Help us prepare for Friday’s NBC SportsTalk

When anyone not in the media asks for help doing their job, it’s called laziness.  For us, it’s called interaction.

And so, at a time when I’m hoping to interact with some TV shows tonight, I’m encouraging any input you may have on topics you’d like to see discussed on Friday night’s NBC SportsTalk (VERSUS, 6:00 p.m. ET), with Peter King, Russ Thaler, Gregg Rosenthal, and yours truly.

King and I are always looking for items to debate in the “You’re wrong and here’s why” segment, which I’m hoping will eventually be named “Peter’s wrong and here’s why.”  Also, Peter and I put together top-five (or bottom-five) lists on things like best receivers, teams, comeback quarterbacks, etc.

So let’s interact.

I’ll check back after my programs are over.

32 responses to “Help us prepare for Friday’s NBC SportsTalk

  1. Ben Tate is the future in Houston… Let’s see which of you two is smart enough to drink the koolaid.

  2. Top rivalries

    Most overrated players

    Why running the ball and stopping the run no longer are keys to winning

    Which one of you is less athletic. Would love to see that debate followed by a slapfest where one or both of you end up sobbing uncontrollably.

  3. Who would you say is the better overall QB now: Manning or Brady? Think about Manning and current MVP talk and which team’s record is better when missing their star QB?

    If you said Brady before, it makes you think now that Manning is out

  4. Jeff Fisher back in coaching and much more surprising (or not) in Indy?

    Top 5 non-collage coaching candidates (other then Gruden and Cowher sick hearing their overpriced names):


  5. Debate on whether or not the Vikings will still have a competitive team after this year or if they might be getting too old.

    Is Cam Newton going to be the number 1 player drafted next year?

    Can Cam still beat Marinos record as a rookie?

    How will Kellen Moore look as a pro and what round will he get drafted? How about Robert Griffen 3?

    Is Nnambi considered a flop or is he turning it on at the right time?

    Are the Vikings really going to LA?

    I’ll try to come up with more later.

  6. What’s up Mike!!! I have the best debate.. Me and all my cowboys fans and our fascination with Rob Ryan! With him looking to be in line for a head coughing gig next season… Is there any possible way if the cowboys season goes down hill. Could Jerry go for the old switch-a-roo and dump Garrett for Ryan?? I doubt alotta cowboys fans would be against that bold move. p.S. If you ever have any positions on your team you would no be disappointed. I can tell we have the same level of passion for the game hook a fan up!!! First fan employee!!!

  7. Say you’re looking for the face of your franchise. Would you want Cam Newton, Suh, Adrian Peterson, Megatron, or Luck? Which player would be the best to build a franchise around?

    Also, type “do a barrel roll” in Google and have fun.

  8. Look at how the rules for safety are so one sided and defensive players are at risk from cheap shots from offensive players kinda along the path urlacher started on mike and mike. I’d watch that

  9. Just watched Audibles earlier on the 4 letter network…

    Jerry Rice… Legend on the field… absolutely horrible on the mic… he is awful… someone needs to get Jerry off the tube. makes me want to Youtube Emmitt Smith to ease the pain.

  10. with talk of international expansion, LA franchise, current elite QBs on the back of careers…. what do you guys predict the league will look like in ten years?

  11. Who is your MVP for the first half of the season?

    Do the Packers need to experience a loss to remain humble?

    Are the Colts and Dolphins keeping their head coaches because they are trying to “suck for Luck”

    Did the Falcons over pay for Julio Jones?

    Will the potential testing for HGH taint football as much as it did baseball?

  12. What assistant coaches are possibly going to get a shot in the next five months?

    Are Romo and Rivers the same guy?
    They seem to have plenty of offensive weapons and expectations to make a run but, they just don’t make it. Is it their fault or the coaches fault?

    What will change in the NFL when Los Angeles gets a team, or two?

  13. So there was a lot of fuss about the change in kickoffs, and the ball being kicked from the 40 (which was where it was placed way back in the 60s and 70s).

    Question is – how much of an impact has this had on the game? We’re seeing more touchbacks, but we’re also seeing plenty of returns on deep balls. Has it really made a difference to the game? How about to injuries on returns?

  14. I would like a thorough and critical examination of the strait jacket, NFL rules have imposed of defenses. The balance has become so tilted in favor of Offenses IMO, that NFL football is becoming unwatchable from a defensive viewpoint. The NCAA product is much better now. Because officials allow college defenses to play more aggressively. NFL officiating is becoming much more judgmental and soft toward offenses. As a result the games are beginning to resemble the NBA too much from an officiating pov. Meaning poor judgment calls and knee jerk reactions to player histronics, crowd noise or the cameras in the booth.

    Defensive players are confused and unsure what to do now. They look defenseless to stop way over protected offenses! Because great fundamentals, taught in college and high school draw flags, penalties, ejections and fines in today’s NFL. In many ways it will eventually diminish the offensive product too. Because coddled offensive players are not being intimidated or challenged like they were in the past. the crap players are rising to the top offensively right along with the cream! I can’t tell the difference anymore. Are these rookie QB’s really this good? Or is it just the rules that are slanted to protect them in favor of wide open offenses?

    Basically defense in the NFL sucks all over because Roger Goodell ruined it. I applaud enhanced safety up to a point. That means flagrant, unnecessary cheap shots. And anyone can see when that happens. But professional football is a violent War Game with inherent risks. The modern game has become degraded IMO because of toxic and too restrictive defensive rules. It’s becoming like professional flag football for the defenses.

  15. Please discuss if you think Aaron Rodgers should be considered in the same tier with Manning (when healthy), Brady, & Brees and where you’d rank him among those QB’s…

  16. The Redskins offensive planning….did they REALLY think Beck and Grossman could lead their team? And talk has started about Kyle Shanahan’s play calling. Let’s expound on that….

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