Lardarius Webb thinks Antonio Brown is better than Mike Wallace


Steelers receiver Mike Wallace has become one of the great young wideouts in the NFL.  But Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb thinks there’s even a greater receiver.

On the same team.

“Every time somebody asks me [a question], they’re always talking about Mike Wallace. But they have a guy No. 84 in Antonio Brown who is better than 17 [Wallace] in all aspects of the game,” Webb said, via Jamison Hensley of  “He’s a great returner, a great wide receiver.”

Webb also thinks that the Steelers are more dangerous with Hines Ward out of the lineup.

“They’re actually a better team with 88 [Emmanuel Sanders] than with Hines Ward,” Webb said.  “They’re very dangerous without Hines.”

On that note, could the team’s current complement of young wideouts force Ward out of town?  Here’s Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette discussing the matter on Wednesday’s edition of PFT Live.

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56 responses to “Lardarius Webb thinks Antonio Brown is better than Mike Wallace

  1. he’s right. Hines has lost it. I did enjoy watching JJ knock the mess out of him Week 1 though. too bad he won’t be back this week for some more. i don’t know about antonio brown being better than wallace, but he is pretty good.

  2. Webb has played great this year he finally looks 100% healthy from that knee injury and really has shown me alot esspecially since being a safety in college he’s turned into one of the better young db’s in the league. hope he shuts down a few of those “great receivers” sunday night

  3. I think part of the article was not seen… Webb complimenting Ward after joking around.

    “Yeah, very dangerous without Hines. I guess Hines slows them down,” Webb said. “No, just playing. But Hines makes those guys. He’s molded those guys into him – the same attitude. So they’re a great team. We know we’re going to have to come in with our ‘A’ game, especially on their home field.”

  4. I went to college with Antonio Brown and I thought he was stupid for leaving early, but in all honesty he has held his own and he’s only going to get better. I can’t stand the Steelers but in the back of my mind I’ll always be rooting for them because of Antonio. Great player and an even better person. He deserves the recognition. I’m not sure I’d agree with Lardarius quite yet, but in a few years, I do believe Antonio will be a top receiver in this league.

  5. The only reason Webb is saying that is because Brown toasted him in the playoffs to win the game.

    Wallace is by far the better receiver, but I’m pretty happy the Steelers have both.

  6. Is there a previous article I missed about Lardarius Webb suffering a blow to the head or concussion? Indeed, it seems someone knocked the sense out of him.

  7. It’s funny to read all this pregame crap and watch people get excited about it. None of it matters. I think people are just stupid for making bold predictions one way or the other.

    Fact is, Ravens Offense has sucked for large parts of the last two weeks. Fact is, Steelers have major gaping holes with the potential for 3 starting LB’s to be out for this game. As a Ravens fan, I say that as a compliment. 2 are Pro Bowl performers and are not easily replaced even switching to a 4-3 scheme. And Farrior is a great player too. Tough sledding to take that much toughness out of the D.

    So this creates a dysfunctional Offense against a re-formulated defense…interesting matchup. And an excellent Offense, against pretty damn good defense. Should also be entertaining.

    Keys players to the game: Ray Rice and Pittsburgh O-line. If they play like they did in game 1, game Ravens. If Ben plays like he did this past week, then he’ll start a new streak against the Ravens. It’ll be fun to watch.

  8. I think it’s great when I get “thumbs down” for making comments that are completely true…

    Lots of bitter Ravens fans here apparently.

  9. They are much different receivers. If youre talking about a guy running precise routes to get open for 15 catches a game then Brown is very close to Wallace in that regard but if your talking double-move get down the field and catch the ball then Wallce is second to none. You can’t teach speed, but these 2 fit together perfectly. I’ve been a Steelers fan for 25 years so it really pains me to say this but the Steelers receiving corps is better with Hines on the bench at this point. Its very tough to tell Hines that after everything he has given over his career.

    Another contributing factor is Browns work ethic. That man just never gives up. All I hear about is him beggin guys to stay after practice and work with him, how hard he worked with Ochocinco and Welker in the offseason and what great physical shape hes in.

    Steelers have and will have one of the best receiving tandems for a very long time with 17, 84 and 88 catching passes and 83 down the middle of the field. Theres a reason the passing game is having a breakout year when its their 3rd, 2nd and 2nd seasons together, respectively.

  10. Webb might be right. There is no better deep threat in the league than Wallace.With that being said he might not have the route running abilities of Brown. At some point Wallace will have to add that to his game as he won’t be able to out run defenders forever

  11. Whats the difference? He cant cover either one of them! since when does anyone care about what webb thinks!

  12. Interesting story: Antonio was signing autographs last Sunday from 11-noon at a local store in Station Square, we were lucky enough to be there to see him. Very nice humble guy, not that big in size. Then he went out and had a monster game against the Pats.

    As a few others have said here, I think Brown and Wallace bring slightly different things to the Steelers, and not worth arguing who is better. They complement each other. Having them, Sanders, Hines, Heath, Mewelde, etc on the team while Ben is in his prime means they should be able to move the ball through the air and score a LOT of points. They have to do a better job in the red zone however than they did last week.


  13. “Brown is a better route runner than Wallace.”

    Where do people come up with this stuff? No, he really is not. Sanders might be a better route runner than both of them.

  14. Ravens 17 Steelers 73 Final. Don’t you ravens fans go in hiding after we take your team to the wood shed either! I cant wait to taste your sweet tears of sorrow! Ohhh yaaa!

  15. Huge point missed in all this:

    Mike Wallace makes every other receiver’s job easier. He blows the top off of the back end and if you watch how they line up, the db’s are terrified of him as are the safeties. This makes the crossing routes more wide open and the Steelersreceivers can rack up the YAC on these underneath routes. Wallace has great hands as well, not just a speed guy.

    They are both great, and different.

  16. i hope for the sake of my fantasy team that Brown is as good as Webb says. i think Brown is going to be a great WR, hence that is why i drafted him. Go Panthers!

  17. Did he happen to complain about having to play the Steelers in a Prime Time game? ? ? ?

    Just wondering.

  18. Surprised at the respect given to both, by the occasional Raven fan nonetheless. That said, I think bunkmcnulty is right on. GO STEELERS.

  19. It won’t be close. Was a lil bit of sattire. Maybe more like Ravens 17 Steelers 41 Final….Gonna be ugly payback for you. Blame this blowout on Harbaugh! That 2 pt conversion he did in week 1 was low. And now he & the Ravens will pay with RETRIBUTION!

  20. @steelersownyou:

    A bit over the top dontcha think? You might want to scale it back a little. Take a few plays off, so to speak.

  21. Steelers will. You may wanna sit back and let the star blogger on the field. Go get yourself a gatorade and let the star players do what we to speak….

  22. steelersownyou says: Nov 2, 2011 4:38 PM

    It won’t be close. Was a lil bit of sattire. Maybe more like Ravens 17 Steelers 41 Final….Gonna be ugly payback for you. Blame this blowout on Harbaugh! That 2 pt conversion he did in week 1 was low. And now he & the Ravens will pay with RETRIBUTION!
    For 8 weeks I have heard how the Ravens celebrated and rubbed the Steelers face in it in week 1. Honestly, maybe they did some, but I did not just start following this series. This has happened before.

    11-5-2007, a Monday night game on ESPN, the Steelers embarassed the Ravens 38-7. Constant camera shots of guys laughing on the sidelines and whoping it up. James Harrison owned the Ravens that night! I believe it was some sort of Steelers legends night and boy did they have themselves a great party at the Ravens’ expense! And they did not hide it.

    The bottom line is, if you lose a lopsided game, don’t blame the other team for making a fool of you. You lose like that, you look in the mirror for who to blame. Works both ways folks. You need to think back if you think otherwise.

  23. “steelersownyou says:
    Nov 2, 2011 3:54 PM
    Ravens 17 Steelers 73 Final. Don’t you ravens fans go in hiding after we take your team to the wood shed either! I cant wait to taste your sweet tears of sorrow! Ohhh yaaa!”

    You mean hiding like the way stealer fans did after week one ??? Can’t wait to taste your sweet tears ?
    You guys took a severe, behind the wood shed beating like no other team has ever put on your team and you have the audacity to type that garbage. You cry about a 2 point conversion ? You should be more worried about the 7 turnovers your team commited. The Ravens defense is a turn over creating machine. You think your QB is the greatest. Except when he plays the Ravens defense.
    They have a way of making QB’s around the league look pretty stupid. And Ben is no exception.
    Please make sure you come back after the beating. Sure will be embarassing for you to get beat in your own yard. And don’t think that your team is so almighty that it can’t get swept by the Ravens.
    Read up on your history.

  24. First off, as a previous reader wrote, Webb was obviously kidding when he said that. On a side note, who cares who’s better than who in the WR corp. The key thing is that the Steelers finally have an elite group of pass catchers. Once Ward retires, we will all see how good they really are.

    When 3 young receivers can keep a good WR like Cothchery on the bench, you know they are something special.

  25. The two point conversion came from the Steelers overloading one side of the line to try and block the extra point, leaving a wide open left side of the line for Koch to run through, good recognition of a weakness by coach Rosburg. Isn’t that what every play is about? Looking for the weakness on your opponent’s 11 men to exploit it for maximum success? It was an overly aggressive attempt with a 3 TD lead and the Ravens saw it and exploited it. I don’t care what any cry babies on either side think, there is no such thing as “running up the score” in the NFL. How many huge leads have been blown this year throughout the league? If the Steelers are using a 2pt conversion as fuel, that is just sad, though I think MOST of them are smarter than that and will just come to play. I can honestly see the game going either way, so we’ll see Sunday night.

  26. After the game ben didnt feel that way. That much I can tell you. Generally if the steelers are up they wont run it in for 2 pt conversion. They dont care if the whole stadium was on 1 side! Once we get the lead on your team we will show no mercy! We will embarass the ravens, and pass the ball all over the place even when were up by 3 td’s. This game only goes 1 way! And thats the steelers way!!!!!!!

  27. Our pass will open up the run. Im sure mendenhall will run for about 100 yds. Ben will throw for 370 yards and 4 td’s. I expect game to be a laugher by time 4th qtr starts!

  28. I’ll be at the game too. save yourself the trip. Stay home and save yourself time & embarassment! Ravens gonna get SMASHED!

  29. @steelersownyou
    what have you seen this year that makes you think your team will be able to dominate the ravens defense which btw is the best in the league. You only put up 25 points on a crappy new england defense.

  30. Technically you’re really not the #1 defense the steelers are! They have played 1 extra game than the ravens, so that is why your defense stats look a lil better! Wait til after our bye week in 2 weeks we will have #1 defense! We fizzled in redzone last week we shoula had about 41 pts. Wait til you get a load of this high octane steelers offense! Suggs, lewis and reed will be tapping out!!!!!!

  31. 3octaveFart says:
    Nov 2, 2011 6:16 PM
    So what’s up with Suggs?
    No stupid custom t-shirts this year, degrading the Steelers?

    He must have finally figured out they don’t work…


    You must be desperate to say something negative, so you take on the one player that absolutely owns your team.

    I think his last t-shirt was directed at the fans. But given how tacky your screen name is you should not have found that last t-shirt offensive.

    Btw, Suggs did talk some today! He runs his mouth more than he should, but he backs it up.

  32. @steelersownyou – did your previous name on this board start with 6. If not you are probably his incestuous sibling. The history of this series is games being won by less than a td. That is with the exception of a drubbing you gave us in 2007 and 3, count them 3 drubbings we gave you since the start of the McNair then Flacco era. Do u remember the first year of McNair? We beat your a$$ so bad that Jen was crying on the sideline.

    So stop changing your name. Stop sleeping with your sister. And don’t talk trash till u back it up. Make sure you stop by the board Sunday nite. The ravens fans will be looking for your dumb ass specifically.

  33. Shoulda coulda woulda 25 is still 25. Suggs owns bens ass. Which one of your replacement tackles is gonna be able to block 55

  34. When it comes to receivers, we’ve suddenly found ourselves with an embarrassment of riches. Hines Ward has a role to fill in that field, and I’ll be glad to have him back. He was the only sure-handed guy we had in the Super Bowl and on certain plays, he’s money.

    As for running up the score … I don’t like it and think it can be classless in certain situations. However, I didn’t have a problem with the Ravens running up the score on players who said in the off-season that their QB would never win a Super Bowl. I love Woodley, but he shouldn’t have been mouthing off like that. This is the National Football League. You are highly paid professional football players. If you don’t want the other team to run up the score, Stop Them.

  35. Keep talking suggs! That guy only plays good against the steelers! That boy will never learn! We’ll see how good he is when ben drops back 3 steps & ball is out to miller quick! the reason woodley said you will never win a super bowl with flacco is because……HE SUCKS! SIMPLE AS THAT! JUST SAYING….

  36. LarDar is the man. This guy went to Nichols St., yeah I’d never heard of it either, and now has a gigantic impact on the best defense in the league. This guy has obviously worked his tail off to get where he is, and didn’t get the pass through based on his D1 college. I’d take his word for it, that young Steelers receiving corps matched up against LarDar and Jimmy Smith is going to be awesome to watch for many years to come. Can’t wait for Sunday night.

  37. Pretty sure I remember Bruce Arians saying Mike Wallace was the best route runner on his team as a rookie. Antonio Brown is good, but Emmanuel Sanders is even better than him, and Wallace is certainly better than Sanders. Just speaks to to the great depth at WR the Steelers have.

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