Celebration, taunting penalties have the Ravens confused


Two Ravens picked up unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for celebrating after plays in Sunday’s win over the Cardinals, and afterwards the guys from Baltimore said they don’t understand what the officials were calling.

“I saw what happened. They were right in front of me,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, via CSNBaltimore.com. “I’m going to have to save [an opinion] for the league because, to be honest with you, I don’t understand them. I’m looking forward to seeing how the league explains them to us.”

One penalty was on Ravens safety Bernard Pollard, who yelled something at Cardinals tight end Jeff King after pushing him out of bounds. The other was on running back Ray Rice, who celebrated a seven-yard catch and got called for taunting, even though his celebration didn’t appear to be aimed at anyone on the Cardinals.

And then there was Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, who sacked Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb on Sunday and then was warned — but not flagged — for apparently going close to the line on celebrating too much. NFL Network’s NFL Replay showed Suggs discussing the celebration with an official who warned him, “You can’t go to your knee.”

That was news to Suggs, who had no idea that going to the ground in celebration is against the rules.

“I can’t believe y’all,” Suggs told the official. “Offense scores a touchdown they can do everything in the book.”

Actually, offensive players aren’t allowed to go to the ground to celebrate touchdowns, either. But Suggs and the rest of the Ravens seem to think the officials are inconsistent in the way they call celebration penalties. I think they’re right.

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  1. Both of those penalties were completely bogus… not to mention that I saw both night games, with similar celebrations occurring a small handful of times with not a single penalty – players get up in each others’ faces all the time. Man up.

  2. Glad they got all their celebrating out against that awful cardinals team! Cause there wont be anything but crying come sunday night. When the steelers…BRING THE PAIN!!!!!

  3. If going to your knee is a penalty, then why wasn’t the Lions’ defensive lineman penalized for “Tebowing” after sacking Tebow? These rules are silly and inconsistently applied.

  4. Other Raven players claimed to be confused by the proper usage of they’re/there/their, the federal tax code, and the Lost finale.

  5. Do not get me wrong, I like him a lot… but doesn’t Jared Allen go to his knee after every sack? Just an example of inconsistency and lack of clarification on rules…

  6. What medtxpack said. Sounds like Harbaugh, Suggs, and Pollard better call for a meeting with the commish and get some clarification!

  7. how about they celebrate after the game when they get the win? if its so confusing then don’t celebrate

  8. Here come Steelers nerds again. Listen very closely to what I have to say. I know comprehension is difficult for people in Pittsburgh, but I’ll make it easy:

    Until the game ends on Sunday, all that can be said is, “35-7.” That’s it. Nothing else matters.

  9. agreed, league is very lopsided and vague on this, one time a player can stand over another in taunt-like fashion but if player on ground tries to push them out of way with any effort its flagged for unsportsman like conduct. after a pick an opposing away player can bow to fans but if a d-lineman does it after a sack its considered bad showmanship & flagged. way too much of this is left to refs discretion. even though most of it is stupid especially if players are celebrating on badly losing teams, the league should let it all go….the act of a celebration as defined by the league does not get used consistenly at all. and for someone not to be able to go down on a knee (especially when it is used as part of game) is absurd.

  10. Actually when offenses score they can go to the ground to pray to their fantasy man in the sky…. but only praying to the christian fantasy man is allowed. got to love football, HUH?

  11. Ahh the No Fun League. Score, give the ball to the ref like good little soldiers.

    I say as long as they don’t use props, direct taunting, or death signs(throat slit) players should be allowed to celebrate big plays.

  12. Actually, the official who was shown talking to Suggs told him that he could go to his knee if he was in the endzone.
    There definitely needs to be consistency in the application of these rules.

  13. I am still waiting for refs to get some balls and call a penalty on the Lambeau leap is in violation of the NFL rules as a pre-meditated celebration. But alas we fall to more hypocrisy in the No Fun League.

  14. Jared Allen goes to his knees and does that rope a calf move (which I love by the way)

    Never seen him called for that.

  15. I’m not a Ravens fan but I saw the Ray Rice penalty and it was ridiculous. He basically mimicked the gesture the defensive player made (at him) after making the tackle.

  16. It’s going to be hilarious when Tebow gets flagged for excessive praying.

    That will be a 15 yarder from Hell if there ever was one.

  17. You think harbaugh is confused about that? Wait til he sees our offense spread the field like we did against the pats! Poor guy will look like a deer in the headlights!

  18. Wait are you talking about THE PAIN the Steelers brought the first game this year when the Steelers had a healthy defense and the Ravens absoultly destroyed them. Now three of your top defensive players hurt the only pain being brought is the embarassment of getting destroyed in your home stadium. Oh and I’m not a Ravens fan.

  19. Ravens only hope is that they can get 7 turnovers in this game like they got in the last! If ravens gave us 7 turnovers in a game guarantee we would of won about 56-7. Thats how much better steelers offense is than ravens! Im expecting vengeance from steelers. Ravens 17 steelers 73 F

  20. Jared Allen gets on one knee and does the hog tie thing after every sack, there’s no consistency.

  21. Again the Squealers fans come off the bandwagon to comment,haha. That game is always the best of the week,period.

    The title is celebration and taunting people. The call on Ray Rice was absolutely bogus! The Lambeau Leap should be called every time,now THAT is excessive.

  22. The Lambeau Leap is specifically legal.

    In a vote of 29-3, the owners gave officials power to penalize a team 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff for excessive celebrations anywhere on the field. Spikes, dunks, Lambeau Leaps, spins, dances and simple celebrations will be allowed. But penalties will be given for any celebration other than that.

  23. Jared Allen got warned at the beginning of the season that he couldn’t go to one knee. He now puts it really, really close to the ground.

    Two weeks ago on Charles Woodson’s first int on Ponder he ran back onto the field and did the worm while the rest of the defense was looking on. NO penalty there.

    Just be consistent with your calls and obviously they are not.

  24. once agains not trying to sound like a typical Ravens fan but some of those penalties were bull! How are you gonna flag someone for talking? players talk all the time and all of the sudden you’re gonna flag us! that’s some bull

  25. What?? But I thought Ravens games are called completely fairly and can’t be rigged?? Oh, by the way, Ray Rice’s penalty happened late in the fourth quarter of a tied game at home! HMMMM….Get ready for the rig of the season Sunday night.

  26. Jared Allen used to go to a knee but now he keeps his knee a couple inches off the ground so it’s legal. Could there be a more preposterous rule in all of sports? Just let them celebrate.

  27. atlien698 says:
    If going to your knee is a penalty, then why wasn’t the Lions’ defensive lineman penalized for “Tebowing” after sacking Tebow?

    Going to a knee in prayer or thanks is protected… perhaps just in the end-zone, but protected.

    It just happens to also have mocked Tebow’s propensity for making PDsR*.

    *PDR = Public Displays of Religiosity

  28. Bring the pain, huh? Last time I looked the guys that bring the pain were in pain. Their LB corp is decimated with injuries. Lol. And the last time the Steelers tried to spread the Ravens out Ben got sacked 8 times and Bart Scott nearly kill him. You gotta be kidding me. The Ravens defense is 10 times better than New England’s D. Suggs loves whatever tackle they bring in off the streets.

  29. None of the celebration rules make sense to me. One of the most iconic film clips in NFL history is the young Brett Favre running joyfully across the field sans helmet in his first Super Bowl. But now removing your helmet is penalized. You can’t go to your knees like the great Borg did with his tennis championships. You can’t hug more than one player or it’s a “group” celebration (nevermind that it’s a team sport and group celebrations promote teamwork).

    Those spontaneous acts of joy aren’t offensive. What’s offensive is the choreographed “Me Me Me” stuff like guys wearing fake Hall of Fame jackets and showboating across the goal line or hiding cell phones in the end zone.

  30. I agree with a lot of the posts here. There is ZERO consistency with how flags are thrown. From celebrating to pass interference and whatnot. Is it entirely possible that even the refs are confused as to what is a penalty anymore?

  31. I cant believe this story Is getting this much attention. The penalty against Rice was stupid and unjustified. All these fines and penalties are ruining football

  32. Hey 7 on the way….why you change your name to steelersownyou? Too many people calling you out fro being an uniformed 8 year old?

    Thought refs were horrible last year…little did I know, they could were going to be even worse this year. Sorry group of owners and dipstick Goodell brought this on, now they need to fix it.

  33. if it wasnt for the foolish endzone pass interference penalties by the cards The Ravens would never have won the game..the ravens offense is a joke.one good game all season and it was first game and thats it..thank that the cards D for giving the ravens the win..cause the ravens sure in the hell didnt deserve the win

  34. no props, don’t taunt the guy you beat, and don’t go to the ground and roll around like a 3 year old in pre school… doesn’t seem hard to me

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