Lions still unsure when Jahvid Best will return

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When Jahvid Best suffered a concussion against the 49ers, there was talk that the Lions hoped he could return for Week 10 against the Bears, after the Week 9 bye. Now the Lions have reached their bye week, and coach Jim Schwartz says he’s not sure if Best is coming back or not.

“We’ll see,” Schwartz said, via the Detroit News. “You can’t have a timetable on these things.”

Best’s injury is of particular concern because it’s his second concussion of the year and because he suffered a very serious concussion that prematurely brought his college career to an end. There’s even been talk that Best could shut it down for the entire 2011 season.

Schwartz promised that the Lions will let the medical staff and Best decide when he’s ready to go, and not put any pressure on him to return quickly.

“The one thing we will be sure to do is be objective and listen to the people who are the experts in these decisions,” Schwartz said. “Like I’ve said a hundred times, it’s not something you can put tape on or tough out. We have to be conservative.”

When it comes to concussions, a conservative approach is the approach every coach should have.

16 responses to “Lions still unsure when Jahvid Best will return

  1. Get well soon Jahvid. We could sure use you against the bears next week, but if you’re not ready by then I sure hope you’re ready when the pack comes to town on thanksgiving.

  2. I’m glad they’re not rushing him back, it looks like they’re taking his history of concussions seriously

  3. No reason for him to rush back. Maurice Morris and Keiland Williams are more than capable of handling the load while he heals. There’s plenty of season left.

  4. Good luck to you Jahvid.
    As for the rest of the team, I hope you get your ass stomped the rest of the season.

  5. Whenever you’re ready to come back and deliver another 88yd scoring run, we’ll be waiting for you! But don’t risk ruining your young life and become a shivering vegetable on our account…

  6. Best will probably look long and hard at his situation before coming back. I understand he had concussion issues in college and a few were very serious ones.

    As long as he returns against the Vikings thats good.

  7. This concussion stuff is really too bad, but lets get real, should a concussion-prone RB ever really return?

  8. Smart move – get well Jahvid.

    @packersrule12 – I bet you do… you’ll need every advantage possible when we introduce ourselves. Where is that Packer Swiss Cheese Defense ranked…let me see…. Ahhh – OOPS – there you are… at the BOTTOM of the league. ; )

  9. the Lions are one of the most careful teams in the league…it appears…about treating concussions. Justin Durant sat out possibly two weeks after he was ‘cleared to practice’. Sheffler missed time as well, after a head hit.

    It helps to have viable replacements for injured guys, and Bobby Carpenter, filling in for Durant, has shown he can bring it, (see his pick-six in the Dallas game) and the Lions have Pettigrew and Will Heller at tight end, in addition to Sheffler.

    There is no replacement for Best’s speed and reactions on the roster, but I’m thinking the Lions want Best back to play some against the Panthers, the week before Thanksgiving, to tune up for Green Bay. Detroit beat GB last year, and it’d be nice to do it this year, just to see Tulloch do a rendition of ‘the belt’, after a sack of Aaron Rodgers.

  10. wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery javid go Cal but next time keep your Niner hate out of the papers and we wont have to smash you like everyone facing the two best inside Lbackers in the game Bowman and Willis

  11. Although I enjoy smack talk like anybody else when it comes to a player’s health it’s best left off the comments section.

    With that being said with Best’s past history I think the best approach is to shut it down for the rest of the season.

  12. The Lions put a whoopin’ on Rodgers last year, and I can hardly wait for their upcoming Thanksgiving Day beatdown of the Pack.

  13. polegojim says: Nov 1, 2011 11:11 AM

    Where is that Packer Swiss Cheese Defense ranked…let me see…. Ahhh – OOPS – there you are… at the BOTTOM of the league. ; )
    Hey pole-rider, aren’t you the same guy that 3 weeks ago said “Stats don’t count, wins do”?
    Well, that would put that Packer, Swiss Cheese “D” at 7 – 0! See you on Thanksgiving!

  14. Aaron Rogers is good but I can’t wait to see him running for his life trying to throw the ball. For Detroit to win they will have to pressure Rogers like crazy. Other than that, like most teams they will have no shot at winning. Rogers is just to good..

  15. I think once a concussion has occurred, the damage has been done. The next one will be much more likely as will subsequent concussions. Seems like after 3 or 4, you are probably done.

    If a guy comes in and plays 2 games, sits out 4, plays two more and then sits out the rest of the season. . . What’s the use? I’m thinking Best may give it one more go, but after the next concussion, that will be it — as much as I hate to say it.

    I hope he recovers and I hope he has a long career in the NFL.

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