Lions haven’t started contract talks with Cliff Avril

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Lions defensive end Cliff Avril is enjoying a nice contract year.

The reigning NFC defensive player of the week has five sacks and three forced fumbles at the midway point of the season.  The Detroit Free Press reports the Lions haven’t started serious contract talks with Avril.

“I’ve known [Team President] Tom [Lewand] for 20 years. We’ve done a lot of deals, and when they’re ready to do something with Cliff, we’re willing to listen,” agent Brian Mackler said.

Avril is going to make big money and we think he’s an exciting young pass rusher. With that said, we wonder if some teams will think about the “Ray Edwards factor” when looking at Avril.

Ndamukong Suh draws so much attention in the middle that his defensive ends are going to benefit. Kyle Vanden Bosch also requires double teams at times on the other side.

Edwards, like Avril, was a nice complementary piece to a good defensive line in Minnesota.  Edwards got paid more like a lead dog in Atlanta, and so far has provided so-so results.

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  1. I thought both sides agreed to deal with the contract after the season? I’m not sure there is any animosity between the sides like what is happening with Forte in Chi-town.

    Avril should be back in the Motor next year and enjoys one of the best player/fanbase relations in the NFL.

  2. Lions fan here – Avril was just average for years… until we drafted Suh. Correlation you think???

  3. Gentlemen, pay the man.

    Yes – he benefits from single blocking
    Yes – Suh/VandenBosch feed Avrils success
    Yes – he’s still very much a learner

    Yes – he does exactly what they need him to do, get to the QB. Best of ALL worlds – beef up a bit more and start demanding a few double teams yourself.
    Yes – he will only get better.

    Just don’t go ‘Osi’ on us Cliff. Keep up the good work after you get paid. Detroit will keep showing you the love.

  4. Amazing how these players have great contract years and fade away. Paging Mr. Johnson you owe us a refund.

  5. “Edwards got paid more like a lead dog in Atlanta, and so far has provided so-so results.”

    Charles Johnson got paid like a lead dog; Edwards got paid less than half as much. He’s getting Robert Mathis money, five years after Mathis got it. I’d say that he’s being paid pretty much exactly like what he is.

  6. Cliff is good, but I imagine he’s smart enough to know that if he wants to be considered elite he should keep playing right next to the guys he is now.
    People in many occupations leave behind great work situations and good home & community environment to chase some extra money, and discover it wasn’t really worth it. Hopefully Cliff will realize that, and the Lions will treat him fairly.

  7. Lions fan here – Avril was just average for years… until we drafted Suh. Correlation you think???


    Avril was a 3-4 OLB that was way undersized for a 4-3 DE coming out of college and never played with his hand in the dirt. He had to not only bulk up but learn a whole new set of skills having been a stand up player. Playing beside Suh has certainly helped but last season was also his third year where you expect a player to take a big step forward and his body had finally buked up to where he needed it to be.

    Even before that he was still the leading sack guy on the team with 5 and 6 sacks the previous years in limited snaps, he was primarily a 3rd down and passing situation DE because of his size. His numbers could be a lot better if played the RDE spot as well but for some reason they insist on having KVB and Jackson over there.

  8. Its funny, never heard of him until Suh and Vanden Bosch showed up.

    KVB’s getting up there in age, so would be smart for the Lions to lock him up.

  9. I’m fine with the Lions re-signing him as long as he doesn’t ask for big money. He’s okay, but he’s not worth the big mo’.

  10. The Lions will work a deal for him. They aren’t prepared to watch him leave. As long as Cliff and his agent are realistic about the financials, he should remain a Lion.

  11. He’s been a solid player and a good teammate since he’s been here. That being said, if he wants big money Mayhew will let him walk. Willie Young has bigtime potential, and he was a 7th round draft pick. It would suck to see him leave, but good teams let players leave when they want to much because they have the next guy waiting in the wings.

  12. Uh, don’t get it backwards. Cliff Avril was the player on their dline that they built around, he is more than just a complement.

  13. Cliff Avril is more valuable to the Lions than to most other teams; subsequently, the Lions are more valuable to Cliff Avril than most other teams. He is a perfect fit in our wide nine scheme. I hope both sides can find middle ground and reach a reasonable deal.

  14. Anyone who claims that Avril wasn’t known or a performer before Suh is only showing their lack of football IQ. Dude had 5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles his rookie season while playing limited downs. His overall production actually dipped when Suh came onboard last season. He has been on the up and coming list since he was drafted and like it or not, he’s arrived. He will get paid and he will be a Lion. That line will be killing QB’s for the next 6-8 years.

  15. Cliff seems like hes a very loyal player to the lions. Ray Edwards had no loyalty to vikings whatsoever even though they backed him throughout many minor off field issues, Edwards has even said his 1 and only factor is who will pay him the most $. Its great to see just how average of an NFL player he is. His backup in MN has put up better #s in half season than Edwards ever put up in a full season. He was lucky enough to have one food game in the playoffs

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