    The Oilers? The Houston Oilers? You lost that team. Just want to make sure you didnt forget.

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