Pacman says “there ain’t nothing working out in Tennessee”


On Tuesday, MDS shared a snippet from Jim Wyatt’s interview with former Titans and current Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones.  But there are plenty of gems that arose from the 25-minute call, so I decided to carve out another.

Though Jones admits he screwed things up off the field (it would be impossible for him to deny it), he wouldn’t concede that he was “out of control.”

I plead the Fifth,” Jones said, whose brushes with the law ultimately resulted in a one-year suspension from the NFL.  “You can put that [expletive] in the Tennessee papers.  Why would I tell you?   That would be a headline story I know.  But I take responsibility.  I don’t have any regrets, no regrets.  But there ain’t nothing working out in Tennessee; they done got rid of one of the best coaches in the NFL.  I loved Fisher.  He was good to me.”

Pacman says he has grown and mellowed over the years.  Now 28, he’s far different than he was at 21.

“When you have been living a certain way since you were 13 years old, you grew up fighting,” Jones said.  “It takes time.  That [expletive] just don’t happen overnight.  You have to go through things and as you get older you see your future.  There was a point when it hit me; I had to take this for real.  This could be taken away from me as quick as it was given to me.  But it wasn’t one particular thing.  It was all of it.”

Given that he has stayed out of trouble, for the most part, since receiving that suspension in 2007, it’s fair to give him the benefit of the doubt one more time.  More recently, his health has been an issue.  He missed more than a full year with a neck injury, and he strained a hamstring at the end of a 63-yard punt return on Sunday in Seattle.

It’s unclear whether he’ll be able to play on Sunday in Tennessee.  Don’t be surprised if he does.  And if he does, don’t be surprised if he has an impact.

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  1. “I plead the Fifth,” Jones said, whose brushes with the law ultimately resulted in a one-year suspension from the NFL.


    Looks like all that money he paid to lawyers over the years wasn’t totally wasted. He DID remember that part.

    Seriously, the NFL should never let this cretin back into the league as long as the man that was paralyzed due to his “strip club shoot out” can’t walk.

  2. Pacman is extremely motivated for this game. He held up on scoring on a punt return last week (keeping his hammy ok) to make sure he could play at Tenn. He REALLY wants a big game Sunday.

  3. I may be one of the few, but I’m actually rooting for him to turn it all the way around.

    Most people (more specifically most white folks) don’t really get what its like to grow up in a horrible neighborhood and then get rich in a heartbeat. It messes you up. And when you’re still a kid, you have no idea how to handle it. It’s likely that you do some stupid things when you go from being a hoodrat to a millionare overnight, and you feel invincible.

  4. NO REGRETS? How can he say he’s changed but not ackowledge that the melee he started at a Vegas strip club resulted in 2 people being shot, including a bouncer paralyzed for life.

    Sounds like he’ll never get it.

  5. I’ve watched him since he joined the Bengals, and he does seem like a changed guy. Humble and driven.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts having an impact on the field.

  6. im rooting for him to turn it around, be a better person and get back to playing well, but he should really just stop talking. –Terrell Owens

  7. A lot of professional players are good guys. A lot of professional players are smart. Pacman is not one of them.

    When a person causes a melee at a nightclub that results in the paralysis of another person and states that he has no regrets, then that person is a total dirtball. No matter how well her returns punts.

  8. Fisher insisted we draft this clown so pacman better love him. I don’t hate pacman but any means but we took him over aaron rodgers then Vince Young the next year instead of Darelle Revis. As a fan whose team has never won a superbowl, this makes my heart hurt.

  9. i also wouldnt be surprised if he has no impact whatsoever.

    the old team usually wins these kind of talky-talk rematches.

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