Ndamukong Suh thinks he gets the star treatment in reverse


In every sport, accusations crop up from time to time that star athletes get special treatment from the officials. But Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is worried that he’s getting a different kind of special treatment.

Suh said after his meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this week that while star quarterbacks get the calls they want, defensive players with notoriety often get too many calls against them.

“You look at Tom Brady,” Suh told the Detroit Free Press. “When he gets hit, you always wonder if there’s going to be a flag. It’s the sort of things that may be called for him that may not be called for other quarterbacks. That’s just because of his stature or how he is in the league. That’s the same thing with defensive players. I think my hits may look a little different because of the type of strength and athleticism I have, compared to some other defensive linemen. It’s just the way the world works.”

Suh said he was happy with his meeting, even if he and Goodell didn’t necessarily see eye to eye as they reviewed some of the plays for which he has drawn flags and fines.

“We looked over them, talked about them,” he said. “We had our opinions about them. Nobody in this world agrees on everything.”

Ultimately, Suh said, NFL fans should expect to see the same player they’ve seen for the last year and a half.

I’m not going to change the way I play,” Suh said. “I feel that the way I’m playing and the way I have played in the past is continuing to play within the rules.”

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  1. don’t hit people in the head and neck area and you will be ok. it’s not that hard. i know suh and the lions are looking to stamp out a identity as tough guys, but they are coming off a a bunch of whiners, much like their coach

  2. That’s because Suh is a cheap shot artist that hasnt paid his dues in the league. He’s a good kid but wreckless on field and needs told to cool it.

  3. Maybe if he could learn to take QBs down without dragging them down by their facemasks, and quit acting like a punk between the whistles, maybe this big crybaby wouldn’t get flagged so much.

  4. Suh is 100% correct about his strength creating a false perception. Go back and look at the roughing flag he got on Culter last year. He hit him on the shoulder (no head contact) but Cutler looked like he got shot by a cannon so it drew a flag… but the hit was perfectly legal. The tackle wouldn’t have looked so bad with your average lineman making the play and hence wouldn’t have drawn a flag.

  5. Learn to play the game like a pro.(stop cheap shotting) You don’t need to cry to commish if your “Not going to change the way you play”. You have unbelievable skills but need to watch film on the true pros. Ect Jared Allen, Patric Willis Dwight Freeney and Vincent Wilfork. Grow up Youngster!

  6. Does Suh think that nobody saw him give Dalton the kick ’em while they’re down treatment? Suh needs to get a grip, clean up his act and be quiet for a while.

  7. Act like a bitch, be treated like a bitch.

    Suh is like a sex offender. He’s done his time, but he must register and introduce himself to the neighbors, because you know he’s more likely to commit a sex offense. Except in his case it is a blatant sportsmanlike rules violation instead of a sex offense.

  8. “…because of the type of strength and athleticism I have, compared to some other defensive linemen…”
    I wonder where they got a helmet to fit this clown.

  9. What a crybaby. Learn to play the game within the rules and stop making excuses for late hits. Simple as that. Plenty of guys have strength and athletiscm that don’t try to shove or tackle the QB to cause injury after the ball is long gone. He’ll figure it out when some o-lineman takes him out with his own medicine.

  10. Obviously Suh hasn’t seen the stats on which QBs have gotten the most RTP calls in the past few years. Brady isn’t even top 5 IIRC. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since this is the same dude who twists a QB’s head completely around, WWE slams him to the ground and doesn’t understand what he did wrong.

  11. The NFL is making things too complicated. I used to know what the rules were. It’s like in the NBA, I have NO idea what a foul is. Now in football, I don’t know what’s ok and what’s not. How do you tackle??? Completely upright with your fingertips?

  12. Jim Schwarz is one of the best coaches in the league. He was passed over by many NFL teams, likely including many commenter’s favorite teams here.

    Suh is a pure athletic beast who has committed a few questionable hits. Let’s be clear though, these are not chop block, horse collar tackles, or eye gouges. The guy just shreds whatever he gets his hands (or sometimes fingers) on.

    The real story though, is anyone who is critiquing these two here would say they wouldn’t want them on their team is as full of BS as Rob “Megatron would be the Cowboys third receiver” Ryan.

  13. Yeah. Suh is just so strong that your eyes don’t see him in real time, and it just looks like he’s body slamming a quarterback after the ball is already 10 yards down the field. His athleticism makes you see his hands on a player’s head/face when they aren’t really there.

  14. skimbell says:
    Nov 3, 2011 8:50 AM
    “…because of the type of strength and athleticism I have, compared to some other defensive linemen…”
    I wonder where they got a helmet to fit this clown.
    Is there a problem with honesty? Watch him play, and watch what happens when some poor guard or center tries to block him one on one. Inevitably, the offensive player loses, big time. It’s why last season when teams didn’t double team him he dominated, and the same reason why teams in the second half of the Lions season started double teaming him.

    It’s not like he’s former Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell, who made boasts he couldn’t even remotely back up. Suh can back up whatever he has to say.

    As for the whole “cheap shot artist” crap some of you spew….all based on jealousy. You WISH you had this guy on your team.

    Become a Lions fan, and you will have him on your team.

  15. Did GODell have his Park Avenue Haber Dasher fit him for prom dress?…..He’s big, strong and mean….So what…..That’s what the damn league was founded on……And no, I’m not a Lions fan. I’m also not a touch football fan…

  16. I wish Suh played for my team. Suh is well spoken, articulate, smart, (he has a degree in Engineering). On the football field he is “throwback” defensive tackle because he plays the game the same way as did Mean Joe Green or Reggie White. He is stronger then most opponents, and faster, and he’s a rough-tough son of a gun. He’s only 24 and will only get better with experience. He is a great “face of the franchize” for the Lions. He’d be great in Cleveland. The Lions are lucky to have him.

  17. As a Patriots fan I actually think there’s some truth to Suh’s comments and that the NFL might be prone to be overprotective of QBs

    But look around the NFL and see what football looks like with average to below average QBs.

    Look at Denver – look at the Colts.

    It ain’t pretty.

    Suh needs to understand that having good to elite QBs – healthy QBs – have helped make the NFL popular enough to pay him what he makes.

  18. If Suh was a Packer I’d still want him to clean up the act and be a lot quieter. Besides making him look like a cheap shot artist, he racks up too many 15 yard personal fouls.

  19. Suh has gotten a pass up to this point from the national media largely because he is soft spoken and educated.

    If he was “hood” and treated those who cover the sport like jerks, his rep would be in the tank already… barely halfway through his second season.

    It’s not going to last.

  20. And more fines and possible ejections to follow. What an egomaniac. And NO I would not want him on my team. He is kinda like having T.O. different I know but still a form of poison.

  21. Suh is obviously a force and a dominant player. The Lions are a good team and he is one of the biggest reasons. I just wish at this point he would get over himself. I’m tired of hearing him talk about himself all the time. Soon be will be referring to himsel in the third person. It’s getting nauseating.

  22. The young man needs to look at Demarcus Ware to see how to play the game and how to present himself off the field.

  23. Why is this guy always talking?


    Because your listening, and reporters keep shoving microphones in his face. It is part of the job, to answer questions for the media. Otherwise he gets FINED, by none other than Roger, for not talking to the media, it is a no win situation.

  24. His jersey number should be 00. He doesn’t have a clue and should be told to grow up or get out. He makes their entire organization look bad.

  25. I would bet the Freezer and some other D-Lineman are just as strong and athletic as Suh and they don’t get flags and fines on a regular basis.

    In fact, Raji’s bench press was 33 while Suh’s was 32 reps.

  26. Ok so first off ,Suh is a man amongst boys. He is very intelligent well spoken and seems to not be like most NFL players in maturity level. He did after all donate a heavy portion of his signing bonus to the Nebraska Univ athletic dept.
    My issue is why so much talk why so many headlines personal fouls. At college as a Texas alum I hated Suh he never spoke he just bashed poor colt’s head in. Now it’s like he can’t let a opportunity pass to say something headline worthy . I’d like to see him keep dominating but hear alot less of him

  27. It seems like he’s still not quite getting it. QBs are being protected like never before. He needs to accept that and adapt.

    We can lament all we want about the wussification of the NFL, but the NFL doesn’t want to see Curtis Painter vs. Mike Kafka on Monday Night Football. The stars bring in the money and the QBs are the stars.

  28. Does anyone else get the feeling the league is getting too “politicly correct”?
    I mean “pink” every october now…who the hell is not “aware” of breast cancer?….now the inconsistant and in some cases unfair flagging of guys who have been taught to play this game in a certain manner from pee-wee league for Gods sake!..Its NOT the refs fault…they are getting thier orders from the league.
    NO im not insensitive to breast cancer victims…its just becoming TOO much!…Thats all.

  29. Night Train Lane forced the league to change the rules. Mel Blunt has s rule named after him. But these rules changed after the season. Refs are making up rules during the game for Suh. The Suh haters would have called Merlin Olson a cheap shot artist. As far as olineman going after his knees, they already do but they don’t do it often because they may break a neck on his tree trunk legs and if the miss they leave their QB open for a kill shot.

  30. I have sludge in my cars driveshaft that is cleaner than Suh. He is a cheap shot artist who beleives he can get away with more because of his loug mouth. No one wants to take on a troule maker so maybe they will look the other way.

    The chicken and ribs will catch up to him and his ass will get wider to the point he had no speed or at least loses a step then they will be chanting “Suh? WHo’s Suh”

  31. Suh isn’t stupin. He is already looking down the road beyond his playing says and realizes it the guys with the big mouths like Warren Sapp that get those cushiony TV analyst jobs.

    Thats is really what its all about. Make noise, get and cheap getting noticed until Madison Avenue has to have you.

  32. Will this guy ever quit whining? Every freaking day he is whining about something. Shut up and play the game. If you think you play it just fine, be quiet and pay your fine, you can afford it. This is getting really, really old. Again, the Lyins win a few games and it goes to their head.

  33. Dude still does not get that facemask grabbing, rabbit punches, and late hits on QBs are not legal. All of his fines were flagrant, obvious violations of basic safety rules.

    Apparently many PFT readers don’t get that either, and won’t even acknowledge video evidence.

  34. @ starrpack – yet here you are “whining” about it. lol

    I love all the hate for Suh and Lions. You can’t make fun of them anymore so you have to cry about them. Keep it up. It will be worth one more fine to see the Lions knock Karen Rodgers out of the game again.

  35. Suh is a beast, but I am reluctant to take your side on this one. Stop taking qb’s down by the facemask and neck area. Qb’s arent as big as you, so push them down or grab them by their jersey. Im still a fan

  36. I think somebody needs to let Suh know that his strength and athleticism isn’t likely so off the charts. Most of the rest of the guys in the league know this is a fraternity where there is competition, not showing the world how strong you are. I’m sure there are plenty of D linemen who can shiv a QB going down to the ground, or give a little extra whip-around on a QB they’re taking down to the ground. They just know how to play with the rules, written and UNWRITTEN. Reggie White could toss offensive linemen out if his way with ease, but he didn’t give extra cheap shots to anyone just to prove something to himself or to anyone else. There’s a thing called class – some players have it, some don’t.

  37. If Suh in fact does not change his tactics, he leaves himself open to even heavier fines because the league can say that they’ve met with him personally to discuss what is, and isn’t, allowed, and he’s continuing to break the rules anyway. And re: their disagreements, when it comes to fines and penalties, Suh’s opinion doesn’t count.

  38. I have yet to hear of other players or coaches calling Suh a ‘cheap shot artist.’ It’s only the fans and the media.

  39. He’s right about Brady getting the star treatment from the refs. Anytime anyone even brushes Brady, all he has to do is turn to the refs and — voila! — he is rewarded by getting a flag thrown.

  40. >Cheap shot artist? Proof?

    YouTube, search “Suh Dalton”


    Ok, that play and the Delhomme hit. 2 plays…what else? Cutler hit was legal (by rule). The Barber tackle was legal (by rule).

  41. Memo to Suh: The refs are letting you get away with way too much. They should toss you from the game as well. Perhaps, one day a couple of veterans will have enough of you and cheap shot you into a new career. What goes around, comes around.

  42. bcar1023 says: Nov 3, 2011 11:26 AM

    @ starrpack – yet here you are “whining” about it. lol

    I love all the hate for Suh and Lions. You can’t make fun of them anymore so you have to cry about them. Keep it up. It will be worth one more fine to see the Lions knock Karen Rodgers out of the game again.


    You openly call for an opponent’s QB to get injured and knocked out of a game. That is weak, and represents the kind of garbage that makes people dislike the Lions. Do I want to see Joey Flacco have a horrible game and get sacked all day? Hell yes. Do I have any inherent burning desire to see the guy get knocked out of the game with an injury? No, why would I – in fact, as long as he’s in there getting smacked around and having a bad game, keep him in! If he leaves a little roughed up, that’s not my problem – but I’ve no reason to actively want him to get hurt. That is lame.

    Bottom line: As long as the Lions personnel and its fanbase are vocal in approaching the game with a no-etiquette, bush league-attitude approach, there’s no reason to respect them as an organization. It has little to do with the team experiencing new-found success (after all, who doesn’t love an underdog who climbs through the ranks and finally establishes themselves – when they’re professionals about it); in fact, at the beginning of the year, I recall seeing fans from rival teams saying they were happy to renew their rivalry with the Lions.

  43. Suh did this to himself with his dirty play and now he has a rep. You don’t see Jared Allen being called unnecessarily. You know why? He’s hard nosed, but not dirty like Suh.

  44. Please, someone, anyone ….. Push the off button on Ndamukong Suh ….. The dude’s focus should be on playing, not talking …….

    Even Lion Fans have got to be getting tired of Suh’s daily comments about himself …..

  45. @granadafan

    You say he should take notes from Jared Allan so he ‘won’t be a dirty player.’ Was this sarcasm? Allan was considered the forties player for years. Other teams always spoke out about him being dirty and taking cheap shots at quarterbacks. Not one team or one player has came out and said Suh was dirty. It’s all media making a story. I’m willing to bet 90% of the people commenting haven’t seen Suh play one game.

  46. The refs sometimes act like their job is to restrain the big dogs and protect marquee players. Technically that’s not their job, but clearly that’s what Goodell wants them to do.

    It amazes me the number of people on here who call for opposing teams to cheap shot Suh’s knees and end his career. I’m surprised PFT tolerates that kind of nonsense.

  47. Suh is a young kid maturity wise and has not learbed to keep his immature comments to himslef. After getting roasted a few more times he will learn to just let his play speak for him. He is on the edge of cheap artist/recklace abandonement type of player who is a great talent who plays on the cutting edge i.e.Harrison etc…For all of the hypocracy though, we all would love to have him on our team in spite of his immature public persona he projects…

  48. Grammar correction:

    Suh is a young kid maturity wise and has not learbed to keep his immature comments to himself. After getting roasted a few more times he will learn to just let his play speak for him. He is on the edge of cheap artist/recklace abandonment type of player who is a great talent who plays on the cutting edge i.e. Harrison etc…For all of the hypocrisy though; we all would love to have him on our team in spite of his immature public persona he projects…One more thing about playing against the kid. Look what schemes the 49ers used against him which reminded me of LT (The real LT) back in the day faced when going against Seifert and Walsh. It is always about match ups and schemes to neutralize a great player. The kid seems to have already forgotten his non-impact against my below average Niner offense.

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