Phil Simms not sold on Andrew Luck


There’s a small minority of league insiders who believe that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck isn’t the franchise savior that most are making him out to be.  Former NFL quarterback and current CBS/Showtime analyst Phil Simms appears to be a member of said minority.

“I think the hype is a little too much,” Simms told Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday.  “I feel bad for him in that respect.   I mean, what’s he going to do to match what they say he can do?

“There’s a lot to him.  I think his best quality, by far, is he’s big and strong and he’s going to be able to move and run in the NFL.  There’s no question.  I mean, this guy is strong.  The throwing?  He manages a game.  I see all that.

“But the one thing I don’t see, I just don’t see big time NFL throws.  I don’t care what anybody says.  I’ve watched a lot of him.  He never takes it and rips it in there.  And you can say what you want but, man, you’ve got to be able to crease that ball every once in a while.  We see it every week in these games.  Hey, he can develop it but even in the USC game, you know, he’s very careful with it, guides it a lot, Rich.  That’s what I see.  There’s not a lot of rotation on the ball and there’s not a tremendous amount of power.  Not that you need to have that power arm.  I’m not saying you’ve got to have that exclusively but, man, it sure helps when you can do that because there’s four or five plays a game it is about arm strength.  And sometimes quarterbacks who don’t have it, they pass those plays up.  Why?  Well, they go, ‘I don’t know if I can make that throw,’ so they throw it short.  That’s why I’m a little more reserved in my judgment than everybody else.”

Even though Simms recently has seemed to be intent on projecting contrarian opinions (even when those opinions stray into the realm of the goofy), he possibly is onto something here.  The truth lies in the “all-22” film, which will show whether Luck has downfield opportunities when opting to throw short.  And the folks who are paid to assess college players will study that film.  If Simms is onto something, the tape will bear it out.

Still, the expectations remain way too high for Luck, and there’s a chance he’s being set up to fail.  Given that he’s being viewed as the greatest prospect since Peyton Manning or John Elway, anything less than a bronze bust and a right hand riddled with rings will be viewed as an F.

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  1. A test: How did Sims feel about Ryan Leaf?

    If he was on the right side of that one, I’ll give him some leeway here. Remember everyone saying he was going to be better than Manning? God, how stupid people were.

  2. Who really can be? He hasn’t played a down in the NFL. Until he does, there is no such thing as a “sure thing” QB. Half the guys who people touted as busts turned out to be very good to great, and the sure bets have mostly been busts outside of both Mannings and a few others in the past two decades.

    The only sure things, or the only things close to it are linemen. Any other position that requires handling the ball as a primary function can never be labeled as a sure bet, regardless of how refined their skill set and acumen of the game.

  3. Being one of the masses doesn’t get you mentioned. Being a contrarian for contrarian’s sake, however…

  4. Matt Leinart was the consensus 1st overall pick and decided to go back and play one more year at USC. Matt Leinart’s arm is about as strong as this article’s author’s arm.

    How’s Leinart’s career going these days?

  5. I don’t recall anyone accusing Peyton Manning or Tom Brady of having that “cannon for an arm.” Very adequate arms but nothing like the hype that surrounded JaMarcus Russell.
    There are times when that kind of arm may be helpful but it doesn’t seem to be one of the most essential traits for success as an NFL QB.

  6. A prospect is just a prospect, no matter how good he is in college.

    Nobody thought Newton would be this good this fast. Nobody thought Tom Brady would be that good, at all, ever. Lots of people thought Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith were going to be winners in the league.

    People who follow the game understand the crap-shoot character of the draft and the pre-draft analysis of prospects. Those who don’t are going to buy into the hype of a great prospect like Luck or they’re going to be haters, and both those categories of fan are likely to end up wrong.

  7. So is Mike Greenberg listening to Simms or is Simms listening to MG? I have heard MG say 2 or three different times now that he’s not impressed w/ Luck’s arm strength. He was comparing to how he felt about Newton’s (who obviously can throw a mile & make every throw).

  8. I think Simms is just worried that Luck will take some of the spotlight away from his heartthrob Brady.

  9. It’s neither here nor there that Phil Simms is or isn’t sold on Andrew Luck. It’s an NFL GM that has to be sold on Luck. If Luck is the real deal, we’ll all know; if he’s another Ryan Leaf, we’ll all know. Frankly, I think Matt Barkley is a pretty good quarterback, too, along with the other prospects. But, I wouldn’t put much stock into what Simms says. I’ve always thought that Simms was a product of Parcells’ system with the Giants and a beneficiary of a great Giants defense rather than being a great quarterback in his own right. There have been a number of quarterbacks over the past 20 years that I have thought were better than Simms.

  10. It’s official! Phil Simms isn’t sold on him, which means that Andrew Luck is the #1 prospect in the universe! There’s no way he can bust out now, Phil Simms is ALWAYS wrong.

  11. What happened to Phil Simms?

    Trashing Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck for no reason… why Phil?

    Sadly, the Sports Media ran with the Peyton story despite absolutely no evidence to support it.

    Peyton and Luck are friendly to each other. Luck went to some of Manning’s Camps and contacted Peyton when he was deciding on his future at Stanford. There is no need to raise an issue that doesn’t exist.

  12. Simms is the first person to dare be critical of Luck – at all. I respect his view. He was also one of the very few who actually saw Cam Newton’s potential. I listened intently to him on WFNZ radio speak very highly of Cam during Cam’s struggling preseason. That lone is enough to pay attention.

    I’ve watched Luck as well and I see a good athlete, who does some things very well. His mobility may be his greatest asset, despite all the compliments about his being pro-ready. Phil has made me think about his throws. Now I’m asking all you experts to grade Luck’s sideline passes. How does he throw from the hash marks. How long is that ball in the air? My recollection is that he doesn’t even throw the out pattern that much – I wonder why?

  13. Most, all actually, of the highlights shown of him throwing TD’s I’ve seen are lob passes. No heat on them at all. Simms is correct.

  14. Hard to say Phil Simms is wrong about a QB since he is a very good analysist and was a borderline HOF QB himself but I disagree on Luck.

    At best Luck is Peyton Manning redux. At worst, IMHO, he is Eli Manning.

  15. In one sentence he says he’s a “strong guy” then he says that he “can’t throw the ball hard.” What is it Phil??
    I’m pretty sure a man that is 6’4″ 235 lbs can spin the ball…
    I’m not going to sit here and say he is the next Elway or Manning, but he will not be a bust.

  16. Dolphins fans haven’t seen big time NFL throws since 1999. We’ll be happy to take him.

  17. I like Luck a lot, but I agree with Phil. (I even said it before Phil did). Luck just doesn’t have the zip on throws that need it. He gets lucky on some throws where DBs fall down or the WR gets wide open.

    I’m not saying he can’t be successful in the NFL. I think he’ll be at least as successful as Kyle Orton, which isn’t too bad…

    but at the same time, I think a lot of people will wonder why he’s 8-8 regularly instead of 12-4. Those 4-5 throws a game where have you to fit it into tight windows happen a lot in the red zone.

    He’s getting better about his velocity, but it’s definitely his limiting factor.

  18. I’m a Stanford fan and even I’d agree the media hype on Luck has gone way overboard. Who knows if he’ll be the “best” NFL QB in 25 years?

    He’s a smart, athletic quarterback who can make quick decisions, makes few mistakes and has a team-first attitude. I think the reason most teams would want to draft him is not because he is “guaranteed” to be the best QB ever but because he shows all the qualities that would keep him from being a bust (the next Ryan Leaf)…

  19. Maybe he doesn’t have a cannon like Cam! But Reading Defence’s is more important anyway. He will make mistakes, And Cam has his flaws too

  20. Having watched every Stanford game for the last two years, Andrew Luck will be the second coming of Peyton Manning, but with speed and toughness. Phil Simms is an idiot.

  21. Ohh Simmsy.

    I like Phil, but this is the same guy who a couple of weeks ago, prior to the Oakland-KC game, posed the question “What if Kyle Boller comes in and rips it up?” As if there was a good chance of that happening and as if the Raiders’ biggest problem was that Boller might be so good he relegates Carson Palmer to the bench.

    Come on, Phil. You’re better than this.

  22. There was this one play, I think it was against Arizona, where Luck was rolling to the right and on the move threw a 25+yd TD strike. If that isn’t a big time NFL throw, I don’t know what is.

    Because of Luck, obviously, Stanford has been on TV pretty much every single week, and I have seen a lot of him. There is a reason many are enamored of his talent. I love the way Luck plays and LOVE Stanford’s complete dedication to the run.

    We’ll see, but Simms is probably wrong on this one.

  23. There’s one thing that’s for sure… Luck will be a better QB than Simms is a commentator.

  24. Another “Parcells guy” trapped in the 80’s. The game has changed, you need a talented quarterback to win now a days.

  25. That’s right Phil, I’d much rather have a QB who can make all the throws and then proceeds to throw picks all day because he takes too many chances.

    It took 1st round Phil 3 years to become a starter. His offense was run heavy so he never had to make many of those big arm throws. He had one great performance in a Super Bowl. Now he’s an expert on everything football?

    I’m a Giants fan, yet I still have a difficult time listening to this X Gman yabber on endlessly doing “color”. It’s like nails on a blackboard. John Madden he ain’t.

    Andrew Luck will become 10 times the player Phil Simms was.

  26. I’m pretty sure he can make all the throws and has a strong arm or else every scout wouldn’t be saying he is a lock to be the number 1 pick.

  27. I’ll admit that I’m a Luck hater, i just get tired of all this hype; however the kid is big and strong, but he hasn’t played any good teams for me to say that he is great. I think Russel Wilson and Robert Griffen are light years better.

  28. Hey Simms, who was that weak armed QB back when you played who won all those championships. I think he went to Notre Dame. Was his name Montana or something like that? Wasn’t he ripped out of college for having a soft arm that could not crease it in there, but had great game management and intellect?

  29. I see what he’s doing here..

    Hey if i go against the grain and by some strange phenomenon I’m right, I would have been the only one that called it!

    Luck will be a stud. Barring an unforseen disaster, this kid is the truth.

  30. Google,”Andrew Luck 44-yd pass from knees.” The guy is under pressure, falling down and still hits his receiver 44 yards on the fly (almost in stride).

    Phil Simms has always reminded me of a less entertaining Terry Bradshaw. You can’t just say something with a folksy drawl and expect people to believe it.

  31. Well gee I’m glad that’s out of the way. Maybe everyone will pass on him. You know since Phil said so

  32. we see this with every single top prosopect. first we here how great the prospect is, then after a while, when the story needs to keep moving to stay fresh and give the talking heads something to do, they move on to the weaknesses and assisinations. look at Manning, many people had doubts about him, especially his ability to win the big game. they said he could never beat FLA while at TN. Look at Rodgers, and how far he fell in the draft. Dan Marino fell to #27!

    now that doesn’t mean Simms isnt right. he could be. we will only know once Luck is in the league and playing games. but get ready to hear every angle and have luck dissected under the microscope over and over and over.

  33. This is the same guy who probably still has his son , Chris Simms, starting on his fantasy team. Is he even playing anymore?

  34. I dont know if Luck will be the next Manning or Brady, but i do know that the guy is a beast and one day someone will be lucky to draft the next Andrew Luck

  35. Simms isn’t saying Luck won’t be a good QB or anything. He is mainly just saying he is being overhyped. And when someone says this kid is the best prospect since Peyton Manning (maybe even better than Peyton), then yes, that is a LOT of hype.

    And I respect him for at least watching some tape and rendering an actual opinion on Luck’s skills. Most people in Miami and Indy pleading for their teams to “Suck for Luck” probably have never even seen the kid play. I’ll be honest, this past weeks primetime game vs USC was the first time I have ever seen him play.

  36. qdog112 says: Nov 2, 2011 2:22 PM

    Simms is the first person to dare be critical of Luck – at all. I respect his view. He was also one of the very few who actually saw Cam Newton’s potential. I listened intently to him on WFNZ radio speak very highly of Cam during Cam’s struggling preseason. That lone is enough to pay attention.


    He also said Rodgers, Bradford, Stafford and Ryan would be crap QB’s. Claussen was the can’t miss pick of the decade, Dalton was 5th rd talent, Gabbert was the best of this class, and Tebow would be much better than expected. By my count he is so far 1 for 9 from what I see.

  37. Simms was down on Newton as well. Thought that Eli was going to be better than Peyton. I should start a list on what Phil Simms has been wrong on since his son played for the Bucs.

  38. I haven’t seen a lot of Andrew Luck, mainly highlights, and I agree with Simms, except in one respect. He wont be able to run at the NFL level.

    He isn’t an elusive runner. He is a big powerful runner. Sure he can avoid hits at the college level, but in the pros, where everyone is that much faster he is going to take punishment. He is not a better runner than Vince Young and Young couldn’t stay healthy.

    That’s fine though, pocket passers work in the NFL. You don’t want Luck to run. Which is where you run into the second issue. He has got a good arm. He throws a nice deep ball. He places the ball well and throws with great touch, but I have hardly ever see him throw a frozen rope.

    Maybe he can, maybe he just doesn’t need to against college defenses. Perhaps he is just making things as easy as possible for his receivers. However, despite mainly watching highlights I haven’t seen a single pass that proves he will be able to drive the ball through coverage.

    Then again, who needs a cannon for an arm. They didn’t do Russell or Leaf any good, whilst Montana and Brady seem to have been able to rely on accuracy. That said, the hype surrounding Luck could only possibly be justified if he had a once in a generation arm. He doesn’t.

    He’ll bring good mobility but he wont be the biggest or the strongest or the fastest QB in the NFL. He has got a good arm, but nothing that sets him apart from the top-10, maybe top 12 QBs in the league.

    He should provide a franchise with a quality starting QB. The hype machine (which is none of his making) seems intent in portraying him as a guaranteed Hall of Famer. The burden of expectations that will be heaped on him is going to be rediculous. I feel sorry for the guy.

    Still, I’d love him to be a Redskin. I just wouldn’t be comfortable with trading away a boat load of picks to land him.

  39. Simms is pretty sharp. In these economic times, expensive purchases are out. A nice lease with renewal option works much better.

  40. ” He never takes it and rips it in there. ” — Phil could always rip it in there.

  41. He is allowed to have an opinion. For all we know, Luck won’t have a good career. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    But to look at the kid, he sure looks complete.

    I also think the last time I heard of Phil Simms being sold on a QB he was talking about his son, Chris Simms. So I’m not sure I’ll trust his judgement fully on this one.

  42. Yeah too much hype on the kid. Lets say he goes to Miami…Miami suck godzilla balls and has no talent outside of Brandon Marshall & Jake Long on offense. Recipe for disaster. Brady was a 6 or 7rd diamond in the rough. Favre a 3rd rounder.Romo undrafted…Fitzpatrick for the Bills…the list continues…being a successful player in the NFL requires a good schematic fit and basically nothing else…they all have talent knuckleheadz…too much hype&too much pressure for a KID.

  43. I wonder if Phil Simms thinks Steve Young was any good. Of all pastQb’s that is who Luck resembles the most, except bigger, but stats are similiar.

  44. Simms is a turd. After listening to him during the Steelers vs. Patriots game I’ll never take anything he says seriously again about anyone.
    Little to NO credibility.

  45. Phil Simms is confusing his own abilities with that of Luck. Luck is far more talented than a Simms or Simms offspring ever was…or is. Luck will prove him wrong..The NFL ball will fly much better for Luck than it ever did for Simms, et al…

  46. I think Simms is right on. Luck is grossly overrated, which isnt to say he wont be good or serviceable at the next level. However its a reach to call him the best qb prospect since Elway.

    Simms is concerned about Luck being able to make all the throws, I would be concerned about him playing against inferior competion. Save for V-tech and Oregon last year, what quality team has he played against?

  47. Boy that Jamarus Russell had a cannon for an arm and look how he is playi….oh thats right. Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and even Alex Smith don’t have big arms but seem to get by okay.

  48. As a Colts fan, I am not 100% sold on Luck being the savior. You can’t be. Look how many “sure thing” QBs haven’t been. But, I don’t remember Peyton having a high hard one either. His arm is NFL caliber, but not Steve McNair-Brett Favre caliber. Still (except for the playoffs), he got by.

  49. I dont think it is realistic to say with any certainty that a particular college player’s success will translate to the NFL level especially at QB. Past draft history has shown dozens of can’t miss prospects that never panned out. Jamarcus russell, ryan leaf, heath schuler just to name a few qbs. You also have to consider what type of situation Luck will be going to. Obviously the team drafting first has a lot of needs, but can he be protected, or is he going to get killed playing behind a bad line like david carr and joey harrington. Not saying those 2 were of the same caliber coming out of college, but they were both highly thought of when drafted. Would we still be giving aaron rodgers the same praise if he were drafted by sf. I don’t know. I am a big Luck fan, but only time will tell.

  50. College players and hype haven’t fared well (see; Bush, Reggie.)

    In that regard, I guess Simms missed last years VT vs Stanford bowl game.

    I saw a few “NFL” throws, as did millions.

    That being said, he could be a Marino. All world talent and no rings to show for it.

    Personally, I think Luck has too much tenacity and the ability to shrug off the media hype; all traits I’ve seen from Super Bowl quarterbacks. He’s just displayed them at a young age.

    With the fall of Manning and Brady (Age/injury) I see a rise of newcomers (Dalton/Ponder/Newton) to compliment the hybrid stars (Brees/Rodgers/Roethlisberger)

    Long live football!

  51. I am thinking that Phil Simms is just a little bit jealous. He’s been lashing out at everyone playing QB today it seems. When he goes at guys like Tebow, it’s warranted, but when he goes after guys that can actually PLAY, he’s just whining.

    Most have called Luck the best QB overall since Peyton Manning and maybe even John Elway. It just doesn’t sit well with him that soon he will be a footnote to football history, even with the ring he has.

  52. My issue after hearing him do an interview is he isn’t smart enough to put two words together to make a sentence. He won’t be able to pass the wonderlich or learn the complicated NFL playbooks. Teams in know won’t jump on him.
    He will not be the first pick.

  53. I watched a couple of Luck’s games and only seen a few deep ball hits, but Luck is accurate as hell, and can throw on the run, I dont think he is the next Manning, but i do think he will be a good QB if he goes to a team like Cam went to, example- Cam has 3 pro bowl O line, most under rated O line IMO in the league, without them Cam will be the bust ppl say he was going to be, also we got a good RB tandem, and TE’s with Steve Smith. If Luck goes to a team with a running game, I think he will be great, if he goes to a team that has no supporting everyone will call him a bust, lets say he goes to Miami, no running game, okay oline and only one good WR, he might struggle and be throw to the wolves, he goes to Colts, no running game, good oline and will be Manning back up, or at least will be tutored by Manning on the daily, cuz if Manning retires, he will probally be the 1st player to retire and get a HC job the same year… Stanford runs the ball better than most colleges, im talking pro style no trick plays just run the rock offense, and luck passes a lot against 8 in box defenses, mainly, but saying he has no arm strength and cant zip it in, wow, already articles on Luck sucking, and he hasnt even had a combine or pro day…….

  54. Luck is not a franchise QB no matter how many people are pumping him. He isn’t Cam Newton, 6 5 confident and a runner.
    LUck can’t run two feet without tripping and his passing is only accurate when he has a loooooot of time. Not getting that in the NFL.

  55. Derty Ernie says: yeah he still wears a wrist band with the plays on it, how long has he played for Stanford, maybe its a little different than Harbaugh’s playbook IDK, but Cam interviews make him seem to be unintelligent also, maybe they are camera shy, but look at Cam, he dont wear a wrist band and he is a rookie QB, that everyone says he wouldnt be smart enough to play the nfl QB, let him play at least 4-8 games before you praise or criticize him on the NFL standards….

  56. Derty Ernie says: Nov 2, 2011 7:55 PM

    Luck is not a franchise QB no matter how many people are pumping him. He isn’t Cam Newton, 6 5 confident and a runner.
    LUck can’t run two feet without tripping and his passing is only accurate when he has a loooooot of time. Not getting that in the NFL.


    HAHAHA OMFG put the pipe down

  57. Simms has a point. I don’t pay much attention to college ball since maybe <5% make it to the NFL but I decided to watch the USC/Stanford game and was not impressed with the hoopla of Luck.

    Yes, he has poise but Simms is correct, there are some throws where he doesn't rip the ball across the field and in the NFL, your window of opportunity is very small.
    This is not novel news, the knock on Luck is that he doesn't have a cannon of an arm. Neither does Brady but I haven't seen the pinpoint accuracy that so many have fallen gaga over Luck.

    All this talk reminds me of the infatuation with Ryan Leaf and J. Russell and look what has happened to them. Yes, I know character plays a lot but see Tim Tebow and he is Mr. Clean but can seem to make a throw to a wide open receiver.

  58. I said the very same thing to my son on Saturday night after watching the whole second half. I said Luck is the real deal, BUT, that he does not seem to have that strong of an arm. At least I’ve not seen it yet. He did a lot of soft throws.

    What made me come to that conclusion was when I started comparing him to what I remember seeing about John Elway when he played at Stanford. My God, he had that incredible arm and could throw rockets. You never forget seeing something like that. I did not see anything even close to that arm strength with Andrew Luck.

    That said, Joe Montana was one of the best ever and Luck could probably out throw him now quite a bit. But QB’s as accurate as Montana (or as Ken Stabler was) are just very rare and have incredible and amazing touch on their passes.

    Luck does not have that either. He reminds me more of a better and more polished Tim Tebow right now. (yes running for cover)… 🙂


  59. The real issue that Phil Simms has with Andrew Luck is the fact that the young man makes his own kids like what they are: pathetic. I live in Knoxville. We would gladly return his son to him ANYTIME! The boy belongs on a highschool field, not a NCAA field. I am not even sure he could compete with some of the highschools around he at that. Anytime you see that jersey running on the field you do one of two things, change the channel or turn off the TV. Obviously none of the Simms family have any DNA for football like the Manning’s. Peyton was the BEST QB that TN EVER had. Andrew Luck may not be the next Peyton Manning. However, the young man can play football. He also has the mobility that Peyton does not. I am a huge fan of the Colts, Giants, and Green Bay. Yes, Peyton can pick you apart in many ways. If you stop his running game, fine he will find another way. If you double his receivers, fine he will find another way. IF Luck goes to Indy (please, please, please…) then that is exactly what he will learn. With his ability to be mobile, he will be dangerous when he is handed that team. However, Simms is a moron. He was against Rodgers coming out? Has anyone actually watched Rodgers throw a ball? The man has been a monster since he came out of the shadow of Farve and he is MOBILE! Green Bay will be the Super Bowl champs this year again. Simms is JEALOUS! Get over is Simms, you could not play, your offspring cannot play. Deal with it. Maybe they will create a special place for you in the Hall of Fame for most idiotic quotes.

  60. guypatsfan—Good for him. So does Peyton! How about you take his kid! He can take over when Brady is ready to retire since you seem to think is he so awesome and Daddy can be he his coach! It would be like Beavis and Butthead taking over New England!

  61. guypatsfan—Both of your posts are still showing honey. Buy the way I cannot have “numbnutz”, I am a female. You should really invest in a spell checker. By the way, I do have an IQ of 136 which is pretty close to the genius level. I graduated with honors when I finished both my Associates and Bachelor’s, made the Dean Lists each semester, and graduated Magna Cum Laude. I am currently working on my Masters. So, according to some I am a genius. Is that the problem you have with me, a female who does seem to know a little about football? Or is the issue being a female who has an opinion? You decide. Either way you need to actually look at the board before you go spouting off about things you obviously know nothing about darling. Either way, you are still welcome to Simms and his darling little offspring since as you sooo eloquently put it they are both numbnutz, just as you are!

  62. BTW you can have the last word if you want. But don’t hold your breath, I won’t be coming back to see if you’ve written anything.

    Have a nice day, dearie!

  63. Thats ok,Phil. They weren’t sold on you when you came out of Moorehead State. Nobody , but the serious draftniks never heard of you, either.

  64. brianinwv says:
    Nov 2, 2011 2:13 PM
    I think the hype is a bit much as well. Is Luck really that far ahead of previous #1s Newton, Bradford and Stafford?


    Newton – different style of QB, but at a higher level of competition in the SEC

    Bradford – too brittle, and coordinator has changed. career now on holding pattern with no receivers.

    Stafford – stronger arm than Luck, but inconsistent with shorter-to-intermediate throws, and missed an awful lot of games.

    Luck may be a better game manager type. He’d be perfect in that he could make the winning plays that Joe Flacco hasnt. I’d put him just above him but below Rothlisberger, Rodgers, Brady.

    Luck is a winner, but a game manager…not a shoulder RPG type. Would be best suited to a good defensive team, with a strong running game. – really best fits with Miami, if they could find a running game….and er a defense.

  65. schrutebeetfarms says: Nov 2, 2011 1:50 PM

    Simms is also not sold on the internet yet either.

    I’m sold on this comment. LOL Awesome!

  66. I don’t know how this kid will be in the NFL. And guess what? Nobody else does either. On the surface he is the best one coming out but what does that mean? The proof is still in the pudding.

    I would rather get crapped on for drafting him as a bust than passing on the next Brady or Manning.

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