Jared Allen is your NFC defensive player of the month


It’s not easy for a player whose team has no hope of making the playoffs to win any of the NFL’s postseason awards. But here’s hoping the voters who have a say in the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year award don’t take their eyes off Vikings defensive end Jared Allen as the season wears on.

As a reminder of how good a season Allen is having, let’s note that Allen has been named the NFC defensive player of the month for October.

Allen had eight sacks, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and 24 tackles in October. He currently leads the league with 12.5 sacks, and he has at least half a sack in every game this season.

A handful of players have won the Defensive Player of the Year award on teams that missed the playoffs, including Jason Taylor in 2006 and Michael Strahan in 2001. But there’s only been one player who won the award on a team as bad as this year’s Vikings are shaping up to be: Cortez Kennedy, who won the award for his 14-sack season in 1992, when the Seahawks went 2-14.

That year, the voters wisely looked past the Seahawks’ record and recognized Kennedy’s individual dominance. Allen will have to hope the voters can do the same this year.

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  1. But there’s only been one player who won the award on a team as bad as this year’s Vikings are shaping up to be: Cortez Kennedy, who won the award for his 14-sack season in 1992, when the Seahawks went 2-14.

    Wow, that’s aggressive. Do you really think the Vikings are on their way to a 2-14 season? Did you miss McNabb’s benching?

  2. #69 is an absolute animal out there. In the start of the season watching the Vikes the camera would focus on McNabb on the sideline. After a 3rd and 9 where he checked down to Toby Gerheart 4 yards out and threw the ball in the dirt McNabb would have his Cambell’s soup smile and general look of complacency. Then the camera would pan to Jared.
    This guy never stops, on the field or on the bench when the offense is on the field. He’s a competitive maniac who deserves all the acclaim he’s been given. The guy genuinely cares and is a positive asset not only to his team, but to his community as well. If existed an award for most comedic, he would get that as well. It’s a treat watching this man play.

  3. JA’s a weird guy to watch. He utterly dominates at home and against bad talent, but then he easily disappears against any good tackle and is much less effective on the road.

  4. Allen is doing well. But Demarcus Ware is on pace for more sacks. Ware only has 1/2 sack less than Jared Allen, and he has played one less game. Why isn’t anyone talking about Ware for defensive MVP?

  5. gb4mn0 says:
    Nov 2, 2011 6:07 PM
    I guess the NFL felt they should throw the lavender Larry rubes a sympathy bone.

    You madam have just won the dummest comment award. You are the only one on this site that needs to have a helmet on 24/7 thats for sure

  6. Allen: 8 Games 12.5 Sacks. Rushes every single play.

    Ware 7 Games 12 Sacks. Drops back, plays Run Defense.

    Gimme Ware, as he is the only player on an entire roster playing good football.

  7. I despise the vikes and don’t really care for allen’s extreme cowboy attitude, but he can play. 69 for sure won this. He’s never been better. Hopefully I’ll get some love back when they announce Aaron Rodgers as the offensive player of the month in the next several hours.

  8. As much as it pains me to say: I think Allen is a beast.

    I respect the heck out of Allen. Congrats to him!

    But, Go Pack… :p

  9. Obviously, the typical packer fans are concerned about this team since they constantly enter ridiculuous comments. I knew we could count on gb4mn0 to flex the 1 brain cell. It’s no wonder most of them want the Vikings to move to LA so they don’t have to worry about losing to the purple.

  10. well deserved. the way hes playing he can be defensive mvp in my book. 60+ tackles 20+ sacks when its all said in done. and with ponder now under center, theyre def winning more games. this coming from a niners fan living in the west coast. no west coast biased here…unlike you east coast fans, all you watch is prime time games/east coast teams

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