Ahmad Bradshaw, Hakeem Nicks doubtful for Sunday


The Giants will face the Patriots on Sunday at something far less than full strength.

Just when the team’s endless injury issues on defense had stabilized, it looks like they will be without at least three key offensive players on Sunday.

Running back Ahmad Bradshaw (foot), Hakeem Nicks (knee), and center David Baas (knee) are all doubtful to play in Foxborough.

Meanwhile, the Giants got some surprising bad news on defense.  Jason Pierre-Paul hurt himself during Thursday’s practice and will be a gametime decision because of a neck injury. He didn’t practice Friday, which is never a good sign.

The team could have first round cornerback Prince Amukamara suit up for the first time. He’s questionable and is a gametime decision.

UPDATE: Coach Tom Coughlin confirmed Bradshaw will not require surgery.  He could still be a game-time decision.

30 responses to “Ahmad Bradshaw, Hakeem Nicks doubtful for Sunday

  1. They’d miss Baas most of all. I think they can still play their game without the other guys, but the loss of Baas would really hurt.

  2. Giants may actually beat the Packers record from last year of “Most Games Lost by Starters Over the Course of the Year”. No excuses, next man up has to step it up.

  3. The Pats D didn’t look too spiffy against the Steelers. I hope they can fix whatever’s wrong before they face the dream team. I’m counting on them!

    As far as the Giants go, they’ve gotten all of their wins from bad officiating calls. If we see a bunch of pass interference and offsides calls against the Pats we’ll know what’s up…

  4. Yesssss!!!! Victor Cruz time! Don’t care if they win or lose but his fantasy value just went way up.

  5. It is “next man up” and the Champs didn’t make any excuses. The worse team in the league for excuse making is the MN lavender larry’s. They sit proudly atop the smelly heap.

  6. “Does it matter? The Giants could put Forrest Gump out there at WR and he’d snag 100 yards receiving against that defense.”

    HEY! Forrest was a homerun threat. He had the necessary speed to stretch the defense and was fearless across the middle. He could have AT LEAST 200 against the defense that blatantly ignores the ‘pass defense’ aspect of the game.

  7. Not for nothing, but I played with a kid in HIGH SCHOOL who played the entire season with a broken bone in his left foot, chronically dislocated shoulder, and a broken bone in his hand. yet, he NEVER MISSED A SNAP…

    I don’t understand this. Bradshaw should definitely be able to play with a broken bone in his foot. They can cover it so it can’t get stepped on.

    Nicks should also play. Stop being ‘cautious’ and buckle your chin strap.

    Baas, that guy’s been nothing but a bust. I’d rather see O’Hara come back and finish out the season.

  8. bozosforall says:
    Nov 4, 2011 2:05 PM

    How convenient for the pathetic Patriots defense.

    Pathetic, indeed.
    ….not just the Patriots defense.

  9. People have been counting the G-Men out all season… they are sitting pretty atop the NFC East right now, more than I can say about my team.

    Even though the Giants have a horrible record of bombing it in the second half, you can’t count them out just yet.

  10. Now if the Giants lose we’ll hear about how they couldn’t score without these two, even though the Patriots supposedly have the worst defense in the league.

  11. NEW YORK—Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was reportedly furious with coaches following a team meeting Tuesday, loudly expressing his displeasure and demanding more yards per carry. “I work really hard at practice and study the playbook, but then they constantly have me getting tackled by the first defensive player I make contact with,” said Jacobs, complaining that the coaches rarely reward his labor with a touchdown-scoring run. “They’re giving [Ahmad] Bradshaw more yards per carry than me. They like him better. I don’t get it. Seems like I get all the negative rushes or the ones for really short yardage. How is this supposed to make me feel appreciated?” Backup quarterback David Carr expressed empathy for Jacobs, claiming the team has repeatedly ignored his requests for better throwing mechanics, a stronger arm, and more accurate passes

  12. “Here comes another giants collapse in the second half of the season. Pretty standard for the giants”

    Here comes another Super Bowl that the Eagles have no chance of winning. Pretty standard for Philadelphia.

    “No excuses, right giant fan? Guess my skins have a chance against the 49er’s.”

    From a fan base that has blamed everything from global warming to Al Qaeda on Snyder and Cerrato, it is truly hysterical to hear Skins fans use the term “excuses”. You have had nothing BUT excuses since Danny Boy bought the team. And, no, no real chance against the 49ers unless they beat themselves. Your team’s season is already over. Should have had Beck play the early games. Those three wins cost you the chance to draft the QB you guys so desperately need.

  13. I say Bradshaw plays with limited action and nicks plays entire game and jpp is almost a guarantee to play. Pats are going down!

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