More evidence of dirty play in Jaguars-Texans game

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There was no more chippy game in the NFL this week than Jaguars-Texans.

We’ve already covered the complaints made by the Jaguars about the Texans’ low blocking, and Houston coach Gary Kubiak’s response. But it’s also worth pointing out that Texans tackle Duane Brown punched Jacksonville’s Clint Session in the gut during Sunday’s game.

As Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union notes, the video conclusively shows that Brown punched Session. And yet Brown gave an interview to 1560 The Game in which he denied that happened.

“It’s outrageous man,” Brown said. “Like I said I was coming in to help with the tackle after the fumble recovery. I was getting up, pushing off on my own leg to get up. One of his teammates came gave me a little shove. To catch my balance from falling back on him, I put my hand down and then as soon as I got my hand up, I hopped up. He even got up. He said nothing to me cause there was nothing done. People are trying to make a story out of it for whatever reason.”

People are making a story out of it because Brown did, in fact, throw a punch. Denying it won’t make the video evidence go away.

13 responses to “More evidence of dirty play in Jaguars-Texans game

  1. It’s about time a the Texans got an attitude.
    Football is a violent game, I have no problem with guys “getting chippy”. Ups the entertainment value of future games anyway…

  2. Question: Why did Punishment Czar Goodell NOT fine Duane Brown for his cheap shot head butt to James Harrison that broke his orbital bone?

    Oh, because it is Harrison.

    Nice Roger, we see you.

  3. Screenshots don’t prove a punch nor dispute Brown’s explanation of putting his hand on Session’s to gain his balance. Where’s the video?

  4. Oh please, the Jags gave as good as they got. I have been watching this series since it began. Del Rio coaches a tough, hard nosed brand of ball himself. I bet if you went back and truly looked at the tape there would be as much tom-foolery from either side.

    Neither the Texans nor the Jaguars are ready for sainthood. It’s just that the Texans are not a bunch if whimpering bullies the new kid just punched in the mouth or belly rather.

  5. Haha…funny how quickly this post disappeared from the index page. Perhaps it’s because someone from PFT not named Michael David Smith realized how stupid it is to claim that three still shots are conclusive evidence. Where’s Josh Alper when you really need him?

  6. OH GOD!!!!…..i mean seriously!!!….how bored our these people???…..thier gonna spend hours looking at that tape (which clearly showed brown falling back and not punching someone) but thier not done yet!… thier gonna spin the video thier way jus to get a story out of the whinny ass jackasses(jags)…..i swear i think its these guys that ruin football!

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