Terrell Suggs: “Ravens-Steelers gets everybody’s piss hot”


Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs rarely pulls punches when it’s time to talk.  And he was talking plenty on Wednesday during a conference call with reporters.

The folks at 105.9 the X in Pittsburgh have posted the audio of the call online, and its worth a listen.

“Ravens-Steelers gets everybody’s piss hot,” Suggs said.  “We know what this game’s about.  F–k it.  Let’s do it.”

Suggs said the Ravens are “expecting a lot” from the Steelers, given the Ravens’ 35-7 win over the Steelers in Week One, which prompted some in the media to declare the Steelers’ mini-dynasty over.

“I consider Heinz Field my Madison Square Garden,” Suggs said.  “In my eyes, if you’re an opponent and you want to go into a hostile environment, what better than Heinz Field. . . .  I don’t think there’s a player they hate more than me.  But I love that.”

He expects “the most physical game of the year,” and that he’ll be “really disappointed” if Hines Ward (ankle) doesn’t play.  “86 has gotta play.  I need him personally play.  For me.  That’s when my piss will be definitely hot.”  (Maybe Terrell needs to see a urologist.)

“We got our soldiers,” Suggs said.  “We’ll be prepared for battle like [Steelers coach Mike Tomlin’s] will be.”

Suggs said that the Steelers are the “only team we consider having our hands full with,” given Pittsburgh’s ability to run the ball and pass the ball.  “We’re built for them, they’re built for us, and I think we’re the only two teams that can play each other the way we do.”

Still, there’s one thing Suggs likes about the Steelers.  He liked it when they hit Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Sunday.

Even mortal enemies can find a small sliver of middle ground.  Between these two teams, however, that’s about it.

“There’s the Super Bowl, and then there’s Ravens-Steelers,” Suggs said.

The Super Bowl will be on NBC in February.  Ravens-Steelers gets started Sunday night at 8:20 p.m. ET.

64 responses to “Terrell Suggs: “Ravens-Steelers gets everybody’s piss hot”

  1. Hey Suggs, you and your team need to try lighten up on the Steeler ass kissing and just clobber these bums again, just like last time.

    There’s no need at all to kiss their butts. Their fans do more than enough of that already.

    Just KICK their butts instead…

  2. They missed the best one, he said ” They already declared war on us…we’re taking 53 men to the apocalypse and we ain’t bringin no flowers with us” lol Steelers/Ravens week is always entertaining.

  3. I can care less about both these teams. One is led by a rapist, and the other is led by a murderer.

  4. Love him or hate him…he’s funny. He said something like he loves playing at Heinz because all the
    Steeler fans welcome him with the number ones(the finger.) Funny dude. I hope he keeps it up this Sunday.

  5. “F–k it. Let’s do it.” needs to be on a Nike t-shirt.
    Despite his successes against my favorite football team, how in the heck can I possibly hate this guy? One of the driving forces behind the rivalry, I will shed a tear when his days as a football player (or as a Raven) are done.

  6. … that interview was simply a must listen to if you love NFL football. As a Steeler fan, Suggs drives me nuts but is extremely personable. I hope my piss stays hot until the game and does not go ice cold like about half way into the last matchup.

  7. Yeah, **** – **** and go **** yourself.

    Then ****, ********* / **********.

    It’s like the backstreet boys should of been.

  8. steelerdynasty2010 says:
    Nov 3, 2011 7:17 AM
    i REALLY wish we could block him


    The line is starting to gel now and getting a lot better. They may actually be able to fend him off this game. Of course, then you have to deal with Ray Ray (depending on the game he brings) and the nose breaker himself Haloti Ngata.

    Gotta love Steelers/Ravens chatter. It’s typically the same guys saying the funniest stuff. This is the time of the year that I actually miss Joey Porter’s loud mouth lol.

    I’m sure we will hear from Ryan Clark soon… He’s the biggest talker we have on the team now that Ward has calmed down some.

    If silverback was playing, I am sure he would chime in too.

    Fortunately for us Steeler fans, Joe Flacco is still the Ravens’ starting QB lol.

  9. Bengals record vs. Ravens since 2003:


    But yeah, the Ravens and the Steelers are clearly the only teams that matter in the AFCN.

  10. I was a little worried this morning when I woke up to pee and it burned! Glad to know it’s only cause the Ravens-Steelers are getting it on this weekend!

  11. Dexter Manley used to say some funny sh*t before games. Suggs reminds me of him in the way they trash talk before rivalry games.
    Suggs backs up what he says thats for sure.

  12. Even though it’s a team game, this rivalry comes down to the play of one person, and that person is one of the most inconsistent and stressful people to watch.

    You know I’m talkin about you, Joe.

    If we take the piss-hot analogy, then who’d be the cranberry juice? The refs? They ruin it for everybody.

  13. Talk, talk, talk…he wore some stupid raven t shirt last year with the middle finger on it. They lost every meaningful game to the steelers. All the fans have is week 1. After we CRUSH YOU. Please tell suggs to shut his mouth & go away. He is a wannabe joey porter! Steelers afc north champs again! NUFF SAID!

  14. jimmysimpson55 says:
    Nov 3, 2011 7:20 AM
    I can care less about both these teams. One is led by a rapist, and the other is led by a murderer.
    Say’s the Bengal/Browns fan. You mad bro?

  15. Suggs can talk all the trash he wants to, as far as I’m concerned. He has always been able to back up his talk on the field with serious game, and the Steelers haven’t been able to stop him for the last several games at all. Ben better be ready for Suggs gunning for him.

    As worried as I am about Sunday night’s game, I also cannot wait for it.

  16. @bubay1c: dont ever put the Steelers/ravens in the same class as the jetties. The game Sunday night is how football is supposed to be. It will break ratings…you know you’ll be watchin and wishin. J E T S…suck suck suck!


  17. Pittsburgh can beat them by keeping Ben to 3-5 step drops, quick release/strikes, keep the chains moving while consuming the clock. Ray Rice is always a handful, but not when he’s watching the Steelers offense from the bench for 39 minutes.

  18. this may be the greatest single headline EVER on PFT.com………laughing my self silly, and will be all day. Going to be a great game, but I think I’ll be laughing until kickoff at this headline, this article, and all the comments

  19. Suggs said that the Steelers are the “only team we consider having our hands full with,” given Pittsburgh’s ability to run the ball and pass the ball. “We’re built for them, they’re built for us, and I think we’re the only two teams that can play each other the way we do.”


    What an arrogant, misguided, moron. Obviously he’s not smart enough to remember that in the ravens last 12 games against Cincinnati, the Bengals have won 8 times.

  20. HAHAHA Suggs is super obsessed with Brady. He’s always bringing up his name when the topic has nothing to do with the Pats. I think he has a mancrush. 🙂

  21. I care about the fantasy players involved, thats about it. Dolphins – Chiefs is the biggest game of the week for me. lol.

  22. Bengals fans are so defensive. Until Cincy does anything at all in the playoffs Suggs is right, it’s Steelers and Ravens.

  23. As a football fan I really like Suggs. As a Steelers fan I respect Suggs. The man is unstoppable and unblockable and as quotable as they come.
    I hope like hell that Max Starks can slow him down even a little bit but I have serious doubts.

  24. When the Steelers lose, I dont want to hear about injuries. I’m sure Steelers fans will say the game is “meaningless”…..

  25. @Steeler’s Will Theres no way youre a true steelers fan! You have to be using that name but your secretly a ravens fan. Cause true steelers fans dont keep giving ravens accolades! Youre an imposter! At best you are a fair weather fan & thats equally as bad! Deal with that! I do this I aint new to this!…. Ravens 3 Steelers 96 Final

  26. I kept waiting for him to start saying “Shrimp stew, shrimp sandwich, shrimp burger, shrimp salad.”

  27. @stinkfist5:
    soooo….who, besides you of course, mentioned our rings??? sounding kind of bitter there buddy.

    fyi, yes, the packers have more championships but not SuperBowl championships, nor are the Ravens (you know, the team that this is about) even close, but nice try. I wont even get into a discussion about how many teams were in the league when GB was winning those championships, so good job little buddy, great point.

  28. rmm1984 says: Nov 3, 2011 9:23 AM

    Bengals fans are so defensive. Until Cincy does anything at all in the playoffs Suggs is right, it’s Steelers and Ravens.
    Right on. I’ve never seen a worse case of small dick syndrome like Bengals fans have right now.

  29. You can hate a team all you want, but you have to give credit to an opposing player where it’s due. With that being said, Suggs is hilarious and a nightmare to play. I’m not a fan of either team, but I absolutely love watching their games. Best rivarly in the NFL, in my opinion.

  30. Yes!!! He’s right and the biggest disappointment of opening day is that we didn’t give them that kind of tug-o’-war! Regardless of the outcome, when you tune in for a Ravens/Steelers game, you want to see something competitive, not one-sided. Hope this one lives up to the hype!


  31. stinkfist5 says:

    Hey Steeler fans, shut up about your rings. The Pack have more championships and Baltimore is one behind you(5).
    Look, I’m genuinely sorry for what happened with the Colts. But the Ravens have one championship, and frankly, that comment is disrespectful to them. The fact that they so quickly became an NFL power in their own right is something you should take pride in. Stop trying to mesh their history with the Colts’. It doesn’t work that way. They are two separate teams.

    The Baltimore Colts won four NFL championships and their history ended. They have never and will never win another; their record went to Indy. The Ravens’ Super Bowl is not tacked onto the Colts’ Baltimore championships, and the Colts’ championships aren’t part of Ravens’ history … no matter how much you wish it were so. The Steelers Super Bowls were all won by the Steelers, just as the Packers championships were won by the Packers. Baltimore isn’t in that discussion. Sorry.

  32. Someone needs to tell Terrell “Chuck Berry” Suggs to calm down with all the “pee pee” talk.

  33. The AFC is irrelevant this year? Dude, what are you smoking? The Steelers and The Patriots can easily beat any team in the NFC. Who’s better? The Packers? Look at their schedule. The 49ers? C’mon… Cowboys?Eagles?Lions?Saints? The Packers may have won the Superbowl but in my opinion, I can’t see it happening again. Their games have come too close with bad teams to say they’re as tough as their record shows.

  34. The Raisens aren’t obviously built for the Steelers if they cant beat them when it counts. Nice Try Suggs, its more like the steelers are built to beat your team Suggs. BTW, the steelers dont hate you suggs, the steelers have made it to the sb twice out of the last 3 years thanks to you guys. We hope to do it again, Thanks!

  35. @Deb
    Baltimore actually has , in it’s possession, 2 Super Bowl Trophies.

    The Super Bowl V trophy is on display at Camden Yards, Baltimore Maryland.

    So no, the team in Indy does not actually have two Lombardi’s

  36. Well, corvusrex96, that’s only fair for Balitmore–and the least old man Irsay could do (assuming he did it willingly). But that SBV trophy still has nothing to do with the Ravens … who are a great team in their own right (and aren’t you glad right now you have them instead of the Colts? 😉

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