Schwartz won’t talk about Suh’s meeting with Commissioner

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Lions coach Jim Schwartz joined Dan Patrick on Wednesday morning, a day after a much-publicized meeting between Commissioner Roger Goodell and Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  Schwartz attended the meeting, but Schwartz isn’t talking about it.

Dan started the interview by asking the simple question of who set it up.  And here’s what Schwartz said:  “I don’t know it’s really my place to comment on that.  That’s Ndamukong Suh and that’s the Commissioner that can comment on that.”

Dan then crafted on the fly the perfect follow-up.  “Did the Commish clear up something for you as a coach on what you can tell your players?”

“I have a very good understanding of the league office’s point of view, and I’ll just leave it right there,” Schwartz said.

Fine.  But if that’s the case, then Schwartz either can’t or won’t communicate the league office’s point of view with his players.  Based on the words chosen by Schwartz, it sounds like he doesn’t want to share the league office’s point of view with his players, possibly because doing so would take some of the steam out of a defense that Schwartz needs to play instinctively, without thinking about whether they’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s when trying to break a guy in half.

That’s the point I made last night.  The league office shouldn’t have to explain anything to players.  The coaches are the ones who are responsible for properly letting players know what they need to know.  If the players are confused, it’s happening in part because the coaches want them to be confused, because the players don’t want them to play with any less aggression.

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  1. I think here Schwartz wants to avoid playing he said / she said with the message the NFL is trying to manage.

    But the league could make the guidelines crystal clear, it is obvious it would help this process, and they are failing to do so.

  2. Sounds like somebody has an attitude…..and why go if you are he ?
    Losing attitude from my perspective

  3. Will Schwartz be giving the commissioner a Harbaugh-style handshake the next time he sees him?

    Really, this whole story over the past couple of days has been posturing by all sides, nothing more.

  4. Why assume that Schwartz isn’t communicating anything to his players simply because he doesn’t want to represent the league or Suh during an interview?

  5. Or maybe that’s something the media doesn’t have to know. If I were a coach, I would always reply with a no comment because what the team does internally has nothing to do with the media or anyone outside the organization

  6. The coach isn’t the one paying the fine if a player gets charged with an illegal hit, so why shouldn’t the league explain it to each and every individual player if asked?

  7. This is a story that shouldn’t even been reported because the next thing you’ll be hearing that a group on disgruntled MN lavender Larry fans trying to get audience with the “Commish” to complain about the Packers fans picking on them.

  8. Why coddle certain players who the league has “anointed” as stars. Play and live by the rules or simply get out. It’s individuals like Ray Lewis, Micheal Vick and Suh who are ruining this league.

  9. Schwartz never comments on anything, never has, never will. You media types hate that and make him pay for it with wild theories and conjecture which the sheeple are more than happy to run with.

  10. Goodell is on a very tenuous bubble with all this fining and he knows it. He doesn’t make a move without considering the legal ramifications. Yes the fines are friggin ridiculous as was the meeting, but if he refuses to meet with one of the most fined players in the league hows that going to play in court? Which it most likely will eventually.

  11. “Schwartz either can’t or won’t communicate the league office’s point of view with his players.”

    Pretty bold statement

  12. The entire angle of this story is bunk. We all know Suh knows the rules, and sometimes he plays at the edge, and occasionally has crossed the line. But he went there to review video & ask Goodell why he has been penalized and fined for legal hits, and probably to ask if it’s too much to expect consistency in how refs apply the rules from game-to-game & player-to-player.

  13. Schwartz is going to wait until there’s six guys standing between him and Roger before he’ll speak with him.

  14. Jim Schwartz is a tight lipped guy. He is outta the billicek camp. Let the play on the field be what matters not what people want to ask him. As a lions fan I get very annoyed by his perspective of not talking about nothing except x’s and o’s. He doesn’t like to chatter about stuff to help fuel the medias speculations. And it was suh who wanted the meeting that was already known so why is Dan Patrick so dumb with his questions

  15. To the author of this piece, who you cannot name else your post gets automatically eaten, it’s ludicrous to think that the Commissioner “shouldn’t” have met with Suh. If the Commissioner doesn’t give Suh this meeting, then he looks even more out-of-touch, up in his ivory tower, and better than the players he polices. Can you imagine the beating he would take in the media from players (named and unnamed) who gripe that he is handing out fines without explanations why? Once you start down that road, you’re giving traction to the meme that the league has lost the aura of fairness, and that is Goodell’s number one job: to protect the image of the league. Of course he had to meet with Suh. His only other option would be to appear capricious and aloof.

    Just because Suh happened to use the meeting (and the fact that Goodell had to accept it) to his advantage for some passive-aggressive media grandstanding doesn’t change that fact, either. Suh got the better of the Commissioner in this case, but there was no way Goodell could have spun the report about him declining this meeting.

  16. O Great Thin-Skinned One, the more you opine, the less sense you make. You seem to be getting a bigger and bigger sense of entitlement, as if you think you are a real force in the NFL world (cf. demanding that the league explain to you if indeed Suh got fined for pushing a Falcon to the ground after a play, when said player charged into Suh first.) Maybe just stop blogging for a while, there, champ. Both your “journalism” and your commentary are diminishing in quality.

    Please be sure to delete this post pronto.

  17. So now we are comparing Suh to people who have had legal issues? Some of you people need to expand your learning and realize that Suh is a hell of a man off the field. He does a lot of charity work and helps out those who are less fortunate but because people think he plays dirty on the football field everyone thinks he is evil.

  18. The president of the Lions, Tom Lewand also attended the meeting. Why would he go? Maybe to subtly remind the commish that he serves at the pleasure of the owners, and that one owner is not very happy with the substandard officiating leading to blown calls. For the league to endorse those calls, even though undisputed evidence on the tapes proves the calls wrong is a slap in the face of integrity. Mr. Ford is owner of the Lions and his family owns a company that spends millions of dollars advertising, helping the NFL be successful. Time for Roger to end his ego trip and clean things up.

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