Bad sign for Cardinals: John Skelton is a popular guy

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The lowest moment in the 2010 49ers season undeniably came when San Francisco fans started chanting for David Carr to enter a game.

Alex Smith has helped make that a distant memory, but there is a similarly depressing movement happening in Arizona right now.

John Skelton is suddenly a popular guy.

Skelton told Darren Urban of the team’s official website that it’s “hard to ignore” the fact fans have been clamoring for Skelton to play over Kevin Kolb. With Kolb battling a toe injury this week, the home faithful may get their wish.

Cardinals fans clearly have short memories. Skelton was rough around the edges to put it mildly last year, although he had some decent moments for a rookie.

Ken Whisenhunt has to really hope Kolb plays this week. Kolb is obviously going to start every game this year when healthy and a matchup against the Rams provides Arizona with a great chance to get a win.

If Skelton does start and pulls off the victory, he’s only going to get more popular.

27 responses to “Bad sign for Cardinals: John Skelton is a popular guy

  1. Well seriously Arizona what did you expect? I wish my team a career backup who was somehow worth a 2nd round pick and a former pro bowl cornerback…

    Just not a smart move. Knew it right from the beginning.

  2. You mean they’re not chanting for derek anderson? Surprising since his tenure there went so well

  3. Either way – there’s going to be plenty of boo’ing going on in this one..

    The Rams D has stepped up – Arizona’s still hasn’t…And atleast The Rams figured out how to protect AJ Feeley.

    I smell a steady dose of Steven Jackson, followed by a full course meal of Chris Long and the d’line,with a little desert of Bradford to Brandon Lloyd..

    ‘mmm victory smells delicious

  4. Skelton is smart kid out of Fordham. Definitely needs time to learn, but with the recent success of a Harvard QB, I like the idea of having a QB from a strong academic school without recent football prominence in the development process. I would like to see how much he’s progressed since last year.

  5. That’s ok, I’m sure Wishenhunt will defer to Skelton because all he wants is for “a guy who’ll step up and make a play”….he tells us that each week in his post game press conferences.

  6. What happened to Bartel(SP?)? He looked quite able in preseason. Yes I know you can’t tell 100% from preseason, but the guy made some great throws and handled himself well out there. He looked comfortable.

  7. What’s in the water out west?

    This situation is reminiscent of Broncos fans clamoring for Tebow to play over Orton (who is clearly the better QB at this point).

  8. I wonder if the media kinda forced the Kolb trade to go down, but then they gave him a ridiculous extension.

    They have become the 2009 Rams. Bad QB play clamoring for the backups. First it was Bulger, then Kyle Boller, then Keith Null…

  9. Did someone compare Fordham to Harvard? Isn’t Fordham the place NYC graduate students go when they can’t get into Columbia or NYU?

  10. Back it up for a second. Arizona has more than just qb issues. Ya gotta point the finger at their management. They passed on ryan kerrigan in the draft . They did this to pick pat peterson who is now a kick returner. In this process they traded away their probowl corner. Their pass defense is in shambles, so they could aquire kolb. Yikes. Blame the gm

  11. Not sure what the Cards–either the team or the fans–expected, but Kolb’s numbers are right in line with what he did his last couple years in Philly: completion % and QB rating are roughly the same, his TDs and interceptions are still about equal…. They got exactly what the stats suggested they’d get.

  12. Please stop. We are 1-6. 11 weeks with the team and Kolb is not Aaron Rodgers. We get it. This is not Denver. If Kolb is hurt, he should sit.

  13. Didn’t it seem like the Cardinals were bidding against themselves? EVERY time it seemed the topic came up about Kevin Kolb and where he might end up this offseason, you never really heard another team mentioned as a likely destination. I remember wondering if ESPN’s analysts were just being lazy or if there really was no other place he could go? It was ALWAYS the Cardinals! I dunno I just never get why GMs feel the need to act like they’re getting run up by the mogul (storage wars referrence).

  14. Wait a second, the fans have been clamoring for the backup qb all season? Why is this the first I’ve heard of it? Why isn’t it the lead 15 MINUTES on NBC Sportstalk? Why isn’t it reported every five minutes? Why aren’t they talking about it every half hour on every show on ESPN? Why isn’t this on the front page of every sports web site? Don’t tell me there are one set of rules for Tim Tebow and a different set for everyone else!

  15. Maybe the fans should start asking for an o-line or a defense that can stop somebody. Keep the QB clean and not scrambling for his life and maybe you guys will win another game!

  16. Aa long as Levi Brown and Brandon Keith start at tackle the Cardinals will not win another game this season. The Cardinals got themselves in this Suck for Luck Sweepstakes by not upgrading their O-Line. It doesn’t make any difference who the quarterback is unless he can run a 4.2 40. Levi Brown was actually drafted ahead of Patrick Willis and Adrian Peterson. That’s why the smart teams draft best available and not reach for need.

  17. I’d just like to point out that Alex Smith hasn’t quieted the shouting all by himself. The 49ers don’t really have any stars, yet they are (at least record-wise) the second best team in the league. Everyone does a great, solid job at what they do, and they are a cohesive unit. Smith’s numbers haven’t been amazing, but he’s playing solidly. So is everyone else. The whole team is so good that nobody’s calling for Smith’s head, which is the way it should be. This team is the opposite of the Colts last year, instead of an amazing quarterback with mediocre talent surrounding him, the 49ers have a decent, slightly above average QB surrounded by more slightly above average players who work together well, are unselfish, and play like a team. That’s what I like to see.

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