Roethlisberger wins AFC offensive player of the week award

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A week ago, most pundits expected Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to reconvene his annual (roughly) 7-on-7 passing clinic against a Steelers defense that refuses to adjust its approach to Brady’s quick-strike approach.  But it wasn’t Brady who led his team to victory with 50 passes thrown.

Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger accomplished that feat, completing 36 of his half-a-hundred attempts, generating 365 yards and two touchdowns and forging a 25-17 victory and winning the AFC offensive player of the week award.

It’s the eighth time Roethsliberger has won the award in his career, and the second time in October 2011.  Given that the Steelers went 4-1 for the month and thrust themselves back to the top of the conference, Roethlisberger could end up being the AFC offensive player of the month.

17 responses to “Roethlisberger wins AFC offensive player of the week award

  1. It’s a good week. First, a thorough beat down of the Pats. Second, Edelman’s arrest (or is that Fondleman?). Both equate to a quiet week from Pats fans. Ah, serenity now, serenity now.

  2. ” Given that the Steelers went 4-1 for the month and thrust themselves back to the top of the conference”

    Still technically behind Baltimore.

  3. Any word yet if Haloti will break his nose or just his whole face this time around? J/K steelers fans, its that time of the year again so ya know how it goes. Now go ahead and bash my Bert lookin unibrow rockin QB, hell I actually think its funny. Here’s to the best rivalry in sports! Round 2 here we go…

  4. Nice of Ben to get some pub. It’s tough for him slotted by many experts behind and not even mentioned in the same breath with the likes of Phillip Rivers (who has been to 0 AFC championship games), Matty Ice and others.

    Even Professor Clayton had Carson Palmer ahead of Ben last year.

    Ben is more like Terry Bradshaw than most people realize. Bradshaw has 4 rings and is HOF but his stats are forgettable.

    All Ben does is win!

  5. With 3 notches on his belt, Roethlisberger earns assailant of the year as well. This guy is a real winner.

  6. great qb but i do not trust him at all. he seems like that quiet type. Just a gut feeling that somethings going on but i hope he has changed.

  7. Any QB who has the good fortune to face the Patriots secondary will be a good bet for their conference’s offensive player of the week award going forward.

  8. The bar is set pretty low when scoring 23 points against the worst defense in the entire NFL while throwing what amounts to a pick six to keep them in the game gets you OPW.

  9. The whining and crying here is pretty humorous. Ben could rescue wheelchair bound orphans from a fire, and there would still be those who would say he didn’t do enough because he then should have put out the fire and serve the children lemonade and hand baked cupcakes.

  10. Odd thing to say of a man with two Super Bowl rings, but I think Ben will be a late-bloomer. He’s always been gifted with tremendous talent, but he’s relied too much on serendipity over study. As he matures and becomes more a student of the game, he could turn into a true rival of the top-caliber “elite” QBs.

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