Marvin Lewis takes shot at WVU, Rich Rodriguez on Pacman Jones


Gone and nearly forgotten, Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones returned to the active roster of the Bengals last week after nearly a year away from the field due to a neck injury suffered in 2010.  After a 63-yard punt return and a pulled hamstring in Seattle, Pacman has become extremely relevant as he prepares to return to Nashville for a game against the Titans, who made him the sixth overall pick in the 2005 draft.

On Wednesday, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis had a conference call with the Tennessee media.  Reflecting on Pacman’s problems in the NFL, which culminated in a one-year suspension after two seasons in the league, Jones took a shot at West Virginia University and former coach Rich Rodriguez.

“It’s unfortunate a guy could go into college and spent three years on a college campus and not learn some of the things really they should learn,” Lewis said.  “But hopefully he has learned those lessons now.”

Um, really?  Look, I know I’ve got a Mountaineer bias.  Still, I’ll acknowledge that, under Rodriguez, the bar when it comes to problem children was pretty low.

Just like it has been in Cincinnati for the entire time Marvin Lewis has been the coach.

Marvin’s comment is easily adaptable to other circumstances.  After all, Pacman spent two years with an NFL franchise in Tennessee, and he didn’t “learn some of the things really they should learn.”  And Lewis (actually, Mike Brown) has welcomed with open arms plenty of guys with criminal tendencies to Cincinnati, where plenty of them didn’t “learn some of the things really they should learn” from Lewis or whoever else they should “learn some of the things really they should learn.”

Coach Lewis undoubtedly is trying to prop up Pacman, especially at a time when Jones has said he doesn’t think the Titans stood behind him.  But before throwing stones toward Morgantown, Marvin would be wise to climb down from the porch of that glass house in the Queen City.

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  1. marvin be talkin’ a lot these days… first dish dirt on carson and now this???

    now i’m NO bill belicheck patriot fan,

    but as a MAN’S MAN

    I can appreciate HIGHLY how belicheck goes about and conducts his business, specifically when it comes to making any comments or opinions on other football players or coaches, collegiate or professional.

  2. Why should it be on Marvin Lewis, or any other coach or executive, to hold someone’s hand?

    In college, you’re still learning the ways, and a coach should act like a father figure…it’s pretty much in the job description. In the pros, you’re supposed to be a grown man, and act accordingly without constant supervision.

  3. We learn some semblance of proper English in grade and high school. We learn very early on that we liked the strip clubs not we like-ed them. This guy went through school on the old star athlete program and learned very little.

  4. Marv you are the epitemy of pot calling the kettle black. Your years in the natti have been filled with player arrest and a”lack of institutional control”. Marv, did you move? I never got a house warming invite to your new glass house, stop throwing rocks and go back to your overrated team.

  5. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

    When you get to college, you are already supposed to be grown up. You are surrounded by scholarly students working hard to learn. You are also surrounded by party goers. Who do you take your influence and examples from? The party goers quickly flunk out or grow up. Except if you are a protected ball player. Then the school might cover for you. Is that WVU’s error? Yes and No. Many top schools will protect the student-athlete. But it is still on the individual. Just like the horse.

  6. Bull – Marvin’s somewhat right here. College is for learning, NFL’s for earning. It’s a significant part of a college coach’s job to mold men in this Rodriquez is a failure. A college coach has no oppressive league to deal with, no player’s union to deal with. – they have ultimate power.

  7. If the shoe fits wear it. West Virginia let those guys get away with murder. The late Chris Henry had the same problems early in his NFL career as well. College is where you mold kids into men. NFL is professional, its a job and yes the Bengals had a bad run but the coach is right on this one.

  8. The biggest problem under Marvin Lewis was Chris Henry, another troubled WVU product.

    He didn’t want Henry brought back after they cut him (but Mike Brown couldn’t say ‘no’ to him) and he made it clear prior to the Pacman signing that he wasn’t really interested in that situation either.

    Lewis has a history of being forced to babysit WVU problem children… so I’d say he’s an authority on the subject.

  9. Dude, let it go…as you say he is just trying to prop him up. He could have easily attacked his parents as in the home is where he should have learned “…the things he really needed to learn”, but that isn’t exactly propping him up.

    I don’t mind coaches standing behind their guys, even when its Pacman and even when they are wrong. His job is to get the most out of the guy and building a good relationship will go a long way toward that.

  10. The Bengals, with the incompetent Brown at the helm, always make bizarre moves that destroy any notion of “team chemistry” under a coach who seems to be unable to manage all his problem children. Yet somehow through the stupidity, infighting, and madness, the Bengals are one of the better teams in the league, and just raped the Raiders for 2 #1s for the corpse of Carson Palmer.

    I just don’t get it.

  11. I wonder if Lewis will be yapping like this when the Bengals go through some adversity, and things aren’t so rosie.

  12. Marvin doesn’t make the final call on player personnel moves. If he did, Chris Henry (WVU) would have never been invited back to Cincinnati. I think he’s doing the best he can with the hands that Mike Brown deals him.

    And how can someone call the Bengals overrated? Does anyone in the national media have them picked to win their division or even think they’ll beat out the Ravens and Bills for a wild card spot? Please. Most were calling for this team to be 0-16. They have far exceeded everyone’s expecations to this point.

  13. Actually, he’s talking about Pacman, not WVU or Rich Rod. He’s saying that he didn’t learn what he should have in college. He didn’t say that WVU or Rodriguez didn’t teach what they should have. There are plenty of people who go to college and don’t learn a thing. That’s rarely the college’s fault.

    Don’t twist Marvin’s words. No wonder he’s always pissed at the media.

  14. Yea your bias is showing, that comment wasn’t even all that “juicy”. It must have stung tho, cause you went all in on the Bengals. You might be a little salty you were wrong about your 32nd ranked team as well you’ll get over it.

  15. I just don’t know how you could spend four years at a fine school like SMU and go on to do the things that Jeffrey Skilling did.

    wait…let me try that again

    I just don’t know how you could spend two years at HBS and go on to do the things that Jeffrey Skilling did.

    Can say that about anybody from any school. There are so many other factors that go into the making of a man. Plenty of people and NFL players have had early troubles and have turned it around. Buddy Ryan cut Chris Carter so he could get a fresh start. What does Lewis do besides play the guys?

    I would have to say that the only colleges I expect men to be fully forged and emotionally and physically ready for anything would of course be the service academies. That is why those young men and women are saluted and respected. The rest of us that graduate with a degree are pretty naive at that age in comparison. Maybe Mr. Lewis would like to start an actual program to help rehabilitate players that have run into trouble with the law. Maybe having a strict allowance during the players playing days with the rest going into a trust that is received at age 40 would be a good idea for certain players just as it is for children when they receive an inheritance – it sure would help lottery winners who come into loads of cash (many end up filing for bankruptcy).

    I am not trying to be pro Rich Rod or say that WVU did not play a role in this or that either are even better then average at preparing young people for the world. It just sure would be better to do something about it rather than point fingers. Maybe if better screenings are in place the NFL will be able to get players such as Chris Henry the help that they need and maybe just maybe in the future a diagnosis of brain injury caused by football will provide for a better life for the players when their usefulness to the team and the league is up.

    RIP to Chris Henry & Andre Waters.

  16. I wonder if Pacman knows how to read?

    It is truly disgusting watching these athletes get full-rides when worthy students can’t get in due to finnancial reasons. Pacman has took his college education and done nothing with it.

    Pacman spent 3 years at the school. No degree. No education.

  17. What do you expect from WVU. I have been to visit multiple times when I was in school. That place is a dump…from what I gather its where all the students go that couldnt get in anywhere else (except engineers) The school thrives on Gangster student athletes and lives and dies with their mediocre football team. I hate to vent…but being from the DC Metro area the alumni are littered all over the place. Annoying over priveleged kids that had no where else to go.

  18. I don’t know if I had the context wrong, but I read it as it was sad that HE didn’t learn anything from being on a college campus, not that he wasn’t taught what he should’ve been taught….

  19. And privileged athletes that have trouble functioning in society haven’t come out of other college programs? WVU deserves a shot for it, but so do plenty of other programs.

  20. All that aside… Marvin Lewis is still the coach of the Bengals? Figured you would have to be successful to have that long of a tenure.. so if he slips into a Wild Card berth this year will he receive an 8 year extension?

  21. Okay, wait – did i miss something? Did he really “call out” Coach Rodriguez? Is there more to the quote? He referred to three years on a college campus. Shouldn’t the Pacman have been ‘guided’ and edified by more than just a football coach during that time?

    Could Lewis be referring to broader, more generalized ‘life lessons?’

    This seems like another sad instance of the media pulling apart an innocuous bit of oral language. If this was a prepared statement, written and crafted by Lewis, maybe you have cause to dissect and analyze it. But, it was a telephone call. Dialog. Find an actual story, whydontcha.

  22. While Marvin should blame the individual for their actions and not the school in general, let’s be fair; Marvin never wanted Chris Henry to return or even for Jones to be signed in the first place. Mike Brown loves getting talented but troubled players on the team. They are cheap. If Marvin had 100% control of the team, they wouldn’t nearly have had the amount of arrests they have had.

  23. Everyone acquainted with Adam Jones should take ownership from the day he is born. However, Adam needs to take responsibility for Adam. He is a grown man. Hopefully he has learned some lessons from his past and is willing to make responsible decisions going forward.

    People are hoping you have pulled it together at the age of 28. Good luck and take care.

  24. Titans didn’t support him??? You kidding me? We drafted him number one and what kinda crap did we get in return? Did he want us to bail him out, literally? Jeez….

  25. I am SO SICK of athletes making excuses/ blaming other people for their f#%& ups…how about some PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY????
    I can’t believe PacMan had the audacity to point his finger at the Titans for not supporting him. He made no attempt to change his behavior, so why should the Titans keep giving him 2nd and 3rd chances. What a dumba##.

    Pacman hasn’t changed….anybody remember the Cowboys hiring a baby-sitter/body guard for Pacman? And he still managed to end up in the middle of an altercation.

    Coaches who enable players to continue acting irresponsible are just as bad…if not worse!! Why was it West Virgina’s responsibility to “teach” Pacman Jones? It seems pretty simple to me– don’t do anything illegal. After his 1st run in with the law, why didn’t he take a hard look at himself and resolve not to do anything else illegal??

    This reminds me of the Bucc’s Raheem Morris making excuses for one of his problem children.

  26. Lewis is one of the most overrated HC’s in the NFL. He’s LUCKY Dalton and A.J. Green were good picks.

    Norv Turner & Marvin Lewis in no way shape or form should be a HC of an NFL team. They are coordinators.

    It’s baffling how long Lewis has lasted, and it mostly has to do with Carson Palmer and then him sucking at Mike Brown’s teat on any subject.

    Lewis is really just the luckiest HC in the league. He’s safe, he’s got picks for the future, Mike Brown likes him.

    I’d promote Mike Zimmer before letting him go somewhere else to become a HC next yr. Every time I see Lewis talk at a PC I think he’s such an idiot…but mainly just lucky. Very, very lucky.

  27. Judging from the lopsided rating of comments so far, it appears as though only Bungals cheerleaders have read this post. Starvin’ Marvin’ loves to ignore the facts and defend his criminal players, like Benson, Simpson, and Jones. Not so much with Chris Henry though (I guess he didn’t think Henry was needed to go 8-8 and call the season a success. “Don’t forget your lunch pail”, cheerleaders!

  28. …actually, if you read most of the posts, they seem to show a distinct acknowledgment that this is not a story and that what Lewis said is by no means offensive to anyone…

    …what you are showing is that you are desperately looking to make fun of the Bengals…

  29. The censorship on this site is ridiculous. If you criticize the “powers that be,” without direct attacks or foul language, the comment should be posted.

    This is the biggest example of hack journalism!!

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