Giants fans aren’t griping about Steve Smith now


It wasn’t so long ago that Giants fans thought this season was sunk before it even started.

Kevin Boss left via free agency.  Stalwart offensive linemen were cut. Injuries had ravaged the secondary in the preseason.

The news that made the most noise in New York, however, was the loss of slot receiver Steve Smith to the rival Eagles. Smith was the one that got away, the team leader that the Giants were too cheap to pay. Griping about Smith continued into the season.

Fast forward two months. The Giants are on top of the NFC East by two games at 5-2.  Smith is a total non-factor in Philadelphia as he struggles to get over his knee surgery, just like the Giants anticipated.

Sheil Kapadia of notes that Smith suited up, but didn’t play a single snap in Philly’s win over the Cowboys. Riley Cooper played eight snaps.  Smith got ready for the season opener, but has only played 10 snaps the last three games.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Smith was available at the trading deadline. The Eagles have paid him $4 million for five catches so far. Meanwhile, only the Packers have thrown for more yards-per-attempt this year than the Giants.

It’s worth noting Smith only signed a one-year deal in Philadelphia. So the Giants could make their fans happy and bring back Smith next season, when he’s actually healthy.

54 responses to “Giants fans aren’t griping about Steve Smith now

  1. He is healthy right now. Does he have his burst back? No way! Does appear the Giants were right about him not being ready to contribute.

  2. Give it . . . 3 – 4 weeks …

    there will be standing-room-only for the jumpers on the George Washington Bridge !

  3. Smith isn’t getting snaps because he’s behind Avant on the depth chart. Avant is playing great and there’s no reason for Smith to be in the game.

  4. I love what we’ve been able to do so far this season but this next stretch of 5 games is gonna really show what we got, i’m not gonna get too excited about wins over teams like St. Louis, Arizona and Miami

  5. Steve Smith + Chad Ochocinco = 14 catches on the year.

    Steve Smith + Chad Ochocinco = 10 million $$$ this year.

    Eagles and Patriots happy with their investments?

  6. Oh, and, you know who is griping?

    If you listen closely… Shh… Listen….

    You hear that? It’s Brandon Jacobs…whining… something about being unappreciated. He says he wants the football? Poor Brandon.

  7. Giantspunk–the talk of reason. St Louis the Giants pretty much gashed, but struggled to win at Arizona and home against the Fins. A lot of Giants fans don’t understand that–or don’t understand that for as many changes as the Eagles made, it’s taken them a while to gel. We’ll see though–the beatdown of Dallas could be a 1 game thing, or it could really mean that they’re getting their act together–we’ll see–our next 5 games are Bears, Arizona, both at home, rematch at the Giants, home to the Pats, and then a short week and a West Coast trip to Seattle.

  8. Specious reasoning ….. Just because he is not contributing to the Eagles, does not guarantee he would not have contributed to the Giants. Smith and Eli had an obvious rapport on and off the field. Vick and Eli are extremely different types of QBs. It is entirely possible that Smith may NEVER form a bond with Vick like he formed with Eli. Therefore, he will never be as successful as he was with Eli. Some WRs can make any QB look good. Others need a specific type of QB to really thrive. Smith is excellent at being at a very specific spot on the field at a very specific time. That works well with a disciplined pocket passer. Not as well with a scrambling QB that improvises on the run.

  9. @flyinhighwithvick

    And Eli & the rest of the offense looks lost without him huh? Man are you guys silly.

    Your comment & your mentality along with the rest of your fellow Feeble fans is why regular season wins count as Super Bowls in Philly.

    BTW, you’ll never win a damn thing while you’re flying high with Vick. He’s never had back to back winning regular seasons & never delivered in the post season. All systems normal in Philly, it’ll be 52 years without a championship when this season ends.

    Enjoy your empty regular season victories & your perceived “stealing” of other teams go to guys. Other franchises will enjoy winning championships.

  10. You left out the biggest factor which is that not re-signing Smith opened the door for Victor Cruz, who along with Nicks have been the Giants’ most dynamic playmakers. If Smith is there, they probably defer to him and play him even if he is less than 100% while Cruz rides the pine.

  11. flyinhighwithvick says: Nov 2, 2011 8:39 AM

    I couldn’t care less if Smith didn’t suit up for a single game. The bottom line is, we STOLE the Giants #1, go-to guy….PERIOD! That in itself is worth the 4 million.
    Obviously that really, really hurt the team that is 2 games ahead of you in the NFC East right now, so congrats on that. And just in case you haven’t heard, that which you pay for is not STOLEN.

    What stupid comment do you have that justifies paying Vince Young 4 million?

  12. I think the issue Giant fans had was they let Boss and Smith go and there was nothing but question marks replacing them. Lucky for them, the question marks turned into answers with Victor Cruz, and Ballard at TE.

    Big Giants fan this week! Hope they can knock off (out?) Brady and the pats. Think we’re going to see a repeat of the superbowl, and what we saw the Steelers do last week.

  13. the giants haven’t really had much of a challenging schedule so far…

    let’s just wait about 5 weeks before we declare who they miss or not.

  14. “there will be standing-room-only for the jumpers on the George Washington Bridge !”

    Why? The Giants were supposed to do nothing this year. They lost valuable role and backup players because the cap went down and they were well over. They were then beset with injuries. NO ONE predicted the Giants in the Super Bowl this year. However, the Eagles spent a fortune, built their “dream team”, rolled out their $100 million QB that was sooo good that they traded his backup, and were, according to the usual Eagles fans, absolute locks to win it all. I’m guessing if there’s going to be a bunch of jumpers, they will be going into the Schuykill River in January when the Birds choke again and Philly continues it’s streak of being the ONLY NFC East team that has yet to win a Super Bowl. You’re the clowns that went all in. NY wasn’t even supposed to be on the radar. Even if you make the playoffs, you’ll be bringing the wide 9 to Green Bay in the winter. We all know the smart money will be on the Packers and you’ll be happy to give away the points. Andy will be Andy and try to pass the ball and McCoy will get 10 to 15 carries. GB will dominate the clock, Andy will mismanage it, and Philly will limp on home as is it’s norm. As predictable as the sunrise.

  15. Howie Roseman was playing fantasy football. The old move of, pick up the injured guy and see if he can give you something down the road. I try that every year in my fantasy league, and, rarely, if ever, does that work.

  16. The Eagles signed Smith purely to keep him from signing with the Giants. They correctly perceived the Giants as their biggest threat to the division crown, and I’ll give them credit for that. Interestingly enough, Smith actually did end up helping the Giants by going tip drill in the first match up. That was a delicious slice of schadenfreude for us Giants fans.

    But this is a great example of why you don’t let a player determine his own rehab and health. Smith should have listened to the Giants’ doctors instead of going on Facebook to declare that he knew better than the professionals that performed his surgery.

  17. Being a Giants fan, I have zero sympathy for Steve Smith. He went for the paycheck, bottom line. How he thought he was going to get any significant touches when you go to a team when your behind Maclin, Jackson, Avant, Celek, McCoy and Vick (he likes to jet from time to time), as well as learn a new system and heal from a serious injury is beyond me.

    Way to think wisely about your career there bud, to go from 107 catches and a pro bowl to the 10th choice offensive option on a team with 3-4 record. Genius!

    Funny thing is I could’ve seen him come back to the Giants in 2012 and I for one would’ve been down with that but two words will prevent that from happening……VICTOR CRUUUUUZ!

    Peace out Steve.

    , he left to go to the rival Eagles, which in itself is but not only that he goes to the Eagles who he would be behind Jackson, Maclin, Avant and McCoy and Vick has to get his QB runs too. He was doomed from the start as far as him getting any significant playing time. He just went for a check and has now really lost any leverage for a big payday.

    Eli Manning is having his best season of his career without his “#1 go to guy”. If anybody is foolish its Steve Smith, no respect for someone who wen

    I’m pretty sure the Giants said to Steve Smith, if we resign you you’re going on PUP.

  18. “robertjamis says:
    Nov 2, 2011 8:45 AM
    Perhaps we should wait until they play someone before we determine who they miss?”

    Really? So the wins against the Eagles in Philly and the Bills are teams that are deemed “nobodies”?

    Face it folks, with Eli prtty much determing his own offense and reads and distribution instead of what Gilbride says is the biggest change to the passing game, I dont care what anyone says.

    With that said, are the Giants the best team in the NFC right now? No, that goes to the Packers..however are the Giants as talented as anyone in the LEAGUE, absolutely. Is their best talent inconsistent week in and week out? Yes ABSOLUTELY. Thats who the Giants have been since Coughlin took over, able to beat absoltuely ANYONE in the league at any given time and also able to lose to ANYONE in the league at any given time.

    Are they a scary team moving forward? Yes without a doubt.

  19. of course were not mad anymore lol were sittin pretty, elis lookin elite and smith has like 5 catches lol.. karmas kickin him he went from team record breaker in yardage to yards my little brother could catch in an nfl game LOL

    and for the record noone is mad at boss! we still love boss but i was pissed and still a little am about HOW smith left and where he left to not that he actually left. yeah giants didnt offer him something right away who would of offered him money the eagles did w that kind of injury.

    karma hit full affect and i cant wait til he comes back to meadowlands i want to see phillips or rolle light him up over the middle..if he even gets in the game (which im sure reid will surely do)..its marked on my calender for sure

  20. So who’s Steve Smith’s replacement as a slot receiver and a go-to guy in crucial situations? We’ll find out when the Dolphins, Seahawks and Cardinals aren’t on the upcoming schedule for the Giants.

  21. oh and i think alot of steam blew off for giants fans when they were in the redzone about 2 score on us and a pass bounced off smiths hands for an INT.. that was greeaaattt! loved it

  22. Call me crazy, but Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz are better than any of the receivers the Browns have. Eli’s not exactly hurting for weapons with Smith gone…

  23. Aren’t the Eagles 3-4 and already got beat down by the Giants this year? Wasn’t everyone and their mother in Philly just the other day wanting Andy Reid fired and half the team benched? Now they are the best team in the NFL because they beat a terrible Cowboys team? Oh, and aren’t the Giants 5-2 and in 1st place? Oops.

  24. “there will be standing-room-only for the jumpers on the George Washington Bridge !”



    It’s called:

    @ Patriots
    @ 49ers
    @ Saints
    @ Cowboys
    @ Jets

  25. Giants will beat the Pats (Pats d can’t handle Nicks and Cruz). Giants will beat the 9ers. Eagles fans should worry about their upcoming game, they can’t stop the run and Forte and he is running like a monster this season. So theEagles will lose this weekend and the Giants will win and we won’t hear from the Eagles fans for another few weeks again thank god. As for Benedict Arnold who cares about him. Giants used him up and knew he was done and tossed him to the wolves. Besides Cruz is more talented then Benedict.

  26. With knee injuries, especially one as bad as Smith’s, it takes 2 years before you get back to near where you where before the injury. The Giants knew this. They’ve seen it with Shaun Phillips. Last year, one year after his surgery, Phillips was a little slow and overly cautious, and didn’t play near where his level should be. This year, 2 years after, he is very near his pre-injury levels, his conifence is back, and hes playing really well. I don’t blame the Giants for Smith leaving.

  27. Tom Coughlin was a great receivers coach back in the day. I’ve never questioned anything he’s done with his WR corps. How many times has he been wrong? How many guys have been developed under him who weren’t high profile prospects? And I’m a Pats fan.

  28. “I guess the Giants took the money they saved by not resigning Smith, and gave it to Brandon Jacobs.”
    “How’s that working out?”

    Actually, Jacobs took a pay cut to allow the Giants to re-sign Bradshaw. That’s working out fine. Thank you for asking. How’s never winning a Super Bowl going for you guys?

  29. lets see the giants are 5-2 one of those 5 are againest the egirls and egirl fans are here talking trash about he Giants?

    Are you kidding me
    ELIte Manning is having a great year and at WR we are on Cruz Control

    I know we have not beaten any good teams yet but not our fault the dream team stinks.

    Week 11 after we get NE and SF beat we will be 7-2 and if the egirls are lucky they maybe 4-5
    So you all come on up to the swap and get see how Champions Play

  30. The best thing the Giants have going for them is that the rest of the NFC East is in flux. The Redskins finally came back to Earth (nice job losing to them New York), the Cowboys are a mess and the Eagles are starting to gel but are two games back.

    It also depends on what Giants team shows up. The one that caught fire late and won the Superbowl or the one that has flamed out the last couple of seasons. I’m betting on the latter…brutal schedule down the stretch.

  31. Eagles haters,

    Even when healthy Steve Smith falls behind Jackson, Maclin, and Avant.

    He was insurance for Maclin. Didn’t need him.

    I appreciate him being here. You’ll want him back next year but he might not want to leave the dream team.

    We needed time to start clicking on all cylinders. We will expose your weaknesses next time. Guaranteed.

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