Andy Dalton tops Cam Newton as Offensive Rookie of the Month

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A rookie quarterback has been named the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Month for October, and it’s not Cam Newton.

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has been given the award, the NFL announced today.

Giving Dalton the honor over Newton is a nod to the Bengals’ 4-0 record in October. Newton’s Panthers were 1-4 in October.

Statistically, Newton clearly had the superior month. Dalton completed 82 of 130 passes for 909 yards, with six touchdowns and five interceptions in October. Newton completed 104 of 170 passes for 1,381 yards, with seven touchdowns and five interceptions in October. And, of course, there’s the little matter of Newton having 38 carries for 221 yards and five rushing touchdowns in October, while Dalton ran seven times for 14 yards and one touchdown in October.

But where Dalton separated himself from Newton, at least in the eyes of the people who select the Rookie of the Month award, is in being at the helm of a team that’s a surprising playoff contender. The Bengals are in the AFC North hunt and have a good shot at a wild-card berth if they don’t win the division. No one saw that when Dalton was first lining up under center in Week One.

Of course, if Newton got to play on a team as good on defense and special teams as the Bengals, he’d likely be in the playoff hunt, too. But Newton is on a team with a terrible defense and special teams. And so Dalton is hailed as a winner, and is the winner of the Rookie of the Month award.

63 responses to “Andy Dalton tops Cam Newton as Offensive Rookie of the Month

  1. Who Dey!

    Good to see Dalton get some well deserved props. Hope that Dalton vs Newton becomes one of those all time QB rivalries ala Bradshaw and Staubach.


  2. As he should! Dalton was the QB that I thought would be successful coming out of the draft. The 9ers stated that he was on the top of their QB list and the Bengals drafted him 1 pick before we moved up in the 2nd round! Oh well, but I do believe Cam will have much success in the NFL.

  3. Glad there was no hypothetical bias in this article. You have no idea if roles were reversed if Cam would have the same type of numbers or wins. I think you forgot the part where Dalton is playing with WR’s that have less than 15 combined NFL starts, a second year TE, and doesn’t have the likes of Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart in the backfield.

  4. The ultimate stat is ‘Wins’ and Andy Dalton is getting it done on the field. If the Bengals continue to win and Dalton should also win the Rookie of the Year.

    Cam Newton can get the top award for a rookie QB in fantasy football, but at 2-6 in the real world that’s little consolation to Panthers fans.

  5. enough already! newton is good we get that but stop acting like Dalton just landed on a playoff ready team and is asked not to do anything to mess it it up. he plays for the Bengals! what was thier record last year? there was a reason they call them the bungles till now. he is the starting qb who is throwing to a rookie reciever. he is charge of running the offenseand do more than just hand the ball off to benson. they have most of the same players they had last year minus 3 big name guys. maybe he has had something to do with the change in attitude and culture on the team and that is why they are winning. if newton is the super human you people make him out to be then maybe the panthers would be a better team. he is having a good and not winning the award does not make him less of a player but making it sound like Dalton is lucky and somehow did not deserve it is not right.

  6. Newton passes for more yards, but their QB ratings have both been hanging in the high 70’s/low80’s with Cam currently having a slight edge. A week or two ago Dalton had the better rating.

    Regardless, both guys have been impressive, and it’s really misleading to say the better defense and special teams give Dalton an [b]undeserved[/b] vote.

    Dalton has the better defense, but he doesn’t have Steve Smith, Greg Olsen, Deangelo Williams, Johnathon Stewart and a very impressive offensive line like Cam does. He has a rookie WR, a below average line and Ced Benson when he’s not missing games because of suspension.

  7. Very tired of all the hating on Dalton b/c of the Defense the Bengals have. Dalton still has to make plays on the field. Dalton still has to run an offense stock full of rookies at skill positions. Bengals are no longer a run heavy team. They have a solid balance between pass and run. Guess who passes the ball, Dalton. A ROOKIE. He should be in the running right along with Newton for ROY.

  8. Sounds like your a little hurt about it not being Cam or Ponder. Keep ignoring Dalton, and he’ll keep winning. Enough with the argument about if Cam was on our team. We were the 32nd ranked team preseason… Now Cam wishes he had our team? I call BS. Put Dalton behind that oline, give him those two rb’s and let him throw to steve smith and Dalton would have the yards AND the Wins….

    If Cam had our team…Lol. You mean the worst team in football according to this site as well as others…… Right.

  9. It’s ‘rookie of the month’… Not team of the month. It’s not ‘whose team helps their quarterback win more’. It’s supposed to be who played the best for the month. Albeit Dalton played well for a rookie… There’s really no comparison here. Cam should have won easily. But he will win more down the road as soon a he gets his defense back healthy and another decent option at WR. Kudos to Dalton.

  10. Jon Gruden took over the Tony Dungy built Bucs and wins the Super Bowl with ‘Dungy’s team’ and even til this day Jon Gruden gets the credit for that great Bucs Super Bowl winning season.

    Andy Dalton (5-2) takes over a inept Bengals team after a veteran QB led them to a 4-12 record the previous year and gets no respect.

    That’s the reason you ‘Thumbs Downers’ are sitting behind a computer screen and not on an NFL sideline. Now go clamor for Tebow to start.

  11. I am so tired of everyone already trying to crown Cam Newton as ROY. This is the same Cincinnati Bengals team that Andy Dalton inherited in the preseason, right? The one that had no talent? The one that was destined to go 0-16? The one that was the favorite to win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes? And all of a sudden the kid has them not only winning but in playoff contention and it’s attributed to the outstanding defense and special teams play? Get outta here — even Dalton’s teammates who were on the team last year say last year’s team would have folded under the many of the same circumstances this team has already faced and attribute that largely to Dalton. OL Andrew Whitworth also said that during the past few years, if they team couldn’t run the ball with Benson, they couldn’t do anything offensively with Carson Palmer at the helm. The running game has been inconsistent for Dalton and he still gets the job done. Lastly, are we really comparing stats when Newton has only one more TD throw than Dalton during the month of October but has thrown the ball FORTY more times than Dalton has?? But as Denny Green would say to all the Cam lovers out there: “If you wanna crown him, crown him!”

  12. “Dalton has the better defense, but he doesn’t have Steve Smith, Greg Olsen, Deangelo Williams, Johnathon Stewart and a very impressive offensive line like Cam does.”

    I know right. I mean Steve Smith has been tearing it up the last two season … oh wait. Like there wasn’t rumblings in the off season that Steve Smith lost more then a step. Washed up. Good years over. Not worth a 3rd pick. Rather have that other Steve Smith. Now, “Cammie Cam is just lucky he has Steve Smith to throw to”.

    This offense was historically bad last season. Ugly. I mean it was so bad that I started using our offensive possessions as when to go get the next beer. And majority of the time I would be walking back , sit down, and look at the TV screen and the other team already has the ball. Now it is top 5. Cam is what 70 – 80% of the offensive production?

    It’s okay.

    The Bengals had a better month and Dalton was part of the reason. It’s not like Dalton hasn’t earned the award for his actions. Congrats to him. Congrats to them.

    I’m still happy for Panthers future with Cam leading the way.

  13. As a Bengals fan, I am absolutely thrilled to see Andy Dalton leading the team to a better-than-expected record. Living just outside of Charlotte, I am pleased to see Cam Newton easily out-performing the expectations of the ‘experts’ and draft ‘gurus’. Dalton is playing like a veteran and Newton is a heck of a lot brighter than folks initially gave him credit for. I sincerely hope that I have the pleasure of watching these fine QBs compete in the NFL for the next dozen years.

  14. I have no problem with the Dalton love. But I doubt the Panthers record would be much different with him in command. The Panthers defense is ranked 29th overall and 31st in defending third down conversions. Special teams across the board is a disaster: kick off coverage, punt coverage, and kicking. Granted, with Dalton Stewart/Williams would probably get more carries but it probably evens out when you think of Newton’s scrambles for first downs and to keep plays alive.

  15. Look, Dalton is playing very well and his team is winning. But this is an individual award, NOT a team award. Cam’s stats are far better than Dalton’s.

    If you want to bring in outside factors, Cam is playing against better teams than Dalton. The Bengals defense has given up 123 points, the Panthers have given up 207. In their 6 loses, the Panthers have been outscored by a total of 39 points. Give him that defense or schedule, and he wins as a many games.

  16. None of this ultimately matters and there’s reason for fans of both teams to be very excited about their futures. We all know NEITHER is Super Bowl bound ultimately (let’s be real about this) so we’re really talking about the future w/ both teams.

    My Bengals got a steal in Dalton and in turn got to leverage his success into the Palmer robbery (thus a double-dip of good for the future of the franchise, because the QB position is solidified AND they have extra high-quality picks now).

    And the Panthers have their QB of the future locked down, yet while not winning this year, will have high quality pick of their own come next year’s draft and as such their effort on the field this season has to break the record for number of times a fan has said to themselves “that was a solid loss! I’m ok with that!”

    Both teams are Charlie Sheen WINNING right now. So who cares about who won ROTM???

  17. The only people caring about this argument are those who are concerned with how many rookie cards they have of either guy and the market swing of their value in the latest Beckett (or whatever the pricing guide is used today… I haven’t collected cards since I was about 12, aka about 22 years ago). And the QB themselves, as its probably pretty nice to get the plaque or whatever comes with the award.

  18. So, they now pick the individual Offensive Awards based on how one’s defense performs? That’s a different way to go about it.

  19. Cam was sacked 9 times in October vs 5 for Dalton. And Cam lost two fumbles in October vs 0 for Dalton. So the winning record isn’t the only reason.

  20. Too bad there is no stat for leadership, because that is the real reason why Dalton got the award. Stats are created only to console the losers.

  21. Newton shows no leadership? Have you seen the postgame press conferences? He personally takes all the blame for every loss. He wouldnt let Mare get burried for the loss to the Vikings.

  22. As a long term and die hard Bengals fan, I find these new insults impotent and insipid. You announce our QB has been awarded the Offensive Rookie of the Month, but then attempt to discredit the achievement by painting Dalton as just a lucky bum who landed on a good team. There is so much hilarity in the insult that it defuses itself.

    How can Dalton be just a lucky guy who dropped into a potentially playoff caliber team? I thought you “experts” all agreed that the Bengals were going to be basement dwellers this season? Should we take this as an admission that you were wrong?

    If you think Dalton’s contribution to our wins has been negligible, then you are not paying attention. Does he have the benefit of a strong defense: absolutely. But the good defense does not negate Dalton’s leadership and play.

    At each step, the “experts” spend more effort in formulating the insult than they do in actually paying attention to the games. We win against Buffalo and it was “Bengals win on a fluke bad incompletion call”, this despite we completely man-handled Buffalo. We lose an extremely close game to the 49’rs, and it was “we lost to a bad team”…um how’s the 49’rs doing lately? We win against Seattle and I start reading how our 5-2 record is due to a weak schedule (umm…has anyone looked at Pittsburg’s schedule).

    Keep reaching for the insults. They are like bullets on Superman. I endured the 90’s when someone could legitimately and accurately insult my team. Now, it’s more of a poor reflection of the insulter than the insulted.

  23. I hate to say it, but Cam deserved this more than Dalton. I didn’t think much of Cam before the season started, but what he’s done is simply amazing. The defense for the Panthers is just atrocious, which is the main reason for their terrible record, not Cam.

    Andy Dalton deserves a lot of praise and accolades as well for his performance. It’s just that he has a better supporting cast, especially on defense.

  24. Can’t we all (Newton/Dalton supporters) just get along?!

    Or is this going to be a fight for the next decade? Although if it means they both are still doing good then it should work out well for both fanbases.

  25. The Dalton people are pissed because Dalton is in a tiny little market for a crappy team that rarely gets any attention.

    The Newton people are pissed because they’re in a larger market and have seen him play (VS Dalton) and they think he’s better.

    Sorry fanbois he’s not. Newton has a much better support system then Dalton does. Dalton has AJ Green and is on the same page with Gruden. A lucky synergy for a rookie.

    How he ended up winning is beyond me. No one really pays attention to Cincinnati. But the kid is the real deal.

  26. So far, Newton has shown no ability to win games, though he continues to act like a cultural icon wannabe with all the showboating in the endzone and mugging for the cameras, including his whiny, sad little puppy dog looks addressing the media after he’s lost another game.

    Cam’s big numbers don’t mean squat when you’re 2 and 6.

    Dalton, on the other hand, has earned ROY so far this season because he wins.

  27. Why are some of the Panthers fans getting upset over this? You knew your team was going to be terrible this year, but at least you’re not trotting Clausen out there every week. The offense is pretty fun to watch.

  28. “lgbarn says: Nov 3, 2011 11:45 AM

    As much as I hate to say it…Cam should have won this hands down. Cam can’t tackle too, he has teammates for that.”

    Well, why doesn’t he? Dalton made the game saving tackle against Jacksonville after a pick.

  29. I hate when people give out individual awards based on team accomplishments. Newton has elite numbers on a terrible team while Dalton has mediocre numbers on a good team.

    Bengals have every right to be excited about Dalton but as of today he had nowhere remotely close to as strong as a month as Newton.

    With that said, I’m pretty sure Newton could play safety and fix part of their defense.

  30. The Ginger Rifle is doing a steady job. He needs Gresham back in the line up. Imagine how solid this offense will be when the have Jordan Shipley back next year. This is a scrappy team that is on it’s way to being competitive for years to come.

  31. The only thing that should be deciding the ROY award is the Win column? How many games have the panther’s won…2! How many games have the Bengals won….5! And don’t give me the soft schedule Horse crap! Ever heard of “Any given Sunday”? This is professional football. I’m not trying to take away from anything the Cam has done, he’s a hellova player no doubt. But if not for being the first pick in the draft, he wouldn’t even be in this conversation with NC’s record! Sorry Panther fans…you lose!

  32. Dalton really he’s beating bad teams cams losing to good teams the ginger is not even in cams class’s but let him win something at the end of the year it’s cams award and for the no leadership comments some are making your probably the Same people that said he was Jamarcus Russell 2.0

  33. Dalton: game-winning drives in the fourth quarter – 4th down completions – diving for first downs… ftw

  34. Who cares? The bottom line : Both QB’s are playing extremely well right now and both would be deserving.

  35. Nothing against Dalton but if Cam had Dalton’s defense the Panthers would be undefeated and Cam’s offensive numbers would be higher than they are already.

    The numbers don’t compare. Cam has more attempts and a higher comp pct. Cam has almost 1,000 more yards. They must have based it off of wins. Which are tied to the offense and defense. Fair enough, but Dalton is no where near the Quarterback Cam has been up to this point.

  36. As a Carolina Panthers Fan I am sick and tired of people comparing Dalton to Newton . Newton is far superior . Yes Newton has Smith as did Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen . Look at those two , I mean it is clear that as Newton goes so does Smith . Hell most of you hater thought Smith was done . Newton change that and for double trouble , They have been no trouble . Newton has carried us to the 5th rank offense not because he has the Smith , Double Trouble or The OL but because they have him . I bet you so called Dalton fans would take Newton if you had a choice as a GM . End of the story haters .

  37. And 31 out of 32 head coaches and gm’s would still take Cam Newton over Andy Dalton.

    Play some quality teams and see if Dalton’s bengals are still doing this well.

  38. No . 32 out of 32 would , Mr. Brown and Mr. Lewis might say they wouldn’t but they would . Just like when players shoot down the importance of them performing well against their former team ( :

  39. “So far, Newton has shown no ability to win games, …”

    This statement is utterly false, as is the assumption that quarterbacks win or lose games. Teams win or lose games, people!

    Beyond that, Newton did not commit the holding call that negated a 1st-and-goal in the final minute against Minnesota and Newton didn’t miss the tying field goal. And he isn’t the one who got called for offensive pass interference on a potential go-ahead touchdown pass in the fourth quarter against the Bears. So, to say he hasn’t shown the ability to win is just false. He has – it’s just his teammates have betrayed him.

  40. Subjectifying these stats, in one less game Dalton vs Newton:

    pass TD6/INT5 (4) vs TD7/INT 5 (5)

    pct 63.1% vs 61.2%

    +4 Ws vs +4 TDs

    both guys hold advantage of dearth of game film established YET to study new offense/personal tendencies (i.e. Josh McDaniels’s early Denver O success effect)

    Dalton didn’t face in Oct ANY rope-a-dope cheap downfield pass yds prevent defense concept due to never being far behind. Newton in particular got at least the ends of ca 4 halfves vs prevent vs multiple score leads

    more than any other single position, “playing the position” overshadows personal stats

  41. & another thing …

    “No one saw that when Dalton was first lining up under center in Week One”

    I’ve actually put it in print right smackin’ here on PFT Planet “with my 4-o start/shock the world/make my whodey! analysis/rhetoric (which in retrospect realistically surely could have happened) since the beginning of training camp (which I attend) & my term for #14 from jump was “QB Savant”.

    Sure #9 quitting on the team created a sucking vacuum at the helm but not many rookies could assume command like Capt Kirk either w/ added handicap of new OC & no minicamps

    Not saying what will happen but it wouldn’t be the 1st time for My Precious unveiling a new league template wrinkle for attacking LeBeau’s defense in the aftermath of the stillbillies/wrathbirds set2 this weekend …

  42. Wow beelicker . Newton is up there with some elite quarterbacks when it come down to passing yards and his rating is suddenly trending upward . & jdd428 you is so right . Its not Newton fault his surrounding cast is failing him ! Last week Newton were facing fourth down against a blitz from a team whom is in the top of the league in sacks and didn’t budge . He stood there like a veteran and completed the pass . He also ran for the first but the referee flagged smith . IF ONLY NEWTON WOULD HAVE ATTEMPTED THE FIELD GOAL .

  43. beelicker says: you must not watch any panther games, we have had the lead in every game this year, only ATL beat us by double digit points, Cam has yet to face a prevent def at the end of the game, we loss to Packers by 7, saints by 3, bears by 5 ARZ by 7, MN by 3, and then the Flacons by 14, and we beat on the skins and won by 6 to the jags, get your facts staight before you comment… Tebow are garbage game stats, in the 4th, if anything, in are loss to MN we got stopped on 3 and outs on are 1st 3 drives and the 4th qtr drive we missed the FG…. ARZ ran a put back and took the lead with 14 unanswerd points and we came up short on the goaling, Bears Forte gashed us to take a 2 possession lead, but then Cam marched back down field scored and we got the ball back but came up shoret agian, same with greenbay and be couldnt stop Brees who had the ball and marched down field to take the lead in 4th leaving us with only seconds in the 4th qtr, QUIT HATING, Dalton is a good rookie QB, with a top 5 def, CAM is a great rookie QB, with a 28th ranked DEF…….

  44. I don’t think I intimated anywhere Newton wasn’t ‘elite’ enough to be in the same conversation with Dalton.

    I’m sure he’s also waaaay better throwing vs prevent Dalton is too, but the point was that during the period of this MONTH-ly award #14 was in all scrappy, back & forth tight defensive contests without prevent cushions coming from your team being two scores behind. The majority of historical 400+ passing efforts (just for example) also result from the QB’s team being way behind & throwing vs prevent (& overtimes a lot of them).

    I’ve not seen the Panthers yet but if teams routinely approach your games as potential for 30-pt shootouts that just not the same type or style of game the Bengals are playing now … think more old school Parcells ball.

    Many of these 400yd+ QB games also came in a losing effort.

    227 vs 276 passing ypg is not that much for the different game situations.

    Benson’s still having trouble getting off due to stacking the box & RG Bobbie Williams’s 4-game diuretic suspsension & they dare Dalton to beat them so he’s been mostly taking what’s being given. It’s getting close to the point where the run game will start to open back up due to respect to Dalton’s progression up the execution ladder.

    Hopefully some new packages got installled over the bye & we’ll have some favorable element of surprise opportunities coming up soon.

  45. beelicker you really don’t know what you be speaking on . Newton hasn’t really faced prevent defense . Most of the time the opposing team try to stop us for scoring to win so why would they go prevent and Newton is averaging 299 ypg so get it right ! JUST TURN YOUR TV ON THE NFLN AND WATCH THEM SPEAK ON NEWTON .

  46. Both Dalton and Newton are having better than expected seasons. I expected them to both be good, just not this soon. I was hoping my Hawks or Boyz were smart enough to draft Dalton but neither was that bright. The guy did start for 4 years at TCU and displayed all the skills and leadership you could want. Luck will not be as good as either of these two guys.

  47. @bullethead527

    Just go back to Oct 2 & look at the Bears game where they were up 2 scores down with at least 2 drives from mostly the shotgun with the Panthers being two scores down. Newton closed out that game with a prevent TD drive to close it out down another TD after 2 mostly shotgun series also vs prevent when down by 2 TD in the 1st half.

    Teams switch to prevent when they get up 2 scores. Didn’t happen to Dalton during this MONTH. The award is for this month. These would be the facts to be sticking to.

  48. oh my go does schedule even matter. I mean who has andy dalton played at all, i’ll tell you the browns, the broncos, the 49ers.the bills, the jags, the colts and the seahawks. of the two playoffs teams they’ve played they were only able to beat the bills. the reality is that the bengals have benefited from an easy schedule and the best way o show that this is not a good thing is to look at tampa bay a team who won 10 games last year and has only won 4 games this year. Plus dalton has been inconsistent. i’m not saying that he is not a good quarterback but people have to realize that newton has outplayed him statistically while losing because he has lost to greenbay, Chicago, new Orleans, and Atlanta. All four of those teams are playoffs caliber teams.

  49. Anybody stop to realize Dalton was a 2nd round pick and signed a 5mil contract and cam was the #1 pic overall and signed a 22mil contract. I’d say bengals got the better deal.
    @ ijoseoa
    Dalton inconsistent? I’ve watched every game and he has played great in every game.

  50. @ifast84 andy dalton has had three games in which he has thrown for under 200 of them was aganist the 49ers the only competant defense the bengals played all year. oh and before you say the bills just know they are ranked 24th in pass defense so they arent good. my bad 49ers arent good at pass defense but the browns are and andy dalton thre for 81 yards in that game. i like dalton but the notion that he is this great winner and that he is a big reason why the bengals are winning and that cam newton is a big reason why the panthers aren’t winning is false. once again who had the harder schedule the panthers, one final stat cam newton played the redskins the 10th best pass defense in the nation and threw for 258 yards and had a touchdownith a 121 qb rating, andy dalton played a top 10 defense and thre for 81 yards and 1 touchdown with a 101 qb rating.

  51. Inflated stats don’t necessarily make for a better QB. Look at Joe Montana – 63% completion, 7yds per completion, etc. Not amazing but does anyone doubt his place among QBs? I’m not saying Dalton is equivalent to Montana, but it all comes down to making the right decisions at the right time to ensure your team wins games.

  52. Gimme a break with this pink water gun or ginger freak or whatever you call him. Hes terrible. Youve played nothing but terrible teams. After we dismantle the baltimorons sunday night its your turn bungles! Ohhh yaaa! Easy pickens!

  53. If Ponder would of started week 1 he’d be in the discussion also if not already. This is one helluva class of franchise qb’s- Cam, Ponder, Mallet, Dalton, Locker all have “franchise” potential. Kaepernick, Sta downsnzi and a few others are very intriguing. I know hindsight is 20/20, but all the criticism this class took over the offseason looks ridiculois. Especially all of Trent Dilfer s takes. I remember when he said Ponder will embarrass himself on 3rd downs. I know iam off track but hes such a jealous schmuck

  54. Stats are for losers! Playmakers make plays and win games no matter how many yards they have or what their rating is. Dalton isn’t the only reason bengals are winning but he is a part of the reason. He makes the throws he needs to make. Cam Newton is a beast but he was the #1 pic with a huge contract so he’s just playing like he was supposed to play now only if he had a defense his team might be winning. Weak schedule comment is also for losers ha

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