Play-calling becomes focal point of Tebow debate

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A certain percentage of Tebowmaniacs will continue to believe that the object of their affection has the skills to be a Hall of Fame quarterback, no matter how many times he plays as poorly as he did on Sunday against the Lions.  And for many of the folks who are convinced that Tim Tebow has the skills to be truly great, the failure to achieve such results will be blamed on something other than the flaws inherent to his game.

According to an excellent summary of the situation by Arnie Stapleton of the Associated Press, the battleground has become the plays called by the Broncos.  Some, such as former Bucs and Broncos safety John Lynch, think that the team isn’t doing enough to help Tebow.  Lynch, who called the 45-10 trouncing of the Broncos by the Lions for FOX and also conducted an exclusive! interview of Tebow for the pregame show, argued during the broadcast that the Broncos needed to call some high-percentage passes to get Tebow in an early rhythm.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson, whose team will face the Broncos on Sunday, says he believes the team is trying to maximize Tebow’s talents.  “I think they are trying to build an offense for him,” Jackson said.  “They’re trying to move him around in the pocket a little bit.  And then they’re using his legs in their running game so that he’s the primary ball carrier at times.  So, I think they’re giving him opportunities to display his abilities.”

Either way, the Broncos are on the defensive.

“I mean, look at all the young quarterbacks in the league, how many come out right away and start lighting it up from the first game on?” offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said.  “There aren’t many in the history of this game that do that. They all struggle early on, it’s an adjustment to them.

“He’s a young quarterback. So, there’s going to be growing pains.”

That’s fine, but if that’s the case, why is Tebow apparently on a short leash?  And so the question remains whether the team is committed to Tebow, or whether the team is committed to simply giving Tebow a chance to get the team’s attention.

The most accurate assessment could be that the team simply wants to let Tebow play long enough to allow enough of the Tebowmaniacs conclude on their own that it’s time to find a new hero.

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  1. His inability to throw a spiral should be the focal point of the debate…Some PeeWee QB’s have better mechanics…

  2. I’m thinking the “team” should be commited for starting this talentless guy at QB in the first place.

    My one hope is that it continues. Nothing like a good train wreck to take minds off of this economy.

  3. I think Denver fans should blame God, and I think the entire city now understands why starting quarterback was never meant to be a people’s choice award. But I’m a Giants fan, so I have no rooting interest in this matter.

  4. Tebow is great on his feet to keep plays alive while most pocket passer’s will take the sack. In 2 games tebow was sacked like 14 times. How bad does that offensive line have to be to let a mobile qb get sacked that much? Then they let go their best receiver? Denver is setting him up to fail so the can quiet the tebow chants. Denver is poorly ran, i mean they let marshall go, they let hillis go and now floydd. I hope they cut tebow and another team picks him up and he plays great to keep the tradition alive.

  5. He just isn’t a good NFL QB. I have no idea why this is such a big deal. Everyone knew it way back in college a few years ago. The ability is just not there. Not a big deal. Only one in every 10 or 20 million people can be a good NFL QB

  6. They’re gonna ride him out till the end of the season. Elway’s got his eyes on the real prize and that’s the number one pick next April

  7. I am a Tebow fan and I will be a Tebow fan even if he doesn’t make it as a quarterback. However, I think its entirely to early to give up on him at the moment. He is only 5 starts into his NFL career. He has a long way to go to learn the position. Will he ever be an elite quarterback? Absolutely not. What he can be is a 55-58% passer who can make plays with his feet and can more than likely win some games for a team. The transition from college to the NFL is obviously a big transition for him and he is not ready to be a starter. Alex Smith has been in the NFL for 5 or 6 years now and he is just now becoming a serviceable quarterback. So, saying Tebow has zero shot to ever be a capable quarterback is a bit premature at this point. I will say however that some of these other Tebow fans who believe he will be a hall of fame or all time great quarterback are insane and need to relax and let the kid develop and stop putting him on a pedestal they are doing nothing but doing a disservice for him and the Broncos.

  8. Not to mention overthrowing people by ten yards. I live in Denver and I listen to these people everyday on the radio. They don’t know football and they blame everyone else. Its the play calling. Its the O line…even though Orton didn’t have that many sacks. They need to come to a realization that Tebow is not an NFL QB and get on with their lives. Its like a cult has taken over. The team doesn’t matter anymore and the only thing that matters is their belief in Tebow.

  9. He’s good on any play to a wide-open receiver within 15 yards. It’s up to Fox-y to create for some opportunities with that in mind.

    Hopefully that Tebow can start playing OK so that No Stoppin’ Knowshon can finally emerge in the Mile High City.

  10. I’m so tired of constantly hearing about a dude who just straight up should not be playing. All of the talking heads please give this a rest. If this was anyone else there would be no discussion and he would be benched.

  11. If he has to be put in that kind of offense, it’s not worth it. This guys throw isn’t going to get that much better. You may as well put me in, I can throw the ball 5 yards to some huge tight end.

  12. Never had anything against Tebow, but me being a defensive stubborn panther fan, I hated all the hype on Tebow being better than Cam, and mainly a lot of Tebow fans talking crap about how much better Tebow will be, it just makes me smile to see Newton being the better QB, but when it all boils down, Panthers are 2-6 and Broncos are 2-5… the funny thing is, we play the AFC WEST next year, so hopefully Tebow is still the starter, LOL will be at least one win for us…..

  13. He has been bad, no doubt, but there is plenty of room for blame in other areas too. It is obvious Fox doesn’t want him to succeed so that the experiment will be over. Unfortunately, Tebow looks like he lacks the tools to prove them wrong.

  14. Dalton, Newton, Ponder, Ryan, Roethlisberger, Stafford… just to name a few.

    “I mean, look at all the young quarterbacks in the league, how many come out right away and start lighting it up from the first game on?”

  15. I’m sorry but where were all these excuses when Kyle Orton was quarterbacking? Damn the play calling just watching this guy play QB is terrible. What other QB consistantly over throws receivers by that wide a margin? He can’t read defenses…and I don’t even mean Peyton Manning level reading….I mean elementary type reading..His arm is not that strong….He gets jittery in the pocket when there’s a pass rush……He has trouble making the side line pass or any pass. It’s so rediculous that because this guy is Tim Tebow people are giving him a pass for some down right terrible QB play.

    Imagine if any other rookie had showings like Tebow had the pass two games (and yes I’m including the Dolphins game. I don’t care what anyone says as a QB he looked absolutely terrible for 3 quarters that game. He was ok the 4th quarter which was a combination of the Dolphins imploding and Tebow finally making some really rudimentary throws)

    This whole Tim Tebow fiasco is one of the most rediculous things I’ve ever seen. He’s playing as bad or worse than some of the more high profile QB busts in recent history (Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell…etc) yet he gets a pass!

  16. This post is so dizzy it’s hilarious.

    First, John Fox probably says something innocuous about how duh, of course you don’t want a young quarterback’s game to never improve, and then PFT imagines a glower, a rapid zoom-in, and a dunh-dunh-dunh chord from the orchestral scoring.

    Second, Fox has already called out as idiotic the notion that they’d only play Tebow to shut his fans up.

    Third, maybe the fact that McCoy said that means that Tebow isn’t on a short leash.

    And maybe it’s also in the realm of possibility that Tebow would sit for a couple of games and then come back.

    Even John Elway had an awful (worse than Tebow) handful of games at the beginning of his career. They sat him – he says it was a good thing – and then he started again later. For the same team.

  17. I wonder how many of the ardent and boisterous Tebow supporters are much more interested in his viability as a popular spokesman for the Christian Right than they are in his ability to lead the Broncos to success on the field.

    Those who actually know something about football and who support Tebow because they hope he can become a quality starting QB for their Broncds will realize soon enough that this won’t happen.

    Those who are primarily interested in Tebow as a very public role model and spokesman capable of spreading their message will never accept his marked limitations as a QB and will always find reasons…even conspiracies…that put the responsibility for his failure on anyone/anything but Tebow himself.

  18. Uh, let’s see…rookie QBs lighting it up: Cam Newton and Andy Dalton come to mind right away for this year and Big Ben went 13-0 his rookie year. The Teblow apologists just can’t seem to ever blame the actual mechanics of Timmy…which as everyone knows really suck.

    And Donkey fan also never ceases to amaze me how completely foolish and idiotic they are…they have absolutely no clue about the actual game of football. They just cheer when the scoreboard tells them to….frickin’ clueless. Rabid fans yes, but completely clueless.

    Lil Timmy Teblow will never succeed in Donkeyville…it’s a no-win situation and if I was him I would tell my agent to get me the hell out of there…pronto.

  19. The media just keeps flip flopping on Tebow. It’s like a rollercoaster every week…

    …after the near comeback against the Chargers he changed some minds and people in the media are saying he may just be the answer for the Broncos

    …after the comeback against the Dolphins many say he’s inconsistent but is still the right QB for the job

    …and last but not least, after his blowout loss to the Lions we’re back to square 1 on him like noone ever changed their mind in the first place

    Expect more of the same from the media if he plays well and wins this week

  20. Yeah, seriously. What is this “forward pass” they keep calling? Surely nobody could ever be expected to do one of those.

  21. jerruhjones21 says: Nov 3, 2011 11:37 PM

    His inability to throw a spiral should be the focal point of the debate…Some PeeWee QB’s have better mechanics…


    I could not disagree with that statement more. It should read “MOST PeeWee QB’s have better mechanics…”

  22. In college he had a completion percentage of about 66%, and in Denver it might be below 50%. Anybody have any idea why it dropped so much? It’s not all mechanics. Denver receivers are reasonable. Can’t blame it all on play calling when he overthrows receivers by 10 yards at times. The offense is basically the same as last year, correct?

  23. It was over 500 days ago that tebow was drafted. 500 days to use his work ethic to improve his delivery. 500 days to shorten his delivery, 500 days to improve his accuracy, 500 days to lose his happy feet. We all know how hard he works, there is no doubt about that. If he was going to fix these things it would have happened by now, you know he has been working on it. The fact remains that these mechanical problems have not been fixed, not even improved. How long has he had to work with McCoy, to no avail. How much effort did he put out into improving his mechanics before the draft, to no avail. At what point to we call a spade a spade?

  24. Lynch is 100% right about the play calling. During the Broncos-Lions game, he even pointed out all the places where Stafford got plays called for short throws that both gave him confidence and got yards for the offense. He noted the lack of such plays for the Broncos. If you look at the way Schwartz coaches a young quarterback and the way Fox coaches one, it is a glaring difference. Schwartz sets Stafford up to succeed. What is Fox’s goal?

    Either commit to Tebow or get rid of him, but don’t just toss him out there with no support system. That’s just detrimental to the entire organization.

  25. so, what… they’re supposed to change the entire 53 man pro based roster to compliment his style? why can’t he just try to play the QB position like everyone else?
    there’s a reason the option/wildcat isn’t popular in the NFL. it doesn’t work.
    as a gimmick here and there it’s fine. but if you can’t pass the ball downfield in today’s NFL where the rules favor the offenses/QBs/WRs then it’s not the system that’s the problem.
    sit in the pocket, shorten that windmill and learn to read a defense.

  26. I have to wonder what he and the team, too, were doing all of last year and the beginning of this year. One would think he would have been working with the QB coach and the practice squad. One would think that his talents would have been evaluated and a course of skill training/improvement had been developed and implemented. One would think even just taking snaps in practice would have corrected some problems he was having. Heck, one would think he could have hung an old tire from the tree in the back yard and threw pass after pass after pass until he could get through the center consistently.

    What has he and the team been doing to develop his talents/skills? Anything?

  27. I’m sorry, but you gotta jump through this many hoops just to get your QB to not horribly suck … does he really need to be your QB? (thumbs up means “no”)

  28. not that the kid can’t learn. but the biggest disservice done to him was that idiot mcdaniels drafting him in the 1st round. it put expectations WAY too high and he was set up to fail by not being able to meet those expectations early.
    he should have been given time to learn and not rushed into the position.

  29. 2 Kings 2:23-24
    23And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head.

    24And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.

  30. Who cares, it is not like the Broncos will become good enough to save Fox’s job ( gone in 2 years ) and Tebow is just like all the other college wonder boy who was great there but can’t make it NFL. Sorry to say, whay would you ever hire Fox anyway. He ruined 2 teams now…

  31. Now its the play-calling, tomorrow it’ll be field conditions, stadium configuration, the altitude, team colors, whatever. Blame whatever they can but DON’T call into question the skills of the “Jeebus Kid” because you’re plum outta’ line, feller!
    Ugh, to the true-believer nothing is Timmy’s fault.
    But methinks god IS calling Teblow… to the CFL where his skills might better suffice.

  32. Most disappointing aspect of this whole situation for me “die hard bronco fan” is John Elway. I know some people are like WHAT ??? I’m sorry but John Elway is considered one of the greatest QB’s of all time. If any one could give the kid advice or help Tebow with mechanics or reading defenses, its Elway. For Elway its a WIN WIN situation. Why? 1. Even if you want to draft another QB in 2012, if Tebow shows some signs of improvement under his tutelage during the season it might increase his trade value to another team. 2. If he shows tremendous improvement and wins a few games you look like a GENIUS & you have your team and fans believing again and your organization is headed in a positive direction. I’m sorry John but at least make the effort.

  33. Have you watched the kid play? Would YOU be fully committed to him? The team is just trying to tread water until Elway can draft his quarterback next year.

  34. They should keep Tebow in on punts. They have enough of them… and it’ll get them a few extra yards on the kick.

  35. Play calling… sure. It has nothing to do with the fact that he absolutely blows.

    The Tebow fans who think this guy is going to miraculously improve are about as sad as that 5-yard bomb he completed against Miami.

  36. Fact is Tebow has won 40% of the games he has started and has a 78 passer rating for his NFL career. Both numbers are BETTER than Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, and Colt McCoy have managed over the same period of time. Not to mention all the other quarterbacks taken in the 2010 draft. That does NOT even take into consideration Tebow’s rushing numbers, which are THE BEST IN NFL HISTORY, for the number of snaps he has taken to this point in his career.

    So stuff a rag, Tebowphobics.

  37. No amount of shotgun snaps, option calls and quick slant passes can cover up for Tebow’s clumsy stumbling footwork, windmill wind-up, slow fluttering passes, incompetent coverage reads, and fumble prone hands.

    The insipid, oft-repeated praise of his “intangibles” (“he’s a ‘winner!'”) can’t change the fact that at the NFL level, he’s a loser–an embarrassing circus stunt by an organization that, in a desperate gambit to sell tickets in the midst of a languishing season, caved to a vocal minority of Tebow fans with no football IQ.

    The key questions: why are Elway, Bowlen and Fox continuing with this painful, doomed charade? For draft picks? Ticket sales? Media coverage? Merely to appease the unappeasable Cult of Tebow? Are Fox and the coaches being bullied into this by the front office? If so, what does that say about the way this team is run, or Fox’s integrity as a manager?

    In truth, their motives are almost ancillary; the Tebow debacle has nakedly exposed the trainwreck that is the Broncos management–most of whom are the same bunglers who greenlighted McDaniels’ piece-by-piece destruction of the team.

    And now, they’d rather send out a third-string back-bencher over a serviceable professional like Orton or an adequate backup like Quinn.

    This “experiment” will end after a few more ugly, barely-watchable games. And when it does, the remaining Cult of Tebow die-hards will blame Broncos coaches, the media, and everybody but their vanquished hero, who will finish with a QB rating sub-40 if he’s lucky–and after being released at season’s end, will need a miracle to find another NFL team willing to pay him.

  38. I still say Tebow can be a GOOD qb. The broncos need to stop with the under the center stuff and just run the spread. Oh and before anyone jumps up and down saying you can’t run the spread in the NFL go watch an eagles game.

    I think when healthy the broncos have the players to run the spread. I’m not saying tebow can won next year, but if they can draft right and start using spread package tebow could be highly productive. Vick looked just pretty bad as a qb trying to run “pro” sets, but once the eagles put him in the spread his talent was able to harnessed.

  39. I’ve watched his two starts. When Tebow is off, he’s way off. I mean it’s not even close at times. I think one of these days, one of his off target passes will get one of his receivers killed.
    Detroit game planning was very smart, just pin your ears back, go after Tebow and dare him to beat you with his arm.
    Oakland should be doing the exact same thing this week. It will be vital that a “Spy” must be dedicated to Tebow, because he will run, and surprisingly at his size he has pretty good quickness to make some good yardage. He just needs to avoid those huge hits. He’s not going to last in the NFL long taking those big hits out of the pocket.

  40. “I mean, look at all the young quarterbacks in the league, how many come out right away and start lighting it up from the first game on?”

    Cam Newton, the actual rookie quarterback in the lockout season says hello.

  41. I wouldn’t be completely surprised to see Broncos Offensive Coordinator, Mike McCoy, calling plays straight out of the Bible this Sunday, after last Sunday’s abortion in Denver using the real play chart.

    Easy call. Raiders minus whatever.

  42. Tebow is a great learning experience…

    If you needed to learn how Joe Kapp would do in the modern NFL.

  43. He can’t throw much of a spiral, it’s true. That does not matter though. It’s just the fact that the ball is not going where he wants it to, that’s kinda important.

  44. What’s Hue Jackson going to say? “I think Denver is trying to quiet the Tebow-maniacs by setting him up to fail. Then they can quietly cut him and draft their own guy.”???

  45. I’d like to see a 10 question multiple choice survey of the fans about NFL play design. Then hold a referendum on how much time Tebow must be given before he decides what to do on every play.

    Call me cynical and jaded, but I’m dubious about relying on the power of prayer to make one a good NFL QB. Based on what I’ve seen, that must be his strategy.

  46. I’m not a big fan of Tebow, but as a coach you have to work with the personnel you have. In a spread, hurry-up offense he seems to be much more effective. As a Buc fan I’ve seen players careers fail as a result of a coaches lack of flexibility(see Jon Gruden).

  47. As a Panthers fan, I have to say, Fox finds a way to make some of the worst play calls in the league. That’s why Hurney got fired. For some strange reason, even when he left, our offense didn’t change. If I recall correctly, Kyle Orton (who many people, especially those in Miami, where sold on) sucked in this system too. I’m not saying Tebow will make it in the NFL, but those two points do have merit.

  48. “… let Tebow play long enough to allow enough of the Tebowmaniacs conclude on their own that it’s time to find a new hero.”

    Exactly. Tebow is McDaniels’ mess.

  49. McDaniels appreciates Tebow’s unique talents more than anyone else. Either that or he was hired by the Raiders to destroy Denver. Anyway, he’s already ruined Bradford and needs another QB. Ship Timmy to St. Louis and his fans can follow.

  50. Any other QB would not even be playing if they were playing this bad. ie Grossman, Clausen, Russell, McNabb, and on and on and on.

    The fact that he is even on the field should be enough for these rose colored glasses wearing fans.

  51. The most accurate assessment could be that the team simply wants to let Tebow play long enough to allow enough of the Tebowmaniacs conclude on their own that it’s time to find a new hero.
    This is exactly what Elway and Fox are doing. Why not let Tebow make their argument for them and secure a better draft pick in the mean time.

  52. You want to know what happen. The broncos threw the kid under the bus. But in this case it was the Christian being thrown into the lions den!!

  53. “I mean, look at all the young quarterbacks in the league, how many come out right away and start lighting it up from the first game on?” offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said. “There aren’t many in the history of this game that do that. They all struggle early on, it’s an adjustment to them.
    There’s a lot of truth in this.

  54. The donks can dumb it down all they want but this is not a game for dumb, simple, and easily read plays.

  55. They are giving Tebow enough rope to hang himself. This smells like Elway’s doing. Tebow should really just SHUT UP AND PLAY, instead of acting “holier than thou”. Which he really does every time he is in front of a mic or camera. Total publicity hound, OMG. Frankly, it’s laughable he has his own press-machine and he has done nothing in the NFL . The Raiders will bring at least the Denver fans back to reality, if not the delusional Tim Tebow.

  56. >how many come out right away and start lighting it up

    Lighting it up? In Tebow’s case it’s full blown arson.

  57. so the solution is to create a rudimentary, high school play book, with 5 yard curls, option runs, and dump off screens?

    for those thinking coaches need to coach according to personnel, you really don’t know the nfl. players at this level should be able to execute anything the coach asks of them at their position. this is why it is the PROS.

  58. I just get a totally different vibe from analyst and even the way the broncos coaches talk about tebow it’s like everybody can’t wait to see him fail and just wanna close the book on him but then you have a guy like gabbert who’s playing pretty bad and all you hear is well he’s a young qb hes getting better he’s making progress but with tebow it’s like he misses 1 throw “o well that’s it guess he’s never gonna be serviceable in the NFL better cut him and start I’ve sorry guys” I know he’s looked pretty bad but for Christ sake he’s only played 5 f****ing games anybody remember how awful mike vick looked at times throwing? And then last year all I heard from guys like merril hodge the same guy who said tebows mechanics will never change is how accurate Vicks throws are and how much improved mechanics are So how bout we wait just a bit before all of us qb experts in the comments sEction start predicting the future and saying he will never be this or never be that

  59. earthtopft says: Nov 4, 2011 1:46 AM

    Fact is Tebow has won 40% of the games he has started and has a 78 passer rating for his NFL career. Both numbers are BETTER than Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, and Colt McCoy have managed over the same period of time.

    Sure, make that standard of success so low, just about anyone can succeed!

    Tebow fans seem to think he is an awesome NFL QB without any actual concrete proof. I do not know why anyone is surprised, they have a history of that.

  60. Kyle Orton- 5 games 9 sacks
    Tim Tebow- 2 games 13 sacks
    Same o-line right?
    Yes the o-line is weak but holding onto the ball too long doesn’t help.

    Face facts the guy can’t play at the NFL level.
    -Too inaccurate (less than 50% completion rate)
    -Doesn’t throw his WR”s open
    -Doesn’t anticipate his throws
    -Doesn’t read D’s well

    He’s a gimmick QB/RB at best.

    Being a good person doesn’t mean you can ball.

  61. Of course it’s the bad play calling…….no QB should ever be asked to try and pass the football!!!

  62. The focal point should be that he only is given four downs to advance the ball 10 yards. With his extraordinary hall-of-fame abilities, Tim needs five downs and the league should accommodate him or else it is doing its best to sink his career.

  63. If the play is designed to make Tebow throw with his plant foot completely out from under his body and launch a duck six feet over his receiver’s head, then yes, this is 100 percent the coordinator’s/coach’s fault.

  64. 1fast84 says: Nov 3, 2011 11:44 PM

    Tebow is great on his feet to keep plays alive while most pocket passer’s will take the sack. In 2 games tebow was sacked like 14 times. How bad does that offensive line have to be to let a mobile qb get sacked that much
    Mobile QBs who struggle to make quick decisions often get sacked a whole bunch. Matt Cassel had this happen with him in 08. He was almost like a rookie QB then and though he was good athletically he struggled at first to make his reads & get rid of it quick. They adjusted the offense a bit to his skills and he also got better at getting rid of the ball quick. My guess is McDaniels thought he could do with Tebow what he did with Cassel and that’s why he was drafted.

    bigcountry49 says: Nov 4, 2011 6:34 AM

    As a Panthers fan, I have to say, Fox finds a way to make some of the worst play calls in the league. That’s why Hurney got fired. For some strange reason, even when he left, our offense didn’t change.
    Hurney got fired? When did that happen? (Hint, he’s still there.)

  65. Timmah is NOT a rookie. Stop with the “how many rookie qb’s come in and light it up” stuff. This is year two and all that hard work is sure paying dividends. Two words – Richard Seymour.

  66. I totally disagree with article and the arm strenght and all that. I think his problem squarly centers around a low wonderlich score and the inability to learn complex defensive schemes and adjust accordingly.

    Denver has had to simplify the play calling and insert running plays for him because he cannot grasp the passing game.

    Travaris Jackson is another QB that has trouble reading defenses and gets confused at times when the defense is moving while he is trying to call a pass play. and Travaris is miles past Tebow.

  67. Tebow is one of the best QBs of our generation. Please do not bench him for another 2 weeks.

    Best Regards,

    Kansas City Chiefs

  68. Funny, Christian Ponder stepped in and looked all pro in his first game almost beating the Pack and he won his second game passing for 238 yards.

    Cam (not a Cam fan) stepped in and has done a wow job from day one. The Panthers are losing due to a horrible defense, the offense has kept them in the games.

    Tebow has had the ability to learn behing someone else for a while first and yet is struggling with the plays. All the time in the world ain’t turning it around for him. He’s been givin the opportunity and has failed.

  69. your job as a player is to execute the play…

    there’s no conspiracy when the coaches have you in an I-Formation and you’re a QB…

    The I-Formation…. everyone knows how to play in a friggin’ I Formation… there’s no conspiracy, Tebow’s mechanics are just awful.

  70. …it is now clear that tebow’s imaginary friend in the sky plans to utilitize tebow’s character and faith in the difficult and challenging role of worst quarterback in the nfl…

  71. When the Broncos lose with Tebow as QB all the blame goes elsewhere – the line, no good WR’s, the playcalling, etc. When the Broncos lose with Orton as QB, all the blame goes to Orton – “He’s a bad QB, bring in Tebow!” Sorry, I thought Orton was playing behind the same O-line, with the same WR’s… Stop the double-standard and make Tebow accountable, just like you would with any other professional.

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